The Girl and The War – Excerpt


Speaking about the name of the greatest person from my nation that would be ‘Serum Gione’. <TLN: Written セラム ジオーネ>

She was a great militarist, politician, chef, musician, architect, merchant, and inventor. Her existence had revolutionized various fields, and we were still benefiting from it. She was what we call a rare hero.

In history, she was not only being portrayed as good but also often time being portrayed as a villain. She showed the people of that time her humility, but often times arrogance, boldness, innocence, craftiness, and fantastic idea with a realistic view. In order words, she was a person that people could not understand well. She was treated like a goddess, but the reason why she was loved until today must’ve been because of her trait that was full of a human trait.

There was a story where she showed her human nature.

She always inspected the deployed army. Then she would often times called out to the recruits. She would ask, ‘Do you like war?’… If the recruits answered with yes, then she would say “Is that so? Then I have the perfect job for you.” and the recruits would find themselves on the frontline, but if the recruits said no, she would say “Is that so? Me too.” and laughed…

In this story, we will talk about the war history centered around her, Serum Gione.

By Ludovico Sari “Hero’s Path”. <TLN: The author of the history book, not the story.>