The Girl and The War – v1-c20

(Military Reform 2)

Serum describes the military reform written on the paper.

“First of all, all ranks will be applied to all permanent soldiers and also those belonging to the aristocrats. We will try to make peerage a different chain of command for now. This sets the Marshal as the highest command, then Generals, then Field Officers, then Company officers, large, medium, small, divided into two. The ranks would be General, Lieutenant General, Major general, then after that would be Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, then continue on… As for the ranks below the Knight, such as Master Sergeant, Sergeant, Corporal, Lance Corporal, Private First class, Private Second class, then Private. We will create an army with such a chain of commands. In case of reinforcement and we have someone with the same ranks, the one with seniority would be above the others.”

It was something she pulled out of the system of Old Japan army, but since it was said by the 12 years old Serum, it made Adolf raises the voice of admirations.

“Amazing, did you think all of this by yourself? But, how much soldiers should each rank held?”

“For now, 1,000 men should be led by Lieutenant Colonel, 100 men would be led by Lieutenant, 10 men led by Corporal, the Marquis is equal to the Colonel, the Earl is equal to Lieutenant Colonel, Viscount is equal to Major, Baron is equal to Captain, while Knight is equal to the second lieutenant. With this system, the aristocrats also have a clear rank. This would make it possible to batch the command system on the site. And with this system, if Adolf-san finds someone with ability, you would be able to raise them. Of course, one needs to show appropriate achievements to be selected. Actually, I wanted to change the entire system based on a merit system but…”

She could not easily change the system into a modern system when the world was still in the feudal system.

“But with this, those who raised ranks by using money would be less likely…”

“I will pretend I didn’t hear what you said just now. Since it might be taken as lese majeste.”

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean it that way…”

She had forgotten that the country she lived was still a monarchy. If people heard what she said, it might be taken as criticism toward the royal family.

“Then what about the highest authority? We didn’t hear Duke, Lieutenant General, or Serum-dono taking it…”

“That’s the thing, Duke Ricardo is Lieutenant Generals. And for now, let us make my late father as Marshal.”


“At the top, we can make it as symbolic implications that we won’t give you the ranks unless you have proper track record and nominations. After all, it is difficult to surpass the dead. This measure is also taken to restraint Lieutenant General Dario.”

“I see…”

“With that being said, I wanted you to be General, Adolf-san.”

“Finally, about this… But as I said before, with this body, I cannot shoulder the heavy burdens.”

“I will be in charge of the practical work. However, I wanted you to remain as someone with the right to decide.”

“In other words, you asked me to take responsibility. Why not say that bluntly…”

They laughed at each other. However, Serum immediately strengthened her attitude signaling this was non-negotiable. For her, she considers it too heavy for her to shoulder the current chaotic army.

The air turns tense. It felt like she would be crushed by the atmosphere if she carelessly talks here.

A few minutes pass. The air returned as Adolf given up.

“Fine then… I will do so. … Well then, what are we going with Dario?”

“Let us make Dario the Lieutenant General.”

“I bet he won’t consent silently…”

“I agree… Ah, just in case, I will increase the guard around Adolf-san…”

“You’re going to lure him by using me as decoy huh?”

“If he didn’t do anything, then all is good, no? But if he makes a move, I will make a move to condemn him and demote his rank, better yet, expel him somewhere… I seriously wish he has the guts to make a move…”

“Fuuh… These short times have changed my view toward you… Never had I thought, the little Ojou-san, has turned into a bold lady.”

“I will take that as a compliment…”

(Speaking of which, we should have met when I was still a child…)

What I mean was not ‘me(Boku),’ but Serum.

As she thought that, Adolf seems to remember something and opened his mouth.

“Come to think of it, what Rank do you want to get Serum-dono?”

“Well, I guess around Major General.”

“I understand. But now, with the king is under medical treatment, political affairs are stuck. How are we going to proceed with the plans?”

“I think I can urge the prime minister Gaius to work with us. If I have the consent of Adolf-san, I might be able to pass it using a little bit brute force…”

“I see, indeed… Then I will write a letter.”

Just before Serum left the place, Adolf said some words to her.

“I sincerely think that you will be a fine General.”