The Girl and The War – v1-c25


At night, Serum was troubled.

“I don’t have enough money…”

Who would have thought that one of the country’s most prestigious family would suffer from financial difficulties.

To be frank. Gione household was a wealthy family. Three generations could live in luxury without even doing anything. However, right now the household experienced financial difficulty.

The root of all was because of the several businesses, and research Serum had made. It can be said that Serum made light of the so-called R&D.

“Anyway, what should I do, should I borrow from someone? But, will there be someone who would lend me money easily?”

After all, it was a large amount of money. There was indeed prospect in the business, but she still someone with no track record. Furthermore, money lending was a sensitive risk. People won’t easily agree to it.

“I’m sure I can recover the money invested. But, how can I convince the person? Should I promise them some sales profit? No, I need to borrow money without compromising my profit. Furthermore, I don’t want to collaborate as much as possible. For future, research. For future development. I need to remember the reason why I try to make money. Everything is for the betterment of living environment…”

While Serum mumbled those words, Bell called to her anxiously.

“Serum-sama, it seems you’re worried about something lately. If there’s something I can do, I will cooperate with you…”

“Thank you… If there’s something I need I will call you…”

Hearing the word of cooperation, a particular idea appeared inside Serum’s mind. –

“Sponsor program… I got it! Let us find a sponsor!”

Serum raised her face.


“Ah, something like, lend us money in exchange of giving the right of naming or attached some words to the product. We can appeal at them to cooperate with that. They can use it to spread their name or something they wanted the people to know. This should be compatible with pharmaceuticals products. From the cooperation, both sides could get something. Of course, I will also think about the condition on the naming right to make sure that this won’t get abused.”

“That is a good idea. Let us find a sponsor immediately then? Rich people always want their name to be spread or something they wanted to be known…”

Serum and Bell talked until late that night. Later, Serum would be known as ‘Master of Debt.’