The Girl and The War – 7

7- (Gaiuz)

“Uuh, what a horrible experience…”

I leave the mansion with Bell escorting me with a glossy face.

The residence where I lived right now seems to be a separate residence when my father needs to work in the castle. It seems we have a residence within GIone territory located near the Royal capital, and as a long time General, my father had a house near the Royal castle. That was why I walked to the Royal castle with Bell as an escort without using the carriage.

Besides, with this, I could also see the situation of this world. Some people were wearing armors, while others dressed differently. As a whole, this place looked like a middle age western country,, though there was some unexpectedly unknown rich architecture.

(Thinking of that, the language I used here is Japanese but…)

Somehow I felt a sense of incompatibility. But of course, when in the game the language they used was Japanese. Otherwise, it would be weird… Then again, if I think of it that this world was the world of a game, then no wonder that the language was Japanese. It seems the other countries also used the Japanese word and letters…

While thinking of such a thing, I arrived at the Royal castle gate.

“Please wait here…”

Serum felt uneasy while being escorted by the guard. When walking toward the Royal castle, she had Bell with her, but after they arrived, only Serum was allowed to enter the Royal castle. For someone who was accustomed to the modern world where something like smartphone existed, it had been a while since the last time one had to wait without doing anything. While trying to remember Prime Minister Gaiuz picture, she decided to stimulate the tone she wanted to use, She felt uncomfortable feeling similar to impatience, and Serum’s face turn stiff when she heard the door being knocked.

“It seems I’ve kept you waiting… Oya? Did the one who guide you didn’t prepare any tea? ”

After saying that, the Elderly man took the candle, shifting the light from the lighting lamp to the alcohol lamp like equipment. After that, he pours water into the pot and boils the water using the equipment. Serum watching that action with interested eyes.

In this world where matches didn’t exist, it was essential to keep a small fire light up. Serum understood that after realizing despite in the middle of the day where the light comes in from the window still bright, there was a candle being lit up. In fact, just recently that she realizes the place where he makes the tea was something like a quasi-kitchen…

“Currently, I’m making some herbal tea. It should make you feel calm…”

“T-Thank you very much…”

She missed the timing and stuttered, after looking at the man with higher stature making tea for her.

While Gaiuz gentle expression looked like someone, who welcomed their relative’s children who came to play. Although he might do it in consideration of the topic they were going to talk about, it also shows how much the Prime Minister thinks about Serum well being.

Silent continued until Gaiuz take a seat. It was Serum who broke the silence.

“Prime Minister Gaiuz, about my father…”

“I see, it seems the news has reached you huh? It was around this morning that a fast horse arrived… Such a thing is…”

“Prime Minister Gaiuz, I have a request.”

Gaiuz looked at her with a surprised gaze. He expected Serum to grieve, but instead, she spoke with a clear voice…

“What do you want?”

“I like to participate in the upcoming war council.”

“… You’re still twelve years old you know? Furthermore, you’re a girl…”

“I have an obligation as the head of Gione family.”

“At that age, there’s no obligation to enter the army. Wait three years more…”

In this country, one was considered adult when they turn fifteen years old, and the military qualification followed that. For that reason, Gaiuz asked her to wait for three more years. Besides as someone who comes from a military family, there was not much of other alternatives but entered the military after coming of age. However, Serum refuted…

“Right now, we’re in wartime, Prime Minister. I don’t think we should be concerned with that rule too much, besides I have no siblings. As someone who will inherit my father position, it would be better for me to enter the military as soon as possible…”

“Don’t be conceited, Serum. Are you saying that you’re planning to enter the army to replace your father?”

“That’s not it. There’s something that I must do…”

Looking at Serum stubborn figure, Gaiuz heaved a heavy sigh. Depending on the response, he was going to forbid her to enter the army…

“Is it revenge?”


Serum’s eyes swayed for the first time. It was the face of a coward.

“To protect myself and those around me, I want to help the country.”

Gaiuz had watched Serum growth since she was very young. She was someone who had the pride for understanding her father. Hearing such unexpected words and seeing such unexpected expression, for a moment Gaiuz lost for words…

“…You’ve grown up…”

Though she didn’t grow up obediently. He wanted her to live happily without to fight in a war if possible… However, her fate didn’t allow that, and such fate was now on the girl’s small shoulders.

Knowing that her will won’t change. Gaiuz cursed the God inside his mind and continue speaking…

“I understand. I will cooperate with you as much as possible. I will also immediately notify Lieutenant General Adolfo. Since the military council going to start in twenty minutes, Serum should come with me as well…”

He thought at least he will be on her side. Even if God turn into the enemy.

Gaiuz swore that inside his heart while looking at Serum who thanked him cheerfully.