Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 72

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Chapter 72 (Nois)

A person from the same place as Kyurie-san. 
This man, what is heー 

“What do you want from me?” 

Lokia answered him with a relaxed tone. 

“Relax, I just want to talk a little bit with Hibigami’sー” 

I looked at Mia-san who looks uneasy. 

“Sorry, but, can we go outside if you want to talk?” 

I pointed at the door with my thumb. 

“After all, that is probably something which is better if she does not know about.” 

Since the topic is about Hibigami. 
I don’t want to cause her unnecessary worry. 

“Kurohiko-sama… are you really alright? that person just now said he’s from the s-sixth institution…” 

I smiled toward the anxious Mia-san. 

“Please don’t worry. I will be back immediately.” 

I then turned toward Lokia. 

“Now then, shall we go out?” 

Lokia nodded silently while having a smile on his lips. 

After Lokia went out. 
I followed him and went outside. 

I don’t feel anyone in the vicinity. 
Some trees are nearby shaking calmly by the evening wind. 
In addition, I can see the light leaked from the windows of the girl’s dormitory, and smokes comes out from the chimney of the same residence. 

Lokia then sat on the railing which surrounding the house. 

“It seems like you’re someone who’s unable to calm down eh? Well, I can sympathize with that. This is more than what I’d imagineー, Wait, what are you grumbles about there?” 
“ーーNinth forbidden spell, release.” 

Dimensionals hole appeared surrounding Lokia. 
Chains come out from those holes and binds Lokia. 

“Wha!? Oi, What is this!?” 
“Relax. For now, those chains will only restrict your movements. I have no intention to inflict you any harmー well, at least, for now… And although I do this, I also hold no hostility toward youー Well, that’s also for now.” 

Someone from the sixth institution. 
I don’t know whether this person is going to inflict harm on the people around or me. 
However, though this person looks easygoing, this might be a ploy to launch a surprise attack, that’s usually what’s happen. 
Something might happen to Mia-san if I were to be careless here. 

Though I hold slight hesitation for doing this… In the end, I choose to make the first move. 
It’s just, some feeling of uneasiness remains, whether my strategy will be effective. 
Since I’ve been fighting with someone like Hibigami and the Giants, which capable of easily tearing off the chains. 
Which means, this man might be able to get out from the chains restriction. 
Such anxiety remains within me, butー 

“Listen! Don’t you dare to come out!” 

Lokia raised such voice. 

“This is not the time for you to come out yet Ghost! Right now, this guy does not have any intention to harm me!” 

Is he talking to someone? 
Are his friends lurking somewhere? 
I raised my guard toward the surrounding. 
If so then… are they hiding among trees? 

“My bad. That guy can’t read the mood you see.” 

I’m bothered with what Lokia said a while ago. 

“…Why did you think that I would not harm you?” 
“Kukuku… of course I know. In fact, it would be weird if I was unable to understand such thing right?” 
“Hee, is that how it is?” 
“Since there’s no hostility and thirst for blood emitted from you after all. However, I can see that if you were to regard me as 『enemy』 then you will attack me without hesitation. I can tell that from your eyes you know? But well, rest assured. I also have no intention to harm you eitherー Or rather, I will get murdered by Kyurie if I were to harm you.” 

There’s no hostility. 
This person in front of me also the same. 
Let alone trying to unbind himself; Lokia did not even show any resisting behavior. 

Since he’s empty handed, I had thought if he’s a magic user. 
However, even if he try to use magic art, as long as he’s being restricted by the chains, it would be impossible. 

Furthermore, when those who don’t know the property of the chains try to activate magic arts, they would show a puzzled expression. <TLN: In case you forgot, Makina once tried to activate her magic, but failed.> 
Like the time with Makina-san. 
And when I saw them like that, I can consider them to be “hostile” toward me; thus I can attack without reserve… that was my intention. 

Did he keep his friends on standby? 
He seems to be a man who doesn’t have oversight. 
For now, I should not forget to keep my vigilance. 

“So, what do you want by coming to this academy?” 
“I came for the same purpose as Kyurie.” 

An immediate answer comes without any hesitation. 

“In other words, looking for Nois huh?” 

Lokia opened his eyes wide. 

