The Girl and The War – 6

6 – (Current Situation 2)

“… I think as long they are direct subordinates of Prime Minister Gaiuz and General Ergent, they will definitely become your ally…”

Though that was what she said, as expected, I think this would be hard…

“Of course, that also including us, the maid team…”

Bell smiled while saying that. Which in turn caused Serum’s face to loosen up a little bit…

“When it comes to friendly ally, it would be Gaiuz parliament clique. I’m not really sure how nobleman works. However, even with the army under the command of the General, it was not really monolith either. In particular, out of the two deputies, please pay attention to the lieutenant General Dario. Although he is from a respectable family, he is a very prideful man. Even General Ergent found him to be quite troublesome. Right now, I heard he was in a defensive battle…”

“How about the other deputy?”

“Lieutenant General Adolfo admired General Ergent. He has a frank personality, also have a good command ability. Serum-sama should’ve already met him when you’re very young… He is currently being entrusted with the defense of the castle…”

Hearing that, I was able to grasp the general situation. If I have to proceed according to the game, from here on, I have to gain military power somehow.

I refuse to run away from this…

Although I felt the current situation was like I walked down on a narrow dark path with just a single torch. If I lost sight of where I was going, I would end up in an unknown place.

“Bell, can you gather information for me?”

“Yes, of course, what kind of information?”

Bell was the chief maid of the Gione family, she was the daughter of a powerful soldier from Zeiun principality that General Ergent picked up in the past for some unknown reason. Her former subordinates were also had been smuggled into the Gione family, in the game, their intelligence had been helping me a lot of time.

“Write a list of the influential nobles.”

While Bell had a small question mark above her head, she still writes around 20 names.

When Serum find the target name among them, she marked it down.

“Check the movement on this list… Especially these three, Duke Ricardo, Marquis Vigor, and Marquis Lewis, I want you to thoroughly monitor them. Any little information is fine. Their family composition, everything from their financial to the name of their dogs. Ah, and also, for easier understanding, please rank the information into five levels…”

“… I could understand if it is the Duke. Because right now he is the highest influential aristocrat in this Kingdom. But, why these two as well?”

“Well, if I have to say it then, intuition… Please do it…”


“Now then, I should go to the Royal castle…”

Up until here, I remembered that Serum was still wearing her nightgown. Bell was already gone out of the room to give instruction to the other maid.

And I cannot afford to ask someone, for example, to ask how to change girls clothes… With dreadful feeling, I extended my hand and opened the drawer like a thief.

(… String panties and Drawers)


A strange voice escaped Seruma’s mouth. I hurriedly picked the dress from inside the drawer. And immediately wore the white sports bra and white string pantie…

“Well, I guess underwear is fine now… Next would be…”

If by any chance I choose the wrong pantie, I feel I won’t be able to overcome the guilt feeling.

“Or rather, to think it is a string pantie…”

Thinking that then I strangely noticed whether or not rubber existed in this world. If it did not exist, then no wonder the panties were using strings. But the most mysterious thing was that there also clothes that were similar to the one in my world.

Then I gently close the drawers and look for other clothes.

(Since I’m going to the castle, then I need formal wear. I wonder if these clothes are fine?)

(I wonder which one is better…)

(I wonder which one match this one?)

(Or rather, how am I going to wear them?)

*Knock*Knock*, The sound of the door being knocked resounded. As if she was doing something terrible, Serum panicked more than necessary.


“What’s wrong? Serum-sama!”

Hearing her scream, the door was opened in a hurry. There she saw Serum holding her clothes in her underwear with teary-eyed.

Seeing that scene, blood comes out from Bell’s nose.

“Changing clothes huh? Let me help you…”

“Bell… B-Blood…”

“Oh my, how rude of me. Pathos comes out from my nose. Anyway, your clothes…”

“It is fine, I can do it myself!”

“From how I look,  you seem struggling though? Now, please leave it to me~.”

“Somehow, you’re scary!”

“Don’t worry, it hurt only in the beginning…”

“What do you mean by that? What are you planning to do?!”

“Don’t worry, just the tip, just the tip!”

“O-Oh, H-Help me~! Aaaaaaaah~!”

In the end, I manage to change my clothes safely…

“Uuuh, I was defiled…”