The Girl and The War – v1-c28

(Fake Letter) <TLN: Not Fake News>

She endured hell for the sake of her plan. To use a seductive technique to woo a middle-aged man, she almost forgot that previously she was once a man. She gets goosebumps every time she recalled the incident, but then again, it makes her aware that she might actually have an attractive appearance. In her original world, she was not really popular That was why she was not fully confident that she could ensnare someone.

“But still, I’m actually attractive, or I guess alluring? How about like this… Or if I do it like this…”

“Why are you twisting around your body like that, master?”

One of her maids, Priscilla looked at her with half closed eyes. It seems she silently opened the door because Serum didn’t response to her knocking. Serum nonchalantly corrected her posture and asked her maid’s purpose of coming to her room.

“What do you want?”

“Master, the aforementioned letter has been prepared…”

Priscilla reporting to her with a light tone. Her fluffy blonde hairs give a very light impression, but she was actually an excellent maid who oversees the intelligence department. That was what she said anyway…

“Which mean, the spy has been captured huh? I guess it is better for me to not ask what did you do after that…”

“I guess–… I also don’t want Serum-sama to hear that kind of thing…”

“Is the person still alive?”

“I beg your pardon, but we failed to keep the person alive…”

“I see… Well, just leave the person’s head and pickle it with salt. It is still can be used for something…”

People could change in a short time. That was what she personally thought. And to protect those important to her, she will even dirty her hands, that was what Serum had vowed.

“Still, preparing forgery and intercepting the secret letter, isn’t it enough already?”

“No, in the secret letter, there is nothing that could tie it to an individual name. It cannot be used as evidence. Otherwise, they would burn it. Anyway, against low ranked aside, since it is something related to a Duke house, extra precaution could be expected. We also need to coordinate with prime minister Gaiuz.

“How is the state of affairs regarding prime minister Gaius?”

“It was already at the stage that I doubt it. Since he can’t find evidence, he cannot move either. And he cannot just go seize it either. Especially since Duke Ricardo is a man with great influence. It is a suspect of betrayal, not a war after all…”

“Then what are we going to do?”

Priscilla gently tilts her head.

“Well now, this is not just my plan alone. Since we’re collaborating with prime minister Gaiuz, I can’t say anything yet…”

“Such an evil face you have there, master…”

Priscilla smiled while looking at Serum grinning face.