The Girl and The War – v1-c26

(Sudden Turn)

One day, when Serum was resting in her room, Bell came in with some materials.

“Serum-sama, we have new information in regards to Duke Ricardo, Marquis Vigor, and Marquis Lewis, who we had investigated for a while.”

“Read it please.”

“First of all, Duke Ricardo and Marquis Lewis, we’ve confirmed that both of them were in touch with a common partner. When we tried to pursue the trail, we found out that it was linked to the Graaf Kingdom.”

“So, they are Black huh?”

They both connected to the Graaf Kingdom. Serum still not sure whether they both did direct betrayal or just a passive non-aggression commitment.

“Or they are taking advantages of each other…”

“You mean?”

“The Duke might be making a secret agreement, where he won’t participate in the war as long he won’t lose his territory no matter which side wins, on the other hand, the Marquis who probably know what the Duke was trying to do would incite a rebellion while telling the people the rebellion was approved by the Duke. In the end, once that news spread, regardless of what the Duke intention was, he would be labeled as the leader.”

“Certainly, up until now, Duke Ricardo didn’t have any bad rumor around him. His reputation as the Lord is very favorable. In addition, he is known as a loyal minister who have defended the country for a long time. I could not believe that he would betray the country just because of his conflict with Prime Minister Gaiuz.”

“According to this document, the Duke is someone who always thinks about the people first. He might do all of this because he considers that the country could not protect his territory anymore. If the Duke personality was indeed like that, then it is understandable if he made a secret agreement of non-aggression with the Graaf Kingdom to protect his people. This scenario is indeed the worse…”

The collapse of the Kingdom would depend on Serum’s action. She must act carefully. After all, in the case of the game, they would easily crush the rebels, but Serum right now was neither a General nor a great person with military talent.

“Are the other nobles the same?”

“In the meantime, the secret agents had reported that the other nobles are only at the stage where they contacted each other. However, with the current information network, we still not sure how significant was the contact being made. In addition, it has become hard to find a letter of evidence lately…”

“I see… So then, what about Marquis Vigor?”

“There’s only some rumors… It is said that he has created many trouble related to Women, and also he had created some problem concerning taxation. And he had many bad hobbies… in other words, things that I do not want Serum-sama to hear.”

“I don’t mind, say it…”

“It is said that his philandering has gone over the roof, he targeted young girls to married women or widows, he would make them serve him using various reason. He seems to be an ambitious man, though I don’t think he would advance much since someone like Duke Ricardo could not even completely control the aristocracy. Whoops, I’m sorry it has turned into me ranting… The degree of accuracy of this information is four.”

“! Great! I can use him!”

“What is it?”

Bell who could not understand Serum’s idea raised a question mark.

“If it is with him I could make him move conveniently… I will ask a favor, in exchange of political support.”

“I disagree… There is potential danger involving Serum-sama.”

On Bell face, she showed an expression that says that she didn’t want to bring her important master close to that pig.

“But I have to, there’s no other way. We do not have much time. Immediately, please get in touch with Marquis Vigor. Tell him, Serum Gione as new lord wants to visit as inauguration greetings.”

Hearing that, Bell was reluctant, but in the end, she nodded her head. After a little time passed, Serum opened her mouth once again… She felt bad to ask it, but there was no choice and no time left…

“Also, there’s one more thing I wanted to ask Maid corps do…”

“Anything you want, master…”

Bell felt her body was in danger, after seeing her master hesitate to ask about it.

“The secret agent tasked to investigate Duke Ricardo was caught, right?”


“I want you to catch the secret communication and write a letter to me about it. If it is hard to break into his mansion to steal the letter, why not intercept them?”

“Understood. are you sure that you do not care about the means?”

“…Sure. Please do it. Also, sorry for asking all of this…”

Finally, Bell bowed her head. By no means, Serum was her Lord. She realizes that Serum didn’t want to risk her subordinate despite risking her own self, she was also willing to dirty her own hands yet didn’t want his subordinates to do the same…

“… I’m glad, Serum-sama is still kind.”


“I was worried that Serum-sama had changed a lot, but I feel relieved that the root part was still the same. Please don’t worry about us. We’re originally people who accustomed with darkness…”

“I know that, and that is why I didn’t want you people to do this if there was another way…”

Serum said that words while smiling wryly.