The Girl and The War – v1-c19

(Military Reform 1)

“By the way Adolf-san. This is about the future…”

“…What a headache topic you’re picking…”

“It is indeed not a story that an injured person should hear, but the situation is urgent. I’m sorry…”

It was something she needed to talk as soon as possible was the reason why she will come visit again with courteous next time. It was in order for her to discuss the situation with Adolf based on the conference and also Bell’s information that she got.

Adolf immediately changed his tone as Lieutenant General knowing the topic was serious.

“Our army led by Lieutenant General Dario is falling to the third line of defense.”

“What about the enemy’s movement?”

“I have not heard any big movement after capturing Vigent.”

“Did they intend to wait until they keep that place under control first?”

“Probably, yes. After all, the enemy is not at war with our country alone. The reason why they didn’t send many reinforcements might be because they could not afford any more strength here…”

“Certainly, if they wanted to completely defeated us, they would have done it by now…”

“That is what I wanted to talk about… Our army is in very bad shape…”

“I expected that… What has happened?”

“The army of Duke Ricardo, they left the battlefield, and returned to his territory…”


“The direct cause is unknown, but it was rumored that due to Lieutenant General Dario reckless withdrawal they unable to follow…”

Adolf sighed when he heard the news.

“General Ergent passed away, and I in this kind of state… I thought about him that one day he might cause such a problem, but I never thought it was like this…”

“It seems you’ve expected this situation quite fast… From how I see him, he seems to be the person who behaves selfishly while claiming he is the best. In the first place, he was someone who was not popular to begin with, but it seems the fact that the suppressor role has disappeared he began acted like that…”

“Indeed, after all, Duke Ricardo is more upright than him. The duke must’ve lost the meaning to protect under him. Especially when he was someone who put status above anything else…”

Dario and Adolf were the same Lieutenant General, but Dario social status was higher than Adolf. He seems to bear some grudge toward Adolf who climbed to the rank of Lieutenant General from Knight.

“Seriously, he was worse than an incompetent hard worker…”

“I will pretend I heard nothing…”

Serum smiled wryly… Unexpectedly, they seem to have an awful relationship more than Serum had expected.

From here on out, it was the main topic Serum wanted to talk. She presented the plan written on the paper out of her pocket.

“I thought about military system reform and write it here… The biggest problem is the top two current military leaders. By convention, however, Lieutenant General Dario would be likely be chosen as the next General. There I would like to change the military system with another one, and when the situation settled, I want Adolf-san to be on the top…”

“Wait wait… Without you doing that, we do have a General candidate here you know?”

He pointed at Serum…

“… Please don’t joke.”

“No no, it is not a joke. If we go by customary, the status of General Ergent is hereditary, and you’re his child. In the last few days of the withdrawal battle, the popularity of Serum-dono among the soldiers have also increased I heard. If I’m not wrong, they started to call you ‘Angel’ or ‘The Goddess of War’… And besides, I don’t have the body where I can be a General anymore…”

“What an embarrassing rumors…”

“I think I should be your vessel and have you led me…”

Maybe this was a game scenario. If she leaves it be, she will become the General. However, Serum was not convinced. Because she thinks she could do nothing. She couldn’t do anything during the withdrawal battle. Thus she thought it would be unrealistic for her to take that place now…

“I’m thankful for the thought, but I have to refuse. I don’t have enough experience to be a General.”

“Is that so? I won’t force you, but I do honestly think it would be nice to serve under you, Serum-dono.”

“I think being General is more than what I deserved for now… Anyway, I about the military system reform…”

Politely turn down Adolf recommendation, Serum continues her talk with a smile…