Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 74

Chapter 73

Makina-san is leading the three people who come for the hearing to a room in the academy. 
Kyurie-san and I follow them from behind. 

The room they were heading is as big as the headmistress office room. 
A long desk is being placed in the center of the room. 
I sit in the middle with Makina-san and Kyurie-san sit on both of my sides. 
Sitting on our opposite side are Sogud-san and Diarez-san. 
Vanshutosu-san is standing leaning on the wall. 
“Let me introduce myself once again. I’m the deputy leader of the sacred tree knights chivalric order, Diarez Arclight. Please to meet you.” 
Diarez-san introduces himself. 
“I’m Sogud Sigmus. I’m the leader of the sacred tree chivalric order, regards!” 
“Vanshutosu Troia… Sacred tree knight… Sacred tree eight swords…” 
The remaining two follow suit. 
I have to reintroduce myself here. 
When I was about to do so, Mia-san comes while bringing tea. 
After she put all the tea cup on the table and give one to Vanshutosu-san who’s standing, she bowed her head and left. 
After Mia-san left, Makina-san took her cup and began to talk. 
“I was really surprised to have the three of you coming here. Are your work in holiday right now?” 
“I’ve recently defeated the guardian monster inside layer 49, and currently arrived in layer 50, well, we can safely say that we took a rest time…” 
The leader responded. 
He reached layer 50 huh? 
Somehow, it sounds amazing. 
Silent suddenly ruled over the room. 
In that silence, Makina-san brings her cup toward her mouth. 
It was Diarez-san who opened his mouth after a while. 
“Now then, should I begin talking about that day incident first?” 
I asked Makina-san and Kyurie-san while gazing at them. 
Hearing my question they nodded their head. 
I nodded back at them in confirmation. 
“Alright then…” 
I straighten myself. 
“Then, I will start my explanation.” 
Despite feeling some tension, I immediately start to explain the story. 
I try to tell them all the information objectively, and the things that had happened, and only the information that I’ve decided to talk about. 
The three sacred tree Knights members are listening to my story in silent while sometimes chiming in once in a while. 
They are currently chasing after the serial murder criminal that had appeared inside the Royal Capital. 
For now, the most likely criminal is Hibigami. 
I then finished telling them the story. 
And then the knights’ leader opened his mouth, 
He groaned. 
“Almost all the information is matched with the one we had gathered…” 
Diarez-san who writes my story with pen stopped his hand and began to talk. 
“I agree…” 
“However, it becomes clear what the criminal motivation is, I guess… That’s right, is the man called Hibigami really such battle frenzy?” 
“Furthermore, he’s a former member of the sixth institution huh? With this, the plan for us to make a bounty aimed to capture him would turn difficult. Well, in the first place, how many competent humans are there to match against him?” 
It seems hard to put a reward to capture him. 
Because I heard that in the past they tried to do it, and the surrounding people turn into the victim instead. 
“Indeed, also, I heard that he’s not already in the country?” 
Diarez-san’s question came flying at me. 
“Yes, I heard that he was going to the empire.” 
‘I see,’ Diarez-san replied shortly. 
“The empire huh?” 
Looking at him like this, he actually looks like Cecil-san. 
If Cecil-san has a short hair, she might look like him. 
However, the voice is completely different, well, they have a different gender after all. 
And, he also has this graceful behavior similar to that of Cecil-san, it’s just that he gives off a more masculine vibe. 
“That’s mean, we have no other choice other than to leave it alone for now. Furthermore, with him being in the empire… It makes me unwilling to get involved.” 
The leader-san said that. 
Despite saying unwilling and sounds regretting something, he does not give the feeling of being regretting at all. 
That’s right. 
Although I heard the people who will come is someone from the sacred tree chivalric order… Somehow I felt like they are lacking in enthusiasm. 
Not to the point of apathetic but, I had this impression that they talk as if speaking about minor business and finish the hearing as fast as possible. 
However, with how Makina-san reacted at the time they had arrived, I cannot imagine that these three people have the time to go out for just a minor business. 
In other words… There might be something more about this… 
“Well then, we will end the formal inquiry now.” 
The leader-san said those words as if the opening act is over while relaxed his body on the chair. 
Makina-san who was drinking her tea up until now begins to open her mouth. 
“So, are we going to start talking about the main subject?” 
