Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 9

Chapter 9 (Animal-Eared Maid-san)

My eyelids twitched. 


I open my eyes slowly. 

「Already morning uh ? 」 

I sit up my body. 
With absentminded mind,I look around my surrounding. 
A purple colored bedroom with a calm atmosphere. 

「Where…is this ? 」 

Silence fell inside the bedroom. 
Gentle light comes in through the double door big window. 
I felt my eyelids are so heavy because of sleepiness. 
And then… 

「Ah, rightー」 

I started to remember the things that happened to me yesterday. 
I’ve remembered it now. 
I was teleported to another world… 
I looked toward the window. 

「Another world…」 

It was such strange feeling. 
That the world in front of me is another world. 
And right now,I’m in the so-called another world. 

「Huh ?」 

I’ve noticed that a blanket had been put covering my body. 

「By any chance,did Makina-san did this ?」 

When such a warm care was given to me,I felt my heart tightened. 
I almost unintentionally fall in love. 

「That’s reminded me,where did Makina-san go, I wonder ?」 

On the canopy bed,I don’t see her figure. 
I guess she’s going to somewhere after she wakes up ? 
ーBeing left alone,It’s hard to move around like this 

「I guess there’s no other choice other than to wait huh ?」 



I felt the urge to go to the toilet. 
Fortunately,since I’d came to this world up until now I don’t feel the need to use the toilet, besides what kind of toilet does the people of this world use anyway ? 
In the first place,does the water and sewers infrastructure already been implemented. ? 

I’ve made a mistake. 
I have to hold on for now,I should ask about it last night. 
Though it’s sounds trivial,it is very important matter. 


At any rate,I need to look for a toilet. 
I brush away the blanket and immediately rush out from the bedroom. 
After I leave the bedroom,I’ve arrived at the Headmistress office. 
In here I couldn’t find the figure of Makina-san either. 

I took a glance at the room entrance. 
I heard this place is an Academy. 
If that the case then it won’t be strange for this place to have one or two toilets. 
I feel a bit awkward to leave the room quietly but,that’s not important. 
I don’t have much time left. 
It can’t be helpedー 

「Hmm ? 」 

Just before I’ve opened the entrance door,my eyes incidentally glanced at the door on the other side of the Headmistress desk. 
Which remind me,other than the bedroom,there’s another room connected to this Headmistress office. 
The possibility that room being a toilet is not zero. 


With such a hope I open the door and stepped my foot inside. 


This is a toilet after all. 
Furthermore, it considerably resembles the previous world western style toilet. 
I’m very happy to be able to come across a toilet with the style that I’m used to. 
But,right now such a thing is not important. 

『We』stare at each other while our body froze 


The one who broke the silence, with a condition of the lower half exposed (It’s safe,I don’t see the important part from this angle) and sit on the toilet,that person is Makina-san.  
By the way,she still wore her negligee. 

「I-I-I’m very sorry ! 」 

In panic, I rush out from the room and closed the door. 
And while letting my back slide on the door,I sit down weakly. 
My sweat flows down endlessly. 
My heart won’t stop pounding. 


I’ve done it. 

What am I doing?!
For not being aware aside, to think I stepped inside a toilet that still being used by a girl… 

「Ah…it’s over.」 

Although I’m in a hurry, why didn’t I knock the door first ? 
But, it’s too late to regret it now. 
This time,I won’t be able to say anything even if I got a death penalty. 

I can hear the sound of flowing water. 
When I think finally it comes,my heartbeat becomes intense.  

I’m too ashamed to meet her. 

I took a distance from the door and prepare myself to perform dogeza 
I put both my knees on the ground. 
At least, let’s ask for forgiveness sincerely 
I should apologize, even if I won’t be forgiven. 
*creak*, the door open. 

「……what are you doing ? 」 

「This is called dogeza, in my previous country this is the highest form to express gratitude, but in these days it represents the highest form of asking apology.」 

「And ? 」 

「Though I do not mind if you didn’t forgive me, this time, I really do something unpleasant to you, I’m very sorry…」 

「Aah…If it’s about what happen just now, since I didn’t tell nor remind you anything about it, it’s fine.」 

Without making any cynical remarks regarding the incident, Makina-san said those words lightly. 

「Eh ? 」 

I’ve reflexly raised my face from the unexpected outcome. 
While wiping her hands with white clothesーI guess that’s a handkerchiefー, Makina-san let out a small breath. 

「 Due to habit,I didn’t lock the door, so it’s my fault as well 」 


「Well it’s also my fault for not telling you that the room over here is a toilet beforehand」 


「 Besides, just because I’m being seen, it doesn’t mean that it decrease something」 

「In your case, I do think it decrease」 

「Ara, is that how it is ?」 

Makina-san while smiling she folded her beautiful handkerchief neatly, and then put it inside her pocket. 
And then with her thumb, she pointed at the toilet door. 

