The Girl and The War – v1-c16

1-16 (First Campaign)



Riding together with Wilfred, they rode on the front of the line. On their side, a soldier holding a battle flag.

“The west fort falls! The enemies are chasing!”

The desperate report comes down despite they had just left the city. The expression of the young soldiers around her caught by fear. They were those who have not yet taste the hell of a war between humans.

On the other hands, Serum who have not known war, various feelings surged inside her heart, and black madness began to reflect on her eyes.

(Are they still planning on smearing this hell with further brutality?!)

Serum’s head boils with soo much anger, her thought darkened, and she could not control it.

‘Anger’ ‘Cruelty’ ‘Death’ ‘Blood’ ‘Fear’ ‘People’ ‘Killing’ ‘Escape’ ‘War’ “Grudge’ ‘terrified’.

Her horizon then turns blank.

With her mind devoid of anything, Serum felt like her body rises toward the heavens as if she was going to disappear at any moment.

(Anger. I’m angry… What is happening to me?)

She concentrating, trying to understand her own feeling, then Serum reached benightment.

(Is it this world or the enemy that is unreasonable? No, that is not the problem. I, I’m angry because of my helplessness… I’m mad at myself. Thus what we need to do is simple…)

Realized what she needed to do, the corner of Serum’s lips raised without her noticing. Did she forget to control her muscle expression? Perhaps, it was just her finally managed to relax a bit after all the fear she felt.

“It should be fine…”

Serum muttered those words. And keep smiling like a devil.

“Keep our speed at a level where the walking soldiers comfortable. Pull the cavalry to the side, so that it won’t hinder those who can walk faster. Hold torches at regular intervals. We will go to the capital city as fast as possible.”

Naturally, such actions would be conspicuous, but it was needed to move these many people smoothly. And if we scattered, the damage might get bigger instead.

The soldiers who heard Serum’s instructions followed it silently. Wilfred was also surprised by Serum’s transformation, but he judged that her instruction was accurate so he didn’t say anything. It was him who supposedly given out orders, but due to the situation, he was unable to think correctly.

Serum then rests her head on Wilfred’s chest and took a deep breath.

(Don’t rush. We need to hurry, but let us not panic…)

Serum tried to remember the evacuation drill ‘he’ did during ‘his’ students day. Those who did what needed to do calmly would be saved during emergency times. She tried to remember ‘his’ teacher name who thought ‘him’ that, unfortunately, she could not remember it.

Her heart was beating furiously. She noticed that because despite her mind being calm, her heart still beating fast due to the situation she was in…

“Wil, there’s something shinning over there!”

Serum shouted.

“Is that enemy or friend?!”

“We have no allies in that directions. It is the enemy!”

“From the wind directions, which way the flag is facing?”

Toward such sudden question, Wilfred immediately understood the meaning…

“The flag is blowing toward the enemy!”

“Then release fire arrows to the right direction. We cannot bring the enemy closer!”

“Understood. Relay it to the rear soldier! Prepare the fire arrows, shots three arrows toward the right directions as far as possible!”

One shot, two shot. The shots didn’t spread as much as she had thought. Finally, the third shot burst into flame. Confirming the effects, the soldiers began to advance forward.

“Gather the cavalries, torchbearer stay. We will flank them when the enemy tried to charge…”

No enemy manage to catches up with the first group. Nevertheless, Serum determined to do anything she needed to do to save more allies. This tactic might have been primitive one.

“How miserable…”

Tears fell down her cheeks as she felt pathetic. This was the first campaign of Serum.