Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 75.1

Chapter 75.1 (Those who lost their lives)

“Once upon a time, when I was just entered the sacred tree eight swords. At that time, Diares is not yet there.” 

“This is also the first time for me to hear this story from you, Danchou.”
<TLN: I can’t bring myself to constantly use ‘Leader-san and Vice-leader-san’… Thus I use the raw, Danchou and Fuku Danchou.> 

He continued his talk without responding to his Fuku-Danchou Diarez-san’s words. 

“One day, one town was being attacked by someone.” 

*Clank* Continue talking, he begins to stir his cup filled with tea. 

“At first, since the town is not close enough to the country of the end, we initially thought it was just a prank. Thus we dispatched soldiers from a nearby fortress. However, they did not come back even after few days have passed. We then sent an investigation team. But, they also never came back… Finally, we report it to the sacred tree chivalric order headquarter.” 

Danchou-san then sipped his tea.

“People that we had dispatched, never comes back. And such phenomenon is too much of an abnormality. Even the investigation team never managed to return.” 

Indeed, such think is really abnormal. 

“Chris who at that time held the position of a Fuku-Danchou of the chivalric order wants to examine the abnormality a little bit more, thus she made a proposal to the Danchou at that time. However, the Danchou at that time was an incompetent person, for better or worse, he was a man with too much kind of a heart. His popularity was very good, since the citizen like his way of dealing with private and public problems… Well with such a man, it would be natural for them to end up with “We should head for rescue immediately”, he then organized a rescue team, with sacred tree eight swords as the spearhead including myself and also the Fuku-Danchou. We immediately headed to the city.” 

Danchou-san gazing at the cup on his hand. 

“If I think about it now… I wish we were a little bit more cautious…” 

Regret can be seen flickering in his expression. 

“I must admit that the Danchou at that time was filled with overconfidence. Although he was a naive man, his sword art capability is very high, and when it comes to magic art, the Fuku-Danchou is second to none. I also have confidence in my ability. With the war ended, and the country is at peace. I was also feeling excited about mission other than diving into the sacred ruins.” 

Danchou-san then paused for a little bit. 
He then continues after placing his cup down. 

“Cut it short, we arrived at the town in question within few days. Corpses lying around the vicinity. Some of the corpses have startled expression on them. As we advance into the town, we saw a mountain of corpses laid waste in front of us, then we saw four men.” 

“Four men?” 

It was Kyurie-san who voiced her doubt. 

“It was only four?”

“You don’t believe me? Well, when you heard who they are, you will start to believe me then. Those men are known asー” 

With a brief pause, he continues. 

“They are called [the four beasts of evil]” 

The chair that Kyurie-san sitting on makes a subtle creaking voice. 
I looked at her and on her face, she shows a surprised expression. 

“It can’t be… You, you fought against them? The four beasts of evil?” 

Danchou-san sighed and continue the talk. 

“Well listen for now. We’re about to enter the main topic regarding Chris Runusvia.” 

I want to ask what kind of people they are. 
But since I felt like I will disturb the flow of the conversation I tried to refrain myself. 
I will try to ask the question later. 

The smile on Danchou-san’s face disappears, and he placed his hands on the table. 

“If we talk about the result… The Danchou at that time and all the knights are not matched against the four beasts of evil. The Danchou at that time is the one who died first. The man who killed him said [Since I thought he was the second strongest, I want to kill him before the other brothers kill him]. It seems like the strongest will be facing the eldest among them. But, the strongest person among us, Chris, ordered our withdrawal as soon as she saw her opponent. The problem at the time is… Who going to stay behind and halt the four beasts of evil?” 

That means, 

“Then the one who stays behind that time is…”

“Chris and me…” 

The scene of that time must have been playing in Danchou-san’s head right now. 
Within his expression, I can see the vestige of someone who has given up his loved one. 

“Chris Runusvia, compared to the Danchou at that time, she also has the kindness of her own. In that kind of situation, usually, we should have prioritized the Fuku-Danchou’s safety. However, she holds too much emotional attachment toward the Knights. I can say that we see each other as a family. That is why she wants to sacrifice her life in exchange for the others survival. Being told like that, the Knights can’t do anything other than prioritizing their own survival.”

“Nevertheless, you stayed behind.” 

Makina-san who being silent all this time opened her mouth. 
Danchou-san smile in irony. 
His gaze looks far to the distance. 

“I guess, Fuku-Danchou gentle voice at that time did not enter me. Among us, a lot of them believe in the kindness of the Fuku-Danchou, but I was different. I was someone who always complained to the Fuku-Danchou about her short-coming. Yet I was selected to be the Danchou of the chivalric order now… Live really does work wonder…” 

A sarcastic smile appears on Danchou’s face. 
Despite him saying that I can’t feel any malice from it. 
He probably complained about Chris-san short-coming not because he hates her. 
He then grab his left shoulder. 

“I lost this arm in that fight. One of the four beast of evil managed to tore off my arm. At that time, when I decided to stay behind, I’ve already lost one of my arms.” 