“That girl, did she talk about Nois as well? You, you’re being trusted by Kyurie very much eh. Fuhahaha… Someone being liked by that Kyurie and Hibigami, this is the first time that has happened in my life!” 
“Is it something that surprising?” 

Kyurie-san aside, being liked by that Hibigami… It does not make me happy at all. 

“You don’t understand, aren’t you?… It is that Hibigami who’s always complaining that the world is boring because he’s too strong you know? Yet, he entrusted his beloved sword to the person he deem worthy for being his lifelong archenemy. Thus, I was very interested with his arch-enemy you see?” 
“Because of that, you come to see me?” 
“Indeed. I do it for killing time since searching for Nois would seem to be going to take a lot of time.” 

Searching for Nois huh? 
This man has come to the academy in search for Nois as well. 
Nois Dis. 
I wonder, what kind of person is she? 
And then, although I’m not asking him, Lokia start to talk about a various thing. 

About the man who broke from the detention room, Ghost. 
And that person named Ghost seems to be unreliable for infiltrating the academy; thus Lokia comes instead. 
The reason why he is pursuing Nois is to get back his stolen beloved sword. 
About him being the leader of one of the three organization at the country of the end “Kingdom of Fools.” 

“About all that, is it alright for you to talk about it so easily to me?” 
“Ah? It’s just some courtesy from me you see, courtesy.  Well, it is a good way to gain trust from the others by revealing your own secret. Since sharing secrets will create trust after all. Geez…” 

I do feel like he has a lot of confidence when talking but… 
Somehow, It’s hard for me to get serious against him. 

“But still, is this a forbidden spell? You, it seems like you’re really a forbidden spell user huh?” 

Lokia looked at the chains restricting him with a face full of interest. 

“Well, more or less.” 

What is this, I wonder? 
Despite being restricted by the chains, he’s very composed. 
As expected, is it because he’s a big shot leading an organization in the country of the end? 

“By the way, you have really unpleasant eyes…” 

Unpleasant eyes? 

“You can say it was the worst eyes.” 

What I know is something like a teacher saying “You have good eyes” toward the protagonist from a shounen manga, but, to think there would be a time when I was being told to have unpleasant eyes… 
I feel soo bad… 

“Fufufu… I see. I came to an understanding as to why Hibigami likes you. This guy is dangerous because the center of his mind is pure. Having a mind like that; indeed it would be easy to shape him right away… whichever it is…” 

What is he saying…? 

“You, what do you know about me?” 
“Even though I may look like this, I have confidence in my ability to judge people character you know? Didn’t I say? I understand… Andー” 

Lokia shows a smile full of joy. 

“You, if you make a mistake from the right path, you have the potential to become the evilest person see.” 

What do you mean, making a mistake from the right path… 
Furthermore, being the most evil… 
Though I don’t want to become a friend of justice, I have no intention to become the in person either you know? 

“I’m not sure if it was because of the forbidden spell or whatnot, but, I feel something sinister coming out from you… Maybe something foreign? I don’t know how to express it well… let see, right, you reek of an aura that you’re an existence that should not be here originally, I guess that kind of expression?”  

Really, what’s with this person? 

“Well, whatever… Oi how about, you come to my side?” 
“Fuhahaha, do you understand? I’m inviting you to become a member of the 『kingdom of fools』” 
“W-What did you say?” 
“You don’t have to think that you would be under me alright. If you were able to display power and being acknowledged by the others, you might become a king as well. No, I guess you have the potential to control the country of the end I guess, eventually? Oh right, don’t you have a promise with Hibigami after three years? If it’s over there, there will be a lot of opponents to prepare yourself against Hibigami you know? Coincidentally, while practicing, you may kill anyone you like, see?” 
“W-Wait a moment!” 

Like I said, what is he saying? 

“I see, do you also want some remuneration? What is it? Money? Or is it a human being? If you want, you can have women or men as much as you want. I will prepare the most beautiful women you know?” 
“W-Why is the talk suddenly derailed like that? Talking like that, where did you find value in me, to begin with?” 
“Those two… Hibigami and Kyurie, it is a fact that they have attachment toward you, I can guarantee your worth. Well, even before we speak face-to-face like this, I also doubt how much value you have seen, however, now I understand.”  

