The Girl and The War – 1

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1-(Grim War)

The man spits out tension and fatigue while stretching his body in his small one room.

Even if it was my favorite strategy simulation game, I never thought that I would spend most of my three consecutive holidays grappled with my computer and finish a single game. After all, there was no save function in this game. <TLN: If this were a real world, it would get an overwhelmingly negative review on steam>

It was all started three days ago after I got back from work. I saw a piece of a game when I peered into a second-hand store after a long time, thinking it would be good for killing time. There was no package, written on the DVD with a transparent case was just ‘Grim War.’ The price tag was 30 yen, barely indicated it was for sale.

I immediately thought if this was a doujin game. <TLN: In our word, that would mean Indie game> Or was it something unfinished and got into the store while still in development?

Even for something sold in a second-hand store, the appearance was very conspicuous, and the price was very cheap. Even if I stole it just like this, I wouldn’t get punished harshly. I guess curiosity get the better of me, and after I pay little coins and head back home.

In a sense, it was a lucky day. When buying the DVD, the clerk said “We have something like this huh?” while looking dubious, such reaction further stimulate the expectation of the content.

After I entered my apartment, I immediately turn on the PC.

When I checked the content while eating my dinner which I bought from the convenience store. Inside the DVD there was only an executable file of the game, there was no text file corresponding to the tutorials. Even when I looked on the internet, I could not find any information regarding the game. Then, I found out that this game didn’t even have save function.

I notice that after I played quite far, consequently, I had to turn on my computer and kept it on for the duration of my holidays.

After choosing the uselessly many heroes, and dealing the multi-choice conversation, I finally manage to advance the game. Strangely enough, it was thorough, complicated worldview and orthodox command strategy simulation, and with no save function, raised the tension within me.

Despite having an elaborate setting and deep contents, it had a disappointingly bland ending.

Then noise can be heard from the PC. “Oh?” I leaned forward and gazed at the display.

“Do you want to see the other ending? Yes/No.”

Immediately I thought if this was a bonus stage, and of course, the answer I chose was…


“Do you want to be a resident of this world? Yes/No.”

An option that I didn’t know the relation to the game showed up. However, I knew the game wouldn’t progress if I choose no.


As soon as I pressed the button, the screen glows. The light gradually gets stronger, causing me to close my eyes.

“Welcome. Welcome to the world of Grim War!”

When I heard that voice, I lost consciousness…