The Girl and The War – 2

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2-(Something about the body)

“Are you awake?”

A voice of woman one never heard. Unfamiliar ceiling. It seems he realizes he was lying on a bed. Despite the thought that it was weird since he knew he only had a futon in my room.

“Where is this? Hospital?”

“No, this is Serum-sama room. Don’t you remember? Serum-sama lost consciousness when you heard the soldier’s report…”

“Serum-sama? What are you saying…?”

The man then noticed that his voice was higher than his usual voice. The woman sitting on the bedside was wearing a medieval-looking maid cloth with her long black hair being tied on the back. Her black and white long skirt was very suited for her who give off calm feeling.

This view, no, this scene!

“No, Don’t suddenly get up…”


Somehow I felt a bad feeling.

“Please bring me a mirror…”

Calm down. My heart…

“Yes… Is there anything wrong? Serum-sama, your complexion looks bad…”

The maid asked question calmly while handing me over a hand mirror with pretty decoration.

“I’m fine. Anyway, you mean by report before…”

“It was about Serum-sama’s father, General Ergent was killed in a battle. That was what I heard…”

“I see…”

Three days ago I saw something similar…

“Emm, just to make sure, what is my name?”

“??… Serum-sama? Are you really okay?”

Rather short bluish silver hair, Big blue eyes, and white skin with the body line that looked a bit childish.

A face similar to the one I choose as a hero of the game I played

“I will go get some water.”

After she said that, the maid went out of the room. Then I decided to figure out the current situation I was in.


The room I was in right now was a western-style room, simple but elegant furniture decorating the interior.

The landscape I could see outside the windows was a garden with plants and flowers, and stone walls in the distance.

The clothes I was wearing was a simple dress, probably made of cotton. The maid was also wearing a thick long maid dress.

No matter how many times I saw myself in the mirror, it looked like the girl I had to choose as the hero of the game I played, Grim war. The height of my body was also quite small.

Second, I need to think of a hypothesis.

This place was not overseas and also not Japan. Furthermore, the era was not modern. On top of that, my body was not that of a man who works as an office worker, but a girl that I choose in a game.

Though I didn’t want to admit it, it was very likely that this world was the world of a game I played, a different world from my original world.

In case people wondering why I choose this girl as a hero in the game I played.

When making a character in a game, generally people were divided into two types. One of them think of the character as their own alter ego and build the character looked like themselves. The other one was the type of people who transform their desire, ideal, and preference as a character.

I was the latter one. But because of that, I regret it now. After all, because of that, I ended up as a girl, and not a man anymore.

The third thing I need to confirm now was, what I wanted to do…

But before I think of that, I need to check something no matter what. I picked the sword hung on the wall and grab the blade using my left hand. The result was…

“What are you doing?!”

Someone grabbed the former man’s hand.

“That is dangerous!”

“What you’re doing is dangerous you know, Serum-sama?! It can’t be, you’re not trying to commit suicide aren’t you? Someone! Bring a bandage!”

“I’m fine, I promise I won’t do it again. That’s why let go of my hand… I will put the sword back…”

My action was misunderstood as a suicide attempt, but I definitely could feel pain from this action. I could also see the red blood flow out of the wound. In other words, If I got injured in this world, I could die.

This was not just a world of a game, but also reality.

Although there was a possibility I could return to my original world if I died, I didn’t feel like trying it.

Now, although it was too late, my face turned pale after thinking everything. Was it because I felt scared of dying and went to war just like in the game?

I didn’t want to boast, but I was more of a peace loving person. In the original world, I didn’t have the consciousness of being a hero, I was just one part of the world social gear. Furthermore, I was only a small gear in that world.

“Serum-sama must be tired. Now please lie down and take some rest, you will feel better after waking up…”

I guess she was right. This undoubtedly was just a dream. I wonder if I would wake up in my office if I sleep. I honestly didn’t like work, but it was much better than living in this world.

My left-hand aches and throbbing.

As if telling me that this was not a dream.

“Sleep well. May you have a wonderful dream, Serum-sama…”

Before I lost consciousness when I heard her gentle voice from the side.

I prayed that may this world would be a gentle one…