Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 76.2

Chapter 75.2 (His Turn) part two


“I guess our business here has ended.” 
Hearing that, Kyurie-san raises her body from the chair. 
“I also probably should leave soon.” 
Kyurie-san then said those words toward Makina-san. 
Kyurie-san has been fidgeting since the time Danchou-san left the room. 
She seems to be less focus when Diarez-san talking too. 
If I have to say, she looks absentminded. 
“Emm, Kyurie-san.” 
I called her. 
Right, she has been avoiding me lately and this problem has not yet been solved. 
“Emm, how about we have tea together in the cafeteria after this?”
“Hnn… After this, huh?” 
Kyurie-san showed a hesitation before replying. 
“I’m sorry, I have a prior engagement today.” 
“Prior engagement? Is thatー” 
“… With Cecil.” 
A-As expected, with Cecil-san huh… 
I guess she’s more important than I do? 
No, wait. 
I guess that is understandable… 
After all, compared to Cecil-san, I’m… 
“Sorry, Kurohiko.” 
Kyurie-san then went out of the room. 
I then directed my gaze toward the floor. 
Truthfully it was really shocking to me. 
For some reason. 
Vaguely though. 
I thought she would accept my invitation if I asked her. 
However, she ends up rejecting me with such an awkward expression. 
Did I do something wrong to her? 
No rather, don’t tell me, Kyurie-san is really in love with Cecil-san? 
“Are you alright?” 
Makina-san who’s sitting down on the chair called out to me with an anxious voice. 
I raised my face to look at her. 
“Emm, about what you said earlier.” 
“What I said earlier?” 
“F-First, I wish to thank you… For thinking of me like that…” 
“Like that?” 
… Ah, was it about the time when we talked regarding the four beasts of evil? 
“Please don’t worry about it too much. I’m also Makina-san’s friend right? Don’t worry about me too much, If Makina-san wants to do it then Makina-san can just order me to do it you know?” 
Makina-san then relaxed her facial expression. 
“You really can be decisive at a strange place huh. Honestly, you make it sounds so simple.”
“More importantly, about your sister… Emm, how should I say this…” 
Makina-san then changed her expression as if she has come to a clear decision. 
“It was bad for me to not talk about it. Properly speaking, I should tell you about that story first.” 
That is what she said. 
“Unexpectedly, I don’t talk to you first probably because I don’t want you to think that I used you for revenge… Although it does not change the fact that I still use you.” 
The smile she shows on he face when she said that, somehow looks lonely and fragile. 
“By the end of the day, I’m just a coward woman.” 
“That is not true. Rather… I think Makina-san who think about the country without being swayed by emotion is really amazing.” 
Probably it was because I can’t see myself being like that. 
“That is not right. When I heard about my sister death, I cried for three days and three night you know?
“Yes, and also, please keep it secret since only the people from the house know about this.” 
“S-Sure… But, Makina-san…” 
“… Judging from the image of Makina-san that I know, then yes.” 
“In other words, there is still the side of me that you do not yet know.” 
Somehow I felt like she smoothly talked back to me with an adult aura. 
By the way, I was trying my best to restrain myself and not asked ‘how many years ago did that happen?’. 
I have no courage to tread through a landmine yet. 
“At any case, you don’t have to worry about the four beasts of evil yet. we should gather the forbidden spell first, then make you master them, then, we will judge whether or not you can win against the four beasts of evil. Of course, I intend to collect comrades who can fight against the four beasts of evil as many as possible. That’s why… for the moment, you can enjoy your school life.” 
“I understand.” 
The four beasts of evil huh? 
I wonder if I would be considered to be appropriate as their opponent if I can win against Hibigami, but then again, He was also an opponent that boasts a strength that I can’t laugh it off either. 
As expected, if I still think that Hibigami is stronger than I do, then the four beasts of evil would be straight up an impossible opponent. 
Which mean, while I wait for the forbidden spell being gathered, I guess I should search for another way to get stronger? 
Apart from the ongoing training with Kyurie-san… What should I do? Should I ask Sogud Danchou to train me somehow? 
After all, he was someone whose name came out from Hibigami’s mouth, and he also actually fought against the four beasts of evil. 
I feel like I can be more stronger if I have that person train me. 
The question is whether or not something like that is possible… 
But before that. 
There’s a more serious problem. 
It was about Kyurie-san. 
“By the way, Makina-san.” 
“I would like to have some consultation but…” 
“This seems unusual, for you to consult with me that is… Well, fine, what do you want to consult?” 
“Thank you very much. The truth isー.” 
I then begin to tell Makina-san regarding Kyurie-san that has been avoiding me as of lately. 
Makina-san who heard the story then shows a contemplating expression. 
After that, she looking straight at me. 
“Finally, it boils down to this huh?” 
Finally, it boils down to this? 
What is she talking about? 
“I know you, Kurohiko.” 
What do you mean? 
What do you know? 
“I thought about this since a while ago…” 
Makina-san then gets off from the chair. 
Makina-san then standing facing me. 
“The thing that you’re lacking. Do you know what it is?” 
“T-The thing that I’m lacking?” 
Makina-san then declared to me. 
“It was confidence and aggressiveness!” 
“C-Confidence and aggressiveness? Emm, what doー.” 
“That’s it!” 
She pointed her finger at my nose. 
“Eh? T-That’s it… What?”
“You said too many of [Emm], [Err], [But]…” <TLN: Sono, Ano, Etto…> 
“See, the way you said “W-What”, as if being hesitated…” 
“N-No wayー.” 
“See?! You did it again!” 
