The Girl and The War – v1-c12

1-12 (Wilfred)


I was busy a couple of days after that. I learned the world map, learn how to wear armors, and examines things that I need to bring. I was a bit feeling uneasy, but still, I also could not wipe away the feeling of fears.

On the day of the departure, Serum went to the meeting place sooner. Because this was her first battle, she wanted to have more time to prepare for the unexpected.

When the sun began to rise, Adolfo arrived at the meeting place.

“Good morning, Sir. Lieutenant General Adolfo.”

“Good Morning. Oh, Serum-dono, where is your horse?”

At Gione house, there were several horses. However, I have no experience with riding a horse. Thus I decided to walk on foot.

“I can’t ride. Thus I decide to walk.”

“I can’t let you do that. I guess you can ride with him. Wilfredo, come here!”

Then a young man named Wilfredo greeted us with an excellent smile.

“Please feel free to call him Will…”

“But, I don’t want to bother you.”

“No no, I cannot let Serum-sama walk alone. I was actually have been thinking about your escort. This good then, he is a good man with good tact and great at handling horses.”

“Thank you for your kindness. I also worried about my short stride if I were to walk.”

“Then Serum-sama, would you like to ride at once?”

Wilfredo settles the horse and standing on the side. In order for Serum to ride a horse, she needs to climb the pedal as high as her chest. It was impossible for the body of a child, seemingly knowing that, Wilfredo give Serum assistance by lifting her body a little.

“I’m sorry for this…”

At first, Serum could not understand why he apologized, then she realized that he apologized for touching her hips.

(Speaking of which, my body is that of a woman right now.)

Though she didn’t worry because Wilfredo doing it not because he was naughty, but since she realizes that, she becomes more conscious of him who now sit behind her.

(There’s quite a difference in heigh… Uwah, his hands are big… Were my original hands these big? I cannot remember it much. Despite it was not a long time ago.)

I was thinking of such a thing while continue riding the horse.

(Serum-sama, do not look down, please look at the front.”

Hearing Wilfredo words, Serum immediately raise her head in a hurry.

The sky spread before her eyes. Far ahead, white clouds scattered. She could see the horizon from the unusual height. The sunlight illuminates the meadow which spreads infinitely

The breezy wind shakes the flowers and grass, carrying the scent of spring toward Serum.

“It’s pretty high, isn’t it? I love the view from this place.”

“Amazing… Very beautiful.”

It was very different compared with the gray world where she previously lived.

Nature spreads as far as one gaze. It was very brilliant.

“Finally you showed as an expression fit for your age…”

Before she noticed, Wilfredo had paid attention to her expression.

“Before, you had grim expression. “That’s why I wanted to show you this view.”

“Did I really had that kind of expression?”

“Well, yes. Though it was not really obvious. But your expression now looked wonderful…”

Wilfredo laughs mischievously.

“When I look at Serum-sama, it made me remember my little sister in the countryside.”

After saying that, Wilfredo’s face tighten up.

“That was rude of me. Regarding the daughter of the General like that…”

“No, I do not mind. Do you mind if I asked you to continue?”

“Sure… I have a younger sister with a huge age gap, she is a cute, obedient child. She’s a younger sister that is always taking the initiative to help take care of the field. Her smile is also pretty cute…”

“Is that so?”

Wilfredo who speak about his younger sister destroy his neat image. Serum ended up smiling looking at such Wilfredo. I guess this is the look of a person who have an important person…

Serum then tried to determine herself and looked forward.

“Let’s get back alive, Will…”

Wilfredo then placed his right hand on his chest. It was the form of the salute of this country.

“Of course.”