The Girl and The War – 11

(Desperate Situation)


Immediately after being separated from Adolf, Serum entered a crisis. It might be because she was feeling relieved after a tense situation. After she was alone, the devil visited her abruptly.

And that devil was, the urge to urinate…

“Right when I’m in this kind of predicament, no one actually passing by…”

She was walking down randomly in pigeon-toed. Impatience usually give a bad result. And such thing was no exception for Serum, right now, she was lost…

“In fact, I feel like I’m walking toward a place with a lesser people…”

She immediately wondered whether or not she should turn back, but it was already too late. She continued walking randomly while praying to the unknown God that she would make it in time…

And whether her prayer was getting through or the Devil was already tired of laughing, Serum met someone when her face had begun to turn blue. Compared to Serum, she looked older.

“Wait, you… This is a restricted area, oh? Aren’t you Serum?”

“The scolding can wait later! Where’s the toilet?”

“He? Ah, the toilet is right around the corner ahead. Are you alright? Your face is kind of funny you know?”

“Thank you very much!”

She put all of her energy and immediately dashed toward the toilet. The toilet here was the ‘chamber pot’ type.

She then immediately rolled up her skirt and tried to pull down her panties but…

(It won’t come off because it’s not a rubber type!)

She roughly unfastens the string, and after she manages to remove the panties, she once again took a breath and confirmed her situation.

Wells of embarrassment raising up sharply. On the one hand, she held her skirt up, and on the other hand, she held her pantie, her vision turn blur for a moment but, she could not give up now…

After taking a piece of a paper bundle and wipe everything, her face turned into someone that had been enlightened.

When Serum opened the toilet door, it seems the girl from before was waiting for Serum to come out, after confirming it was Serum, she began to talk to Serum with an intimate tone…

“It’s been a while eh, Serum? I really miss you…”

“Enn, after using the toilet, what should I do with it…?”

“… Please throw that away at the waste disposal place located down the stairs on the opposite side of the toilet.”

The girl gaze was somewhat painful.

“I see, the one that leads to the courtyard right?”

As soon as she went down the stairs, she found the waste dump. It seemed when the lid was being opened, it leads directly to the sewer. Although water supply and sewerage were not being installed on the second floor, it was installed on the first floor.

Serum also didn’t see any faucet, at first she thought that it was the pipe technology problem, but then she realized that there was no power to push the water up in the first place. Because there was no pump, only the first floor had a water supply.

“Anyway, that girl from before, she’s the princess isn’t she?”

She had a similar face in the game. The Princess of the Viz Kingdom, Altea Basquare Viz. A 14 years old girl. She was the only daughter of King Renald and also the childhood friend of Serum, who grew up together with her. After celebrating her coming of age, she would then began to take over the King’s duty as his representative.

“Which mean, I have to get along with her huh?”

The person who talked with Serum seems already close, but in reality, ‘Serum’ never spoke with her. It was absolutely necessary for Serum to be on her good side in the future.

After a while, Serum returned to the second floor. Standing in front of a certain door, she remembered the incident earlier and felt embarrassed by it. After thinking for a bit, she decided to open the door and peek inside, there she saw Altea.

“We haven’t met for a while, and it seems you’ve turned into an interesting girl eh?”

“… I feel ashamed…”

“Don’t worry. I thought you would be more depressed…”

“If it’s about father, please don’t worry. However, I’ve decided that I would serve in the military from now on. I’m sorry if I’ve made the princess worried…”

“…! I see, it seems you’re determined to do it…”

Altea murmured those words while gazing at the floor.

“Please don’t die. My father is lying down due to sickness, and uncle had died… If I lost you as well, I wouldn’t be able to continue on…”

“I have no intention of dying.”

Chuckle leaked from both of the girl’s mouths.

“Well then, I will be going now… Also…”

Altea turned back before she went out of the room.

“You can call me, Altea, just like usual. Your tone might have changed, but it does not mean you have to change the way you call me…”

“I understand, Altea-sama…”