Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 73

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Chapter 73 (Visitors)

The Greatest Failure. 
Being too naive. 

With such expressionー miscalculation, that is what the person thought. 
Although the original purpose was being achieved, the person could not but regard it as a failure by some unexpected miscalculation. 
That is the impression which I got. 
I don’t know what the miscalculation is was… 
Though I don’t knowー. 

I don’t like word of a failure. 

What do you think of a human being who have been talking about failures? 
I myself at the start is some kind of 『Failure』. 
I’d also sometimes got some heartless words being thrown at me. 
That’s whyー It feels painful. 

“From the person who had created the orphanage in the country of the end, we were told that we’re failures see… But I guess, that makes sense.” 

Her expression turned sour. 
She has a faraway look in resignation. 

“And also, from the start, I feel that I was out of place even when I’m still at the sixth institution… My existence, somehow, somewhere I feel there’s a mistake. Even when I’m in this academy, I also feel such thing all the time. That I… by the end of the time, I was just a foreign being…” 

A foreign being. 
That word is the words that Lokia told me a while ago. 

“I have no place, where I belong.” 

Kyurie-san express loneliness on her face. 
However, she seems to have not realized that she show such expression on her face. 

“That’s why, I tried to find information regarding that woman from Noisー.” 
“You’re not going to disappear, right?” 

If the business with Nois is over. 
She might lose the reason to stay in this academy. 
Anxiety starts to swell from within my heart. 
I feel such uneasiness filling my chest. 


When Kyurie-san is not around. 
When her figure could not be found within the academy. 
Her stuff at the girl’s dormitory is also gone. 
When I could not find her anywhere. 
Just a small note being left behind. 
Since such possibility might happen… I get scared. 

“You’re not going to disappear suddenly, aren’t you?” 

This time it was my turn to ask. 
Kyurie-san does not answer. 
Her lips look like wanderingー looking for a reply. 
That’s why I, 

“I will make it, is that won’t do?” 
“What is?” 
“A place where Kyurie-san consider where she belongs to.” 
“You’re going to make it?” 
“If there’s no place that you belongs to, then I should just make it… would that not do?” 

If there’s no such place, then I should just make it. 

“Such a thing, is it not okay?” 

The feeling where one’s feel like a foreign being. 
If I had to say it, I also feel such thing. 
Lonelinessー that’s where the feeling of being out of place born from. 
Incidentally, I come to my sense. 
In a sense, I feel that I’m a very lonely person myself. 
I feel there’s a thin wall between the people who live in this world and me. 
That is how I feel. 
If I think about it like that, one can say that I have similarity with her. 

I show a bitter smile. 

“If by any chance Kyurie-san feels being out of place then… I’m sure that we’re actually a very similar person.” 

I began to feel a little embarrassed. 

“T-That’s why if we’re the same birds of feather then, I wonder if I can become a place to share such feelingー, that is what I had thought.” 
“Ah right, come to think of it, You’re not a person from this country huh…” 
“To tell you the truth, that is wrong.” 
“Wrong? What is?” 

With a bitter smile on me. 

“Though I was told to kept this secret, to tell you the truth, I’m not a person coming from the eastern country.” 

I said it… ……………………………………………. 

“And also not from anywhere on this continent.” 
“Is that so?” 
“I came from a farther away place… a place that probably the people from this continent never have been to… as for the detailed story of it… it’s a bit complicated, but…” 
“… I see. I’m convinced. Sometimes I feel unfamiliar with the dialect that occasionally mixed in your way of talking… so that’s why huh?” 
“That’s why… I as well, somehow understand your feeling being out of place, that’s how I feel.” 

*Fuuu*, Kyurie-san heaves a sigh from her mouth. 

“I knew it; you’re a kind person…” 

There was a brief silence… 

“E-Emm, Kyurie-san.” 
“People… I think they sometimes change…” 

I gulped my saliva before continue talking. 

“O-Of course, they won’t change suddenly. But, if they try their best to change then someday they will change… that’s what I thought… Therefore even if some people are convinced that they do not have a place they belong to, if they keep on trying, then I’m sure, even those people will find a place where they belongー.” 

Kyurie-san gazed at her own hands in deep thought. 

“People can change, eh?” 
“I’m sorry… somehow, I feel like I make it sound like someone great.” 