Lokia looked happy. 

“Not only you being the user of forbidden spell. You have the potential to become the greatest evil. Thanks to that purity of yours.” 

I don’t really understand what he had been saying. 
Moreover, the greatest evil he said… 

*Kukuku*, Lokia laughed pleasantly. 

“Look at you, isn’t it proof enough just by looking at your unawarenessー Nn?” 
“Before Hibigami do so, it seems like you want to be killed by me instead huh, Lokia?”  

A sharp stinging voice. 
Lokia and I turn our line of sight toward the source of the voiceー among the trees. 


From within the trees and darkness, a man flies out carrying a coffin on his back while groaning painfully. 
Then the man fell. 
The man has a bald head and mustache on his face. 
Just looking at how he carry the coffin on his back, one can see that he has a good physique. 
Although judging from his face at a glance, he seems to already age a little bit… 
This man’s probably the one called Ghost. 
Unlike Lokia, he didn’t wear a uniform. 

“S-Sorry, Lokia.” 

From behind Ghost who speak off an apology, someone appeared. 

“Can you explain what happens here? I will overlook your activity if it’s for searching Nois, but, I didn’t say anything about allowing you to put your hands on Kurohiko you know?” 

It is Kyurie-san wearing her uniform. 
Because of the moonlight, I could see a cold expression on her face. 

“W-Wait Kyurie! As you can see I’m being restricted here, you approached!? And you know, I didn’t say anything about laying my hands on Kurohiko either!” 

*Broadly Grinning*, Lokia then laughed. 

” ‘I don’t have any intention of harming Sagara Kurohiko,’ didn’t I said that already?” 
“I don’t want to hear your excuse… Are you alright, Kurohiko?” 
“I’m alright… nothing has been done to me.” 
“… I see. Alright then, you may disable your forbidden spell. Since if this person makes weird movement, I will take care of it.” 

I then disable my ninth forbidden spell. 
Then after the chains disappear… 

“Emm, about that, I’m sorry…” 

I said that to Lokia. 

“Ha? About what?” 

Lokia tilted his head while fixing his uniform. 

“No, it’s just that I have been using forbidden spell on you without listening first.” 
“Oh… you don’t have to worry about that… Your actions are not wrong. In fact, I feel disappointed that it did not being accompanied with the proper mental attitude.” <TLN: Because Kurohiko did not shows any thirst for blood>
“You…. you’re a nice person huh…” 
“I can understand a bit about you after some talk… you’re actually not really a bad guy.” 

Kyurie-san raised her voice which is unusual. 
On the other hand. 


Lokia raised a loud laugh. 

“This me, ‘a nice person’ he said!? Oi, did you hear that Kyurie!? This guy, he just said I’m a ‘nice person’ you hear!? Toward the ‘demon king’ of ‘kingdom of fools’ which being feared by the people of the country of the end! Just where did you see a ‘nice person’ in me!?” 

Lokia then twisted his mouth in a big arc. <TLN: Big grin I guess.> 
Sharp fangs poking out from his mouth. 

“But, I see… you’re a person who can give priority toward his criteria eh. I don’t hate those kinds of people. “How about it? the things we talked before, how about you think seriously about it for a bit?” 

Kyurie-san approaches me and crosses her hand across my shoulders as if embracing me. 

“… Kurohiko what did he say to you?” 
“Ky-Kyurie-san, emm, that is, it’s hitting me I said…” 

Her chest is… 

“Well, it’s just me asking for him if he has any interest in my organization.” 
“What did you say? You bastardー.” 
“Wait wait… I didn’t force him into it, and I have no intention to doing so either. And from here on out as well… But stillー In opposition to you and Hibigami, I as well need a capable person you see.” 

As soon as separating from me, Kyurie-san launched her kick toward Lokia head. 

“Oi! That’s dangerous, you bitch! Just now, you tried to kill me didn’t you?” 

Lokia inclined his body and barely able to avoid the attack. 

“Fuu… said the one who’s not dead yet…” 
“Haa, still an unpleasant woman, as usual, aren’t you! furthermore, if you kick with that uniform, I’ll be able to see it, you know… have you consider yourself in front of your beloved Kurohiko-dono for being improper?” 
“Even if you saw my underwear… ah, nothingー.” 

