Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 71

Chapter 71 (Massage)

The fragrance similar to that of lavender scent tickled my nose as soon as I entered the room. 
This is Makina-san private room. 
It has been a long time since the last time I entered this room. 

Thick curtains are covering the two big windows which lead toward the terrace. 
Warm light from crystal lit up the room. 

After taking off her shoes, she is laying down sprawled facedown on the bed with canopy. 

“Well then, please do it properly.” 
“A, Yes…” 

While answering her, I looked closely at the small shoes which she left at the bedside. 
I learn her size. 
So small. 
I’m able to know… how small it is. 
If possible, I would like to see more closelyー. 

“What’s wrong? is there some bug?” 
“No, I’m sorry. I will come now.” 

I stand beside her bed. 
There’s some distance between me and Makina-san who’s sprawled on the bed. 
In this position, it would be hard to adjust my power. 

“Is it okay if I get on the bed as well?” 
“I don’t mind. and alsoー.” 

Makina-san turned toward me and showed a teasing smile. 

“It’s not like this is the first time for you to get on this bed right? after all, you’ve spent one night in this room, no?” 
“Aー, indeed, there was that kind of thing…” 

I smiled wryly. 
That was my first night here. 
I remembered that night which makes my heart throbbed greatly. 

“You’ve changed now.” 

Makina-san said that with deep emotion while placing her hand on her jaw to support. 

“I wonder about that… it might be just a mask that has come off you know?” 
“If that is the case then, having it come off, isn’t that the correct answer?” 
“Is that so?” 
“At least that’s what I think so~.” 

After having that conversation, I get on the bed. 
I move to Makina-san side who have already lying down. 
In front of me, there’s Makina-san defenseless body while baring her back to me. 
Having this situation happen because of my own self aside, somehow I feel like this situation is strange. 

“First, may I ask you to do my lower back?” 
“Is your waist stiff?” 
“Well, a bit, lately. maybe because I have a lot of work while sitting down?” 

I draw myself close and put my hands on Makina-san’s lower back. 

Actually, when I was in the former world, I had often overuse my eyes in front of the PC, and I was a bit worried about my stiff shoulders. 
Because of that, I’d used a lot of my time checked about stiff shoulders. On the internet. 
And then with relevant keywords, I arrived at a site that introduce me things about massage and pressure point that will improve blood flow. 
Nevertheless, before I notice it, I’d read through the entire site from the beginning until the end. 

That useless knowledge that I got at that time should be useful now but… 
I have never massaged someone body before. 
It’s just the kind of learning by watching. 
Will I be able to do it properly? 

“I, might not be that good at doing it you know? and I’m not used doing it to another person either.” 
“It’s fine. Though Mia is good at it, her strength is too weak. That’s why I’ve been wondering what if I had a man do massage to me. But, there’s no man whom I can ask to do such thing around me. Let’s see; it might be good for you to ask Mia to teach you how to do it good later.” 
“Is that means, I will be doing it in the future as well?” 
“That’s my intention, what? you don’t want it?” 
“Well, it’s not like I don’t want to do it, but…” 

‘Isn’t there anyone more suitable for that role?’ That is what I had thought. 
Well, that asideー. 

“Well then, here I come.” 

I fixed my hands on Makina-san slender hips. 
Even though clothes is covering her body, her hips shape transmitted to me clearly through my hands. 
I gently pressed her lower back with my thumbs. 

“Is it this place?” 
“Mm, a little bit lower.” 
“… Yes.” 

*Gyu*, I lightly press my thumb again. 
Around here, it’s a bit stiff. 

“Nnh… T-There, Good…” 
“L-Like this?” 
“ーUnh, t-too much strength… try a bit more gentleー.” 

I try adjusting my pressing power. 

“… How is it?” 
“Anh~, yes… that much feels good… Nnh~, fufu… what do you mean by not used to it, aren’t you good.” 
“… Thank you.” 
“Nnh, don’t be negligent… you put too much strength just now, you know?” 
“I-I’m sorry.” 
“Ahn, there… it feels good… Nnh, Ahー…” 

Can’t you try not to make a strange tone like that? 
Although I just doing massage, yet, I feel strangely excited. 

In the first place, why am I doing this anyway? 
Ah, right. 
I have come here to find out her foot size. 
Ops…That was bad; I can’t be like this. 
I was about to lose sight of my original purpose. 

While raising my thumb that used to massage her according to her instruction, my eyes line of sight slide around Makina-san’s thighs and go down to her foot. 
Although she wears knee-high socks, I was still able to understand her foot shape. 
I must burn her foot shape and size firmlyー. 


