Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 76.1

Chapter 76.1 (His Turn) part one

“By the way” 
Not leaving the room, Diarez-san talked to me. 
“May I call you Kurohiko?”
“You may call me however you like.” 
“Then Kurohiko… You seem to have taken care of my sister quite a lot…” 

I can only show a bitter smile after hearing his words. 
“I should be the one who said that… She has been taking care of me a lot…” 
“You’re such a humble child huh?” 
“I just try to make a great effort and not disappoint those around me.” 
Diarez-san then becomes speechless. 
Then he smiled. 
“I see, you’re that kind of a man.”
“Emm, Yes… I’m this kind of a man?” 
“Cecil whom I met for the first time since a long time acted unusually… Let’s see, if I have to describe it, she seems to be frustrated by something. Therefore I try to ask the servants working at our home. I asked them if something had happened recently. From them, your name came out.” 
Diarez-san said those words while leaned back in the chair. 
“She’s a complicated girl you see… It seems like she turned like that because she makes me as her role model to grow up. But you see, she’s originally not like that. She’s originally an active child who loves natures, someone who always gets blood rises to her head. However, due to my father policy, being strangely obsessed with obligation. As a result of that, she grew up into a distorted girl, which I’m concerned about…” 
I see… 
The usual her is not her personality but rather a shell, formed by using her older brother as an example. 
Now I can understand why their way of talking and gestures are similar. 
But, there’s also something I’m worried about. 
“Emm… If you know that, why don’t you do anything for Cecil-san?” 
I know it was a presumptuous question, but if he were aware of things, why not doing something before everything getting worse? 
Such strong doubt surpassed my hesitation to ask. 
“If it was you, what do you think? 
Diarez-san asked back in return. 
“What do I think, about what?” 
“Having knowing everything about the person you want to surpass… Don’t you feel happy?” 
“Unn, I feel that is an illogical question.” 
Anyway,  I feel that the issue has deviated a bit… 
“Besides, I’m not a kind man…ーcompared to you.” 
Diarez-san then shows a cheerful smile. 
“Anyway, Cecil seems to hold a special emotion toward you. Although she’s an unworthy younger sister, but please, take a good care of her.” 
At that moment, 
“Oi, we’re going back, wicked fox.” 
The one who gets back is Danchou-san. 
“Forbidden spell user, you better not take this man words too seriously. His personality might affect you, and your character might turn bad.” 
“You seems to have a horrible hobby of eavesdropping eh?” 
Diarez-san then glares at Danchou-san. 
“By Wicked fox, do you mean me?” 
“I wonder?” 
Danchou-san looked around inside the room. 
“Who else other than you?” 
Diarez-san trembled looking annoyed. 
“That came out from the mouth of a leader huh? Do you know usually the one who is the most twisted is the one who calls other twisted? Don’t you think so too, Kurohiko?” 
“E-Eh? E-Even if you ask me that…” 
“I think the next Danchou of the sacred tree chivalric order is equally bad. Right, Diarez?” 
Saying those words full of sarcasm, Danchou-san left the place. 
His footsteps are getting farther away. 
This time he seems to have truly left. 
“Geez, that person is really…” 
Diarez-san shows an astonished expression. 
He then narrowed his eyes and looked at Makina-san. 
“It’s just, following your conversation with Danchou a while ago… I think our Danchou might stand equally against the four beasts of evil you know?” 
“… That might be true.” 
Makina-san replied shortly while drinking her tea. 
“He’s still getting stronger. If he feels like he can stand toe-to-toe against the four beasts of evil, at that time, he will leave the chivalric order, then he will go searching for the four beasts of evil. That’s why he seems to prepare me for the next Danchou…” 
ーI’m the one, who wants to kill the four beasts of evil out of pure revenge the most. 
I recalled Danchou-san expression when he said those words. 
“I heard, the sacred tree chivalric order changed, after he becomes the head. The sacred ruin exploration also reached all-time high compared to the day when Chris Runusvia still a member and the evaluation for saint rank came to focus on skills rather than family. The moral of the members are also always high… I heard that the change was caused by him.” 
“Despite how he looks, he’s someone with a strong sense of responsibility…” 
Well, he’s someone that even think about the chivalric order for when he left the order. 
“But you know… I’m not sure if I would remain with the chivalric order without Sogud Shigmuz.” 
Saying that Diarez-san shows a slightly gloomy expression. 
“Since a life without a goal would be boring after all.” 
Nothing as boring as life without a goal, huh? 
I felt like I could sympathize with those words somehow. 
“That’s why… I’m really looking forward to the day when Sagara Kurohiko and Kyurie Velstein join us. About that offer to join us, please think about it alright?” 
Diarez-san changes his gloomy facial expression and smiled at us. 
“Now then, I should probably be going now before someone shout at me again. Also headmistress, regarding the sacred ruin investigation, I think the report from the investigation members would be done soon.” 
“Alright, Thank you.” 
“Well then, please excuse me. I thank you very much for today meeting.” 
Diarez-san then left the room. 
By the way, originally this hearing was supposedly an inquiry regarding the giant that appeared inside the sacred ruin. 
However, Cecil-san judged that it would be better if she made a report regarding what happen and pass it to her brother, to avoid unnecessary inquiry. 
As expected of Cecil-san. 
I guess I can call that as ‘it was good to be cautious.’