Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 70

Chapter 70 (Presents)

“ーPlease wake up, Kurohiko-sama.” 

Someone is shaking my body. 


That’s mean; it’s morning huh? 


However, I can’t… 
I can’t open my eyes; I feel so sleepy… 
My face won’t separate from the pillow. 
I’m unable to fight against my drowsiness. 
I can still feel a considerable fatigue in my body. 
I was trying to wake myself up; however, my consciousness keeps on resisting. 

“Just like what Kurohiko-sama said himself last night, he’s as if unable to separate himself from the bed. to understand his own nature, as expected of him…” 

Mia-san said those words as if in admiration. 
It seems like she was talking about me. 
I wonder what? 

“I-I guess I have no choice… This is an expected outcome, and I-I have no other option! I will do as instructed by Kurohiko-sama! F-Fu~ Fuu~…!” 

Warm breath tickles my ear. 


I reflectively sprung my body up. 
Then I was being greeted by Mia-san smile. 

“Ahー… Good morning, Mia-san.” 
“Yes… Good morning, Kurohiko-sama~.” 

Mia-san changed her smiling expression to an uneasy expression while holding her hand in her mouth. 

“Emm… is the way I wake Kurohiko-sama good enough?” 
“It’s perfect! You really helped me!” 

I raise my thumb toward her. 
It seems like it was the correct answer for me informing her to stimulate my ears which are my sensitive point one way or another if she wants to wake me up. 

Last night, after taking a bath, I went to my bedroom immediately. 
I feel like all my tension within my body being released after taking a bath. 
As a result of that, I feel an intense drowsiness attacking me. 

I told Mia-san who said 『I will come back tomorrow morning』, which if I ended up hard to woke up, she could wake me up more forcibly. 
Though I do feel ashamed, but, I have no confidence that I would be able to wake up on time with this condition after all. 
Just as I thought… the burden of the eighth forbidden spell is heavy… 


When I put my leg down from the bed, I can feel a muscle pain on my thigh. 
I also feel heavy on my left arm. 

“A-Are you alright?” 
“Yes, I just feel a slight fatigue remaining.” 
“Please don’t force yourself ne~?” 

After saying that, Mia-san bowed her head slowly. 

“Well then, Mia will prepare the breakfast now. please take your time to prepare yourself Kurohiko-sama.” 

*Tatata* I can hear Mia-san step entering my ears. 
After finished my preparation to attend the academy, I went downstairs. 
Then I fill my stomach with Mia-san handmade cooking. 
After finishing my breakfast, the two of us tidy up like usual. 

Such calm morning. 
It makes the things that had happened inside the sacred ruin yesterday feels like a lie. 

There’s still a lot of time before school hours. 
I guess I should ask her while I got the chance huh… 

“By the way…” 

I said those words while urging her to take a seat. 
After saying her thanks, Mia-san sits down on the chair while minding her skirt position. 

“Yes, does Kurohiko-sama need something?” 
“What is the thing that Mia-san likes the most?” 
“The thing that I like the most, is it?” 

Mia-san looks speechless. 

The truth is, yesterday after we defeated the giant and small monsters, I picked up some crystal that the monsters have dropped. 
Although at the time when I was fighting blue goblins there were various things in my mind, thus I was unable to pick any, this time I make sure to take some. 
Currently, I left the crystal in Kyurie-san’s custody. 
She said that she will find times and will help converts those crystals into money. 

Then, the money obtained from that crystals, will be used for buying presents which I had been thinking since a while ago for Makina-san and Mia-san whom I always receive help from. 
Though I want to make the presents being a surprise, but, if there’s something that they like, I would also like to know. 

“L-Let’s see… Iー…” 

While she put her hands atop of her lap, Mia-san shrinking her shoulder looking embarrassed. 
Her animal ears flopped down. 

“L-Like I said… the thing that Mia love is Kurohiko-sama…” 

*Puff*, Mia-san face color who is currently looking down change into deep red. 




