The Girl and The War – 4

4 – (Dream And Reality)


The previous man got up while holding his head.

Was that a dream? We could dream here? In the end, he tried to gloss over it…

“What a bad dream…”

The voice that comes out from his mouth gradually brought him to reality.

He tried to crawl out from bed.

While doing so, he felt his left arm hurting. He could see that red blood comes out from under the bandage.

“I cannot escape from you huh, Saya?”

I decide to sit on the bed and stare at the wall. The sword seems to have been placed in its regular place.

I wonder if people were fighting on the battlefield using that…

Even though I have no war experience. Far from that, I never even killed something with a knife. What can such a person do in a world where war was ragging?

Instead, I would be killed instantly if I go to the battlefield. But, in the world of Grimwar, I was the daughter of General Ergent, Serum…

That was what I tried to persuade myself with…

“Despite having promised to protect you at that time…”

Even if that promise was something I could not defend any longer, but for Serum that promise was significant.

Never again I will let people around me die. That was why I won’t die.

The promise that I could not fulfill ended up as a curse that wrapped Serum’s heart.

Currently, I have insufficient information if I wanted to survive. First of all, I need to make sure that there was no difference compared to the Game I played.

When I thought of that, someone knocked on the door. “Come in” I answered…

“Did you awake already? I come to replace the bandage…”

The maid comes inside with a soft smile on her face.

Serum starred at the maid who was changing the bandage while sitting on the bedside.



“I’m sorry, but my memory seems to be in chaos… I want to confirm, your name, it’s Bell right?”

The lady maid named Bell raised her face and smiled anxiously.

“Yes… I’m the head maid of Gione family, Bell…”

“And I’m the daughter of General Ergent Gione, from the Viz Kingdom…”

“Yes. Emm, are you really fine? Did you hit your head when you fall? Or is this because of mental shock?”

She speaks that with her voice become lower near the end, but Serum didn’t miss any of it. I guess I can just continue to talk like this rather than using ‘Watashi’ that I’m not familiar with.

“Don’t worry about it. But I wonder, can you tell me about the recent big event?”