The Girl and The War – 10


As soon as the military council was over, Serum dashed out and stopped Adolf in the corridor. It was for the sake of her conveying a certain intention… The reason why she didn’t say it during the war council was that she didn’t want to turn the situation into chaos…

“Serum-dono, do you need something from me?”

Serum tried to grasp some breath while looking at Adolf. Although she had thought what she wanted to say, it was hard to actually say it in reality…

“Let me join the military campaign too…”

Hearing that, Adolf immediately opened his eyes wide.

“You do know that we’re going for the front line, no?”

“Of course…”

“It is dangerous… And this is a siege battle, you might not be able to return home for months…”

“I’m well aware of that…”

“I object you participating in this… You’re still young… There should be many other places where you could gain some experience…”

“Still, I’ve decided.”

If I leave the situation alone, it might actually proceed just like in the game. And of course, I was also scared to go to the battlefield. I actually wish to just stay inside the house until the situation turned into something I knew. However, not doing something and wait was scarier than doing something…

“I cannot stay inside a box like some kind of treasure anymore. I will do anything, even if it was chores… Please, allow me to accompany you.”

“… Raise your head. I guess I cannot really refuse your words, after all, I’ve greatly indebted to the General…”


“However, be sure to follow all of my instructions. Depending on the situation, I will even return you back along with the injured soldiers. Do you understand that?”

“Yes, thank you very much!”

I was the General’s daughter after all… Everyone who listens to my request uniformly thinks so. My father must have been a wonderful person for them.

In my previous world, I lived alone, I had the feeling that I had to live by my own power. It thought I was going to continue living peacefully like that.

Ironically, this was supposedly a game world. However, here I felt closer to death than in my previous world. And being able to continue to live according to someone else good work. I have genuinely felt gratitude.