Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – Intermission 2

TLN : I don’t know what Magrai is… it is written like that in katakana… tell me if you know what that means.
<Supposedly released before chapter 39>

Intermission 2 (Magrai of the night)

Royal capital Christophia.
In the middle of the night, at the time when the street surrounded in silence.
In one of the alleys on the main street which have no sign of life
The light of the crystal light, lights up the stone pavement faintly.
In that alley, there’s one man walking.
The man name is Hibigami.
<TLN : Written ヒビガミ>
With just a mere four character.
That is what his name is.

Hibigami then walks, turn around, walks, then turn around again.
He feels that the sign of life gradually becomes thin.
Even the sign of people falling asleep is felt far now.
And then finally he has arrived on the corner.

A desolate atmosphere…
By now, there’s no crystal light in the surrounding, only the light of moonlight illuminating this corner.
Even in this beautiful royal capital, there’s dark part in it.

More precisely a garbage dump, I guess ?

It is a place where the inhabitants of the city don’t approach very much

That’s whyー

“It is an ideal place to avoid of being seen huh ?”

Hibigami said those words while having a big grin.

ーI found it.

“… Is that it ?”

Ahead of his line of sight.
There’s someone sitting down.

“That’s why, I said bring me a more better potion didn’t I !?”
<TLN : Potion here can also be translated as Ointment>

A big man scolded a skinny man.

“Hii… I-I’m sorry Aniki !”

The man who appear to be the big man henchman, falling and stumbling disappeared to the dead of the night.

“Cih… the other guys also slow in coming back… even though I’d used it… damn it, it’s still hurt… that bitch, the daughter of the Arclight family… making fun of me… one day, I’m definitely going to make her feel some pain… also that brat and demi-human girl too…”

The big man cursed someone name, while covered in bandages.
However, his treatment is sloppy.
The bandages come loose here and there.


Hibigami found interest toward the wound that sticks out.
The blade wound is still new.
Seeing such wound, Hibigami feels that it deserve admiration.
The wound trace is almost accurateー

The person who inflict such wound, I wonder, how much ability does the person have ?

Suddenly, Hibigami interest welled up.
However, for nowー

“It’s you huh ?… the one who claim themselves as a former member of the sixth institution ?”

The sudden appearance of Hibigami from the darkness, make the big man confused.

“W-Who are you !? From where did you appear !?”
“Those wounds… who gives it to you ?”
“… What ? Do you want me to kill you ?”

The big man who finds the topic unpleasant scowled at Hibigami.
However, without faltering, Hibigami laughed while leaking *kakakaka*

“I see… so you want to hasten your death huh ?”
“… Aa ?”

Hibigami mouth then loosen,

“Being killedーYou bastard might be the one who end up with it you know ?”

I can guess easily that those wounds were being given by 『the daughter of Arclight family』 from what he talked before.
That information in itself is enough.
It’s just, I want to hear it directly myself just in case.

Hibigami then put his hand on the sword hilt hanging on his waist.
The big man then reaches to his maul.

“D-Do you want to fight !? You bastard, even when I’m a former member of the sixth institution… do you still want to fight huh !?”
“Kakakaka… so what… after all, I’m also chasing after former members of the sixth institution see…”
“W… What ?”
“But you know… I hate mentioning the sixth institution you know … ? Even though I just want to get some information from you, this is somewhat unexpected…”
“Saying such a thing, do you understand ? making an enemy out of someone from the sixth institution, do you knowー”
“Are you moron ?”
“Wha… !”

The sword blade slightly appeared shining dully by reflecting the moonlight.

“I’m fine making an enemy out of the sixth institution.”

Hearing that, the big man flustered.

“He doesn’t know anything huh ?” is what Hibigami think.
Declaring themselves as a former member of the sixth institution meansー, they attract themselves with danger…

“Let’s do it then…?”
“Kuu… !”

The big man holds up his maul.

ーNot bad…
His muscle is good too.
The level of proficiency also isn’t so low.
Hibigami just like that, put back his sword to its sheath
The sword that Hibigami about to use just now is, beloved katana  『Musatsu』.
<TLN : The words “beloved katana” written with kanji Ai(love, beloved, dear, etc) and Katana…>
It is an edgeless sword, a sword where the killing power is considerably reduced.
Hibigami only uses 『Musatsu』only 『When fighting seriously』.
However, against this kind of opponent is,

“Against you, this one is enough.”

Hibigami unsheathes another sword.
The sword blade has an appearance of jet black, reflected by the moonlight.
Soon, the blade radiating bluish light.