Sharp eyes are looking at me from Makina-san and the Leader-san. 
“A forbidden spell user and also a person from the sixth institution, I’ve been looking forward to meeting the both of you.” 
The leader san’s line of sight directed to Kyurie-san. 
“Kyurie Velstein right? I heard you’re coming from the sixth institution?” 
“That’s right.” 
Kyurie-san immediately responded. 
“How is it, Diarez?” 
Diarez-san shows a fresh smile after being asked by the leader-san. 
“Such beauty… She’s in a different category compared to my sister.” 
For several second, everyone is in silent. 
The line of sight of the leader-san and Diarez-san remained fixed on Kyurie-san. 
And then the leader-san groaned and began to talk to Diarez-san once again. 
“She’s strong huh…” 
“Kyurie Velstein.” 
The leader-san called her. 
“Is the man named Hitogami really stronger than you?” 
“He is…” 
“Fuh… I see… Very well then. And you, the forbidden spell user… Sagara Kurohiko was it?” 
“I heard that you together with Kyurie Velstein was able to drove away Hibigami… That is what I heard, but as expected, did you use the power of the forbidden spell?” 
Kyurie-san and I crossed our line of sight once. 
“… I think it is thanks to the power of the forbidden spell.” 
It is not a lie. 
“Lunusvia little sis-, headmistress.” 
After correcting himself, he directed his gaze at Makina-san. 
“What is it?” 
“Some good students have entered the academy this year it seems.” 
Makina-san lips draw a smile while looking a bit surprised. 
“If they have any interest to become sacred knights then we the sacred tree chivalric order will warmly welcome them.” 
“… Today, you’ve come here to see them with your own eyes?” 
“At least, I do…” 
For that, Kyurie-san shows a confused look. 
“I’m from the sixth institution you know?” 
“What’s wrong with that?” 
The leader-san replied her straight on. 
“I have no intention of mistreating you just because you’re from the sixth institution. It’s the same with demi-human, I have no intention of treating them differently just because they are different from us human. The most important thing is not the race, lineage, or family pedigree. What important is the person ability. And the other is wellー.” 
The leader-san then looking at the vice leader-san 
“It would be great if the person is blessed with a good personality.”
“That words, that was obviously insinuation to me right?” 
Diarez-san smiled at the leader-san. 
“It seems like you realize it, I’m glad.”
“Hahahaha, leader-san is a good joker. By the way, Vanshutosu, what about you? Am I really have such bad personality?” 
Being mentioned so suddenly, Vanshutosu looked really troubled. 
“U-Uhum… I-I think Diarez is a person with a good personality, that is what I thought. The knights within the chivalric order as well, every one looking up to you, you’re a person who can improve the atmosphere just by talking. You’re a good, person.”
“See? That is what he said! Sound, do you have anything to say?” 
“Either that everyone is deceived, or have their weakness grasped. Vanshutosu too, you don’t have to force yourself too much?” 
“N-No… I’m, It’s not going to happen…” 
“See, Vanshutosu-san really understand me after all. I think within the chivalric order it was only Sogud who think I was a bad person you know?” 
“If someone like you being called as a man of character then, all the people within this country have a good character.” 
“Just when on earth are you going to start to trust me, I wonder?” 
“Not going to happen in all eternity.” 
“Hahahaha” Diarez-san laughed after hearing the leader-san respond. 
How should I say this… The top three people from the sacred tree chivalric order, they look like getting along really well. 
“Well, we are those who are also coming from the family who controls this country; thus I can’t really say that we are in this position not because of our lineage. What I said before is just my personal opinion.” 
Maybe because his words are sounds like ridiculing his own self, Kyurie-san shows a more confused expression. 
Looking at Kyurie-san being like that, the headmistress adds some words. 
“They are not trying to force you to join them. As the leader of the chivalric order, he just wants to say that he’s willing to welcome you. You’re still a first-year student after all. You don’t have to think about it too deeply. You can take your time to decide.” 
“… I’m grateful just for your consideration.” 
Kyurie-san’s expression looks complicated. 
“Oh, Leader, you’ve been rejected?” 
Diarez-san said those words happily. 
*Plak* The leader smacked Diarez-san with his hand. 
“You, shut up.” 
They really have such a good relationship. 
Then, the leader-san turned toward me. 
“Sagara Kurohiko.”
