Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – Intermission 4

Intermission 4 (Another subjugation operation)
(Bashcarta Troia)

Bashcarta Troia remained standing in amazement. 

In front of him, nine ratal(meters) giant stood. 
The giant has no eyes, nose, and ears, only sharp tooth lined up in that fiendish and opened mouth. 
I heard that the body is born out from the lave but, I see, because of orange colored blood vessel line throughout its body, they associate it with lava huh. 
Certainly, I can see it for being born from the lava. 

However currently, on the giant body, I can see pale blue luminescence, which makes it starting to feel weird to call it born from lava. 

Bashcarta line of sight observes the surrounding. 
Currently, the place that Bashcarta in is the guardian type monster room. 
It is a hard place where all sacred ruin exploration group must pass first to proceed to the next layer. 
Inside that room, the students in Viburk group has fallen into panic and running around. 
The one who is chasing the students around are monsters with approximately two ratal big monsters; it is a small version of the lava giant. 

Several students had already been killed. 
The composure they have at the beginning have all but gone. 
At first, everything is going well. 
Bashcarta recalled what happen a while ago. 
The time where they have not yet being seized with despair. 

When they rush toward the guardian type monster room at the beginning, Bashcarta with a sacred cursed sword in his hand, and cursed sword in Viburk hand, they have some big talk about going to assault the giant legs. 
The giant swung its arm downward, while the two man tries to approach and cuts its leg 
*Doshin*, The room shook from the impact when the giant fall on its knees. 
Beoza then throws a 『ice spear』 magic successively which pierce through its shoulder. 
Then the area where the ice spears landed up until his arm frozen solid. 
In addition, Bashcarta cut off the giant arm which is not getting frozen by the ice spears. 
The giant arm is getting torn off. 
It is unusual for a monster inside the sacred ruin to not release blood. 
However, even without blood come out from its body, one can see that an injury that is not light have been inflicted. 

Bashcarta start looked around at the others students who make their late attack. 
As expected of the group of top-ranked Saint rank student, they cornered the small lava monsters who are wriggled on the corner of the room. 
“Haha, Look!”, Bashcarta starts to recall. 

ーWhy did you think your group operation that will go smoothly?  

While reminded of that impudent woman face, Bashcarta has a satisfied smile on his face. 

How stupid. 
Of course, we will win. 
After all, I’m a ranked 6th in Saint rank. 
And there’s first rank Beoza, with this personnel there’s no way for us to lose! 
That’s right. 
It is impossible for us to lose. 


That word meaning in a flash changed into another meaning. 
He woke up from the ten minutes illusion which looks like a daydream, once again agonizing scene jumps into Bashcarta view. 

“Oi Bashcarta, what are you doing standing there absent-mindedly!? If you don’t fight, there’s no way we’re going to win! Get a hold of yourself!” 

Viburk is yelling about something. 
Bashcarta then opened his mouth. 


That’s an obvious answer. 
However, the sacred cursed sword which he holds in his hand won’t rise. 

What’s happened? 
What’s going on? 

What happened ten minutes ago revived inside Bashcarta mind. 

Its leg has been cut. 
Its left arm has been frozen solid. 
Its right arm has been torn off. 
The giant monster is in dying state, then… 
Those who’ve seen its condition will definitely have such thought. 

And then in order to finish it off, Bashcarta triumphantly approach the giant to give his finishing blow. 
However, at that moment. 
The giant opened its mouth wide. 
From its mouth, came out a bluish green light. 
And then, the orange colored line in its body, changed into a pale blue color. 
Other small lava monsters also show the same reaction and began to change. 

“Something is strange! fall back, Bashcarta!” 

Beoza shouted. 
Shadow falls upon Bashcarta; it is the shadow of the giant who stands in front of him after its regenerates the injured arms and legs. 
Bashcarta then looked up. 
*Kuh*, His facial expression turn stiff. 
And then he starts to laugh. 

“I see, so you have a regenerating ability… fufufu, as expected, so this is not the end yet huh. However, you’re not worth to be our opponent! Even if you have a regenerative ability, I’ll just have to destroy you completely!” 

Bashcarta is readying his sword. 
Howeverー he immediately switches to evasive action after seeing the speed the giant swung its arm 
*Buonn*, The giant swings its strong arm as if trying to mow his head. 
The giant arm passes over his head creating roaring sounds, cold sweat stream down on Bashcarta back. 

