Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – Character and Terminology (1)

Characters and Terminology (1)
『Sagara Kurohiko』
Main character.
A 27 years old former NEET.
Becomes teenager after being teleported to another world.
In that connection, it seems like he becomes young to his true mental age.
By chance, he read a spell document written in Japanese, and now he’s able to use the forbidden spell.
By somewhat aggressive invitation by Makina, he attends the lunezret academy as a student, an academy for sacred tree cadet training.

『Cecil Arclight』
Famed sacred tree cadet candidate, from a notable family known as the family that gives birth to many talented women.
She has a long honey colored blonde hair, where she wear a white ribbon.
With her sky-blue eyes, it makes her an other-worldly beauty.
A student at St.Lunezred
『Makina Lunusvia』
St.Lunezret academy Headmistress.
Her appearance is very young, but her age is unknown.
She has jet-black hair, with a pair of crimson eyes.
She likes wearing gothic lolita clothes
She’s the perpetrator that caused Kurohiko to enter the academy.
『Mia Posta』
Makina maid.
A demi-human from feril-clan.
She has a long violet hair, with her ears and a tail resembling a wolf.
Mainly she wore an apron dress.
Her breast is BIG.
『Liza Logsta』
A doctor who work in the medical room(infirmary) at Lunezret academy.
25 years old.
She often wears a white robe.
She has a wavy hair in bob-cut style.
Her breast is BIG.
『Claris Vam』 
Staff management in the document room at St.Lunezret academy.
She has a soft hair with chestnut color.
『Zixbert Gilez』
Student at St.Lunezret Academy.
『Hirgiz Emeralda』
Student at St.Lunezret academy.
Arclight family coachman.
The name of another world.
『Sacred Tree』 
A large tree that becomes the subject of Lunezret people faith.
And also the symbol of the country.
『Saint Lunezret Kingdom』 
A country located in the southeast of the continent.
『St.Lunezret Academy.』 
An academy that being established for the sake of training new sacred tree cadets.
『Country of the end』
A lawless land on the continent with its border touch all tree nations.
『Sixth Institution.』 
The name of an orphanage that presents within the country of the end.
The former member of the orphanage has been becoming the subject of fear by the people in the continent.
『Holy power <> Magic』 
(TLN : Holy power can be read as Sacred Material/Holy Power/Sacred Origin/Sacred Source/etc…while Magic can be read as Devil Material/Devilish Power/etc…)
Holy power.etc version being used by the people of Lunezret.
While Magic.etc version being used by the people outside Lunezret.
Some kind of energy that exist in Yggdrassie. in other words, this world “MANA”
(TLN : This one is very confusing as fak, why author can’t just keep it simple? by the way, I will use “Holy power” and just “Magic” for referring this)
Special ore that being mined in Luezret.
It contains holy power/magic, the people process it into a various item.
『A demi-human』
A race that does not have a country(Home)
A demi-human race.
With ears and tail resembles those of wolfs.
Drasil white silver coin = about 100.000 yen
(TLN : I will refer this one just as “Drasil coin”)
Gold coin = about 10.000 yen.
Silver coin = about 1.000 yen.
Pennies/copper = about 10 yen.
Horn treasure = about 1 yen.
(TLN: It’s weird that they don’t have currency equal 100 nominal.)
1 Mil = 1 Millimeter
1 Sein = 1 Centimeter
1 Ratal = 1 Meter
1 Rota = 1 Kilometer
『Forbidden Spells』 
Collection of spell documents written in Japanese.