Record of Wortenia War – v4-c31

Chapter 4 Episode 31 Editor: Starbuck11 All started a few days before the time the Ortomea army led by Sardina, withdrew in a hurry. A huge fort standing tall above flat ground. It was a stone-made fortress, something that wouldn’t fall from a half-baked attack. Inside the fortress, several thousands soldiers were stationed. And within […]

Record of Wortenia War – v4-c30

Chapter 4 Episode 30 Editor:Starbuck11 There was always a cause-and-effect in all things in nature. Whether it was the science-ruled Earth, or the mystery and miracle-filled another world, that rule alone stays the same. There was always a cause and a consequence. (What will happen, what is the consequence of this event…) Sudou and Sardina, […]