Mia-san fidgeting. 

“O-Other than a human… is there anything else?” 

I asked her with a wry smile while having a slight heat on my cheeks. 

“Hie!?  O-Other than human? Ah… R-Right!? Iyada, what did I say, geezーー.” 

Mia-san who seems to understand something close her eyes tightly in panic. 

“I’m sorry! I seem to have misunderstood what Kurohiko-sama asked about…” 

As expected, like this, It seems like I have to explain things to her huh. 
Like that, I decide to tell her my intention behind my question. 

“A present as a thank you gift, is it?” 
“I see, so that’s how it is… I’m really sorry for blabbing something weird…” 
“No no, that is not Mia-san fault. It was I who’s being vague.” 

Mia-san then opened her mouth naturally while pressing her hand on her chest. 

“A present for me… just the thought Kurohiko-sama put into it is enough for me.” 
“But, I really want to give presents. thus, please, you may think of it as my selfishness…” 

I lowered my head. 

“K-Kurohiko-sama? wait, please raise your head.” 

Because this is Mia-san we’re talking about, I was already anticipating what she’s going to say. 

“Eu… au, you see, then… Mia will entrust everything to Kurohiko-sama.” 
“Entrust it to me, is it?” 

The expression she shows is similar to that of an expression of trust. 

“Yes… if it’s something that Kurohiko-sama choose for me then, no matter what, it would make me happy.” 
“I-I see…” 

Are you an angel?! 
But still, like this, I feel like the hurdle has gone up instead. 
Since in other words, everything rests within my choosing power. 
Since I’d already went this far. 
This time, I will choose the best present for Mia-san as best as I could. 

“Is my answer too vague and inappropriate, I wonder?” 
“It’s alright. emm… well then, please look forward to it, but not to the point of expecting too much.” 
“Certainly. thank you for Kurohiko-sama consideration.” 

Mia-san then began to smile. 

“So, since we’re on this topic, there’s something that I would like to know. Do you know what Makina-san likes the most?” 

I also conveyed to her my wish to give Makina-san present. 

“The thing that Makina-sama likes most, is it?” 

‘Let’s see,’ while saying that Mia-san eyes wandered. 

“If it’s Makina-sama then, I think clothes would make her happy.” 
“Such as casual wear?” 
“Yes… Makina-san likes clothes which are usually ceramics dolls wear.” 

Well indeed, even her everyday clothes look gothic lolita after all. 

“But, if it’s clothes then there would be many expensive things… let’s see; alternatively I think giving her accessories matching with her clothes would make her happy too.” 
“I see, accessories huh?” 

Hmm, I see… 

“I understood. I would try to think more about it then…” 
“But you know, even Makina-san too, she would be happy no matter what Kurohiko-sama give her you know?” 
“… Is that so?” 
“Yes… that’s why, Kurohiko-sama does not have to think too deeply about it alright? I’m sure Makina-san would feel happy to get something which 『Kurohiko-sama had thought and choose by himself』.” 
“Is that how it is?” 
“Yes, that’s how it is…” 

*Fufufu*, Mia-san smiled once again. 

I guess, she’s right. 
Let’s try to ask the person herself if I have the time today. 

Meanwhile, the time to go to the academy has come. 
I left the house and went to the academy with Mia-san sending me off, 


A pleasant clear sky. 
After meeting up with Kyurie-san, we both went to the academy building while talking about yesterday’s matters moderately. 
When we entered the classroom, Cecil-san and Aira-san has already inside. 
After exchanging greeting with both of them, Kyurie-san and I went to our seat. 

The matters regarding what had happened yesterday seem to have already been known by everyone. 
I felt like the air surrounding the classmates have change. 
Though, if I have to say it, the feeling is more like a positive one. 
And I don’t feel anything bad from them. 
Within few minutes, Instructor Joseph entered the classroom and perform attendance report. 

There is two important messages. 
Both are about follow up of yesterday incident. 