Makina-san who crosses her arms loosely entered teacher mode. 
“I think your personality that speaks carefully is also part of your strength since people will think of you as a considerate person. However, sometimes such personality can be a fatal shortcoming against girls!” 
“WWhat!” <TLN: Without stammering the W> 
That was dangerous. 
I almost said “W-What?”. 
“Perhaps those girls, they come to dislike such unreliable attitude of yours?” 
“Unreliable attitude…” 
“Think about it. Can you stick out your chest with confidence when responding to their aggressiveness and move?” 
No, wait, 
That might be true. 
Because I’m not responding to Kyurie-san and Cecil-san move, they might come to dislike me. 
Now that I think about it, I really lack aggressiveness…  
And my response to them is also lacking. 
I see so that’s how it is… 
Thinking about itー At the celebration partyー I only can see it as a cozy time together, but, they might actually want something more from the man called Sagara Kurohiko? 
And because they can’t expect anything more from me, they entered the flower garden only meant for the two of themー <TLN: Meaning, he thought because the girls can’t expect anything from him, they become lesbians.> 
“If that is true, then I can’t do anything to fix this anymore…” 
“If you ask me as a woman, I would like a man who can hold me strongly, and take a positive action. Certainly, you’re a kind man, Kurohiko. However, kindness without looking at the situation will turn into something negativeー.” 
Makina-san looking at me with full composure. 
“At this point, your defeats is obvious…”
“I, already lost…” 
I lost without noticing it… I’m… 
“Damn it!” 
I slammed the table with my fist. 
Then I hang my heads. 
To fall down. 
Before I’m aware of it. 
So, this is what it means to be a blockhead. 
“It seems like you’ve finally understood… However, it is not too late.” 
Light of hope spread before my eyes. 
It was a goddess of light. 
Is it not too late? 
“I did not miss Kyurie expression when you invited her a while ago, she looks hesitated.” 
I almost said “R-Really?”… 
“… Yes, I’m sure.” 
Makina-san looks serious. 
But Iー. 
“What am I supposed to do, Makina-san?!”
“Victory or defeat will be decided before the next rest day… At Silas Bathhouse” <TLN: Before next rest day, that would be Saturday/Saturday night in our world>
“Victory or defeat… Decisive battle.” 
When I consulted with her, I told her that we would be going to Silas bathhouse. 
“Your future living in this world depends on how you behave against those girls, this I’m not exaggerating it.” 
I was about to scream “What!”, But because of the momentum caused my trachea become clogged. 
“Y-You don’t have to overdo it like that you know?” 
“G, Gohum.” 
Makina-san small hands wrapped my hands who unintentionally mixed “Sorry” with a cough. 
She looked at me with a sincere look. 
“You do not have to forcibly try to correct your words. Rather, if you suddenly change your personality it would give a bad impression instead. If that happens, the curtain will never rise again.” 
“I see… I will keep that in mind.” 
Or rather, Makina-san, what are you? An angel? 
“You… Do you like those girls?”
“I like them!” 
“Then this time it is your turn. Although the situation is disadvantageous… But it does not mean there’s no winning chance…” 
“Be confident, actively engage with them. A small trick is useless now. Leave your indecisive attitude behind, and strike them with your feeling!”
“I understand! I will do so!” 
Makina-san then nodded with a satisfied smile on her face. 
“Good reply.” 
I will definitely do it. 
I must do it. 
This is my last chance. 
“Well, I can only tell you that much.” 
Makina-san then separated her hands from my hands. 
“I will hear your result when we’re going shopping. I hope you will give me a good report, Kurohiko.” 
I lifted my face and responded strongly. 
“Yes, please look forward to it. I will surely meet your expectation.” 
“Hn? What’s wrong?” 
“In exchange for the consultation… There’s one thing that I would like to ask you, as a man.” 
*Fuu* Makina-san exhaled, then she put her hand on her chest. 
She averted her gaze and her cheeks flush slightly. 
“S-Small one… Do men hate it?”
“L-Like I said… Breast and other…” 
If it was the usual me. 
I would respond with “T-That is not true. Makina-san is a great person”. 
But the me now is different. 
The different me should respond with, 
“Each of the three is different from the other two, Several men several minds, so many men so many ways, an infinite variety of worlds… In the world, there is a different kind of sense of value. This should be common in any world. And such diversity has nurtured people’s rich culture.” 
“In other words…?” 
I put my hands on Makina-san’s shoulders. 
“In other wordsー.” 
If I show embarrassment here. 
It would be my defeat. 
“Variation is a great thing.” 
Makina-san being taken aback looking at me in surprise. 
“There’s nothing to worry about. I did not admire you because of your breasts. But I admire you because of who you are.” 
I said those words with my utmost seriousness and gentleness. 
Is this good enough, Makina-san? 
Being aggressive mean like this right? 
I then begin to stand up. 
“Well then, Makina-san, thank you for today. I got a very useful advice.”
While touching her cheek which dyed in red due to the surprise attack, I bid my farewell toward Makina-san and gallantly and leave the room. 
When I left the room I felt like I heard Makina-san voice saying “…Overdo it?” from inside the room. However, I do not exactly know what she means by ‘overdo it’, or toward whom those words were being directed. 
While walking through the corridor, I renewed my determination. 
I will not let them down. 
Best of all, not only I possess the knowledge of foot massage that Makina-san acknowledge, I also already learned the way of Mia-san massage. 
With this, I will not lose. 
Just you wait. 
From here on… 
The decisive battle at Silas Bathhouse. 
“It will be my turn!