Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – Intermission 1

<TLN : This chapter supposedly being released before chapter 39.>

Intermission 1 : (Kyurie Memory)
<Kyurie Velstein>

Kyurie Velstein lying down on her bed inside her room.
The students at this academy are given one private room each person in the dormitory.
For Kyurie, something like this is what she feel thankful for.
If it’s a room for two people, it will be difficult in many ways.

After she washed away the fatigue and the dirt at the bathhouse, Kyurie goes back to her own room immediately.
<TLN : The bathhouse was written as communal bath>
For some reason, the eyes of the students gather at her when she walks on the corridor and also at the time when she changed her clothes inside the dressing room.
When she washed her body in the bathhouse it also happens.

At first, she thought it was because they found out that she was a former member of the sixth institution.
However, she doesn’t feel any malice nor fear in those eyes.
When one think back, such eyes were directed toward Kyurie since the first day she attends the academy.
Unexpectedly, they might not take her being a former member of the sixth institution seriously.

That is being the caseー they might find her to be a strange person, because of her attitude at the battle practice lesson.
Somehow or other, they seem to find admiration in that action.
If that is true, then she can understand their reaction.

However, even though there’s no animosity in those line of sights, the feeling of discomfort did not change.
That’s why, she decide to rush to her own room quickly.
In the first place, there’s no place with significant meaning for her to go to.
Other than being a place to live, there’s no meaning other than that.
If there’s no person whom one can have fun with, naturally, there’s also no partner to have a heated talk with.

She holds the bed cover and slightly pulls it up


ーSomehow, an unexpected boy face who made a sacred ruin exploration group with her floated on her mind.
If she has to express it with words… he is a strange man.
The reason why she gets such impression is because she can see a certain clumsiness from all of his reaction.

Even his pronunciation.
He is a person from the eastern country, however, just a little bit, he has a strange accent.
Of course, it is a minute accent which she won’t be able to understand if she didn’t concentrate properly when listening to it, however…
…however, she wonders why…
In that pronunciation, there’s a strange sense of security in it.


Her consciousness becomes dim.
Kyurie then closes her eyes slowly.


In the middle of fading consciousness… at that time, in a half sleep state, a scene surfaced inside Kyurie mind.
And that is, her memory when she’s at the sixth institution.

『You all, what do you think about death ?』 

A woman asked the question, and we answer it in turn.

“Death… 『Death』 is, when I get killed, someday, before that, first, I want to have a match.”
“Aargh, it’s no use ! asking me such difficult thing, I don’t understand the meaning ! please, someone, I need someone to hit !”
“Such a difficult question huh… you kill, and with that comes 『Death』… I guess”
“Haa, what are you guys saying ! this me is what 『Death』 means !”
“It’s good if nobody has to die… the warm world… someday… I think…”
“Death is, a test which mankind unable to overcome… and for sure I will be the one who overcome it by all mean.”
“Go die…”
“Aahahaha ! well, I want to die ! it seems interesting ! someone, hurry and kill me !”

And then it was her turn to answer.

“For me, even if I’m alive or dead… in the end, unless that person believes themselves that they are alive or not, there’s no meaning to it…”

Then, at the moment she spoke her answer.
With the face of not being able to understand, everyone turned their line of sight toward Kyurie direction.
Even though just before, everyone ignored the other answer.

Somewhat feeling embarrassed, Kyurie with her cheek reddened turned her face down.
And then, once again 『They』  start answeringー.

“I wonder, when all of this had happened ?” is what Kyurie had thought.

However, she can’t remember the correct time.
The only thing that she was able to understand is, that this memory is at the time when she was still at the sixth institution.

Even now Kyurie still remembers the memory at that time without forgetting anything else.