I guess this is my limit huh? 
I wish I’m able to say something more, just like a protagonist from some manga here. 

“I understand. I will talk to you before I leave…” 

*Doki* Toward the words that Kyurie-san said, I raised my head. 

“I won’t stay silent…” 
“By all means, I will.” 

I feel glad if she said so. 
Those words at the same time means, 

That she’s going to leave the academy after her business is over. 


I look at the ceiling while lying in bed. 

“What did I do wrong, I wonder?” 

I muttered to myself. 
Currently, the time is late at night. 
Kyurie-san had already returned to her dormitory. 
I’m alone in my own room. 

After that conversation, I ate the dinner that Mia-san had prepared beforehand, and then took a bath. 
Or rather… 
After I had come out from the bath, I realized that the hot water I was immersed with was the hot water that Kyurie-san had entered before. 
And I also noticed that the bath towel that neatly being folded inside the basket is also the one Kyurie-san previously had used. 

I wonder if it’s okay for me to use that bath towel? 

In the end, I used another new towel. 
In such a time, I should not forget my gentleman mind. 
There’s a line a man should not cross. 

Then after that, I climbed on my bed and gazing at the dark ceiling inside my room. 

“Is there something I can do I wonder?” 

Kyurie Velstein. 

If possible, I wish to be able to spend academy life with her and graduate together. 
However, it is impossible for the current me. 
I was not enough as a 『reason』 to make her stay in this academy. 
My request earlier. 
Did not reach her completely. 
I want you to stay. 
It seems like that feeling of mine was being transmitted, though…. 

I wonder how can I make her stay? 
Is it good if Nois were not being caught? 
That is wrong. 
It is wrong if my wish were to come true, and her wish does not. 
That’s why I will help to fulfill Kyurie-san wish without holding back. 
I will leave the problem regarding Kyurie-san until after we catch Nois. 
If by any chance she leaves this place to look for 『that person』 thenー… 


At that time, should I follow her and leave this school? 

I don’t know… 

“Well, first and foremost is to catch Nois first huh?” 

Nois Dis. 
A former sixth institution member. 
Today I was going to ask Kyurie-san about the person in question indirectly but… I was unable to do so due to the atmosphere from a while ago. 

Besides Kyurie-san did say that if she can, she does not want to involve me with it. 
That’s why she might not going to tell me in detail. 
If that is the case then… unexpectedly I will meet Lokia in the academy sooner than later. 
A man with a sly face resurfaced in my mind. 

Lokia huh? 
He seems like he wants something from me, but I wonder what was that all about. 

『If you make a mistake from the right path; you have the potential to become the evilest person.』 


To think that he said I could become the evilest person. 
I feel that those words are more suited for Hibigami though. 

Hibigamiー Oh right… 
I have to think about the impending match against him later. 

I think the current me has become stronger than before. 
I realize that I have become more powerful after the fight against the giant’s monsters. 
But, if I have to say the thing that makes me realize it most then, compared than before, 『that sense』ー I can feel the 『beast』 that is far away… 
Somehow that 『beast』 will surface when I was fighting, and I was at my wit’s end, or in a pinch. 
I wonder if it attracted toward the sense of crisis that was born inside of me. 
At this stage, I can think of it that the 『beast』 consciousness will surface if there’s no other choice. 
Consequently, I was having a hard time to keep my consciousness from being swallowed completely at the time I fight against the blue goblins. 

And I hardly feel such a thing at the time when I fight against the giants. 
That meansー I did not perceive the Giant as a threat. 
Thus, that means I have become stronger. 

I become more powerful. 
However, precisely because I know that I’ve become stronger thatー I feel Hibigami is still far away. 

I wonder how can I beat that man? 
For the time being Kyurie-san is going to train me but… 
After that, what should I do? 
As expected, I also need to think about this carefully. 


Kyurie Velstein. 
Nois Dis. 

The people from the sixth institution. 
At the time Makina-san told me about them for the first time, I didn’t think that I was going to get involved with them like this. 
I wonder if I will continue getting entangled with them. 
Though I also hope always to get entangled with Kyurie-san… 

When I was thinking of such thing, 

I fell asleep. 


Two days passed without any incident. 

