Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 7

Chapter – 7 (Invitation)

TLN : Sorry for the delay,there are a lot of new kanji that I don’t understand and too much of SFX gestures which it took a while for me to understand them….
「……Yes ? 」 
A student of this academy ? 
「If you came alone from another world,then do you have a place to live ?,you’re penniless aren’t you ?」 
「That isー」 
certainly, that’s true. 
「or else,do you have another way ?」 
「…, I don’t have any.」 
Having a body which overflows with youth,and getting a strange chain summoning power….. 
How should I live from now own…? 
It is important to find something that I really want to do,but before that, I need to find a place to settle down first. 
As a matter of course that is natural,but still I don’t have any money nor connections to find a place to live. 
Some time ago I check my wallet inside my pocket,there are 6000 yen bills….which in this world only have a meaning the same as scrap of paper…. 
Of course in this world,there’s no such thing as parent house. 
For such a thing to surfacing after coming this far,these problems are too realistic. 
a place to live and a money to live. 
Now then,what should I do now…….? 
As if seeing through my mind the headmistress smiled. 
「Originaly you are being carried in because you’re being mistaken for a new student right ?」 
「….Yes, that’s true…butー」 
「If that the case,how about become a student and live in this academy for real ?」 
「As a student in this academy huh…? 」 
「I’ll support you on the aspect of your living, how about it ?it’s quite an attractive proposal don’t you think ? 
if I’m Looking at the current state of affairs that had been rising,it was certainly an attractive proposal. 
If I were to accept living in this place,that’s mean I’ll have someone that can help me in the aspect of living. 
Being provided a place to live,if I compare it with being throw out of this place then the difference is like heaven and earth. 
I thought I were unlucky at first,unexpectedly being teleported near this academy might actually be a good luck.  
As for another way….there’s none huh. ? 
「What is ?」 
「Please, let me stay here and become this academy student for a while.」 
The headmistress nods in satisfaction. 
「That’s good.」 
But somehow I feel like being lead by the nose. 
However,there are no other ways to turn it back. 
And besides,I did says it casually 『For a while』. 
I didn’t stay that I will stay forever. 
「Well then,as for the procedures for school entrance and your birth and parents proof,I’ll be the one who handle it. so you don’t have to worry. with my authority I’m able to make someone who officially didn’t exist to exist,therefore, there won’t be any trouble」 
To make someone who officially didn’t exist to exist….is it normal for a headmistress of an academy to have such power ? 
What on earth is this person. ? 
But still…a student huh… 
I’ve never dreamed,that I would lead a life of a student again. 
But,when I think about I’ll lead a life of a student again,it might’ve been a good thing that my body becomes younger. 
No,the student of this world,everyone still doesn’t know that I was young in the previous world or not… 
Since I’ll be given a stable live for now,I should honestly and gratefully accept it. 
It seems I’ve been practically avoided a life and death struggle. 
「By the way this school,what kind of place is it ?」 
For the time being I should confirm it,does this academy is the same as the previous world educational institution or is it completely different. 
At the very least,I would like to hear what kind of existence this academy is about… 
If I’m not mistaken that Guard-san from before said something about being a cadet. 
「Saint Lunezret is an academy to train a Sacred Tree cadet candidate, Let see…where should I start to explain…?」 
「Th…There are a lot of general knowledge that I don’t know of,won’t it make me suspicious ? thus,how about the basic knowledge ? 」 
Probably…even if I cramp it in one go,I would forget it immediately. 
My brain is not really excellent. 
Or rather,if I was excellent in my previous world,then I won’t end up in this place to begin with… 
「The basic knowledge neー…Wait ? since you’ve come from another world,it’s mean you don’t know the name of this world too right ? 」 
「Does this world has a name ? 」 
Well at the previous world,to call the world people normally call it 『The World』but, 
Well,if I have to say『The world』with other words then it would be『The Earth』,is it similar to that? 
「The people of this world,we call the world we live in as『Yggdrashie』. originally,it is the name of the god who created this world」 
Yggdrashie huh. 
If I were a Norse mythology otaku then I would immediately associate that name with a certain infamous huge tree,but. 
If that the case then,is there a war maiden here too ? 
If I were to grow up into an excellent soldier and then died will I’m being lead into Valhalla-like place too,I wonder ? 
In any case. 
That’s right… 
The gigantic tree. 
That gigantic tree which I saw when I lost my consciousness for the second time. 
It leaves a strong impression. 
The divinity that surge from it. 
An overwhelming majestic appearance. 
It’s carved on my mind and won’t disappear. 
Though,there are a lot of things that I want to ask. 
But right now,the first thing that I want to know is,what is that gigantic tree is all about. 
「Emm,when I woke up in this world for the first time,I saw a gigantic tree,that is ?」 
「A sacred tree. For the people of this country, that tree is the target and symbol of faith.」 
「Sacred Tree….」 
I see. 
An object of faith huh. 
If that the case then,I understand why it has such divine aura. 
In that case, if there’s a chance,I would like to visit it and watch it slowly this time… 
「Is there anything else that you want to ask ? if its so then we will continue it tomorrow, since it’s almost the time for me to take some rest」 
How am I supposed to know that… 
Although There are still a lot of question that I would like to ask…such as about the magic spell,about the saint origin,and about the geography of this world… 
But oh well,as expected the thing that I would like to ask the most is that after all. 