Even when saying something like that, his expression did not change much. 
He also told us the story smoothly. 
I guess he has already sorted out his emotion that I can’t even begin to imagine. 

“That’s why, well, I guess I just don’t want to be a hindrance for the others. Despite all that, I fell down quite quickly, I was being defeated in a single blow by the eldest one among the four beasts of evil. And Chris isー” 

Danchou’s gaze then switched toward Makina-san eyes. 

“She used the magic art that has been inherited among Runusvia families member the [Misteltein] continuously until she died.” 

I think I’ve heard this story before. 
Makina-san slightly quivering while closing her eyes shut. 

“I heard that magic art have a great burden to its user when being used even just once. Despite that, Chris keeps using it again and again without fail. I can only say what I saw as ‘sublime’. She keeps casting that magic despite blood coming out from her eyes and ears, even after throwing up blood, she continues casting that magic. Yet, even with her effort, the four beasts of evil only get small injuries.” 

After saying that, Danchou-san averted his gaze away from Makina-san. 

“It was after that phenomenon, something strange happens. After Chris fell, the four beasts of evil circled her fallen body and talked about something. I cannot hear what they said but, after they finished talking among themselves, the eldest among them come close toward me. He said [in respect toward that woman who managed to harm our body, we will overlook you all]…” 

Cold runs down my spine. 
The four beasts of evil said they will overlook ‘you all’. 
What they mean with ‘all’ that means, the other Knights that have already escaped also being included. 
That means they are planning to catch up with those who already ran away. 
I can understand if they would capture those who waited at a certain distance while observing the situation. 
But I can feel they actually able to kill all of those who already run away without exception. 

They determined that they can kill those who escaped even after so much time had passed. 

They simply want to kill 

And kill… 

They also feel confident enough to get relaxed that much. 
Even with that, the knight order was unable to do anything. 

“After I finished treating my wound with first aid… The four beasts of evil left the town. Lastly, they told me [remember, bury the woman gracefully.]” 

Without anyone noticing, the air inside the room stiffened. 
Everyone is in silent, listening to the story. 

“Until now, I can’t understand what does the four beasts of evil means by saying that. They also do not look like having any intention of hunting down the other knights. In fact from how they talk to me, our appearance there can be said as unexpected for them. Furthermore, some of the town citizens were actually alive, but after some investigation, no one knows why they were being spared. In the end, we thought that they are actually not that brutal from what we first thought. Until now, no one really understood what had happened at that time…” 

Danchou-san then continues his talk. 

“Then after that, I was being helped by the town survivor and managed to survive, and returned to the capital. The other knights’ members are safe… We also managed to return Chris body to the royal capital. We then buried Chris body in royal capital.” 

While saying that, Danchou-san gaze feels hollow. 

“I was planned to become this academy headmaster after retired from the knight order… But then I heard some news from her relative sometimes later. I think it was around 6 months after her death. That I heard Chris’ little sister has assumed the office.” 

I see that’s how it is huh? 

I’ve never thought that Makina-san has an older sister. 
Well, she’s already passed away though. 
I’ve also never asked about her families. 
But then again, it’s not like I want to hear about it either. 
The reason why we talk about this also because of the timing. 


It seems like it was about time for us to know about it, that’s why Makina-san did not say anything to block the conversation. 

Makina-san then sipped her tea and put down the cup gracefully. 

“With that being the case, do you think that the reason I hold Sagara Kurohiko is that I want some revenge against the four beasts of evil for killing my sister? Thinking that with the forbidden spell, we might be able to defeat them? Is that how it is?”

“I will not deny such an idea come to my mind…” 

Danchou-san immediately responded toward Makina’s question. 

Is that means, Makina-san wants to use me for revenge, to kill the four beasts of evil? 
However a while ago she seems to indicate it was a misunderstood… 

“Let’s see… Indeed I want to kill the four beasts of evil… I was looking for a way to do that indeed…” 

Makina-san admitted that frankly. 

“However, you’re misunderstood that I was doing it for revenge…”

“… Fumu.” 

“My sister action was in accordance with her beliefs. And I’m not going to deny her action, rather, I respect her for it. Of course, at the time I found out about her death, I was feeling really depressed, but a person can’t walk toward the future if they are forever bound by the past. Besides, If it was a personal matter such as revenge, I won’t involve others in it. I’m not that low you know?” 

Makina-san eyes looked straight at Danchou-san eyes. 

“I will say it once again. I do think it was dangerous to leave the four beasts of evil as it is… Not just for those who live in Lunezlet, but also for those who live in Mizuberia.”

“In other words, your intention is not for revenge, but for this country huh?” 

“That’s right… Kurohiko.” 


Suddenly being mentioned, I was feeling surprised. 

“You, do you know anything about the four beasts of evil?” 

“I do know that name… But I have no chance of knowing who or what they are…” 

I do know that they are four strong people. 

“Since we’re at it, let’s us tell you about them. Everyone here knows about them… So can I talk about it for a bit?” 

Following Makina-san words, the others nodded their head. 
Then Makina-san took a deep breath. 

“Now then, I will tell you about the four beasts of evil.”