The Girl and The War – v1-c27

1-27 (Vigor)

The next day with Vigor acceptance, Serum went to Vigor’s residence. Serum was rarely wearing a one-piece dress, despite Bell saying ‘it suits you well’ Serum still feel restless.

(My legs feel breezy, I felt ashamed. I was not accustomed to my tight touching directly under my clothes like this. Not to mention this one piece was fluttering soo much. Honestly, I want to change my clothes immediately!)

Though she thought that, she could not go out with her usual clothing. There was necessary to dress when meeting with an important person, not to mention Serum need to perform woman charm to gain Vigor favor.

“Nice to meet you, Marquis Vigor. My name is Serum Gione, who took over the household. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

She boldly picks up the hem of her dress and slightly bows her body. Somehow she could feel Vigor gaze on her legs. Serum finally could understand how it felt when women being stared by someone.

As for her first impression of Vigor, she could not help but think of an ‘ugly pig.’ His body was nothing more but a lump of meat with his face decorated with a vulgar smile. At first, she wants to win his favor, but now she wanted to escape instead.

“Oho, Serum-dono, on this occasion, I also wish to express my condolence. Though I cannot express how much regret I feel, this Vigor, deep inside my heart feels saddened due to the tragedy.”

Due to his force of bending his body forward, Serum almost unintentionally pulled back her body. Then acting as a weak girl, Serum held his hand with both of her hands while enduring intense nausea.

“I am happy that the marquis consider my feeling. At one time, I thought of killing myself due to my sadness… But now, I feel encouraged after knowing there’s a kind person such as Vigor-sama. I started to think to move forward a little bit more now…”

Inwardly, Serum wanted to vomit. The reason why Serum was acting as a weak girl like that was because she had investigated Marquis Vigor’s preference. According to the investigation, he seems to be a man who likes to seduce a woman in despair. It was a bad hobby since he likes to seduce someone when they were weak. However, it was something she could use now…

Serum tried her best to hold back her disgust when she felt his gaze as if licking her nape, shoulders, and back. Though looking at his behavior, she could consider wearing such high exposure dress was a success. While apparently, Vigor thought of Serum’s slight trembling body was a sign of weakness. As one would’ve expected, he raised his voice to brighten the atmosphere.

“Come in, please sit down. Let us have a cup of tea…”

And as one would also expect, he sat down next to Serum. But in this situation, it was easier for her to hide her expression as well…

“Marquis-sama, I’ve something that I wanted to talk about concerning father.”

“Oho, what is it?”

Vigor asked while casually placing his hand on Serum’s shoulder.

(I feel like a hostess in a bar!)

She then continues while suppressing the urge to vomit.

“The Graaf Kingdom cannot be forgiven. And, I feel that this country cannot win if we didn’t fight together…”

“I guess you’re right.”

“But according to what I hear, even the Duke of Ricardo is plotting to betray this country.”

“What did you say?”

His fingers which were crawling on her shoulders suddenly stopped. As expected, even as a pervert old man, he could not ignore what she said…

“I cannot forgive such a person. But, being alone, I cannot do anything by myself, what should I do, I wonder?”

While saying that, she snuggles coquettishly against Vigor. She also showed a saddened expression. Seeing her behavior, Vigor remained silent.

(Damn it, did I overdo it?)

Serum was impatient. Since she could not see the other person expression, she can not do anything other than to pray for success.

Suddenly, Vigor spoke with an excited voice and hugged Serum’s shoulders.

“That is indeed not good! However, the other party is a Duke, you cannot denounce him immediately due to the difference in rank…”

Serum almost unintentionally tried to defend herself and push Vigor’s body away due to the surprise. Anyway, with such a result, she thought she could proceed with her plan…

“But, Marquis Vigor was second only to Duke Ricardo in term of political power, no? Is there nothing we can do? I will do anything I could…”


Hearing that, Vigor eyebrows twitched And his mouth loosened. It seems that Serum managed to hook him.

“There is something we could do. However, does Marquess Serum has the resolution to see it through?”

“Of course. If it is something I could do, I will cooperate…”

“I want you to marry me.”


‘I GOT HIM!’ She suppressed her desire to shout, and carefully choose her words next…

“B-But, I’m still 12 years old…”

“Of course, we won’t do it right now. But if we declared our engagement, and strengthen the connection between our household, we should have enough power to rival him…”


“At first, it is merely for a form’s sake. But, as proof of our seriousness…”

“Wait a moment…”

Serum stopped Vigor’s hand which began to continue crawling her body. His gaze was as if wanting to make her pregnant immediately…

“Let us declare our engagement on a stage as large as possible. And of course in front of as many nobles as possible, including Duke Ricardo. It would be better for us to do it as soon as possible, how about today?”

“I-I guess so! Let me set the stage if that happens. Oh my, how joyous!”

As if that would happen you, idiot, Serum left Marquis Vigor residence while vomiting some curses inside her head. Anyway, it was time for her to move to the next plan.