The Girl and The War – v1-c15

1-15 (Not Yet Night)



It was a great success for us to brought those extra carriages. However, there were still a lot of wounded soldiers left…

Serum then made a bitter decision for emergency evacuation.

“Lieutenant General Adolfo, may I confiscate the carriages from the city?”

“Permission granted. Please continue to help the injured soldiers. I will go and command the defense.”

“I understand. Attach the harness to the spare carriages! Those who still can move, move toward plaza near the gate…”

Despite being allies, Viz soldiers were about to rob the town’s people personal belongings. This was indeed robbery… Of course, this territory belonged to Viz. Thus it was not looting. But if we asked the citizen, no matter which army, to do something like that was no good…

But, this was war. This was a reality. Serum should’ve known that. But, she still could not accept it. –

“Damn it!”

She can’t suppress her anger.

She understood that she could not win a war with beautiful things, but Serum felt irritated that she herself agreed with such thought without any further thought. Would it be easier for her if she regards this as “command/order”? No, she could not do that, in the first place, she herself was the one who decided to leave the house. In the game, Serum was not supposedly standing on the front line yet.

“I’m so stupid…”

It was too late for me to escape from all of this… –

“Is there anyone need help?!”

“Over here! I found someone who could not move!”

“I will be right there!”

Serum immediately changes her thought pattern and started to move to the next victim.


It was more terrible sight than before… Heavily injured soldiers laying on top one another without being given the first aid.

Serum immediately runs and tried to help one of them.

“It’s fine now… Right…”

The soldier she touched had no arm to help him stand…

Apparently, the soldier suffered fatal bleeding. Even Serum was aware that her expression had turned pale.

“Kill me…”

“What are you talking about?! I won’t abandon anyone!”

Serum didn’t mind the blood smeared on her body, trying to help the soldier to stand.

“It’s fine… It is too late for me…”

“Don’t say anything foolish!”

With modern medical care, you will be fine! If you see a doctor now, they will save you!

The weight of the severely injured person cannot be supported with her body alone, Serum collapsed on her knees. Still, her upper body was still raised, she tried to move even using her knees.

“What are you doing?!”

Her back suddenly felt lighter. The soldier that came violently took off the injured soldier from her.

“He might still be saved if we bring him to the carriage!”

“No, that is impossible! With this wound, he won’t survive…”

The soldier then pulls out a dagger.

“What are you trying to do?!”

“Do you have any wills?”

“No, I’m good… … It hurts… Please make it easy for me…”

“I see, understood.”

Serum was dumbfounded. Blood immediately splashed on her face when the soldier slashed his dagger on the injured person neck.


She vomited on the wall of someone house.

She should’ve known. There was no modern technology here. But she just didn’t wish to admit that. There was not a single prospect that that injured soldier would survive. She knew that… She just didn’t want to admit it.

The previous soldier continues to move without minding Serum who was wiping her mouth while shedding tears.

“Are you alright?”

It was Wilfred that speaks toward Serum.

“It would be better for you to take some rest, don’t force yourself…”

In this midst of hell, Wilfred had been taking care of her… However, Serum understands well the words he had said. It means she was a hindrance in this battlefield if she didn’t steel her resolution.

And that was not a joke. She didn’t come here just to be a burden. But the amount of resolution she had was still not enough.

“It is fine. I can do it…”

Serum wipes away her tears. And Wilfred also goes back to work without saying anything more. She enters the hell once again, helps the injured and brings them to the carriages.

When the carriages filled with injured people gathered in the plaza, Adolf returned…

Adolf rushed toward Serum who had her face dyed red with blood.

“The enemy is sticking to the wall, we cannot hold out much longer. I will serve as commander here… Serum-dono will withdraw with everyone.”

“No, I stay…”

“You cannot. I cannot afford to protect you.”

Adolf said that while slapping her.

“You should lead the injured soldiers back. This is an important duty.”

Softly stationed Serum in the safest position. In other words, outside war potential. However, in the end, a role still a role. If there was something she could do, there was no reason for her to not obey.

“Adolf-san, please be safe. You must not die here…”

“I’m not planning on dying either. Now, go…”

Serum turned her heel with her eyes started to moist. She rode Wilfred horse and looked back. The place Adolf and the other heading looked much brighter. <TLN: This is due to the sun.>

Serum muttered while looking at the crimson background.

“Absolutely come back!”

I cannot protect you. For her, the present her was hopeless… She cannot do anything on her own. She must gain power. Physical power, intellect power, financial power, anything… The power to blow away this absurd hell…

“We will start to retreat! Follow me!”

With Serum on the front, Wilfred giving an order…

In the darkness, Viguent defense force continues to fight using the light of torches. The night had not yet ended…