Still, she has a very thin leg… 
If I were to shift my line of sight slightly, I could see white skins between her flipped skirt and her knee-socks. 
Attractive smooth thighs. 
Shifted my line of sight a slightly above from that place, small buttocks is entering my view. 
Butー right now, it’s her foot. 
Only her foot is important right now. 

“Kurohiko, why are you staring at my lower body like that?” 

There Makina-san stared at me with half-opened eyes. 

“N-No,  this is not like what you thinkー..” 
“You seems to pay so much attention to my legs… is there something with my legs?” 
“That isー.” 

There’s a bug on your legs?ー I guess that’s impossible. 
Since it was very obvious that there’s no insect there. 
I might scare her as well if she’s someone who is afraid of insects. 
I then would end up making malicious mischief, which I rather not. 
However, if I were to tell her about the matter of wanting to find out her foot size, the surprise factor would beー. 

“Iー.. really like the legs of a beautiful girl.” 
“Yes… It was the first time for me to see a person with beautiful legs… without realizing it, its caught my eyes.” 

I immediately have some thought after saying those words. 
Would that be really alright!? 
Do I have to throw away my soul just to protect the surprise present thing!? 

But, since I’ve already gone this far, I guess I have no room to withdraw anymore. 
I have no choice but have to do it. 

“Funn. beautiful legs that you’d seen for the first time huh?” 
“Yes, I think yours are very wonderful legs.” 

Makina-san then raised her body and sat back on the bed. 
And then with flushed cheek and while twirling her hair, she speaks while raising her voice nervously. 

“W-Well… for you to say that. It does not feel that bad though.” 

But, right after saying that, she directed her gaze that shows slight gentle reproach feel toward me. 

“But to think you have legs preference… It’s rather unusual, or how should I put it… are such preferences is something normal in your former world?”  
“No, I think it was a special preference even in my world.” 

Well, to tell you the truth, Makina-san legs shape are good enough to make the surrounding getting charmed by it. 
Even with her wearing her knee-high socks, I was able to understand it. 
But, even though I said that it’s not like I have a legs fetish or anything. 

“Emm… is the massages end already?” 
“Do you want to touch it?” 
“Like I said… my legs.” 

Makina-san pulls up one of her knees up. 
My line of sight unintentionally gazed toward the space between her thighs that barely visible, I immediately turned my eyes away. 

“If you want to touch it, I will allow you, you know?” 

This is… 
Is this a possibly a chance? 

“I-Is it alright?” 
“In exchange for that, I will have you massage it as well alright? Ah… should I also take this off?” 

Makina-san pinches the edge of her knee-high socks. 
The angle from here is dangerousー, or rather… 
Now is the chance for me to thoroughly analyze Makina-san legs. 
This is something that I ought to do right? 

That’s not it… 
After coming this far, I can’t just withdraw anymore. 
I try to resolve myself. 
I will become stronger. 
Isn’t that what I decided a long time ago? 
Though I feel something is different compared to my image. 
I made my determination and said it. 

“Please, I want to see it.” 
“I understand. Wait a minute.” 

“Here we go,” while saying that Makina-san is taking off her knee-high socks. 
I desperately avert my eyes from the space between her thighs. 
I can feel my face were burning up. 
…Or rather, her wariness is so small, though it was somewhat great. 

What should I do? 
Is this because of her trust toward me, I wonder? 

While I was thinking about such thing, Makina-san has finished taking off her knee-high socks. 
Then her fair white skins without stains become completely bare. 
“There,” Makina-san then let her legs rest on the bed loosely. 

“Well then, please do so properly alright.” 

Immediately, Makina-san who looks uneasy added. 

“I think it would be a bit smelly, soー…” 
“Please rest assured. even if there’s some smell, I have no problem.” 

What important now is your foot size after all. 

“I see, so it also includes the smell huh…” 

Although she looks a bit puzzled, it seems like she does not hate it. 
Though I don’t understand what she means by the smell being included. 
However, If we talk about smell, in this distance what I can smell is Makina-san’s scent. 
A faint sweet scent mixed with lavender fragrance makes me feel a little bit excited. 

While feeling nervous, I put my hands on her foot. 

“Please excuse me.” 

Ooh… it feels so soft. 
Small lovely fingers lined up on her foot, and her fingernail also being carefully maintained. 

“Somehow, it feels strange having someone touching my legs in this way.” 
“But, I’m very grateful for this.” 

I lift my Makina-san’s foot slightly while carefully not to see what’s inside her skirt. 
I will remember Makina-san’s foot size not only with my eyes but with my hands as well. 