Kyurie-san then pins her skirt down while gaze at me looking uneasy. 
Emm, well… it’s true that I saw it but… 

“Hee? as expected, if it’s in front the man you love, you will feel shy huh? Fuhahaha, once again, I saw something unusual. That Kyurie Velstein being bashful. I guess human will changes as time goes on huh…” 
“… Kurohiko will not go to the country of the end. I will not allow it.” 
“I think, it’s not okay for you for being over protective. Won’t that turn a slightly insulting? It will give the image of Kurohiko being a man who’s always being protected by you, you know?” 
“I, don’t mean it likeー.” 
“Well whatever, this time about Nois sword.” 

Like that Lokia changes the topic. 

“It seems like you have already talked about it with Kurohiko, isn’t it? Whether you want to involve Kurohiko with it or not, I seriously can’t judge it.” 
“I… If it’s something I can do, I want to cooperate with Kyurie-san. That’s why if I’m being allowed to help, I want to help find this Nois person. That’s why I also want to know the information.” 
“Well, that’s what Kurohiko said, but, do you have any objection?” 

Toward Lokia question, Kyurie-san looked a little bit hesitant for a moment, but then she consented. 

“Although there’s no objection… but, I have to tell you about the circumstance first.” 

Then she softened her atmosphere a little, and continue the topic that Lokia started. 

“About this Nois person, there’s something that I want to know but.”  
“Nn? What is it?” 
“Do you know the matter regarding the giants that appeared inside the sacred ruin the other day?” 
“…Well, a bit… is there something about it?” 
“About the nature of that giant, there’s something that I caught my mind a little bit.” 
“Hmm? The nature of it?” 
“How absurd the giant absorbing ability has, it’s like a certain someone has.” 
“In other words… you want to say that it was similar to me is it?” 

The gaze of the two intersect. 
A slight tension is flowing. 

“No, I don’t think it was your doing. But, today, I got an idea you see. I thought if by any chance that the giants are 『created』 by someone.” 
“And then, that giant was being made in reference toward me, is it? If that the case then… those who can do that would be small you know?” 
“Even without me saying it you know right?” 
“Nois huh?” 
“Yes, I think so…” 
“I see, so that’s how it is…” 

If it’s Nois, then she’s capable of to do anything. 
Lokia looked like about to say those words. 

“Such as why the Giants and its small monsters able to move up to the upper layer, where the monsters of the sacred ruin supposedly unable to do? And also, the small monsters that abide the giants are attacking the monster of the sacred ruin as well. From this reasoning, I thought that there’s the possibility that the Giants are not monsters from the sacred ruin. The Giants and the small monsters are foreign for the sacred ruin.” 
“In other words, you want to say that Nois was the one who ‘created’ those giants and small monsters in sacred ruin, is that it?” 

Kyurie-san nodded. 
Lokia began to stroke his chin with his hand. 

“Your goal is… Well, Kyurie can’t be wrong I guess?”  

Kyurie-san goal? 
What does that means? 

“And also, I’d noticed… at the time when we’re inside the sacred ruins, Nois might be there as well.” 

Nois Diz is inside the sacred ruin? 


Kyurie-san eyes turned toward me. 

“When you were looking at that giant, what did you see?” 
“Eh? I thought it was a monster of the sacred ruin but…” 
“Well, that’s how it is… Because it appeared inside the sacred ruin, it’s natural to think like that. Moreover, lately, there’s a rumor about unusual phenomenon inside the sacred ruin. Thus even if an unknown monster were to appear, it wouldn’t be weird.” 

Kyurie-san put her hand on her chin and tried to recall something. 

“And… At that time… after Viburk, those who appeared late are students from Viburk group right?” 

It’s about Beoza and several students who escaped from the giant and small monsters huh? 
They appeared a little after Viburk appears. 

“And immediately, there was a student who rushed toward Cecil right?” 
“I-I guess?” 
“And that student ask for help. and said about 『blue golem』 like monster…” 

I try to recall my memory. 
Indeed, there’s someone who said that. 
Although I don’t feel anything weird in that situation. 
Then Kyurie-san continued. 