Sacred ruin is still being forbidden to enter. 
If the blockade is going to last long, then it will affect the academy ranking at the end of the term… <TLN:  each term is six-month duration in my country> 
From there, some official in the academy suggested an alternative for students evaluation by doing a competitive competition between students, instead of doing sacred ruin exploration… 
Like that, making the assessment easier because the ranking comes out clearly. 
But still, as to how long the blockade of the sacred ruin is not yet being decided. 
It seems like in the end; they choose to wait and see what happen first. 
I also need to do my best at doing the other things since the sacred ruin won’t be opened soon. 

Like that, I spent my time normally. 
Though I feel more enthusiasm when doing battle practice with Kyurie-san now. 
Anyway,  right now I need her power to get stronger. 
It must be because she already knows the prospect that I will fight against Hibigami in the future, she also makes the lessons more seriously than before. 
Looking at Kyurie-san, there’s no particular change either. 

Also, these past two days, Lokia haven’t yet come into contact. 
I didn’t even see his figure within the academy. 
I wondered if he has gone somewhere. 
But it was probably him trying to gather information regarding Nois, I guess? 

These past two days, during lunch, I spent it with five people, including me they are Kyurie-san, Cecil-san, Zix, and Hirgiz-san. 
It’s not like we arranged beforehand, we just gather for no particular reason and then eat normally. 
And me taking a turn having lunch with Kyurie-san or Cecil-san has ceased. 

And then regarding Aira-san, she seems to have reconciled with the upper-classman which whom she makes a group previously. 
The upperclassman appears to have approached her with an apology as reconciliation. 
Be that as it may, it was the upperclassman who selfishly broke the relationship in the first place. 
Although I feel like seeing them as small insects, nevertheless, it is because of the good character of Aira-san that she accepted the reconciliation. 
Inside the dining room, my eyes caught the sight of Aira-san and Rei-san surrounded by the upper classmen. 

After school, I mainly spent my time doing practice against Kyurie-san or Cecil-san. 
However, when they do some sword practice together, they end it in haste. 
A short time later, they would return home earlier. 
Furthermore, based on the atmosphere, it seems to be a secret among them. 
These past two days, after having done what I had learned, feeling bored I do some swinging practice by myself, or going back home and have a silly conversation with Mia-san to amuse myself. 

And also, while doing that, I got her(Mia) to teach me how to do massage a little bit. 
It was quite the thorough guidance. 
Or rather, I received a lot of her massage, and I easily fell for it… 
Of course, it feels superb. 

Mia-san was really amazing. 

That is what I thought. 
Won’t I become the greatest if I were to acquire massage technique from Mia-san while also having the knowledge of pressure point? 
I might unknowingly advance toward a new stage. 

Ah, that’s right… 
At the time when we go toward Silas bathhouse, I should ask Kyurie-san and Cecil-san if I can use this new power of mine or not. 
It won’t grow unless one learn by practice after all! 

And thus, the next day. 

After class, I stood in front of the main gate side by side with Makina-san. 

“*Fuu*, Nois Dis ne?” 

Under the bright blue sky, Makina-san put her finger on her chin deep in thought. 

“If the uproar regarding the giant monster is truly her handiwork then, certainly, I cannot leave it be.” 

While killing some time, I told Makina-san the matter about Nois. 
I decide by myself as to what part of the story that I have to tell her. 


Makina-san began opening her mouth while holding her hair with her left hand which flutters because of the winds. 

“I cannot proactively cooperate at the moment. In other words, I’m still unable to provide things that might benefit that person named Lokia after all.” 
“Well, I guess it will be bad in your current position.” 

For example, giving a list of students profile, in the Headmistress standpoint that kind of thing is quite severe. 

“The credibility of the person named Lokia is still dubious after all.” 
“You seems to have guess it~… Well indeed, there’s about that too. I have not yet talked with the man named Lokia, and I cannot deny the possibility that Kyurie is being used by that man after all. As expected, when it comes to the people coming from the sixth institution.” 

Kyurie-san is a bit unique, by nature one should not let their guard down easily toward the people coming from the sixth institution, I guess? 
Her judgment is not wrong. 

“But still, the story just now, is it alright for you to tell me about it?” 

