The Girl and The War – 9

(War Council 2)

“We should reinforce them as soon as possible…”

“But the enemy threat is…”

“How long can we expected reinforcement?”

“That was not what I want to talk about…”

“We cannot proceed without them…”

In the meantime, the military council proceeds. However, the story keeps moving in a circle, an Adolf immediately ceased the opinion…

“I think a general opinion has been voiced out… That we cannot move…”

Adolf keeps talking while moving the piece on the map.

“And that is unacceptable… It would be hard for us to defend in the future if Viguent fell into the enemy’s hand. We should reinforce them as soon as possible… Is there anyone disagree with my opinion?”

Everyone was silent.

“I would like to ask Prime Minister Gaiuz to negotiate for reinforcement from our ally…”

“I will do my best… However, unless we show that we had the ability, Republic of Noir won’t change their mind. I would like you to give me one month time…”

“I’ll leave it to you, after all, political judgment is needed… – I will dispatch with two thousand men garrisoned here, and left the minimum to defend the capital. And I will personally lead the force… Anyone have other opinions?”

“May I?”

Serum raised her right hand while talking cautiously. The glance of the people immediately gathered on the girl that they regarded as just an ornament up until now…

“Go ahead…”

“You must be about to bring the cavalry… Also, the carriages for the military provision…”

“Of course… Though not everyone would be mounting a horse…”

He then immediately urged me to continue… Adolf himself seems to have the magnanimity to even listen to a 12 years old girl opinion… But I think the biggest reason for that was because Serum was the child of General Ergent he respected…

“I would like for you to go with carriages as empty as possible… Also, the harness connecting the carriage and the horse need to be extra…”

“Hou, why do we need to do that?”

“I heard the previous battle ended up with a chaotic battle… Because of that, there should be many injured people… I would like to escort those with the serious injury to a safe place…”

This battle, we probably fight a losing battle. – Therefore if it were possible, I would like to reduce the damage as much as possible…

However, thinking carefully, there was also the possibility that we need to even use the injured and sick soldiers to participate in the siege… The convoy might judge that the provision was enough only for themselves…

Then it was corps commander Igli from a while ago that severely poked the fault in Serum’s words.

“Right now, we’re going to reinforce a siege… How much do you think waters needed for the horse and fodder alone? And you said we should reduce the small advantages we have?”


Adolf intercepts him from further talking… Serum was ready that her idea would be dismissed because she was small children. However, unexpectedly the voice Adolf used was calm…

“Fumu, those injured people are only going to eat our foods, to begin with. I will keep your opinion in mind…”

He might have done that to protect Serum’s face. However, Serum was genuinely relieved that her opinion was not being disregarded.