“Pitying you for bad luck for meeting me… I’ll give you two advice.”

Hibigami turns the tip of the sword toward the big man.

“This is a magic sword called 『Devil Eater』… surrounded in devil power<magic power>, it is said that its eat the devil power<magic power> of a person who touch it, it is a quite difficult sword to control you know ?… Ah, if I’m not mistaken, in this nation, it’s not a devil power<magic power> but holy power<magic power> huh ? well, whichever doesn’t matter though…”

This 『Devil Eater』 even though It was put inside the scabbard, it keeps continuously eating the surrounding devil power<magic power>. albeit only faintly.
Thus the person who hangs it on their waist receives the most powerful absorption effect.
Therefore, it’s become impossible for the owner to use devil power<magic power>
And then Hibigamiー in the first place, unable to handle devil power<magic power>
Hence the demerit of using 『Devil eater』 completely gone.

“And, second―”

*Hyuu*, black shadow― Hibigami dashed.

“A ?”

When the big man caught up to Hibigami, Hibigami is already standing behind the big man.

“Against a former member of a sixth and the likes, I don’t have to be friendly you know ?…  I”ll began attacking alright ?”
“Khuu !!”

The big man moves his body in a circle.
The maul makes a roaring sound, cut up the atmosphere.
And then, the blow of the big man maul, strike Hibigamiー 

“Guh ? E ? ーAh ?”

A sense of discomfort floats on the big man face.

In the next momentー
From the big man chest, a lot of blood splashed out.
And then the big man fall on his knee, then collapsed forward.

On the ground, a lot of blood spilled.


Hibigami laughed briefly.
After that, he wipes off the blood which stuck on his clothes, while looking at the big man.

‘Kakakaka… moron. this happens because you’re saying the sixth institution name easily like that. howeverー”

After Hibigami put his sword back into its scabbard, he strokes his chin.

“The rumor of a former member of the sixth institution that being talked since yesterday, I was wondering what kind of person it is but…”

Hibigami then leaves behind the dead body walking in the darkness.
Then Hibigami turned around.
On the direction of his line of sight lies the dead body of the big man from earlier.

“… You’re a former member of the sixth institution you say ?”

*Kaka*, raised a dry laughter, facing the dead body, Hibigami began talking,

“According to my memory, I don’t remember you’re being there you see ?”

*Kakakaka* He walked toward the darkness once again while raising his laughter.


While walking on the street of the sleeping royal capital, Hibigami has some thought.
The big man who lived a short while ago reached 『Death』.


How boring, is what Hibigami had thought.

“Death huh… 『Death』 , one day, I will kill it, but first if possible, I want to battle…”
<TLN : words “I will kill” it… use the kanji “kill” but can have a context meaning of “surpass”… >

Even now, he still thinks that 『Death』 is a trivial thing.
Therefore Hibigami thinks that one day 『the bad』should kill 『Death』 sometimes.
<TLN : explanation the word “kill” in this sentence is same as above.>
The sword is the person life, that’s why one should keep using it to keep it alive.
Death is merely an end.
Even now, he still doesn’t feel any value in it.
If there’s a way, one day he will 『Kill』 it, however… currently, he doesn’t know the way yet…
Thereforeーleave it alone…

On the other hand, 『Life』is great.
It always gives me fights.
To himselfー, it gives him an old enemy.

As far as Hibigami concerned.
He keeps his opponent alive, this for sure will make them continue an old enemiesー enjoying this hellish entertainment.
Fight, and Fight, and Fight, if he grew tired of it, he will kill.
However, he will kill an opponent whom he can’t expect to be an old enemy.
Even if it’s an old enemy, if they become trash, then he will kill them suitably.
Although he thinks that, he doesn’t have the hobby to kill people who cannot fight.
It will make a spark, however, to have a hobby of doing a crime by killing people whom unable to fight, Hibigami doesn’t have it in him.
Somewhere, living properly, work hard nicely, Hibigami gives respect toward them.


He put his hand on 『Musatsu』 which still hang on his waist.
Recentlyー he doesn’t have any chance on using his beloved katana  『Musatsu』.
To have a significant growth… as expected, the most suitable to be an old enemy is the former members of the sixth institution.

“Kakakaka… however me too, they dislike me very much…”

Keep on living without being killed, o my brethrenー

“Even though I’m like thisー I love all of you very much !”

Then Hibigami laughter as if expecting the future resonate on the corner of the royal capital.

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