The Girl and The War – 5

5 – (Current Situation)

Around the Viz Kingdom vicinity, there was the Noir Republic to the east, the Zeiun principality to the west, and the Graaf Kingdom to the north. Although the Viz Kingdom was relatively a small country, it had maintained a balance of power through skillful diplomation by King Renald, overcoming military power using trades and made an alliance with Zeiun principality. However, the tension was raised on the neighborhood due to the Graaf Kingdom in the north waged war against its western neighbor, the Mall Kingdom… Zeiun principality located adjacent to the Mall Kingdom felt a sense of crisis due to the situation and issued a condemnation statement against the Graaf Kingdom.

“Why did the Graaf Kingdom waged such aggressive war?”

After waking up, Serum muttered such words by herself. During the time he was playing the game it was only notified as ‘a war has begun’. And since the game was a first-person view, it would be normal for a lot of background getting skipped.

“The Graaf Kingdom has a large area of land, but most of them are a cold region, making them always lacking when it comes to food resources. Not to mention that most of their mineral resources were put into military affairs. The Port owned by the Mall Kingdom is something they want to have. And because recently the Mall Kingdom had continued to suffer from mismanagement and misdeeds, the Mall Kingdom ended up diplomatically isolated which contribute to the factor why the war started…”

With Bell Explanation, Serum listened while nodding her head. The Kingdom of Graaf had been waiting patiently like a hungry lion. And sooner or later, both countries would lock their fangs at each other.

However, The Graaf Kingdom’s fangs were sharper than expected. Resulting the Graaf Kingdom annexing the Mall Kingdom in the blink of eyes. Zeiun principality who saw that as a threat opened the talk with the Viz Kingdom and the Republic of Noir. As a result of that, the three countries ended up besieged the Kingdom of Graaf.

What follows was the beginning of a full-scale war.

At the same time as that, something serious also happened in the Viz Kingdom. The Kingdom’s king, King Renald, fell ill. Nevertheless as the King’s best friend, General Ergent who was known as a great commander, bring together the noble lords, and with the cooperation of the Prime Minister Gaiuz, they protected the country. It was said that without General Ergent being present, the country would’ve perished since a long time ago.

And the other day…

“General Ergent… No, your father, passed away…”

It was said that he died because he was hit by an arrow during the battle when an enemy performed a surprise attack.

In the game, it was around this time that Serum would raise the ladder to become a General, and those who didn’t like it would create a conspiracy which will cause the first war for her to start… In the game, it was like a tutorial kind of meaning, but could I treat this as simple as that?

Although Serum was a character that I set up in a game, in this world, she was just a twelve years old girl. Was there even an army in reality that would be willing to hand over authority to such a child? And if by chance I manage to get the authority, how many nobles would be willing to follow such country?

When I thought about this, it started to turn bigger than I had imagined.

Will the situation still progressed even with me sitting here?

Won’t I ended up being executed as the daughter of the enemy’s General?

The figure of Serum being laid down under the guillotine appeared inside my mind.

No, I cannot think like this… I must act…

“First of all, I would like to know the status quo… First, I want to know the military of this country. Second, the current situation of the war. Third, who will follow me, or rather will become the ally of Gione household?”

“Yes, the chief executive of this country is, of course, the King. And the one who administrates the army is the General. Bellow that, each aristocrats household have their own soldiers. The type of soldiers is divided into three types. The soldiers under the King direct command is the Royal Guard, the national standing army is led by the General, and semi-farmer soldiers hired by the aristocrats family. In a small battle, each aristocrat could deal with it on their own, while in some cases, the national standing army would be dispatched. In the case of large-scale battle, the General himself would take command and takes troops from aristocrats in various places depending on region and scale. The nobility would also go to the battlefield…”

“I see, in other words, we’re in desperate situation huh?”

From the aristocrats’ point of view, at the end, other than their own battle, it was just cooperation. While there might be those who had the ability to take the command well, with General Ergent not being present, the morale of the soldiers was questionable. Of course, since everything belonged to the country, I don’t think they would do something reckless…

“For the second question regarding the situation of the current war, I think it would be better if you go to the castle directly. As long you manage to meet the prime minister Gaiuz who close to Serum-sama, I don’t think he would ignore you. He might be busy with his works, but if it is Serum-sama who just lost her father, I think he will make some time for you…”

“I understand…”

“Also the third question…”

Bell thought about it deeply while placing her hand on her chin.

“I think it is useless for you to think about it too deeply like that… Just tell me the truth…”

“… I wonder since when you’ve grown like this… I’m a bit worried since your attitude seems different…”

“I’m sorry, just like I said, I’m just confused, and could not remember most of the thing in the past… I guess, some kind of memory loss? But please don’t worry about it…”

It was true that I just need to behave like the hero of the game, but I have no intention of going to do it that far. It will be bothersome if I make a mistake by hastily mimicking the character of the game.