The Girl and The War – v1-c21


Seram was in front of a room inside the castle to meet Gaius. After confirming the letter on her, she knocked on the door.

“Prime Minister Gaius, this is Serum. There’s a plan I want you to consider by all means. May I speak with you directly?”

“Come in…”

A reply comes after a while. When she opened the door, she startled seeing the person who was together with him.

“Altea-sama, you’re here?”

“Waah, Serum, It was such trouble back then isn’t it? But since you made it safely, I guess everything is fine… As you can see, the Prime Minister is in the middle of political affairs. Thus it gives me the idea, why not let me hear that plan of yours as well?”

“That being the case. What plan did you bring?”

Not just this time, Serum thought that these two people were too much friendly toward her. Despite them being the prime minister and the princess of the country. Of course, they might act like that because the other person was Serum Gione, they might act differently if it were different people.

But since the King was sick, these two people were the top two. If she could talk with both at the same time, then it saves all the trouble.

“… I want to present the outline of the military system reform. The advantages rest in the unification of the command system, and criterion of merit.”

“I see, that sounds good… With this, the nobles won’t selfishly aim for achievement at the expense of the Generals…”

Altea seems smarter than Serum had thought… She understood Serum aim after hearing her explanation.

“Also this ranks, are you going to shun Lieutenant General Dario?”

Gaiuz didn’t say it openly, but he immediately understood the dark plot behind it. As expected of the Prime Minister, one won’t be able to have the job if they were not accustomed to dealing with the dark sides of politics.

“There seems to be no need for an explanation for the two of you. With this plan is to renew the interior of the military before the breakup.”

“It might be confusing at first, but it should be worth it. I will immediately notify my men to enforce it, and also written letter of content as proclamation.”

“I will be ready with the seal…”

The plan moved forward fast. This kind of decision speed would be not possible with a democratic nation. Serum was grateful for once with this kind of feudal society. After all, the enemy would not wait.

True enough, the messenger of the enemy would come soon enough…

A couple of days had passed since Serum finished making the military reform bill passed, and now Adolf comes to visit her. As expected of the veteran, he recovered quite fast.

“Adolf-san, is it okay to move around that much?”

“I can’t overdo it, but this much is nothing. I came here to thank Serum-dono for watching the castle while I was gone. Also, this thing is a really good one. Easy to move and less tiring…”

“The crutch is it? I’m happy if you liked it. The gardener who made it should be happy as well…”

It was crutches that Serum asked her gardener to make, it was more convenient compared to the normal stick. When she asked to make a cane with such a shape, the gardener looked at her with a funny look, but he obediently made it as ordered. Anti-slip material also being used on the tip of the Crutches.

“Serum-dono is always full of strange ideas huh? This crutch, making it itself is very simple, but it was such a rare article where it was made thoughtfully for injured people. I even find it mysterious that no one made it until now…”

“I’m glad if you like it that much…”

Serum hit a response more positive than she had expected. And she thought this might be a good business as well.

Gione household, as the status suggests, it was a wealthy household. However, it was still insufficient to achieve Serum’s ambitions. So to bring the level closer to the modern ages.

She wanted to at least as fast as possible to improve the paper, tissue, and toilet. It was hard to wipe using this world paper that has a brown color, Serum could not admit anything other than white tissue.

Serum herself understood that she was blessed with Gione Household and the palace. Many households didn’t even have personal toilets. And the public toilets were overwhelmingly few, and the predominantly little numbers were often had feces and urine being left unattended due to the poor installation. Although there were many things she wanted to do, it was not something that she could do it alone.

That was why the business. To fund other development, she could raise some funds by selling the mass-produced things. The dream expanded…

“By the way, Serum-dono. It seems you’ve been working here non-stop. Your face looked tired. How about having some rest?”

Her reckless delusion was interrupted by Adolf’s words. Certainly, she had not been able to sleep in his own house in these few days. She had come to this world for three weeks, she noticed that she had no day off since then. Although she worked, she felt the sun was setting down even before she done anything.

In ‘his’ original world, she didn’t dislike the work itself, but since it was for the money, a holiday was something she happy to have. She felt happy with the scheduled day off. It was surprising that she accept the work without thinking holiday. Thinking that, Serum began to wonder, this might be due to work related to her life and death situation.

However, it was true that her body was tired, and she thought it won’t be too bad to wander around town slowly after this…

But a soldier ran up and saluted toward her and Adolf, ruining the happy thought she had…

“Lieutenant General Adolf, Serum-sama, there’s urgent news!”


“The messenger from the Graaf Kingdom has arrived. Prime Minister Gaius is calling…”

“I see, I will be right there…”

Saying that Adolf turned toward Serum apologetically.

“I’m sorry, but your vacation seems to have to wait…”

But at least she had not entered dreams yet. Though she still spits out frustratingly…

“I will take this grudge to the enemy…”

“Please do so…”

They both followed the soldier with heavy steps.