After I paused for a moment,I spoke my question. 
「What is Forbidden Spell ?」 
The headmistress lower(narrow) her eyelashes,and smiled mysteriously. 
「As expected it’s about that ne~」 
「That is because it gives an impression which will be dangerous if I were to use it carelessly. therefore, I would like to get some information regarding it even if it’s just a little.」 
The headmistress rests her chin on her hands,while she’s looking at the lace curtain that covering the darkness of night behind it. 
「Forbidden Spell is a prohibited spell that had existed since an ancient time. other than that,no-one in this continent knows the detailed history behind it. the people only being told that the forbidden spell is『Exist』,while the spell book had been kept as an ancient document for the value as a historic document,but no one even know that it is a genuine article or not. therefore, the forbidden spell is by the end of it,it’s nothing more than an imaginary myth…everyone would think as such. 」 
Then the headmistress turns this way. 
「Why do you think ? there’s only one reason. the spell is considered as the forbidden spell because『no-one able to read』the incantation written on it.」 
「Not even a single person?ー」 
「Yes,no-one. at least,since several hundred years」 
「Several hundreds of years…」 
「So far,many linguists had tried to decipher the spell written on the forbidden spell book. but not even a single person able to decipher it. they only able to understand that what’s written there is an incantation…just that」 
The headmistress fingers gently trace the surface of the desk. 
「Because its value as ancient document that can be used for research the forbidden incantation,the spell book is not really worthless… having said that,being not safeguarded strictly is also a reality 」 
Because there’s no meaning to it,just like the headmistress fingers that softly traced the surface of the desk 
「Well… does the basic knowledge and explanation enough ?… oh right,one more thing….it’s about your forbidden spell,can you refrain from using it in the public ? 」 
As expected,it’s not something that I can thoughtlessly use huh… 
「Understood. from now on,I will be careful.」 
「By the way,can you tell me the reason as to why I should not use it ?…I want to know the reason since I’ve already become the user of such spell…」 
If there’s a risk for using the forbidden spell,then I would like to know it. 
However…the headmistress didn’t answer my question. 
Why the headmistress put her hand on her face and avert her line of sight sideways…? 
For some reason, she looks embarrassed. 
Is a forbidden spell have that much of risk to use ?… 
That if I were to use it carelessly it would be a matter of life and death ? 
But for now ,there doesn’t seem something abnormal happen to my body. 
Of course,there’s a possibility that an effect will surface by the time goes on… 
Since I want an answer,I’m stared at the headmistress. 
She averts her eyes but,I caught her. 
「……w..what is it ?」 
「It’s about the forbidden spell….magic formula was it ? is it different from that ? for example,is there some kind of risk for using it ?」
(TLN : about this,there is some type of magic exist,for now, we know Aria type,and Forbidden type..the magic formula words can be translated as “Art Style/Type”…though no explanation so far regarding what kind of magic they are.) 
「……That’s right. there’s a tremendous risk for using the forbidden spell」 
「wh…what kind of risk ? …..or rather why are you averting your gaze ?.」 
Then the headmistress is at a lost for words. 
Huh ? 
By any chance,is the headmistress actually didn’t know anything ? 
However if that being the case then,why did sheー… 
At that moment. 
I feel like I’ve heard her clicked her tongue. 
「Sagara Kurohiko-kun.」 
「I’ll let you see something good.」 
「….Huh ?」 
See something good ? 
「See something good…what do you mean by that ? 」 
「Therefore please conceal the forbiden spell as much as posible… also being thoughtless and told people about it.,as general rule I prohibit it ..」 
「Understand ?」 
「. . . . . . . . .」 
「U-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d ?」 
Wh..what happen ? 
What with this forceful feeling ? 
I was bewildered as the Headmistress stared at me as if asking me Yes or No. 
「. . . . . . .」 
At any rate,the headmistress seems don’t want the existance of forbidden spell being known by other people very much. 
Well.,she has her own problem to think about too 
I’m able to live in this world by relying on her afterall, that’s why I don’t want to trouble her with trefling thing. 
For now, let’s just obediently listen to what she says. 
Actually about the forbidden spell,I would like to ask and hear a various story about it… 
「Now then.」 
The headmistress stood up from her chair. 
「It’s already late today. we will continue the talk slowly tomorrow,let’s take some rest for now…」 
But wait,where should I sleep ? 
I’m totally OK to sleep on the floor if she let me sleep in the room 
The headmistress walks to the door located on the left side of the room. 
By the way,in this wide headmistress office, there’s a door each on the right and left of the office room. 
From my point of view, she stands in front of the door at my left side.,then the headmistress turns the door knop. 
The door is open. 
Then she turned this way. 
「Here is my bedroom」 
「Is that so ?」 
「I will sleep here tonight.」 
「I see.」 
「What’s wrong ?」 
「What is ?」 
「What do you mean by what is.,tonight I will permit you to sleep together in the same room here ,come quickly.」 
「…..He ? 」 
The headmistress scratches her head. 
「Aaamou~…I don’t know if you’re a smart or stupid person…. ! Since I’ve already said I’ll let you sleep in my room tonight,so come here quickly ! You should understand that immediately,you idiot ! 」 
I need time to understand the words that come out from this Beautifull girl mouth who look embarrassed. 
In her room,sleep together ? 
With the headmistress ? 
Eeeeeeeeeh ?