“Nevertheless, everyone keeps on calling the monster the ‘giant’ all the time when we do subjugation operation.” 
“Now that you mention it, indeed that is the case…” 

In short, the female student who said 『Golem』 caught Kyurie-san attention? 
But still, I wonder, what kind of monster a golem is in this world? 
Then, as if answering my question, Kyurie-san began talking about golem. 

“If I’m not wrong, there’s exists a spell to create 『Golem』. However, it was being regarded as a lost magic. Furthermore, a monster associated with golem did not exist in sacred ruin identification manual… despite that, why that student use the word ‘golem’ at that time?” 
“Isn’t that only because the monster unconsciously remind the student about golem?” 

Lokia then raised such question. 
That might be true. 
There’s the possibility that she blurted that word out accidentally. 
It will be hard to judge someone as suspicious only with that remark. 
However, it seems like Kyurie-san had thought about that as well. 

“That may be so…” 

She accepted what Lokia said easily. 

“However, it’s not just that.” 

Apparently, there seems to be some other thing that causes her uncomfortable feeling. 
Kyurie-san then put an expression as if searching someone within her memory. 

“The way how that student protection gear broke is weird you know? How should I put it… I feel like it was intentionally being damaged? Furthermore, only that female student did not suffer wounds among Viburk group. Even though the other students have at least a little injury.” 

Now that she mention it… 
Only that female student have no injury on her body, just her protective gear being damaged. 
At that time, I thought she just merely lucky. 
Come to think of it. 
I remember another thing. 
Before the subjugation operation. 
When our group bumped each other after went out from the dining hall, the one who intervene Kyurie-san when she was unable to endure Bashcarta instigation. 
At that time, 

『That silver haired person, even though she’s beautiful, she’s scary~』 

If I’m not wrong, the one who said that is the same female student. 

“Well, it might be just my imagination, though.” 

Kyurie-san then added those words at the end. 

At this point, without any detail, it would just end up as speculation. 
However, since it was the Nois Dis that come from the same place as her, she was unable to throw away such a small possibility, I guess? 

Nois Dis. 

If that female student is truly Nois Dis then… 
She’s able to adapt to this place very naturally. 
If I have to say itー, It’s as if she become the noise of the place itself. 
There’s no visible insistence either. 
And there’s no clear form either. 
It’s just, despite having no clear form, it’s exist. 
Nois Dis nickname is 『Intangible Play』.
<TLN: Previously, I translate it as Abstract/Immaterial… but now, looking at this description, it’s more like Intangible yes?… or should I stay with “Immaterial”?> 
Or so that’s what I heard. 
A person who play while being Intangible. 
Somehow or other, I have the feeling that I understand as to why she has such nickname. 

Then, a question comes to my mind. 
But still, why did that person have to go that far? 

Wait a minute? 

“Yet you still unable to notice her isn’t it? You both are the same former member of sixth institution right?” 

Is it because she uses a disguise? 

“Ah, I have not yet talk about it with you, isn’t it? Nois you see, not only she is mastering the lost golem creation magic artー.” 

Kyurie-san then continues speaking with an expression as if finding something troublesome. 

“She also able to uses a spell that changes her own face freely, you see.” 


After that, we talk a little bit more. 

It seems like Lokia will stay in the academy and continue investigating. 
He said that he’s going to investigate the students most recent data and appearance immediately. 
For example, whether or not there’s a student whom the appearance changed. 
And to get that information is mainly focused on monetary compensation, taking advantage of your opponent weakness, or giving the person something to exchange with something that one want. 
Looking at it, unexpectedly, how they gather information is quite secure. 

On the other hand, Kyurie-san seems to have asked Beoza-san about the girl identity. 
Because this is Viburk group we are talking about, thus they will be strict about the lineage of the members before adding them to the group. 
Then we decided that currently, Nois had been impersonating that student. 
There’s the possibility that something would come out if we investigate the surrounding of the student that she impersonates, that is what we had thought. 
Since it was Beoza and the others, it should be easy to get information from them, if the one who asked is Kyurie-san who saved them. 

And according to Kyurie-san, As long as Lokia’s action did not threaten Kyurie-san’s life, she is going to overlook his action. 
For the sake of capturing Nois. 