ーWhat is this? 

The slow-witted giant from a moment ago have disappeared. 
The small lava monster which he has not taken notice since a short while ago also has begun changing. 
Their brutal strength has clearly increased 
“Ah…”, Such voice leaked from Bashcarta mouth. 

A student which Bashcarta had lent sacred sword to, have been snatched by a small lava monster. 
Eh? The student opened his eyes wide. 
And then in the next momentー 

The small lava monster tears the abdomen of the student holding the sacred sword, killing him. 
He raises a scream. 
The student who got its abdomen sliced collapsed in agony. 

And then suddenly the small lava monster brutally attacked the students simultaneously. 
However, Beoza comes into view. 
Beoza defense magic skill then protected the students, on the other hand, he also began operating the magic tool that had been loaned to him to defeat the small lava monster.  
“As expected of Beoza,” seeing that Bashcarta feel reassured. 
The way he conducts himself is the reason why he is appropriate for the first rank. 
By pouring his magic power, the magic tool activates the magic formula in an instant. 
While doing that with his one hand, his other hand did not stop drawing a high-level magic art formula. 
For a non-master to consecutively invoked magic art like that, he won’t be able to continue doing that. 

ーWe can do it. 

While thinking that, Bashcarta strength has returned, and he began to face the giant once again. 
I can’t be defeated here! 

“Funn, Just because the color change and you gained a little strength… don’t ever think you can beat us! There’s no way we feel afraid! Here I come!” 

Bashcarta decided to once again aimed at its two legs, and while brandishing his sacred cursed sword, he poured his magic power. 
However, in the next moment, something unbelievable happens. 
As far as it’s concerned Bashcarta blow is without a doubt a critical hit. 
He pours all his concentrated on doing his slash attack which he has been cultivated until now. 
However, somehow, the feeling of the fleshー He was unable to wound the giant legs. 
In addition, he senses some incongruity. 
Then he looked at the sacred cursed sword in his hand. 
There’s no light. 
The power which sacred cursed sword should have did not shows up. 
Even when he tried to pour magic power, there’s no reaction. 

“W-What happen…? Ugh!?” 

*Zunn*, The giant took a step forward. 
At that moment, he realized then. 
The giant in front of his eyes is a different being compared to the dying giant a short while ago. 
Its intimidating air and everything else is also different. 
Probably, the upper ranked students that had been defeated previously are also being crushed by this giant. 
His knee that is about to give way did not listen to him. 
Fear has dominated his body. 
A fear which has deprived his will to fight. 

ーThis is impossible. 

I can’t defeat the giant before my eyes. 
That one blow before has crushed Bashcarta fighting spirit completely. 
In additionー 

*Dogon!* A sound of rock being smashed. 
Furthermore, one giant appeared by smashing the wall. 
Moreover, from the hole in the smashed wall, small monsters make an appearance. 
Bashcarta then wrapped in a sense which can only be described with two characters “Despair” <TLN: Zetsubou kanji consist of two characters.> 

Like that, the student who is supposedly ranked six in the saint rank, only able to stand still as if he has been degraded into a wooden doll. 
There’s no escape. 
After entering the guardian type monster room, the door won’t be able to be opened for a while after being shut. 
At least, it won’t be able to be opened for another ten minutes or so. 
How much can we run around in a place where there’s no screen to hide? 
Should I buy some time? 
“That’s impossible,” Bashcarta repeatedly said those words. 

“U, Uwaaaaaah!” 

Viburk turned his back on the giant. 
From that scream, Bashcarta regained his sense for a little bit. 
Viburk turns his steps toward Beoza. 
“That’s right,” or so what Bashcarta has thought. 
There’s Beoza. 
As to what we can do in this situation one way or another there’s no other person other than Beoza. 

Bashcarta turned around while feeling relieved. 
However, Beoza who is his last hope, with irregular breathing shows an anguish expression. 
He looks exhausted with beads of sweat stream down his face and fall from his chin. 

“Why!”,  such doubt raised within Bashcarta mind. 
When using magic powerー when using magic art, the body will suffer some burden 
Especially when using high-level magic arts. 
However, Beoza has a great reputation for his stamina. 
He is hardly getting tired after using magic art continuously. 
That’s why his existence is something that is hard to be replaced in sacred ruin exploration group. 