Makina-san asked such question while feeling worried that her skirt is about to flip up by the wind and trying to prevent it by pressing it down using her right hand. 

“Quite the contrary, Kyurie-san herself who told me to tell Makina-san about it.” 
“Well… Although I cannot cooperate, I will try to overlook the action of that man named Lokia a bit. Moreover… I end up knowing what happen to the man that we detained previously, with this my job is being cut by one.” 

Listening to the matter regarding Ghost, it seems like Makina-san job regarding 『the detained man who escaped』 can stop for a moment. 
In fact with that, her work will decrease by one I bet. 
Makina-san, as if she did not have any intention to hide it, smiling full of joy. 
I feel that it was unusual for her to show such thing. 
This person, even though she have a high sense of responsibility and does a job well, she really dislikes the work itself… <TLN: Everybody does! We only enjoy the salary that comes with it!>

“So, the investigation related to Hibigami also will be cleared out today.” 

We looked at the slope that stretches from the academy main gate. 

That’s right. 
Today is the day Kyurie-san, and I received inquiry by the people from the sacred tree chivalric order. 
Like thus, we’re currently waiting for the sacred tree Knights to come. 

“Sorry, I’m late…” 
“Ah, Kyurie-san.” 

After waiting for a while, Kyurie-san came. 
After the class end, she was caught by Cecil-san to talk about something. 
Since it had nothing to do with me, thus I came here first… 
But still… 
Lately Kyurie-san and Cecil-san. 
Sometimes there’s a time when they had an atmosphere where it makes me unable to jump into the conversation. 
I wonder what… 
Recently I feel that there’s quite the distance between me, Kyurie-san and Cecil-san. 
As a matter of fact, I feel like I spent more time conversing with Zix and Aira-san these past two days compared than with those two. 

It can’t be, those two… 

They are not start a dating right? 

Something like entering the world of Yuri? <TLN: Yuri opposite of Yaoi, means GirlXGirl.> 
If that is really the case… I wonder what I should do? 
Should I bless them? 

I looked at Kyurie-san a little bit. 


Somehow, she averts her eyes awkwardly! 
Perhaps it’s just my imagination? 
Yurism aside, by any chance… Am I being avoided? 
I thought that every day is just the usual day, am I the only one who feels that way? 

P-Probably those twoー… 

『Are you done with Kurohiko?』 
『It’s fine, it’s just him… rather than that, Cecil, you’re really beautiful.』 
『Fufufu, oh you, Kyurie also beautiful you know…』 
『ーMwu… There you go again saying something like that…』 
『Fufufu… after all Kyurie who’s immediately looking embarrassed is cute』 
『But still, that Kurohiko, have he noticed about us?』 
『Who knows? He didn’t notice I think? Rather than that, come onー…』 
『Nnh… L-Like I said, this kind of thing, we should not, Cecilー…』 
『It’s alright… Ne? Leave everything to me… comeー…』 

Then a censored delusion comes… 


It can’t be… 
No no no. 
But still, I wonder what? 
A flame of suspicion that once burned won’t quickly disappear. 
No, how foolish of me. 
Isn’t this all just my misunderstanding? 
Such stupid thing is impossible after all. 
R-Right, I-Impossible indeed… 

As I was feeling frustrated, a sound of horses can be heard. 


A person riding on a horse come closer from the slope direction. 

A white uniform with a tailcoat.  
A light green line is running over the clothes. 
It is the same uniform that I saw being used by the sacred eight swords when I was fighting against Hibigami. 
Perhaps that is the uniform of the sacred tree eight swords. 

At the time when the sacred tree eight sword comes at the location that was what Makina-san had said. 
However… the person with a big body who is riding the horse, I don’t recognize him. 

“Ara~, This is surprising.” 

Makina-san talked as looking surprised. 

After going up the slope and having passed through the front gate, the horse stopped right in front of me. 
There is two broadsword hung on the horse. 
The man with big body dismounts the horse. 

“Makina-sama… it has been a long time…” 

A voice with heavy basses resounding in my mind. 
Although it is a slow and quiet tone, it gave tremendous mysterious force. 
Back then I saw a man named Ghost I thought he has a big body, but compared to him this guy has bigger body. 