First is about the academy forbid any sacred ruin exploration for a while. 
Due to the giant and small monsters matters, Sacred tree chivalric order going to perform an investigation to the sacred ruin near the academy. 
The sacred ruin itself will be opened as soon as the investigation finished; however, it was still undecided as to how long the investigation would take place. 
Like this, sacred ruin exploration would not be possible for a while. 
Because it’s unclear how long the sacred ruin will be blocked. There’s the possibility that we could not make any ranking result in the first half of semester. 
It’s said that the school side is still considering how to perform the test this year. 

And another report is related to Lion class. 
The first lion classroom student that have to drop out from the academy, Viburk Maro. 
According to the instructor explanation, his parent took him from the academy today. 
By the way, Viburk colleagues in the same class who have been cut off from the group due to lack of ability, I don’t know if that was unlucky or lucky, 
Come to think of it; I have not seen their figure today. 
Though thanks to that they narrowly escape death. 
However, presently they have lost their strong backing; thus they might feel ashamed right now. 

Then we moved to liberal arts lesson. 
It was the usual class… 

But still… 
What would happen to my junior saint rank if the sacred ruin exploration was being restricted for a long time? 
Expect the battle practice lesson. 
Since I can’t use magic power, I can’t expect any result from the practical skill magic art lesson. 
I was going to do my best at sacred ruin exploration since it was the most evaluated for junior saint rank, yet, it got restricted. 

I straighten my posture and fix my eyes to the blackboard. 
Does that means I have to do my best in my liberal arts test, is that it? 
L-Let’s do my best… 

The class ended just like that, while I’m fired myself up. 


“Well then, everyone, thank you very much for everything.” 

After standing from the chair, Aira-san bowed her head deeply. 

It’s after school. 
The members of Aira group who have been formed for the purpose of subjugating the giants gathered in the dining hall. 
Well, you can say, this is a victory party. 
While looking a slightly nervous, Aira-san continue… 

“T-Though, it became a situation which is very different than what I had imagined, but, thanks to everyone, we’re able to avoid worst case scenario. ehem, this is thanks to everyone cooperation.” 

We are sitting down circling a circular table. 
Our seat, in a clockwise direction, at twelve o’clock there’s Aira-san, then me, Kyurie-san, Cecil-san, Zix, Hirgiz-san, and Rei-san. 
Some food that we ordered is being placed on the table. 
And before everyone eyes, there’s cup filled with milk and honey. 
Even outside of lunch time, though it is not free, it was possible to order them. 
It’s just that today, was supposedly Aira-san treat. 
At first, we want to pay it equally but, Aira-san firmly turned us down. Thus it ends up as Aira-san treat. 

At first, she wants to invite us to horn family residence in royal capital but, there’s a concern that having Cecil-san who come from Arclight family will cause some problem; thus we decide to do this in the Academy dining room. 

“Please eat and drink anything you like. Since this is using the money which I supposedly use for inviting someone to our exploration group, yet it’s still left untouched, thus, please don’t worry about money. Well then everyone, enjoy yourself!” 

While feeling strange mood around her, Aira-san offered the food on the table while saying “Please go ahead…” 
I give her, a light applause. 

“I-Is this kind of thing… ok?” 

While sitting down on the chair, Aira-san asking me. 

“Isn’t this good enough, I think?” 
“Ahahaha… I’m not used to this kind of thing, after all…” 

Aira-san smile while touching her earring to hide her embarrassment. 
But still, these members… 
I looked around toward all the members sitting on this table. 

No one has the excited mood like “Alright! I’m eating!”, instead, they have this solemn atmosphere around them… a very calm table if I have to say. 
Everyone then took the drink silently. 
Other students began filled up the dining room with lively chatter. 

“E-Everything is alright, right? I-I didn’t do anything wrong, right?” 

Looking at everyone indifferent attitude, Aira-san feels anxious, while putting her hands on the table; she looked around restlessly. 

“I-It’s fine! Look I will fire it up!” 