「 For now, go ahead ? 」 


「What’s the matter ? don’t you want to use it ? 」 


Oh right. 
The moment she reminds me,Iーー 

「E-Excuse me ! 」 

I’ve gone inside the door in a hurry. 

「Now then, about your future plan」 

I who evaded the worst situation to happen somehow (Though I got caught in another worst situation in a different meaning), in the Headmistress office receptionist space, I and Makina-san face each other across the table. 
It seems like while I’ took care my business(inside the toilet) she changed her clothes, currently she wore gothic-lolita clothes which a little different than the one from yesterday. 
I wonder, is that her everyday clothes ? 
Given that she looks lovely with it, it becomes a feast for the eyes. 

「Am I going to attend the academy from today onward ?」 

「No, You will attend the academy tomorrow,  since we have yet finished the formalities, and also we must prepare your uniform~ 」 

「Ah that’s true.」 

If I think about it carefully, I don’t have to attend the academy from today onward. 
From last night until today, I wouldn’t have the time to fill all the procedures. 

「First of all, in the present stage we need to talk to decide our plan 」 


「From now on,you’ll attend the sacred tree cadet training academy」 

「Emm, May I ask a question ? 」 

I raised my small hand. 


「 what is「sacred tree cadet」,can you explain it ? 」 

「Let’s see, with easy to understand words then, it’s similar to a knight serving the King and the Sacred Tree. a knight, do you able to understand ? 」 

「 Well,Thanks to those words,somehow I’m able to grasp the image. 」 

Because the detailed explanation will be taught early in the classroom,it is fine to understand that much for now, thus she add. 

「So, I will attend this academy, in pursuit to study and become that sacred tree cadet, is that right ?」 

「Yes more or less. howeverー 」 

「However ? 」 

「You’re a person from another world that don’t know anything about this world,  and even if you said『I’m an another world being who came from another world』,as expected no one going to believe you am I right? 」 

「…….that’s true.」 

I can easily understand if I were to compare it with my previous world. 
For example, if a transfer student doing self-introduction suddenly say『I’m an alien』,people would hardly believe it. 
Being able to read the Forbidden spell incantation aside, Makina-san who able to believe such a thing is certainly a special case. 

「Be that as it may a『birthplace』is also necessary.」 

「a birthplace eh ?」 

「Yes. If you were to lead an academy life,you might be asked by people about your hometown. thus a provisional birthplace is essential. 」 

a provisional birthplace huh ? 
*ahem*, Makina-san cleared her throat. 

「Therefore I have a good idea.」 

As expected of Headmistress. 
To have an idea already. 
Still, being provisional aside, just what kind of birthplace would it be, I wonder ? 
Here is『The boy who inherits the ancient hero blood, by some coincidence, the Headmistress especially scout him in expectation for his ability』will something like that acceptable ? 
Just a little bit, I break into a smile. 
This is bad… 
How should I put this, it feels amazing to be able to feel like a protagonist.

「To feel such feeling…」 

As I strengthen myself, Makina-san begins to talk. 

「You’re an eastern country citizen,who come to this country from the deep mountain where not many people come near it.」 

「I see, I see.」 

I lean myself forward while listening to the explanation with full of expectation. 

「Because of being brought up in the deep of the mountain all the time, you’re able to hold a conversation, however, you’re hardly know anything about the world.」 

「I see.」 

「One day, there is a person from Sacred Tree who doing special mission visited the deep mountain in the eastern country. However,he got himself an unexpected serious injury. when that sacred tree cadet who could not move because of the injury began to give up, you by some chance helped him. 」 

「…I see」 

「At that moment, the Sacred Tree cadet who was impressed by your unpolished talent who live deep in the mountain, invited you whether you want to become a Sacred Tree cadet. and then, he wrote a letter of recommendation for Sacred Tree cadet candidate for you 」 

「…unpolished talent.」 

「Then you are being accepted.  the reason why your name didn’t exist in the sacred tree cadet candidate list, that’s because I forgot to process the letter of recommendation, well,let’s just go with that.  as for the entrance exam, it’s a special case where I’ve personally decided your enrollment. 」 

「…..I see」 

「R-Rest assured ? the others would think because the one who asked come from a Sacred Tree cadet it can be trusted.  then we also need to explain this to the three people who also present in the time of forbidden spell incident,so that we can arrange the same alibi beforehand. and of course, we don’t have to tell them the part which you’re coming from another world. 」 


「As for collapsing near the academy gate at the same time as entrance ceremony, hmm let see…let’s go with, since you have a body that easy to get hungry,you’d fainted due to being hungry」 


「How about it ? I think there’s no flaw in it and it’s a perfect setting  」 

I wonder what. 
Sagara Kurohiko a starved wild child who came from another country. 
Suddenly the feeling that I’ve become a protagonist disappear to a far away land beyond the horizon. 

In the first place, what is eastern country? Judging from the way she said it, it’s a foreign nation ? 
Is it okay for a Sacred Tree cadet to scout a person from a foreign nation and also giving him a favor as well, I wonder ? 

