The Girl and The War – v1-c22

(Chaotic Anger)

During the audience, there were Princess Altea, Prime Minister Gaius, and also twenty civil servants and military officers who Serum didn’t know the names. Some people had a familiar coat of arms on their armors. It looked exactly like the crest I studied from the noble directory books at home. Some people could not come to the castle such as Duke Ricardo and Lieutenant General Dario, but even so, these people were the brains and influential figures of this country. Serum was bowing her head and joins the seat as the youngest person.

“Everyone seems to have gathered.”

Apparently, Adolf and Serum were the last one to enter the room.

“The messenger is waiting in a separate room. I would like all of you to forgive me for meeting with the messenger first without bringing her highness the princess and Lieutenant Generals, I did that to make sure that the messenger won’t find out about our country internal situation.”

It was in consideration to conceal the King being sick and Adolf condition.

“This is the letter that the messenger brought. I will read it…”

It was unusual for Gaiuz to show anger without trying to hide it.

“Proposal and condition to make an alliance for peace. The execution of the royal families, the hand over of one-third of the northern part of the territory. Also letting them build an embassy on our capital. If the demand is not being granted, the army of 700,000 men will advance to invade.”

“What kind of bullshit is that?!”

“That is not a condition at all!”

“What do you mean by an alliance, isn’t that basically telling us to surrender?”

“That is not even surrendering, they are telling us to dismantle our nation!”

“There’s no way we can keep silent! What are they thinking?!”

Several angry voices are being raised. That was right, the letter was not trying to make a deal. In fact, the conditions alone could only be regarded as insane. In other words, there was no way we will accept it. Then, for what purpose did the enemy demanded it?

Anger. They wanted to make their opponent angry. But for what reason?

“Their aim, was it to shake us?”

Serum, because ‘he’ had thin attachment toward the country itself manage to use her head calmly and able to see the result if the debate continues.

There would be a rebellion… With danger, they stir fear inside the people, then giving them the sweet temptation to divide. If the enemy used this method well, they would be able to collapse the country enemy without using their soldiers, the goal of this strategy was to weaken the enemy’s state by causing internal division. If the country gives in and forgot to strengthen defense, they would lose.

In the first place, being able to defeat General Ergent during battle should’ve been an unexpected military gain for them. And ironically, due to the last time early withdrawal we didn’t lose soldiers too much. In addition, the opponent needs to make three sides move to perform the siege. Their claim to have 700,000 men was exaggerated. I heard the number of mobilization of the previous battle was around 80,000. Accounting all troops they had, their number should not exceed 500,000, and on Viz side, we could mobilize 100,000 to 150,000. Now with their territory expanded, Zeiun Principality’s enemy had also increased, they should not be able to gather all of their armies at one place. Thus there should be no reason for them to continue the attack.

“Let us show our courage and kill them now!”

“Permission to advance the army!”

“Let us teach those barbarian from the north!”

The correct answer here should be to ignore the enemy’s provocation and strengthen one own national strength first. There were some people who were aware of it. But they lost the momentum against those who unable to think correctly.

“Calm down.”

It was Altea who stopped the chaos. No one can ignore the words of the princess whose death was at stake, the person that should hold the most anger in the room.

“I’m not low enough to eat this kind of provocation. If we advance the army now, it would only make the enemy happy. Now is the time for us to rebuild our army!”

“But your highness, won’t they use it as an excuse to continue the attack if the negotiation broke down?”

“That’s right. Why not attack them now? Besides, the enemy won’t think that we would attack them right after withdrawal.”

They didn’t understand. It was precisely like that the enemy makes this negotiation, not to mention we didn’t have anyone to lead the army yet.

“May I speak?”

When Serum raised her hand, everyone’s eyes gathered at her.

“Who’s that kid?”

“I was curious about it too, why there’s a child here?”

It was supposedly whispered, but they ended up speaking about it loudly.

“Some of you might not know her, let me introduce her. She is the head of Gione household, Marquees Serum. She is also the architect of the new military system that we talked about previously. She would be one of the core militaries in the future.”

Due to how fast the reform talks proceed, it caused Serum a bit of a surprise. But because of that also it would be easier for Serum to introduce herself.

“Oho, so she is the rumored Angel.”

‘Ugh, I didn’t need that kind of rumor,’ or so Serum contemplated inside her mind.

Cough. Nice to meet you all, my name is Serum Gione. I might be young, but I would like to voice my opinion. If we ignore their demand now, the probability of the Graf Kingdom attacking us is low.”

“Your reason?”

Naturally, Serum didn’t say ‘because that how the game goes.’

“First of all, with their conflict against Zeiun principality escalate, they should have no spare power to divide. Secondly, I heard they carried materials into Viguent rather than soldiers. Taking account of how thin VIguent walls were, those materials should’ve been to strengthen the city walls. In other words, Graf Kingdom considers Viguent as a defensive base, to prepare themselves in case they had to fight an attrition battle again…”

“However, if we follow your suggestion, won’t we give them the time they needed if we don’t attack?”

“That’s right. But right now, our army has not yet finished reorganized itself, and the odds for us to win was extremely low. That’s why we need to move along with our allies to increase our country’s power.

“Who has disagreement.?”

Everyone answered in silence.

“Then let us proceed with that as a guideline. Without messing things beyond necessary, let us return the messenger as it is.”

“Understood… Alright then, please do not divulge what transpired inside this room to anyone…”


That was probably useless. There should be a spy among all of us here. In fact, they might have already spread rumors already. Next, the enemy would try to persuade the aristocrats. However, there was no need for Serum to say it now. Even if she said it now, there was nothing she could do now, that was why it would be better for Serum to use the knowledge instead.

“Well then, let us dissolve this meeting.”

With Gaiuz order, today meeting ends.