I stood up while raising my cup. 

“Ehem, thank you for all the hard work everyone! congrats for our successful battle, cheers!” 
“Waaai! thank you!” 

*Kotsun*, my cup and Aira-san cup makes a sad sound. 

“… Good job~.” 
“Ah, yes…” 

Rei-san raises her cup. 
Then Cecil-san raises her cup while leaning her body forward slightly after thinking for a while. 

“Yes, cheers for the good work…” 

Then I drink from my cup. 
I see now. 
I guess, this is due to them feeling reserved, isn’t it? 
Now that I think about it. 
Everyone are not the type to make noise after all… 
Well, what Kyurie-san is doing I wonderー… 
Unn, I guess, she’s feeling embarrassed? 
She raises her cup and put it down over and over again as if she don’t know what to do. 
It is clear that she’s not used to this kind of situation. 
No, wait, it’s not like I’m used to this sort of thing either. 
This is just the result of me feeling a sense of duty to follow up Aira-san. 
On the other hands, the silent type Zix and Hirgiz-san enjoying the food silently while exchanging few words. 


Well, this is good enough I guess. 

“Which reminds me, are Beoza and the others fine?” 

I asked Aira-san. 

“Unn. Although this is something that I heard from the instructor, it seems like they are not in danger. I guess it’s thanks to Cecil healing magic. The rescued students will be able to return after resting for a while.” 
“Is that so?, then I’m glad…” 

I’m glad… 
Beoza-san seems not to be a bad person after all. 

“But still, I’ve never thought that the sacred ruins will be restricted.” 
“Unn… I also never dreamed that the giant subjugation operation would turn this way either. As it is, having two exploration group fighting each other is already strange; furthermore, there’s also a monster who can climb the layers. But then againー.” 

Aira-san directed her line of sight toward Kyurie-san and me with full of gratitude. 

“For the both of you to defeat the giants. It’s really amazing you know? Even Beoza and the others have no match against them.” 
“Well, it’s thanks to Kyurie-san analysis regarding the giant’s weak point after all. and I also only depend on my forbidden spell power.” 

Though I said that. 
There was the time when I stood in front of the giant. 
At that timeー at the time when the giant in our way. 
The feeling that comes to me at first is, fear… 
Then I thought this while feeling cold ran down on my back. 

ーHow powerful Hibigami is, I wonder? 

Just right when I stood before the giant, I was able to recognize that man’s monstrous strength. 
Since the time I had my battle against him, I feel like the feeling inside me has become dull. 
Or should I say, my sense of danger have become dull? 
I was able to realize that when I fought against the giants and small monsters. 
The giant whom even the strongest magic art user unable to compete with. 
I did not harbor any 『fear』 at all when I confronted it. 
Instead, I was able to realize the man that I will face three years later is at a higher place. 

At that moment, I was able to understand the unknown limit of Hibigami. 
Since then, the way I see things changed. 

What should I do next? Thus I become impatient. 
What should I do to be able to defeat that man? 
Whom should I fight? 

I directed my line of sight toward the person who knows Hibigami best. 

“Nn? What’s wrong?” 
“Kyurie-san… I wonder, how can I defeat Hibigami?” 
“In straight fight is it?” 
“Yes, a straight fight.” 

She put my hands on the table, and then Kyurie-san drops her line of sight down. 

“First for the sake of getting close to that guy strength, you should fight against those who’s stronger than you. And on top of that, you have to gain power more stronger than him. Well, that’s how I feel roughly. Though I’m sorry, that I’m only able to think that much.” 

Right now, to respond to a direct-confrontation, I only have a simple method. 

The problem is, whether that method is possible or not. 
It is simple for me to find someone stronger than I do right now. 
There’s Kyurie-san… 
If I were to train with her just as is, I might get stronger I guess. 
But still, 

“I wonder what kind of people that are stronger than Hibigami?” 
“An opponent stronger than him huh. I wonder, I’m not even sure if there’s someone who can win against him in a direct fight among the guys from the sixth institution. Furthermore, I also don’t know if there’s someone out there either.” 

