The Girl and The War – v1-c17

1-17 (Life and Death)



Serum who managed to shake the enemy pursuit arrived at the Royal Capital, she was anxiously waiting for the final report.

One by one, the unit she had been waiting to return didn’t return. Waiting for a certain group, the time to confirm the life and death of someone began to close, which make Serum mind down. It cannot be helped for her to feel like that, in this world, there was no telephone, the quickest way to relay a communication was by using horses.

If Adolf didn’t return after sunset, Wilfred had recommended for her to return home and take a rest.

“Serum-sama! Above all, I’m glad that you’re safe. Do you want to take a bath? Or maybe dinner? Or, m-a-y-b-e…” <TLN: This joke the one used by the waifus all around Japan.>

“Meal please.”

“Err understood Serum-sama. Fufufu, we will prepare it immediately. Please relax in your room.”

It was Bell who welcomed her when she arrived at her residence, Serum who from the beginning to end felt the high tension was unable to calm down even after coming home.

She ate warm food after nearly a week and took a hot bath. It was one of Gione House’s pride to have hot water baths in a country where not many houses had it.

She feels the tiredness that she had accumulated until now disappeared as soon as she sinks her body… Gradually her eyelids felt heavy, and her consciousness becomes cloudy.

“Oh my my~, Serum-sama. You must not sleep in the bath… If you want to sleep, move to the bed first…”

She feel a faint sense of discomfort having Bell inside the bathroom, but she was too tired to retort. Since she thought she would be carried to the bed even if she fell asleep, she paid no mind to Bell words and let her consciousness loose.

(Ah right, I have to go to the Royal Castle after I wake up later. … The company? Wait, what day is tomorrow, do I have some work from the company? I forgot… I hope tomorrow is a weekend…) <TLN: She was in a delirious state, she think about going to the royal castle and also his world in the previous world.>


She woke up by the song of the birds chirping. She began to notice that her alarm clock didn’t ring like usual, and immediately jumped out of bed.

“What time…!”

After she shouts, the situations began to come to her mind. She realizes that this was the world of Grimwar.

It would have been nice of all of the things she had experienced were just a dream she thought. She would then bought coffee at the convenience store as usual, and doing work at his company like usual, the normal without anything interesting…

However, the wound on her left arm reminds her of the reality. It was the wound she had inflicted on herself when ‘he’ arrived in this world. –

Throwing ‘his’ lukewarm daily life into the past. Now, she was in a world of war. Where life and death go hand in hand.

Now what she needed to do was to move her pieces…

“Serum-sama, the breakfast is ready~…”


When she raised her face, Serum Gione expression returned to that of the ‘General’ daughter.