I press a pressure point on her foot while continuing to observe her foot carefully. 
The foot pressure point that I saw back then on the internet website should be here and here… 

“Ah… right there, feels good…” 
“Does it hurt?” 
“It’s fine… But I was surprised. When you press that place, I somehow feel comfortable.” 
“In one foot, there are various pressure points, which seems to be good for health if one pressures it. I recall there’s also a place that would be painful if one press it.” 
“Hee… you, to think you have such knowledge in you.” 
“Hahaha… though it’s just a stopgap knowledge.” 

I try to stimulate some other pressure points that I remembered to return the favor. 
However, each time I press her pressure points, she leaked a gasping voice from her thin lips that slightly opened. 
When I heard such voice, I thought this might be somewhat bad; thus I decide to end the massage here. 

“S-Should I end it here… Haha…” 
“…Nn… let’s do that. Somehow, it feels very good you know, Kurohiko? Surprisingly you have such talent eh?” 
“It is an honor for me to be praised.” 

I’ve already remembered her foot size. 
I did a great work. 
However, is it necessary for me to go this far, I wonder?. 
At this point, doubt welled up inside of me. 
As long as I can see Makina-san’s shoes… I should be able to grasp her rough size, isn’t it?. 

“Ne~, Kurohiko.” 

Makina-san who tried to picked up her knee-high socks stopped and began talking. 

“Do you want to lick it?” 
“… ーWhat did you say just now?” 
“You like legs right? That’s why… I wonder if you like to lick it, that’s what I had thought.” 

She put her finger on her lips, and her eyes also look moist. 

“I, if that is what you want… I will allow it. You may do anything with my legs you know?” 
“No, as expected, I won’t go that far, please don’t worry.” 

While making a serious expression, I raised my hand to refuse her. 
Even if this alone I might receive remark as a hentai who have a preference toward a beautiful girl legー that was a line which I should not cross. <TLN: He talk about licking part> 
But still, I feel like there are a lot of things that I had lost this time. 
I’m left with no room for excuses… from now on; I have no choice but to bear this cross silently. <TLN: Proverb here, meaning “Carry a heavy burden”> 

“That’s a lie right?” 

As soon as she said that. 
Her expression that looks like a shy maiden that Makina-san had a while ago has changed completely. 

“If you have such preference just like what you said earlier then… I cannot believe that you reject my proposal without any hesitation.” 
“Eh? Ahー…” 

Makina-san folder her arms and protruding her face. 
Her expression is full of doubt. 

“In the first place, I feel a sense of incongruity part way. And I was unable to shake off some doubt. But with your reaction just now, I’m convinced. You… you actually don’t have such preference taste right? You just want to hide something else right?” 

Her accusing glance hurt me. 

“Talk honestly.” 

Like thatー I confessed everything. 


“For now, I’m able to understand the circumstance.” 

When I finished my explanation, Makina-san nodded and said such words. 
I immediately sat straight on the bed and lowered my head deeply. 

“I’m very sorry… I’m unconsciously keeping it a secret due to a sense of duty.” 
“Well, I do think that there might be a reason since your behavior was strange, but…” 

According to what Makina-san had said, it seems like, why she felt a sense of incongruity is because she saw my reaction. 
It looks like in her eyes; I appeared to be not that happy when I touch the legs that I previously claimed to like. 

“But, since you do it earnestly. I thought that you might be telling the truth.” 
“By the way… since when did you get the sense of incongruity?” 
“After I take off this, I think?” <TLN: Her knee-high socks> 

I wonder if I should not ask her the question just now. 
When I give her such question, Makina-san shows a devilish smile toward me. 

“Looking at you has become quite interesting. after all, your reaction is very cute.” 

She seems to end up enjoying it half way. 

“B-But… if by any chance I was saying the truth, what would you do?”<TLN: About his preference/taste.> 
“If that were really the case then, I would still let you do this and that to my legs but, I don’t know if it’s for good or for bad, that kind of thing did not happen ne~.” 

Makina-san then shows a smile that feels containing a certain meaning. 
If I had such preference for real, I wonder what kind of route it will be? <TLN: Awesome route?> 
I feel like it would become some earth-shattering thing… or rather, I don’t want to know what kind of route I will end up with. 

“Well, toward you who want to give a surprise present, I express my gratitude. You took such action because you think of me right?” 
“I do have such intention, but, somehow it ends up in a strange way… I’m really sorry.” 

And then Makina-san put her hand on her chin, ‘fumu,’ after saying that, she seems to start thinking something. 
And then, 

“If you really feel sorry then… as an apology, you shall listen to one of my wishes, how about that?” 
“… I understand.” 

Let’s accept whatever demands she will make. 

“Well, thenー.” 

*Gokuri*, I gulp down my saliva. 
I waited what Makina-san is going to say next. 

“With me, together, let’s buy that shoes for my present!” 

I opened my eyes wide. 