Kyurie-san then continued indifferently. 

“As for someone strong that I know the whereabouts of it… which Hibigami also look up to are 『Sacred tree black knight』 Sogut Sigmus, Ruverarugan Heaven’s vengeance corps captain’s Rose Creyol, they both are famous in this continent. Other than that… the empire demi-human suicide army corps 『twins』 Similarly, there’s also the empire 『god of military arts』 Garbarosa Gomez. however, as expected, an opponent that Hibigami sought would beー.” <TLN:  Name Garbarosa : ガルバロッサ・ギメンゼ> 

Kyurie-san narrowed her eyes.  

“That would be between 『The Empress of the end』 or 『The four beasts of evil』.” 

If I’m not mistaken those two are the people whom Hibigami have a 『high expectation』 to. 

“I intended to ask about those guys but, that 『Empress of the end』 and 『Four beast of evil』, are they famous?” 
“Well yes, I guess… It’s just that the existence of that 『Empress of the end』 in itself is doubtful. If I have to say it then, her existence is like that of a god.” 
“You both seems to having a wonderful talk… what are you guys talking about? I do know about 『Empress of the end』 and 『Four beast of evil』 but… Hibigami? Is that someone name?” 

While hesitating, Aira-san began to talk. 

“Hibigami is, someone with an unpleasant personality.” 

Cecil-san described the person called Hibigami briefly and precisely while smiling. 
Ooh… right, she has a bitter memory of him I guess. 
Was the topic about Hibigami bad? 

“Please don’t worry. since that was already the past.” 

Cecil-san answered as such, as if guessing what’s on my mind. 

“Funn… Is it that bad?” 

While blinking her eyes, Aira-san asked. 
She seems to not know the detail about that incident. 
Somehow, she also seems to not know that 『the murder case criminal』 = 『Hibigami』. 

“He’s a bad guy.” 
“Indeed, a bad guy.” 
“Definitely, A bad guy.” 

Kyurie-san, Cecil-san, and I. 
The three of us answered at the same time. 
And then, Zix also followed casually said 『Yeah… a bad guy』 with subdued voice…. 
Hirgiz-san stared at him while also saying 『if you were going to feel shy; then you don’t have to say anything』 in a low voice, making Zix face turn redder. 
And then Hirgiz-san also added her opinion by saying 『I as well, have the same opinion』. 

“Hahaha… that guy is really hated eh?” 
“Fuun… as if there would be someone who likes that kind of human. he’s only someone who bring about troubles.” 

Kyurie-san continues to speak ill of Hibigami. 
I wonder why… 
Only her, I feel like no matter what she said about Hibigami, she would be forgiven. 
Is it because they are old friends, I wonder? 
But I guess, even the person himself won’t expect that he’s being talked unfavorably like this huh… 

“More importantly the crystal that the giants and the small monsters had dropped yesterday, before I went here, I’d exchange it into money…” 

Kyurie-san changed the topic and talked about the crystal. 
Though the sacred ruin access might be restricted, the assembly hall seems to have still operated normally 
And it looks like she was able to perform conversion yesterday. 
Now then, the result of the conversion is important but. 
Because the crystal that the giant dropped seems to be of a high quality, she appears to have got a good amount of money. 
And then, when we talked on the way to the academy, we decide to divide the money together. 

“Ah, about that, I decline…” 
“Me as well.” 

Aira-san and Rei-san declined consecutively. 


I was at a loss… 

“Ah, I also decline.” 
“Just like Cecil-sama, I also decline.” 
“Same as the one who sits on my right.” 

Cecil-san and the others also declined. 
When I asked them for a reason, they simply replied, “Since we don’t have any trouble with money after all.” 
Aira-san then added that, after all, she did not need any large amount of money for inviting someone to her group anymore. 

