Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 75.2

Chapter 75.2 (Those who lost their lives) part 2

The easiest method to understand who are those guys is by telling the legends regarding the Empire’s war. 
Once upon a time. 

A Gyuntarious’ warship arrived at the Midzuberia continent from across the sea. 
The imperial army then landed, took over a small country in the western end of the continent, and one by one conquered the small countries located on the western side of the continent. 
Their momentum is impeccable. 

And within six months, Gyuntariosu Empire have already conquered half of the continent. 
However, something stood before Gyuntariosi Empire path of domination. 

The country of the end. 

It was a territory surrounded in a mystery, despite its large size and name, it was not really a country. 
At that time the Empire turned their eyes toward this territory. 
Then, the mighty western Empire begins to step their foot into the territory. 

However, unbeknown to anyone, the Empire would take a major step back due to this decision. 
The country of the end itself is a strange place, for the people that are not familiar with the topography they would found themselves as if inside a labyrinth. 
Also, when you’re camping inside the territory, you won’t know when or where the ferocious inhabitants will attack. 
Since they will attack you regardless day or night. 
Furthermore, their individual fighting ability cannot be looked down upon, they also seem to follow the order of someone with good military knowledge. 
Some of them obviously did not afraid of death, the imperial soldiers who fought them came to fear their brutality and abnormality. 

Still, for the sake of their future conquests, they need to proceed with their mission to suppress the country of the end. 
The Empire took several months and managed to control the western part of the country of the end. 
However, at that time. 

Four men appeared. 

They first killed all the imperial soldiers who built a fort. 
Furthermore, the Imperial army that has been advancing via the north and south avoiding the country of the end toward the Lunezret and Luverarugan is being attacked by the four men, which resulted in them to force a withdrawal. 

Only four men. 
Only by four men. 

The imperial soldiers could not believe it. 

They could not believe it that just because of four people, the situation changed, and they lost. 

The imperial forces who boasting victory all the time were brought down to their knees just by four people. 

Those who heard that would, without doubt, laugh it off and regard it as absurd. 
However, those who see the situation with their own eyes could not help but believe it. 
No matter how hard to believe it, they exist. 
They appear and disappear. 

Who are they? 
If you asked the people of Midzuberia, they would have an idea of who they are. 
And they also know what they are called. 

And that is ‘the four beasts of evil.’ 

As if waking up from their hibernation, they suddenly appeared, slaughtered their prey then returned home and disappeared. 

A calamity. 
They are just like monsters that create a disaster. 
The people of Midzuberia who perceive them like that. 
Ends up calling them as ‘The four beasts of evil’. 

Emperor Gyuntarious the third then ordered his Generals to somehow kill the four beasts of evil, but all of those strong men end up being defeated in battles. 
Then [God of War] Galbarossa Gimmez and the demi-human suicide squad that the Empire proud of fought them in the northern part of the territory, the Empire thought they would win. 
However, those who survive after seeing the Four beast of evil all said: “Rather than being those people opponent, I rather choose to be the god of war and the suicide squad opponent.” 

But even with that result, the aim to kill the four beasts of evil did not stop. 
The Emperor who give up of letting his people hunt them decided to turn around and choose to employ them. 
He then orders his messengers to deliver the message. 

However, no matter who took the jobs, almost all of them were killed. 

No matter how much money the messenger presented, they are killed. 
No matter how beautiful of a woman being prepared, she ends up being killed. 
No matter what position the emperor promised to give, the messenger end up dead. 
Almost all the messengers end up dead, no matter what the Emperor going to give. 
No matter what kind of negotiation the Emperor offered, almost all ends up the same. 

At first, the Emperor did not understand why. 
Why did they rampage like this? 
Why did they repeat the slaughter? 
Is it because they have a grudge against the Empire? 

Only one man survived among those messengers and negotiators. 
However, his figure was so different compared to his previous self. 
Although his body is still intact, his appearance is completely different. 
His eyes socket was recessed. 
His expression that always in fear. 
He said, 

“No. They are not ‘that kind of people’. They themselves are their reason to live. That is why there’s nothing such as negotiation. Since for them, other than their own self, there’s no one else. The other are pigs. We are pigs.” 

The next day after the man reported that. 
He pierced his head through his mouth, using his own sword. 

Even when the Empire try to ask the citizen of the continent, their answer also the same. 

For the four beasts of evil, there’s no reason. 
That is why, the people regard them as a calamity, a disaster. 

In the end. 
The Empire ended their conquest, only conquering half of the continent. 
No rather, they have no other choice other than to stop. 
Since right before they ended the war, the four beasts of evil appeared more frequently in their city and town. 
Then, the Empire proposed cease-fire to Lunezret and Luverarugan. 
The Empire paid a lot of money toward both countries. 

And then, several days later, the four beasts of evil cease their activities. 

