The Girl and The War – v1-c23

(A brief Holiday)

The military reform was proceeding smoother than she had thought. Serum now had more time to relax, as Gaiuz, Adolf, and other great people took over the troublesome matters such as negotiation. Dario still complained sometimes, but he had withdrawn quietly when the other pursued responsibility for Viguent withdrawal.

Now, using her free time, Serum decided to start the business plan she had been thinking about.

“The first thing I want is high-purity alcohol…”

The one used for disinfectant. Previously she had looked at the production area, but she had no power to do anything.

“Maybe I should try to do something within my own province…”

Gione House was a family of marquis before he became General.

The standing army was the army of the country, and the commander in chief was the King. It was a custom for a General to relinquish their position as Knight when they became a General as a pledge of allegiance to the King, they would still have a land territory but only in form. Because when they held the authority of General, they should never act as Aristocrats. The Knighthood itself would be returned when the General retired.

Therefore, the present position of Serum was that of a Marquess.

Because her family was a prestigious one, to begin with, she would obviously have an independent territory. If she thinks about business, then she should’ve started from her own territory.

Serum immediately rides on a carriage after taking an alcohol bottle from the wine cellar. Though she had no business experience, relying on her previous world common sense, she also bought confection along the way as a souvenir.

When she rides the carriage, she began to appreciate the existence of rubber. The paved road was not as flat as asphalt, but the impact from the open wooden wheels was always a pain on her butt.

The inconvenient was not only that. There were lots of things that were inconvenient even during battles.

For example, communication. There were flag signals, optical signals, smokes, etc., but there was no radio, long-distance communication here lacked immediacy and accuracy. Weapons were also quite inconsistent, that was one of the reasons why it was hard to set up strategies. Soldiers collected from the aristocrats were low in morale and lack of training. Most of them were former farmers, and it was difficult to ask for too much in medieval warfare where numbers were the most important.

The carriage she rides continue to shakes as she was deep in thought, then it stopped. It seems she had arrived at her destination. Inside the large building, a lot of wooden barrels could be seen. She then asked the young man who worked there to call the shop owner. While Serum looking around Rwith interest, a middle-aged man was running from the back of the store.

“You’re the owner of this shop yes? I’m Serum Gione, I’ve recently formally taken over the Marquess position and became the new lord. Thank you for all of your hard work even before my father reign…”

“No no, I as well, I’m glad that my lord is healthy. Ah, also I’m sorry… My name is Severio, I am the owner of this shop. Let us not chat here, please enter.”

The owner’s appearance looks panicked as he guided Serum into the room that looked like a guest room.

“I’m sorry that we only have this kind of place… Please sit down.”

“We should be the one who feels thankful since you meet with us even without a prior appointment, we also apologize for any inconvenience. Please share this with your employees.”

As Serum handed over the souvenir she had bought, the shop owner seems to become a bit relaxed.

“I came here today as greeting as the new lord, also for consultation…”

“What does the lord needed to consult with the people like us?”

“I want you to produce something. I think you should be able to fulfill my request…”

“Produce something?”

“It is alcohol, but I want one with high purity.”

“Emm, what do you mean with Alcohol?”

“Ah, I’m sorry, what I meant is an intoxicating ingredient. One used to make strong liquor. But, what I wanted is stronger than the one you ever make.”

“A hard liquor is it? However, the taste would be bad, it won’t turn into something delicious…”

“I don’t care about the taste. Since it was something that one should not drink.”

“Something one should not drink? What others think does that drinking ingredient possibly useful other than for drinking purpose?”

“There are many ways to use it. It can be used as medicine, or fuel to ignite a fire.”

“A medicine that one should not drink? I’ve never heard that kind of thing.”

“Fufufu, I guess so… Ah also, if it can be done, I want it to be free of impurities. As transparent as possible, better if cheaply made.”

“Not only it is not for a drink. The taste also does not matter and need to be made cheaply… But still, emm, this is hard to say but…”

“Money, is it?”

“Ah, yes, unfortunately…”

“I will bear all the development cost. The amount would be negotiable. This venture won’t be a disadvantage you know? If we succeed, we will be able to exclusively sell it to all hospitals.”

“Indeed that is a big story. And indeed there is no loss for us if my lord bears all the development cost. Understood, let us undertake this…”

“I’ll leave it to you.”

She left the brewery with a smile on her face. The next was crutches. I also had thought about bandages, but I never thought that clothes were more valuable than I had predicted. They repeatedly recycled clothes here, and it would become a raw material of paper when it cannot be reused anymore. Rather than making a new business venture, Serum had thought it would be more efficient if she should just use new clothes for wound, and make people aware of it.