And as for me, 

“If you have the time, go and inform the headmistress. I will leave it to you as to how much information that should be given. That headmistress is smart. She should be able to handle it well.” 

Thus such order being handed to me. 

“Is it alright for me to only do that much?” 
“Since you’re close with the headmistress, that’s why I leave it to you. and also… I’ve dragged you until here but, I still don’t want to put you deeply into it. For catching Nois, Lokia and I will do our best.” 
“If there’s ever a time you need my power… please do ask me anytime alright?” 
“Alright, when the times come, I will depend on you.” 

When we have such deep talk, maybe because she’s unable to keep silent anymore, Mia-san peeked out from the door with a worried face. 

“E-Emm… are all of you alright?  Just now, somehow I heard a tremendous noise from outside, but…” 

Naturally, the conversation is being cut because of it. 
I immediately tell her to go back inside, and Mia-san quickly went back inside the house again. 

I do not want to give Mia-san unnecessary worry, and I have no intention to tell her the things about Nois as well. 
I do not want to involve her in this. 
Kyurie-san as well, she immediately stopped the topic about Nois. 
Judging from her look, she seems to have the same opinion as me. 
And well, if she were to have such a long talk here, then the students from the girl’s dormitory might find it suspicious. 

“Well I guess we should head back for today… let’s go, Ghost.” 

Ghost who since earlier sitting cross legged and keep silent began to stand up. 
In this connection, he does not participate in our conversation at all. 

“Well, since we’re in this school we will meet again somewhere. At the time when the scary silver hair lady is not present, let’s have some talk more, forbidden spell user.” 
“… It seems you want to die huh, Lokia.” 
“Like that, your image within Kurohiko will decrease you know!? Haa~,is there a man who would love such a girl with a frightening look like that! How about you try to behave like a maiden properly for a bit!? Like the girl from Feril Clan from just now!?” 
“… Uh…” 
“That’s why, Kurohiko! Be careful with the scary onee-san alright! In the first place, there’s nothing good other than the beautiful face! Fuhaha, hahahaha! Well then! See you later!” 

While leaving with laughing in triumph, Lokia waving his hand together with Ghost disappeared into the woods. 
Kyurie-san being left behind with me with an angry face. 

“F-For now, shall we go inside?” 
“… U-Un…” 
“Am I… scary?” 
“A-A while ago, a little bit.” 
“Like I said, don’t worry about it! Since I know that Kyurie-san is a good person!” 

Uh… I have to change the topic! 

“C-Come to think of it, a while ago did Kyurie-san pass by here by chance?” 

Since she comes out from the grove of trees suddenly. 

“Nn, Yes… I was thinking of borrowing your bath.” 
“A bath is it?” 
“Although there’s a public bath inside the girl’s dormitory, but, somehow I can’t get used to the girl’s eyes looking at me see… however, today I have a hard practice with Cecil and the others thus generating a lot of sweat, soo…” 
“I don’t mind if you want to use the bath…” 

It’s not my house, to begin with. 
Well, one can say it’s like a public place. <TLN: His house> 

“Thank you then… Since I’m being isolated at the girl’s dormitory, somehow they looked at me with strange eyes, you see. I do think that I should get used to it but… well, you know…” 

Kyurie-san takes breathes in as if feeling embarrassed. 

“If it was a malicious attitude then I can ignore it, but, the problem is I don’t feel any malice from them which confuse me.” 

Doesn’t that mean they looked at her with a sense of admiration? 
Since Kyurie-san seems to be popular with the girls after all. 
Well, I can understand them for finding her to be hard to approach since they don’t know her true nature. 
Thus since the girls can’t actually measure their distance, in the end, they are only able sending passionate gaze from a distance. 

Kyurie-san then went to the grove of trees for a moment and comes back with a jute bag in her hand. 
It seems like she put her change of clothes inside of it. 

“Well then, shall we head inside?” 

Thus we are going inside the house. 
Then after we went inside, we tell Mia-san about the circumstance. 

“Well then, I will return for today.” 

Thus she tried to leave. 

