The Girl and The War – v1-c13

1-13 (Viguent)


In Viguent City, the Graaf Kingdom force looked very thick while the Viz Kingdom side looked thin. That was why, the fort was being built diagonally. It was made in assumption when one side took the enemy force the other side could take in reinforcement. Little far from that place, horses racing while heading toward the Royal Capital.

Adolfo then hails the massager soldier.

“Aren’t you Lieutenant General Dario’s messenger? We’re troops that are heading toward Viguent as reinforcement. I wanted to confirm the situation…”

“Sir, this is a report from Lieutenant General Dario. ‘ Viguent has fallen. We’re retreating to the third defensive line.”

“What did you say!? That stupid, it’s too fast…”

Commotions began to spread. Even if they sent reinforcement with fast horses, with this timing, there was a high possibility they would only pass each other. It would be great if our reinforcement made it in time, but it would be hard to rebuild defense if the force had already begun to retreat.

“How was the situation when you left?”

“We’re being pushed back considerably. When I left, Lieutenant General Dario was in the middle of preparing to withdraw.”

“Damn it, Dario… His judgment is fast only when the situation like this…”

Serum could heard Adolfo clicking tongue. The men closest to Adolfo tried to ask him to confirm something.

“What should we do?”

“We can’t just turn back now. Let’s hurry and join with the Lieutenant General Dario. Where is he right now?

“I believe he is at the west fort…”

“Thank you. You may go back to your mission…”


The messenger rushes toward the royal capital once again.

“We’re heading toward the west fort!”

The day was almost over. The sky had begun to turn dark.