The Girl and The War – 8

(War Council 1)

Seven men were standing inside the conference room, focusing on the map placed on the desk. Surrounding the desks were prominent military and parliament official. They were faces that I never saw. Of course, when in the game, less important people were omitted, it was even normal for those bellow lieutenant Generals to have no name.

As soon as Prime Minister and I entered the room, the tense quiet place turns into a puzzled atmosphere. Some people even rub their eyes as if they saw something strange. Was it really alright to take such light attitude toward the Prime Minister? Or are they among the military and parliament members who were anti-Gaiuz? I tried my best to not feel pressured with the presence of these men.

“First of all, let me introduce her to everyone. She’s General Ergent’s child, Lady Serum. She would join this time military council…”

The voice of Lieutenant General Adolfo resounded inside the room. And without waiting for Adolfo next instruction, when they saw Serum bowed, they also began to greet her.

“The current agenda was about to reinforce the Graaf Kingdom’s defensive front.”

“Did reinforcement request come from them?”

“None… However, judging by the situation, it would be necessary to do so. And I would like to discuss that.”

The current defense commander should be the lieutenant General Dario. Based on Bell description of the person, Lieutenant General Dario was the type who won’t request reinforcement even if he was in a disadvantaged situation. Most likely, Adolf was aware if the situation was being left alone, the front would collapse.

“Let us hear the new situation first… Igli Corps commander.”

“Yes, sir! I’ve received the report earlier, the military has retreated to the city of Viguent. ”

The report caused commotion inside the room. Adolf seems to already aware of such situation. After all, he calmly placed the map on the table…

“Right now, our force has retreated to the second line of defense. However, the Viguent structure had a good protection against the Graaf Kingdom. If we perform siege here, we should be able to hold them for long. Prime Minister Gaiuz, what about the status of other countries?”

“Fumu… First of all, Zeuin principality had continued to conduct a battle of defense. But to be honest, with how the current situation progressed, reinforcement from them would be hopeless… With the Noir Republic, the situation was stale… For the time being, the Graaf Kingdom was not actively attacking them… From the start, Noir Republic had expressed disapproval in this war. We cannot expect favorable respond if we don’t show good power…”

“What about the nobles?”

“Those who could move around were already in the battlefield… We cannot press them more than this!”

“The only one we could move were soldiers stationed at the garrison here… What do you think, everyone?”

Serum immediately lost in thought. I remembered this situation inside the game, and I win it with a dramatic strategy! That was what I wanted to say, but as expected, I could not say that…

In the first place, based on the story we would win this battle by abandoning Viguent. But today Serum was akin to that of a time traveler with history books in her hand. I know big events that going to happen, but that was all to it… History was made by countless people including those who did not appear inside the story, not to mention the many incidents that cannot be written.

Even if I know the crucial events in the game, would the development become different because of the cause and effect caused by me? Whether wait and see, or rolling out convenient development, I could not treat this lightly… Serum remained silent without being able to grasp her chance to move…