Still, the Empire was afraid of the four beasts of evil. 
Will “they” appear again, if we tried to conquer the eastern region?, that is what the people of the Empire think. 
Meanwhile, among the people of Lunezret and Luverarugan, many become the worshiper of the four beasts of evil as heroes. 

It’s just that, thanks to that, this story regarding the four beasts of evil and the Empire has become a legend that is hard to tell, whether it was the truth or not.

Legends attract people. 
Pass from one person to another person. 
Some coated it with over the top praises. 
Some added exaggerated praise due to awe. 
It gradually getting modified following people’s imagination and convenience. 
Getting altered from its original story. 
Then people start to call it as “Legend” 
That’s why it is not certain, whether all the details in the story consistent with the truth. 

Many legends are told regarding the four beasts of evil, but in reality, they do not even know what it was about. 

Some talk about their birth at the country of the end. 
Some say they are the ancient four brothers of Anguren. 

However, neither of that has solid confirmation. 
Which means, it is the same as not knowing anything. 

But all of the people know one thing for sure… That these people are the owner of an unbelievable power. 


“Indeed, if we only looking at the result, the four beasts of evil have managed to hold back Gyuntariosu conquest.” 

After telling me the story, Makina-san added that. 

“If we only look at the timing when they cease their activity, it also makes it seems like they are holding back Gyuntariosu conquest. But… Is that really true?”

“Does that means that Lunezret and Luverarugan people may actually interpret it differently just for their convenience?” 

After hearing my words, Makina-san nodded her head. 

“Yes, that’s right. Those people believe that as heroes the fangs of the four beasts of evil will not turn toward them… No, the more correct words would be they want to think like that… The massacres that happen occasionally in a distance place, people would just regard that as ‘something like a disaster’… But then, if those four turn their power in the country where the people who think of them as heroes lives and destroy that country, would they also call the incident as ‘something like a disaster’ too?” 

I see… 
There’s no guarantee that the four beasts of evil won’t do that. 
And Makina-san is concerned about that. 

“Gyuntarious is still a threat for the two countries in the east. It is the duty of the people of the country to protect the country from invasion, no?. It is too dangerous to rely on such uncertain things, such as the four beasts of evil.”

“However, no one can beat the four beasts of evil…” 

Danchou-san interjected. 

“That is where your agony rest. Which is why you trying to find a promising student at this school and create your own organization to defeat the four beasts of evil, is that how it is?” 

Danchou-san then gaze at me. 

“Then a forbidden spell users suddenly appear in such a place. If he’s truly the legendary forbidden spell user then he might be able to defeat those four beasts of evil, is that what you think of?” 

Makina-san then shows some affirmation. 

“Indeed, just like what you think. However, I do not have any intention to create a conspicuous independent organization. In this part, I want to avoid any misunderstanding with the Royal family and also the sacred tree chivalric order.”

“Be that as it may, You do not think that the Royal family wants to take the trouble and help to wake a sleeping dragon, by giving an order to suppress the four beasts of evil huh? Since without the order, the sacred tree chivalric order won’t be able to move.” 

Danchou-san then showed a pained expression. 

“A normal human is a kind of creature that won’t move before the time comes and they feel the sense of crisis.”

“That’s why you want to move first before the times comes?” 


“I don’t understand you…” 

“Oh, my? Why not?” 

“Why do you want to do that? It’s not for revenge no?” 

Makina-san then answered after a short pause. 

“Because I love this country…” 

When she said that, the serene atmosphere that surrounded her contained some kind of warmth 

“Is this, not enough as a reason?” 

Those who heard her answer unable to say anything. 
No one knows what happened inside each of individual mind after hearing that. 
But I felt that what she said easily entered my heart. <TLN: Patriotism ho!> 

“I do think that using the revenge as a reason would be a much better impression. And actually, before I’ve become the headmistress of the academy, I always told myself that [I shall succeed my sister’s will].” 

Makina-san then continue, 

“However, I thought I should tell you the truth of what I thought.”

“Because I was the guy who saw your sister’s end?” 

“No, it was because whenever she was at home, you’re the person that she would speak about all the time.” 

Silence went down once again. 
After a while, Danchou-san opened his mouth. 

“I see… I understand. Certainly, this seems to be just my misunderstanding. Let me apologize here. However, you better forget about the four beasts of evil.” 

Makina-san then narrowed her eyes. 

“Is that a warning? Orー”

“Because I’ve fought them, I can say that. Those are the opponent that no one can win against.” 

“No matter what you said, I cannot leave them unattended. Because they are too inexplicable and uncertain, they are too dangerous as an existence.” 

“I know what you meant. However… Can you win?” 

“I will win. It’s justー” 

Makina-san then turns her gaze to me. 
She shows a complicated expression. 

“Right now, I’m not ready yet…”

“… Forbidden spell huh? By the way, does the forbidden spell user know about this? Based on how he does not know about the four beasts of evil, it seems like you have not told him about the detail.” 