“Eh? Are you going to go back home?” 
“Aa, I’ve already prepared the bath, thus there’s nothing to be worried about. the water should be still hot.” 
“That’s not what I meantー.” 
“Fufufu, I won’t do something boorish. Kyurie-sama too, please do enjoy yourself.” 
“Mia-san… emmー.” 
“You can’t, Kurohiko-sama.” 

She raised her index finger, and Mia-san gently rebukes me. 

“I may be fine with it but… please do think about Kyurie-sama feeling.” 

Kyurie-san feeling? 

“Well then, I will excuse myself.” 

After bowed her head and smiling, Mia-san left the house. 
What was that? 

I sat down on the chair waiting for Kyurie-san finished her bath while having a question mark above my head. 
After a while, Kyurie-san comes out from the dressing room. 

“This… may I borrow this?” 

Kyurie-san comes out while wiping up her hair using the clothe that I usually use as a bath towel. 

“This saves me the trouble… Even without a magic tool, it was a very good hot bath. …Nn? What’s wrong?” 
“Ah, no…” 

I wonder why… 
Kyurie-san looks awfully sexy; maybe it was because she just comes out from the bath. 
Her moist and wet hairs occasionally drops some water drips from the tips. 
Her face looks flushed, and her eyes look a bit wet as well. 

And, about her clothes. 
She might only change her underwear. 
Since she is wearing the usual academy uniform. 
However, the usually buttoned jacket is currently being opened… and due to the clothes being a bit wet, it becomes transparentー. 

I must not look at her. 
If I were to stare at her, that’s not the manner of a gentleman. 
I firmly closed my eyes. 

“What are you doing?” 

I feel like her voice were awfully close; thus I opened my eyes. 

“Nn? ーUwaaah!?” 

Kyurie-san were bending her body while looking directly at my face. 
Beautiful eyes are looking at me wonderingly. 
Or rather, from this angle, h-her chest isー. 

“K-Kyurie-san stop! It’s dangerous!” 
“Dangerous… about what?” 
“F-First please sit down on the chair alright?” 

Kyurie-san is then sitting on the chair while tilting her head confused. 
She sits down on the chair next to me. 
I thought she was going to sit down on my opposite direction, but… 

W-What do you mean scary… 
A-Aren’t her looks that of a typical girl? 
That Lokia, are his eyes bad or what? 

Perceiving something, Kyurie-san shows gloomy expression on her face. 

“You… won’t go to Lokia side right?” 

Muttering a few words, she said that softly. 
Is she concerned about that? 
I smiled wryly. 

“I won’t… as long as Kyurie-san is in this school that is…” 

The smile returned to Kyurie-san lips. 
Her usual cool smile. 

“Is that so… For you telling me that… I’m happy.” 

Her eyes relaxed. 
A gentle silence then flows on the atmosphere. 

“You see, Kurohiko.” 
“Do you not want to know the reason why I’m chasing Nois to this academy?” 

Kyurie-san shakes her head lightly. 

“That’s not it… I’m the one who actually wants to talk about it.” 

Kyurie-san then asked me while smiled bitterly. 

“May I talk about it?” 
“Please do…” 

Kyurie-san then turned to the front and put her hands on the table. 

“Nois you see, she seems to know the whereabouts of the woman who made the thirteen orphanages in the country of the end.” <TLN: So it was a woman huh?… the one who make those orphanages.> 

Originally there were thirteen orphanages. 
However, only the sixth institution survived in the chaotic land. 
I waited for her words in silence. 

“Probably Nois is the only person in the sixth institution who know the whereabouts of that woman. the whereabouts of the woman who abandoned us.” 

*Fuu*, exhaled some breaths, Kyurie-san then continues. 

“Well, I don’t bear any grudge for being abandoned. If it’s that place then, anyone would want to escape without a doubt. It’s just… I want to know. The reason as to why she creates thirteen orphanages in the country of the end. The reason why, she wants to bring us up in that hell.” <TLN: Experiment maybe?> 

Gloomy air appeared from her eyes, where she gaze at the empty space. 

“The words of that woman before disappearing… that is, I still remember it clearly.” 

Kyurie-san eyes seem like looking at the distant past. 
And then she spoke the words calmly. 

“『I’ve created the greatest failures.  I was too naive.』” 

TLN: Will make small fix on chapters containing anything about Nois… such as fixing her nicknames on previous chapters.