Finely chiseled masculine face. 
Lips curve that gives a strict impression. 
A thick neck 
A firm jaw. 
A thick arm from the first glance. 
Full of fortitude and vigor. 
It is a man which giving such an impression. 
However, this face. 
I feel like I’ve seen it somewhere… 

“I had thought that those who’s presence at the location were going to appear, but, for you to appear, that really surprises me, Vanshutosu.” <TLN : the name ヴァンシュトス> 
“That was the plan… however…” 

That name, where did I heard it I wonder? <TLN: Same reaction with me… like “which chapter did this character from damn it”> 

Vanshutosu then bowed to Kyurie-san and me. 

“Sacred Tree Knight, Vanshutosu Troia… Pleased to meet you.” <TLN: Oh the brother of Bashcarta.> 

Come to think of it. 
Cecil had said it before. 
The elder brother of Bashcarta Troia is a member of the sacred tree eight swords, isn’t it? 
Isn’t that mean… he’s the elder brother of that Bashcarta!? 

“A-Ah, Y-Yes, Name is Sagara Kurohiko, Nice to meet you too…” 
“… Kyurie Velstein.” 
“I-I see… So you’re the guys with the name Sagara and Kyurie huh?” 

Vanshutosu-san narrowed his eyes and stared at us. 
It feels like he’s thinking about something. 

“Today, only you?” 

Makina-san asked. 

“No… I did not come alone.” 

Vanshutosu-san turns around toward the slope. 
Our eyes are also turned toward the slope 
Then I saw a carriage climbing a slope. 
And after the carriage climbed the slope, it’s stopped right in front of us. 
After the coachman gives a little greeting, the carriage door opens. 

What appeared first is a lemon-colored hair… Well, is it a lady? 
No… A man? 
That person was also wearing the same uniform as Vanshutosu-san. 

“This is… again, and unexpected fellow appeared ne?” 

Makina-san’s voice this time shows a blatant surprise. 
And as for me, I was struck with the sense that I had seen this person somewhere before. 
However, I noticed this immediately. 
In addition to the beautiful smile, the smile that this person display was similar to 『her』 smile. 
This person is probablyー. 

“Diarez Arclight” <TLN: Name is ディアレス・アークライト> 

Makina-san spoke the name of the person that come out from the carriage. 
Diarez Arclight. <TLN: I swear I feel like typing Dhiarrhez(a)… Hahahaha>  
Cecil Arclight elder brother. 
I heard that he was a sacred tree chivalric order deputy leader. 

I see… 
So that’s Cecil-san elder brother huh… 
A man who broke the record of sacred ruin exploration with only three man team. 
If I’m not mistaken, he’s the man that Cecil-san tried to surpassー. 


And then Makina leaked a somehow deep surprise. 
Her eyes are remain fixed on the carriage door. 

Apparently, somebody was on the carriage. 
The person that comes out after Diarez-san is stepping out with a heavy step while wearing boots. 

The man that appear has a mysterious atmosphere that mix between elegance and wildness. 
Furthermore, even in silence, the person gives quite the intimidation aura around him. 

The sharp eyes that similar to a hawk. 
A jet black eyes. 
Black wavy hair. 
An aquiline nose. 
A well-maintained mustache and beard. 

Furthermore, I realize something on his uniform. 
Although it has the same model as Vanshutosu-san and Diarez-san uniform, it has a different color pattern. 
The color of his uniform is black. 
On his waist was a sword resting in a black sheath treated with golden decoration. 

Thenー There’s no left arm. 
A single arm person. 
The uniform sleeve is swaying in the wind breeze. 

I had an idea who’s this person is. 
A black uniform. 
This person is probablyー. 

“Rank three in sacred tree order Vanshutosu Troia, deputy leader of sacred tree chivalric order Diarez Arclight. In addition to this to think that you would also come… I didn’t expect it at all.” 

Makina-san shrugged her shoulders. 

“Just what’s going on that it turn out like this?” 

The black uniformed man glanced around uninterestedly and then turn toward Makina-san. 
The man begins to talk. 

“It has been a long time isn’t it, Lunusvia little sister~.” 

A different kind of low voice compared to Vanshutosu. 

“Indeed, it has been a long time.” 

Makina-san looked up at the black uniformed man. 

“Sacred Tree chivalric order leader, Sogut Sigmus.”