“That isー…” 

I strongly grasp Makina-san’s fist who shows an expression of uneasiness. 

“It will be fine… No matter who they are, for Makina-san sake, I will fight anyone…” 

I said that. 

“… Kurohiko.” 

Then I turn my gaze at Danchou-san. 

“It’s not for the country, not for the continent, or for the justice, I will be fine to just be able to help Makina-san and provide my power. Of course, Makina-san’s happiness is the foremost, But I wish I could help her to achieve that as much as possible.” 

It was thanks to Makina-san that I could be here now. 
She’s also a kind person. 
She did not think of me as a pure tool either. 
At least, I feel that way after I know her for a while. 
And if Makina-san needs something from me, if possible, I would like to lend her my power. 
With every effort I have. 

Danchou-san then narrowed his eyes and looked at me. 

“… I see. Indeed he’s an interesting man. However, he’s also a troublesome one. Just like the four beasts of evil, we can’t have a proper negotiation with him.” 

Can’t have a proper negotiation with me? 
About what? 
I just want to do anything I can for the people I like, you know? 

“Fuuh, It also interesting that he does not seems to be conscious of it himself. Now thenー.” 

Danchou-san is about to rise from his chair. 

“We should leave now…”

“Oh my, go back already?” 

“Well, the interrogation is over. And the individual purpose of coming here also have been fulfilled. Diarez, please summarize the content of our investigation later.” 


Diarez-san also seems ready to leave. 
Vanshutosu-san then opened the door. 
And Danchou-san head toward the door. 
Before he leaves, he turned around and said some goodbye words. 

“When I heard that you’re doing all of this not because of revenge, I’m really relieved you know? Headmistress… An act that is fueled by revenge, it is easy for it to turn into something indiscriminate. And, they who do such an act would easily destroy themselves and the people around them.” 

Somehow he said something like a leader should. 
With that said, it felt like they all have come here because they are worried about Makina-san instead. 
Since if Makina-san tried to make a move against the four beasts of evil because of revenge, they have the intention of giving her some advice. 

“I personally thought that you should not make any move against the four beasts of evil but… I as the leader of this country chivalric order, it is too funny that I tried to persuade you despite having no power at all. Besides, you’re the clever type. You won’t make a move until you have a sufficient prospect of victory.” 

“To be honest, I was slightly surprised with your positive reaction.” 

“If I have to say my true feeling thenー” 

Danchou-san eyes were gazing into the void. 

“It was because, I’m the one, who wants to kill the four beasts of evil out of pure revenge the most.” 

It feels like he imagines the four beasts of evil standing in front of him just like in the past. 

“… So well, I might be unable to move the chivalric order but, if you need something that I can help personally, please do not hesitate to ask…”

“Thank you. By the way… In your eyes, between me and my sister, which one is the more clever one?” 

“Your sister of course…” 


He answered her immediately. 
Toward the disappointed Makina-san, Danchou-san continues his words while holding the door handle. 

“It should be fine… Even though you’re both sisters, you’re a different people. That’s why… You don’t have to worry that you’re not getting bigger, unlike your sister.” 

Danchou-san then leaves the room while showing a nihilistic smile with some pity in it. <TLN: The pity words can be translated as “affectionate”, you know, the kind of thing we do to a close friend, we jokingly pity them for something while showing a warm gaze.> 

On the other hands. 
Makina-san eyes turn blank. 
Only her temple seems twitching. 

I somehow understand what kind of emotion she has right now. 
She understands the things he said meant to encourage her… 
However, she could not help but despair for another reason. 

“Y-Your body might be small… B-But your heart is big!” 

That is what Vanshutosu-san said without reading the air. 

“T-That’s why… Please don’t worry about it too..”

“T-Thank you…” 

Makina-san said her thanks with trembling voice. 
It’s like her soul is being sucked out. 
Her state is too sorrowful. 

“Besides, everyone in the chivalric order said, t-they prefer the small one! I-I think you will be fine…” 

“H-Hee… I-Is that so…” 

“I-I also think so… I-It’s cute… yeah? L-Like a small animal… I-I like them…” 

Rather, because the headmistress knows that he said all of this not out of malice, she could not do anything in return, other than being a sandbag listening to his onslaught. 
Makina-san eyes are not laughing, only her lips are smiling. 

“I don’t think you should attach your own thought as standard that every man within the chivalric order also has?” 

There’s no warmth in her voice. 

“? I-If it’s you… Everyone would welcome you…” 

Vanshutosu-san does not seem to doubt his own remarks. 

“I-If that the case… I offer you my prayers. For your everlasting good health.” 

Then he left the room. 
Diarez-san then makes a bitter smile. 

“Hahahaha… Please forgive our boy…” 

Oi, you’re also included in the ‘boy’ part you know? 

“Danchou-san aside, Vanshutosu did not say that out of malice, please understand…” 

By any chance Fuku-Danchou, are you not going to follow Danchou-san leave?