However when I see Makina-san face who look full of confidence, it made me feel bad to ask such question. 
But, it’s probably because her expression which made me unconsciously agree with it. 
Makina-san who noticed I’m looking at her ask. 

「Is there any part of my plan that you don’t like ?」 

「……N-No, I also think it’s perfect. as expected of Headmistress」 

「Very well…」 

To tell you the truth,I want her to think about it a little bit more. 
Although there’s no meaning to think about it again either… 
Well,it’s no use for me to complain now. 
Above all, she know the detailed circumstance of this word,this academy and also myself. 
Thus, I should just trust her here. 

「Well with this your birthplace matter has been resolved I guess ?. Now then,for today matter, after this youーー」 

At that moment. 
My stomach screamed, I guess unable to endure hunger anymore. ? 

「I-I’m sorry…」 

「Ara~, are you hungry ?」 

「Yes, well..that is since yesterday I haven’t eat anything.」 

Since I’d came here,I haven’t eaten anything at all. 
If I’m not wrong, the last thing I ate was a tuna onigiri and yakisoba bread which I buy at the convenience store. 

「I see, then should we have a meal first. ?」 

Makina-san looks up at the clock which hangs on the wall. 

「And looking at the time, it’s also a good time for us to eat.」 

A clock also exists in this world it seems. 
Shorthand(Hour),and Longhand(Minutes). 
Move in a circle with 12 numbers. 
I think the calculation of the time is also similar. 
Oh right. 
That is might be just my mind mysteriously made a conversion to the previous world unit without my permission. 

Just as I watch the clock, the clock ticked exactly at『7:00』. 

In other words, is it okay to think that right now is 7 a clock in the morning?
And then as if waiting for the clock to be exactly at 7,someone knocked on the door. 

「Makina-sama, I’ve brought your breakfast.」 

A women voice. 


The door opens. 
The girl who was standing over there then bows respectfully. 

「Please excuse me.」 

Wearing a deep indigo blue one piece apron dress, and also a hairband with frill. 

「M-Maid-san ? 」 

A real one ? 
A real….ーMaid…-san ? 


I’ve noticed something incidentally. 
Huh ? 
The one in her thatー 

The Maid-san smile at me. 
Such sweet smile. 

「Ah, H-Hello.」 

I answer her smile with a nod while feeling flustered. 
The heat on my face rising rapidly. 
I mean, showing such a wonderful smile which can blow any ordinary man toward me. 
Thus, I’m who was lower than an ordinary man,naturally easily fall down. 

The Maid-san while displaying a wonderful smile push the wagon with a caster enter the room. 
Is that ,the one that usually being used by a room service at hotels ,but aren’t service wagon at a hotel usually a guy ?? 
On it,I saw a bowl shaped cover,covering the meal. 

The Maid-san seems to be quite experienced,as she arranged the breakfast on the table nicely. 
A salad, sandwich and also a warm soup… 
From the silver pot, she pours milk into the glass. 
Makina-san, show a composed expression as if saying this is a usual everyday scene. 
I know it,she’s a very influential person isn’t she ? 

「A-Ano~… Makina-sama」 

The maid-san who glance at me frequently since a while ago, spoke to Makina-san nervously. 

「What is it ?」 

「 Is he a guest ? If it’s necessary I could prepare and bring breakfast for him here as well,butー」 

「No it’s not necessary. because I’ve always never finished and left half of my food. he will eat the remaining part 」 


After bowing respectfully, the Maid-san took one step backward. 

「Before we ate, let me introduce her first」 

Makina-san pointed at the Maid-san with her finger. 
The Maid-san correct her posture formally. 

「She’s a maid who work under me, her name is Mia」 

「Mia Posta. pleased to meet you.」 

The maid-saーーMia-san,bow slightly her head politely. 

「A-Ah,my name is Sagara Kurohiko,  emm, Makina-san…about Mia-sanー」 

「Seeing your reaction,it seems like this is your first time to see a demi-human isn’t it ?」 

Reading the question from my expression, Makina-san said so after she sip some milk. 

「She’s a demi-human race from Feril clan」 

「Feril clan ?」 

Once again I take a look at Mia-san 

From her head where Mia-san attaches her headband, I could see ears which definitely not a human one. 
The ears furs have the same color as her very long violet hair. 
Her ears slightly resemble wolf ears. 
If I look more properly, I could see a violet tail under her skirt. 

Mia-san who seems notice me,shrink her shoulder looking embarrassed. 

「I-I’m sorry. I felt curious and somehowー」 

It’s rude to staring hard at her like that. 

「N-No, Please don’t mind it, since you do seems like not knowing about demi-human race, then being curious is a natural thing…」 

She floats a smile while showing consideration. 
An animal eared maid-san. 

How should I say it, she’s a very good person. 

TLN : About Mia name, I couldn’t come up with a better one…Posta..Postaa~…writen ポスタ