“But, if it’s like this everyoneー.” 
“Other than us who can rely on our own house, aren’t Kurohiko and Kyurie have no means to earn income other than from sacred ruin? and, we still don’t know when will the sacred ruin exploration will be opened again.” 

Cecil-san then said those words. 

“And the one that dropped the highest quality of crystals are the giants, right? and those giants, you both are the one who defeats it, if you both didn’t defeat it, then we don’t know if we will be okay by now or not… by that, I think it is enough reason to accept it, you see?” 

I also need the money to buy Mia-san and Makina-san presents after all. 
Furthermore… I feel like I can’t refuse it anymore if she put it like that. 
Everyone expression as if saying, 『go ahead take it, without reserve』. 

“I understand… then, I will accept it gratefully.” 
“Well, then I as well. to be frank, my pocket is also not that warm either.” 

Like that, we split the money between Kyurie-san and me. 

Now then. 
Though the atmosphere has become softer, it is about time that we should go. 
Currently, it’s already 4 o’clock huh? 
Most of the food has already been eaten too.(I was surprised that Rei-san is unexpectedly a big eater) 
I would like to hear more about the 『empress of the end』 and 『four beast of evil』, but let’s try asking Kyurie-san next time. 

“Emm, by the way…” 

Aira-san began talking suddenly while putting her cup down on the table. 

“Next week holy day, if possible can all of you schedule a free time?” 
“Is there something?” 
“The truth is, I’ve reserved a room in Silas bathhouse.” 
“Silas Bathhouse?” 

What is that I wonder? 
From the name of it, it seems to be a public bathhouse, but? 

“Ah, Kurohiko doesn’t know it? Silas bathhouse isー.” 

I receive a brief explanation from Aira-san. 
Silas bathhouse seems to be a hot-spring hotel facility made for noble. 
Looking at everyone reaction, except Kyurie-san, they all seems to know it. 
It is a renowned place for someone who’s living in the royal capital. 

“With that being the case, I want everyone to take it easy. Though, I do use Horn family connection a little bit for this. Ah, there’s also no need to worry about money alright?” 
“Is it alright? since yesterday and today as well, we’ve depended on you?” 

Thus Cecil-san said that. 

“It’s fine it’s fine! It’s just me wanting to do however I like! Or rather, about that…” 

Aira-san scratched her cheek shyly. 

“I was really happy. Everyone was working together as my friend in that way… somehow, I want to give thanks, in some kind of a form. That’s why, I would be happy if all of you accept it?” 

Aira-san then lowered her head expressing her thanks. 


If she said that far then, there’s nothing I can say. 
I bet everyone also thinks the same. 
Everyone then said their thanks without making any boorish remark. 

But still, hot-spring huh? 
Somehow, I can’t wait for the events. 


After finishing our party, we left the dining room. 

“After this, is there anything that Kurohiko is going to do?” 

After having seen off Aira-san and Rei-san, Cecil-san asked me. 

“I as well have personal business for today, I thought of going separate ways after this.” 
“I see…” 

Cecil-san seems to have found it slightly disappointing. 

“Is there something?” 
“Please ask Kyurie-san this, I will borrow the training ground and use it for sword practice too.” 
“Hee, With Kyurie-san?” 
“Yes. After all, her sword art is much higher than me. Furthermore, it is guaranteed since she’s Kurohiko sword master. And that Kurohiko seems to appear completely all over her too, right?”<TLN: Word all over her, can be trans ‘Completely falling in love’> 

Cecil-san then directed her meaningful gaze at me. 

“Indeed, for me, she’s a master whom I want to give the highest respect to.” 
“I don’t need for you to tell me, you’re really…” 

Haa~, for some reason she heaves a heavy sigh. 

“I thought that she would have a strange habit by having me as an opponent, so I reject her once.” 

The one who interjects as such is Kyurie-san. 

“So, she still got her way?” 
“Well, yes… somehow, lately it was hard for me to refuse Cecil whenever she asks for help.” 