“If you wish for it, I will also welcome you. But well, you still have your student life. You can think about it slowly without being impatient as well.” 
“T-Thank you very much.” 
*Jiii* The headmistress stared at me. 
“… Diarez, what do you think after seeing this?” 
The headmistress called for Diarez-san without averting her gaze from me. 
“His quality is unknown. His amplitude is significant, that is my impression of him though. I can’t say it well but, I think he is kind of interesting indeed.” 
“I agree. What will this guy turn into, I can’t really imagine it either.” 
“However, I really want to see him as a sacred knight, and joined the order.” 
Unknown quality is it? 
Compared to Kyurie-san I guess I’m a questionable person? 
Well, my skill is indeed lower than Kyurie-san after all, I understand that. 
I will work hard for the next three years. 
“But well, that’s all from me. So, Diarez, do you have some business here as well right?” 
“Ah… Indeed, well, it was nothing serious.” 
Diarez-san lowered his eyes and then raises it once again. 
Then his eyes slowly directed toward Kyurie-san. 
“There’s something I want to ask, and it is about someone from the sixth institution. Do you know a man named, Rokia?” 
I feigned myself with a poker face while naturally take the cup. 
I tried to cover my expression as much as possible by trying to drink. 
For now, the matter regarding Nois and Rokia should be a secret from them. 
Apparently, Makina-san also has no intention of speaking about that either, since her expression remained calm. 
It is not good for me to show what I know right now. 
She seems to feel just like me and follow suit. 
Kyurie-san then immediately opened her mouth to answer. 
“Yes, I know him. I’ve met him within these past one year.” 
‘Within one year’ that was a good answer. 
Since yesterday can be counted as “Within one year” as well. 
“Within a year, I’ve met him several times.” 
Today, this is the first time Diarez-san shows a gloomy expression. 
He looks slightly irritated. 
After some minutes of hesitation, he slowly opened his mouth. 
“That guy… Rokia, did he said anything about me?” 
“No… He never mentioned your name.” 
Diarez-san’s expression distorted. 
Is that because… Discomfort? 
“… Is that so?” 
“Are you an acquaintance of him?” 
When Kyurie-san asked him that, Diarez-san shows a dark smile on his face. 
“I have some slight connection with that man. In a nutshell… Would it be more precise if I said that he’s the person who once humiliates me, I guess?” 
His eyes grow cold. 
But soon that expression disappeared. 
“… Just now, please forget what I’ve said. Since I heard that someone from the sixth institution would be present in today’s hearing, I want to ask the person something, that is all.” 
For a while, Diarez-san directed his gaze down just like before. 
It was the same expression Cecil-san has “at that time.” 
I guess they are really a sibling. 
The way they feel bothered looks really similar. 
Or rather. 
This sibling from Arclight family. Both of them have the same experience of being defeated by someone from a sixth institution huh? 
What should I do I wonder? 
Should I tell them that I met Rokia in school ground yesterday? 
No, right now is not the time yet. 
The most problematic one from the sixth institution right now is someone called Nois. 
If I told them the information, I might give out too much information. 
This was also the first time he shows such expression. 
The leader-san laughed. 
Although he was just raising his lips a little. 
“Rather than a man, you better chase some woman, you know, Diarez? It is a bad thing to be caught in the past all the time like that.” 
“Muu… For me, this is a serious matter.” 
Diarez-san sulked. 
But the leader-san just nodded his head seemingly being satisfied with something. 
“It is rare for you to be deeply attached to someone. That guy Rokia, he had done a good job huh?” 
This time Diarez-san directed his gaze at Vanshutosu-san. 
“I’m being teased by Sogud…” 
“Don’t you think… You’re overestimating that person?” 
“For it to happen is a rare thing after all. I see, so Diarez Arclight is also had some weakness in him huh?” 
“Ugh, It was a mistake for me to talk about that here…” 
Diarez-san looks a depressed. 
“Ah right, Vanshutosu, you also have something to talk too right?” 
The leader-san asked him. 
“Mu… Y-Yes… I, want to apologize…” 
“Sagara Kurohiko, Kyurie Velstein.” 
While standing and after straightened his posture, he bowed his head deeply. 
“I’ve heard the story… My little brother, he seems to have been rude toward you both… As his elder brother, I wish to ask you for forgiveness in his steed, I’m sorry.” 
