The Girl and The War – v1-c30

(Prime Minister Gaius assassination plan)

Then, back to the present time, Serum endured her disgust as she returned from Vigor’s residence for the second times.

“Uwah, this is not a joke. Who wants to marry that pig old man to begin with…”

Every time she recalls the meeting, it caused her goosebumps. If this were not part of Gaiuz plan, she would’ve absolutely refused.

“Serum-sama, your bath is ready. Please cleanse your body…”

“Thank you, Bell. How was your job?”

Serum listened to Bell report while walking toward the bathroom.

“Yes, we’ve sent the false letters toward those who we have determined as traitors. The date mentioned was as you’ve instructed. Adelaide who is familiar with poison currently making the asphyxiation drug. I can assure you the quality…”

“Well done. How’s the situation on Adelaide side?”

“Everything processing smoothly. The produced medicine would definitely be judged as fatal or serious poison on the spot. The progression is fast, and there is no after effect. With that being said, I was more worried about the prime minister instead…”

“Is that so… Well, we have no other choice…”

That was part of Serum’s plan. First of all, they would send a false letter with the date of rebellion written in it. On the other hand, we will create a dinner party where almost all of the nobles could not help but come to gather, and invites them on the same date as the rebellion. For that purpose, Earl Vigor was the only person who had the influence to gather them. And the content must be something important.

Such as the announcement of the engagement between him and the daughter of an aristocrat, in other words, Serum.

Of course, all of the nobles were being invited, including those who wish for rebellion. Prime minister Gaiuz would also come. It would be natural because Gaiuz was Serum’s father, General Ergent’s friend.

And during that dinner party, what would happen if an attempt of assassination happens toward the Prime Minister. The result would be an opportunity to check all of the aristocrats. And during interrogation, what would happen if we found evidence of rebellion? For example, a secret letter that encourages rebellion coming from the Graaf Kingdom.

“Fuuh, I think Prime Minister Gaiuz had asked something too absurd…”

Serum would wage her own body in this plan, but Gaiuz would also endanger himself. They need to show him ‘dead’ during the dinner party. For the prime minister of a country to go that far, it was just showing how much desperation the nation had fallen into.

“That is the only way for us. Well I guess, I have to do my best to put up one in a lifetime drama…”

Serum went inside the bathroom while smiling showing her determination. At first, every time she entered the bathroom she felt some guilt, but now she was already accustomed. She had already no resistance seeing her own body.

“Then, let me wash your back…”


She responded in reflex, then her body tensed. When she looked back, she saw Bell inside the bathroom looking as if it was a matter of fact.

“W-What are you doing?”

“I can’t stand it, I can’t stand the thought that that old pig crawls his hands around Serum-sama’s body. That is why I have no choice but to purify Serum-sama’s body with my own hands!”

“No no, there’s no need!”

“Please don’t hesitate!”

“No no, that is not what I meant! You don’t have to do it! I can do it myself! Aaaaah!”

That words marked the end of Serum quiet bath time.