The Girl and The War – v1-c29

(Sign of Rebellion)

We need to rewind time back a little…

When Serum was planning to somehow curb the aristocrats’ rebellion, an order to appear at the castle come from Adolf. A law was passed to formally enlist Serum, who was up until now was not yet a military member.

When Serum came to the castle, the first thing she needed to do was to take an exam. That was part of the special wartime bill.

The original law was possible for 15 years old person to join the military, but the new one would allow volunteer soldiers from 12 years old. However, unlike the world where there was a gun, in this world boys and girls were basically useless. Therefore, there was the need to conduct a physical and written examination, and only when they passed both exams or have an outstanding written examination result, they could join the army. The latter would become an officer within information corps or supply department.

It was mostly a system created so that Serum could enlist. It was merely a form’s sake, sit down for an examination then enlisted.

As a result of physical test, her stamina was higher than average. It was understandable, after all, her body was still very young, and her soul was from someone who already adult. However, her muscular strength was as expected, lacking. Though she was still better when compared to the other average girls, still it was considered falling even without having special consideration due to the gender.

The problem was actually the written exam. Although they would’ve accepted her even if her score was not enough, Serum was not willing and not satisfied with that. As someone who had gone through a curriculum that was far more advanced that this world, it was natural for Serum to feel confidence

However, she only managed to pass the exam barely… Even if Adolf said “If it like this, then there’s no need for me to grade it. As expected of Serum-dono”, Serum was still shocked. Though she could pass the liberal arts decently, she could not answer many of the special subjects in regard to the military. Such as judging the weather of tomorrow by the moisture of the air, which she think it fall under the category of fortune telling. But judging that this world had no satellite, such knowledge and information would be necessary to conduct military operations.

The more shocking thing was that she could not solve some of the mathematical problems. In her previous world, she had attended the university(though she ended up dropping out), but still, she should’ve enough academic background to answer a question from the middle ages. And since she was considered to be barely passable, she ended up questioning her own identity.

Anyway, although she was not satisfied with the result, she was now officially a soldier. At the same time, she was immediately awarded the rank of Major General. That was purely because of her household rank, and also Serum wishes that she didn’t want to hold too much power yet.

Now, with her rank as Major General and also Marquess of the Viz Kingdom, Serum went to meet with Gaiuz. She decides to confide with him concerning the rebellion of the nobles.

In her mind, this was not the time to have an internal discord. Serum herself was aware that Gaiuz had some conflict with the aristocrats, but she was convinced that Gaiuz was a country-minded person, he won’t make a wrong decision when it comes to this.

When she talked about the rebellion, Gaiuz showed a troubled expression.

“That is good information. In fact, I know that some of the nobles are collaborating with the Graaf Kingdom. However, I don’t know which nobles that are doing it… Anyway, do you have solid proof?”

Serum did not answer. She had no solid proof but only trust in the source.

“Fumu, then, where did you get such information?”

“… From my maid corps…”

“Hnn? Which mean, I see… If that is the case we can trust that information…”

Gione household maid corps were initially people that were being raised as intelligence units in the Zeiun Principality. Those girls were secretly being rescued by General Ergent ten years ago during the civil war within Zeiun principality, and since it could cause a diplomatic tension, everything was being done behind closed doors and was only known by the King and prime minister Gaiuz. That was why Gaiuz knows how good were those girls as an agent. He knew that even the Viz Kingdom’s intelligence was no match…

“But without evidence, we cannot do anything. Besides, the situation is complicated if Duke Ricardo is also involved in it…”

Duke Ricardo was a person who had power next to the King. And if he involved in the rebellion, the country would split into half. And even if the country win against the rebellion, they would lose him, the country would just end up with vast territory with no one ruling over it, and also losing a person who could gather and unite the aristocracy.

The condition was quite severe…

“What we need to do is to undermine the Duke and make him owe us, then wipe out the other rebel molecules, while making sure we avoid social structure collapse. Also, we need to move swiftly…”

“How difficult. To be honest, I want to do this more carefully.”

“We don’t have much time left. It is wartime right now, it could be different if this is a peaceful time. If the rebellion of the nobles is successful, the destruction of the nation would be assured. If our enemy is also pulling strings behind the scene, the result would be even worse. However, we also rely on nobles on most of the territory management and for providing us with soldiers. We need to minimize the damage and not destroying the aristocracy society.”

It was an annoying situation. It was not as simple as beating out the rebel and be done with it. Serum once again realizes, this was not a game, but reality, still…

“I’ve come up with two plan. Both of them are an aggressive plan, and I’m not entirely sure it would work well…”

“Let me hear it. I will supplement the part that needed to…”

Seeing Gaiuz reliable smile, Serum spill out all of her ideas. Whether dealing it with using military power or political maneuver, both methods were something that should not be done under constitutional states. And with Serum lack of experience in life, it was also causing her to lack in confidence. If this were a game, the tutorial would end by the time the rebellion being crushed, but the reality was not that simple.

While nervously waiting for Gaiuz response after hearing her plan, Serum was relieved when she saw Gaiuz smile.

“Isn’t that a splendid plan? Though it is only two, I would rather for us to not turn to the military. After all, now is not the time for us to exhaust our national power further. If it is political power, I can be that power. Do you mind if I make out the details?”

“Thank you very much. Then I will leave the details to you…”

“But, there are also things that I need you to do as well… It would be difficult, but are you alright with that?”

“I will do anything I could…”

It was a few days later that she regretted what she had said…