Little brother. 
Is it about Bushcutter Troia? 
By any chance, did Vanshutosu-san apologize for what he did during the giant’s subjugation back then? 
“N-No no! There’s nothing for Vanshutosu-san to apologize for! R-Right? Kyurie-san?!” 
“I-Indeed… In the end, the one who did all those things is Bushcutter, that is why there’s nothing for you to apologize for…” 
“No… I know my little brother troublesome behavior… But, I pretend not to realize it…” 
Although his expression only changes slightly, Vanshutosu-san’s feeling of frustration can be felt. 
“My mother, also a problem… S-Since I’m like this socially, b-being all awkward… O-On the other hand, my little brother is a bright person… H-He ends up as the favorite child of our mother… Then he was brought up while being spoiled by her…” 
Come to think of it. I’ve heard about Bushcutter’s mother from Makina-san for a bit. 
At the time when we’re in the middle of collecting the sacred sword and cursed sword that we get from the subjugation. 
But since I don’t really know how to handle them, I left them at the sacred ruin assembly hall. 
Then, Bushcutter mother came, knowing that her son ends up dead and fall into deep sleep, he throws some abusive complaint at Makina-san such as “What are you doing?! Why don’t you manage the academy properly?!” and other kinds of insult… And she seems to have taken all the sacred and cursed sword properly after throwing her complaint. 
But at the same time crying all her might after seeing the sleeping Bushcutter. 
Although I was not present at the time, I heard it while listening to Makina-san complaints so that I can remember it clearly. 
Well, being raised by such mother… I guess I can understand why he turns like that. 
Or rather, he said that his mother would back him up with some sacred and cursed swords that time, unexpectedly, he might be someone with a mother complex… 
“I… I’m not good at dealing with my mother… Thus I have no power to tell her about anything.. But, he is my brother; thus it was also my responsibility… once again, I’m sorry for my brother rudeness…” 
S-Such a nice person… 
“We don’t mind about it… That’s why you don’t have to apologize… Or rather, why aren’t you bore some grudge toward us instead?” 
“I also agree with Kurohiko.” 
“T-Thank you for your consideration…” 
Diarez-san then shows a bitter smile. 
“Geez, Vanshutosu… Furthermore, you said you’re an awkward person? You’re fine the way you are, for me I like you, you know?” 
“I-I see… T-Thank you…” 
“Are~? Vanshutosu, are you feeling embarrassed?” 
“Ugh… N-No…” 
“Don’t tease Vanshutosu, you moron!” 
*Plak* The leader-san smacked Diarez-san head for the second time. 
“In this country, you’re the only person who ever hit my head like this you know? Sogud?! You’re such a crude person you know?!” 
“I want you to at least behave a little bit when in front of everyone… Well, you may as well call it a leader privilege.” 
“Please spare me from the abuse…” 
“Then try to behave a little bit… Now then, I guess we are all already finished our business?” 
He raises his body slightly from the chair and placed his hands on the table. 
“By the way, Headmistress…” 
The air changed. 
The leader-san looking down at Makina-san with his deep dark eyes. 
“There’s something that I want to ask…” 
Makina-san without losing her composure stares back at him. 
“Asking something? What is it I wonder?” 
“You seems to protect the forbidden user soo much… Just what are you going to do with him in your hands?” 
“I see…” 
Makina-san shows an icy smile. 
“Is that the real reason why you are here?” 
The leader-san continued without changing his expression. 
“ーIs it revenges?” 
Makina-san kept her mouth shut. 
After a while, she breathes out. 
“Fine… This is an opportunity in it self, might as well talk about it to dispel all the misunderstanding…” 
Makina then put her small hands on the table. 
“About my elder sister.” 
Makina-san’s elder sister? 
It was the leader-san who sit on his seat once again who opened his mouth. 
“Chris Lunusvia. At that time, she was a gifted woman and the eldest daughter of the prestigious Lunusvia family, who went up to become the sacred tree chivalric order vice leader. Although the youngest person status to be part of the chivalric order has been broken by Diarez… However, even now, no one has ever surpassed her at magic art capability within the chivalric order.” 
Makina-san seems to have given up telling the story herself, and let the leader talk about it. 
She appears to judge that he’s more suitable to talk about it. 
Then, the leader-san begin to tell the story. 
About Chris Lunusvia death.