“I say, we should go buy the present together. Because there’s my favorite shoe store, we will go to the store together, and then you will choose the shoes.” 
“I-Is it alright with that kind of thing?” 
“… What kind of mission impossible did you think that I would give?” 
“Cleaning the entire academy building for half a year, maybe?… well at least in that kind of levelー.” 

Makina-san smiled wryly. 

“What kind of unpleasant woman am I…” 
“Well, It’s not like that, it’s just that I thought I had done things that I deserve that muchー.” 

I had told her lies, and doing something shameful. 

“I see, very well, let’s add another one.” 
“A- Add another one is it?” 
“Ara~, you don’t like it? despite having toyed with my feet already…” 

Makina-san looked at me with narrowed eyes while combing her hair with a hand comb. 
Within her red eyes, there’s some kind of playful feeling mixed with sadism at work. 
But still being told having 『toyed with her legs』, somehow that sounds amazing… 

“I-I understand. so then… what is the other one?” 
“From now on, I will have you to take up the role to give me a massage. Since whatever the motive you have, it is a fact that it feels good to have you massage me.” 
“… I understand.” 

Even if I have to say something here,  the essential thing is that after reschedule we will buy a present together, and I only being made to promise that I will massage her regularly in the future as well. 

I’m not a match for her. 
I don’t know whether I should call her a generous person or not. 
If we only go with what had happened, I do tricking her with a massage while having another motive after all… 
On top of that, I ask her to take off her knee-high socks. 
Normally it won’t be strange if that causing a harder reaction and punishment. 
In that meaning, I might have been saved by Makina-san generosity. 

After we returned to the headmistress office, we sit down on the sofa opposite to each other. 

“About our shopping, how about we go during next holy day?” 

Thus, Makina-san suggested. 

“Next holy day is it?” 

I’m scheduled to go to the Silas bathhouse together with Aira-san group the day before holy day. 
Furthermore, we are planning to stay overnight, and Aira-san said that we would go back around noon the next day. 
With that being the case, I can only go in the evening. 

“Emm, is it alright if we go in the evening?” 
“Yes, it’s fine. On the appointed day, you may come to this place whenever you find a convenient time, how about that?” 
“I understand.” 
“Well, let’s also eat meals on our way back. of course, I will be the one who pays it alright?” 
“Is that really alright?” 

*Fufu*, Makina-san laughed lightly.  

“In a time like this, you should just nod silently okay?” 
“If that’s the case then… I’ll gladly take up your offer.” 

Clapping both hands, Makina-san nodded satisfied. 


After that, we talked about the date and time when the Sacred tree chivalric order is going to perform inquirity toward me in detail, then I say some parting word toward Makina-san and left the headmistress office. 
The outside has already become dark. 
Though there’s still time to join Kyurie-san and the other, however, since I still feel some fatigue due the eighth forbidden spell, I should go back home obediently and take some rest. 

Going out the building, I walked home while feeling cold wind brush my cheeks. 
When I passed the girls dormitory, the vicinity has turned completely dark. 
Lights leak out from the windows. 
Mia-san seems to be inside. 

“I’m homeー.” 

When I opened the house door, I opened my eyes wide. 

“Ah, Kurohiko-sama…” 

In the dining room, Mia-san placed her hand on her mouth looking bewildered. 
And then,  

“ーWho are you?” 

I am preparing the forbidden spell chant. 

“Kurohiko-sama… is this person, not your acquaintance?” 
“Yes… it’s the first time I see the person.” 
“I-I’m sorry. This person visits here half an hour ago to meet Kurohiko sama. I did ask the person to come again later, butー.” 

Mia-san then looked at the individual who sitting down on the chair with a bewildered expression. 

“The person claimed to be your important friend.” 

Like that, she’s unable to reject him, is that how it is? 
Let alone a friend; I don’t even recognize the man who is sitting down on the chair. 

“Then, since I don’t want to cause inconvenience, I over him to wait here until Kurohiko-sama comes back…” 

Mia-san seems to be really sorry; then the man raises his thumbs. 

“Like that. It’s not this Ojou-chan fault. Don’t blame her okay? The one who’s bad is me.” 

The man wears the academy uniform. 
He didn’t button his uniform, and he wears black clothes inside. 

“Who are you….” 
“My name is Lokia.” 

The manー Rokia shows a daring smile, while looking at me with his shanpaku eyes as if looking something amusing. 

“If I say I was from the same place as Kyurie Velstein, would that make you understand easier?” 

Someone who came from the same place as Kyurie-san. 
That meansー. 

“Kukuku, you seems to have guessed. that’s right; I’m someone from the sixth institution.” 

Lokia then clasped his hands; then he sticks out his tongue. 

“Nice to meet you. Forbidden spell user, Sagara Kurohiko.” 

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