Then Cecil-san talked to Kyurie-san from behind and touching her waist as if making a secret agreement. 

“Fufufu, Didn’t I tell you the 『secret of being more ladylike』, in exchange for that?” 
“Waiー You,  just where are you touchingー anyway, me being ladylike isー.” 

I looked at Kyurie-san who unusually being flustered and trying to make an excuse. 

“No… wait, that is… It’s that you know… what was it again?” 

I guess it’s an unusual thing that she being like this… 

“Kyurie-san, are you alright?” 
“… I don’t know.” 

As if feeling shaken by her own self, Kyurie-san put her hand on her own forehead. 
Then she heaves a heavy sigh once again as if losing her self-confidence. 

“Seriously, whenever I’m with you, my peace always get messed up.” 
“Kyurie-san, do you hate us?” 
“No, it’s not like I hate you guys, but…” 
“Fufufu, I like Kyurie when you’re like this you know?” 

Kyurie-san then dropped her shoulder as if in resignation. 

“Sure… I also like you too… damn it…” 
“Well then, shall we get going now?” 
“I guess so…” 

We then parted ways after we walked together for a little bit more. 
By the way, Zix and Hirgiz-san also got dragged to the training ground too. 
They will also go to practice their sword with those two. 
‘Being a sparring partner against Cecil-sama huh,’ Zix then shows a wry smile. 

Now then, 
I began walking by myself. 
My destination is the headmistress office. 
Since she seems to be busy lately, will she have the time, I wonder? 


I arrived in front of the headmistress office. 
First, let’s knock. 

“Who is it, I wonder?” 
“This is Kurohiko. can I have your time?” 
“Ara?, Kurohiko? Sure, come in.” 

I entered the room after getting the permission. 
A familiar interior entered my view. 
Makina-san who wear the usual gothic lolita dress, threw the document she read to her desk. 
I then sit down on the sofa. 

“This is rare of you, isn’t it? To have you visit me. But I guess, you come in perfect timing. Since I have something that I want to tell you about.” 
“Something to tell me about?” 

What is it, I wonder? 

“The matter regarding your fight against the man named Hibigami for example. the sacred tree chivalric order has decided the date to perform the investigation(Interrogation).” 
“Ah, right, come to think of it, we do have that promised isn’t it?” 

Back then, they said they would do it in later date if I’m not wrong. 

“Though we don’t know who will come yet… but well, since they are currently here, maybe David and the others will come. well, since I am planing to be present at that time, you can take it easy.” 
“Thank you very much…” 

And then we talked about the matter that happened in sacred ruin yesterday for a moment. 
I finished told her anything that I needed to. 

“Oh right, I’m sorry. You come here because you have business with me right?” 
“Ah, right. Makina-san legー.” 

I started to talk about the reason why I came here. 
Wait a moment. 
Won’t she find out that I would give her shoes if I were to hear her foot size? 
Though I can’t do it to Mia-san anymore, if possible, I want to give surprise to Makina-san after all. 
Or rather, if it’s her foot size then, I should ask Mia-san in the first place. 
No, wait, do they even have a 『size』 concept here? 
Khuu… what should I do? 

“Foot? is there something with my foot?” 
“Foot… right foot! don’t you feel your foot stiff?” 
“See, you said that you want to relax your body and other stuff the other days right?” 
“Ara? you still remembered?” 
“O-Of course desu yo!” 

*Fuu*, Makina-san leaked a small sigh. 

“Let’s see. well then, since you’re already here, can you give me a massage then?” 
“My pleasure!” 

After getting off from her desk, Makina-san head toward her own room. 
We do it inside her bedroom? 
No, wait, isn’t this a chance for me? 

“What’s wrong? you’re not coming in?” 
“Y-Yes, I’m coming.” 

Then I stood up. 

Just you watch! 
While doing massage, I will find Makina-san foot sizeー and burn it into my brain. 

I entered her bedroom while staring at her foot from behind.