And that Beoza is already getting exhausted that much. 
Bashcarta then suddenly dropped his line of sight toward the sacred cursed sword in his hand. 
In the next moment, he was being struck with terror. 

ーI ran out of it… 

I’ve run out of magic power. 
Bashcarta then looked up toward the giant who glared at the students as if ridiculing them. 
There’s only one thing that I can think of. 

In this area these monsters have been absorbing magic power, because of them, the thickness of the magic power around here has become extremely thin. 
That’s why, at the time when I slashed at them with the sacred cursed sword a while ago, the sacred cursed sword is unable to exhibit its power. 
Not only limited to the sacred ruin, even the above ground one’s might be unable to use magic power either. 
There’s the time when I realize it when we took a lesson that the density of magic power is different depending on the place. 
And I heard that the burden we will suffer would significantly increase when we try to refine magic power in the area where the density of it is thin. 
In other words, right now Beoza is, while suffering a great burden, he keeps desperately refine magic power to operate his magic art. 

Even so, other than Beoza, there are two, no, three students who have yet to lose the will to fight against the giants. 
Beoza being covered by the other students who have not yet lost their fighting spirit, fired high-level magic art toward the two giant bodies.  
However, Bashcarta who have been knocked down to the depth of despair thinks that such things are not sufficient enough to bring down the giants. 
But, it wasn’t all ineffective. 
Somewhere, He feels like saying “as expected of the Academy strongest magic art user.” 
Beoza blew off the right arm of the giant with explosion magic art,  and his wind magic art minced the giant body. 
Howeverー the giant can regenerate the damage its body had received at a fast pace. 
By absorbing the magic power from its surrounding. 
And when the magic power in the room space has become thinner, of course, Beoza burden would also increase. 

ーThis is hopeless. 

Bashcarta feels that his body have rapidly lost its strength. 
And, he can’t handle the reality of the current situation he’s in. 
The only thing he knows is, death is approaching. 
However, he did not feel any sense of impending crisis. 
The reason might be because of the characteristic of the sacred ruin. 
After all dying inside the sacred ruin is not really 『death』. 
One will just fall into deep sleep. 
That’s why this is not the end of one’s life. 


Dropping the sacred cursed sword, Bashcarta laughed out loud. 
From the rear, the voice of the students screaming about, and the voice of the students who have not yet lost their will to fight can be heard. 
Viburk also shouted something. 
However, Bashcarta unable to recognize them. 

“We won’t be able to do anything.”, Bashcarta has reached in total resignation. 

However, 『They』 will also turn up useless. 
Bashcarta who imagined the figure of Aira group that will also run around trying to escape, makes him feel happy. 
And then, incidentally, he has some thought. 
Have they already entered the sacred ruin? 
If so, what layer are they in, I wonder? 

This is the fourth layer after all. 

Previously I heard that the giants exist inside the ninth layer, but, somehow the Giants have moved to the fourth layer guardian room. 
Well, this might be something that is not really that strange. 
After all, the monster that appears here is not something that originally should have been appearing in this sacred ruin. 
Noー, something like that doesn’t matter. 

A nihilistic smile formed on my mouth. 
While imagining Aira group in fear and suffering. 


ーSomething has pierced Bashcarta abdomen. 


Bashcarta looked at the strange feeling on his abdomen. 

“Huh? Isn’t this my sacred cursed sword?” 

I raised my face. 
The sacred cursed sword which he let go a moment ago, has pierced his abdomen. 
The one who holds his sword is a small monster. 
Furthermore, the sacred cursed sword emits some light. 
It has shown its original function. 
Under Bashcarta feet, a magic square has emerged. 

“I don’t remember… lending the sword to you… will you return it later?” 

Suddenly darkness has covered everything before his eyes. 
Bashcarta looked up with his vague consciousness. 


There, standing the figure of the Giants raised its hands overhead. 

ーA, As expected, it’s scary… 


“No… stop it… stop it… p-please, stoooooooooooop!” 

Bashcarta covered his face as if protecting his body. 

And the arm of the giant, without waiting for the effect of the sacred cursed sword took effect, crushed the body of the sixth position in Saint rank just like that.