Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 69

Chapter 69 (The eighth forbidden spell)

While scooping out the wall, I receive the giant right fist attack. 
*BAAM*, A heavy shock ran throughout my body.  
However, this is not something that I cannot handle. 

ーThis time, it’s my turn. 

I draw all my strength to my left arm. 
The giant is going to attack me using its left fist this time. 
I hit the giant fist that comes right at me using my left hand. 
Both our fist collides against each other. 
Sounds of cracking resounded subtly. 

A crack appeared like a spider-web on the giant fist. 

Then I put more strength to my fist and push it forward. 
A suspicious-looking hole appeared on my elbow, and thick fog is gushing forth from it. 
And at the same time with that, my fist force increased rapidly. 
Furthermore, that sense power is also getting increased. 


*Boro!* <TLN: I seriously can’t make sense Japanese sfx… I will try to learn it if I have the time to do so later.> 
As if unable to endure it anymore, the giant fist collapses. 

The other day, when I was doing trials while being accompanied by Makina-san, I tried to hit the sacred ruin wall with this arm. 
And I easily smashed the walls. 
This left arm is, without a doubt, my current most powerful weapon. 
Furthermore, I can amass power in my arm, and make a sudden acceleration with my fist. 
Of course, I have a bit worry in my mind if this thing won’t be able to match the giant butー. 

ーIf it’s like this, I can do it. 

I fixed my posture once again. 
Although I did take a stance where I would be able to move easily. 
Of course, the truth is I don’t have any knowledge about martial arts. 
Nevertheless, I have the feeling that I can push through the current situation with my spec alone. 
And above all, in this current situation. 
I should move my body more than thinking. 

The collapsed arm of the giant has already being restored. 
Self-recovery ability. 
You have such regeneration speed huh? 
I was feeling surprised by the speed. 
It is something that cannot be compared to the small monsters regeneration speed. 
In other words… I can’t defeat this giant if I don’t attack the weak point eh? 

From Kyurie-appears analysis, there are two weak points. 
Should I aim at the head or the central part of its bodyー? 

The giant began destroying the ceiling again. 
And furthermore, the giant doing that while also swinging its arm around, destroying the surrounding walls. 
The giant seems to want to make a room where the giant can move around more freely. 
Nevertheless, fortunately, my footing was safe. 

I cautiously took a step on the ground. 
And then, I jumped toward the giant head while chanting the ninth forbidden spell. 
In my current state, my physical ability has also been increased. 
Thus my jumping power increased considerably. 
The chains of the ninth forbidden spell began restricting the giant. 
In the meanwhile, I close the distance with the giant in one go. 

The chains once again being torn by the giant. 
However, I’ve already arrived on the giant chest vicinityー. 

From the side, the giant launched a right hook attack. 

The speed of the attack seems also being affected by the narrow place. 
I strike the fist with my left arm. 
Once again both of our fists collide with each other. 
As I expected, my offensive ability has become more powerful. 
The crack appeared until the giant elbow. 

However, due to the collision, it ends up killed my jumping force. 
I clench my fist more stronger. 

ーThen I try recalled the time when I do the trial with Makina-san. 

I should be able to regulate the power of my fist force. 
*Gugugu*, I collected power in my fist. 
Then, I imagine releasing the power in one goー. 

Suspicious thick fog is gushing forth from my elbow vigorously. 

*Donn*, an acceleration similar to that of a jet engine happens. 
Such sharp acceleration. 
I directed my accelerating body toward the giant head while pushing out my fist out. <TLN: You know that Superman pose?> 
The giant restored its right arm while trying to guard its face using its left arm. 
I changed the angle of my arm and the jet fog. 
Changeー The aim is the central part! 


However, the giant twisted its body and my attack missed. 
Although my fist hit a part of the giant body, I missed my aim completely. 
And the part where my fist landed has already began regenerated. 

Unexpectedly this guy is quick. 
The giant seems to be able to 『move』 more than I thought. 
At least this guy is not slow-witted. 

Because the third layer floor had disappeared, I who was being thrown into the air landed one layer lower. 
I looked up at the giant. 
The giant head has been silent, I guess it’s because of the 『Demon eater』 eh?, Just like I had thought, the giant seems to get power up from absorbing magic power. 
Since a while ago, the giant has been trying pulling out the sword several times. 
However, because it seems like I’ve stabbed the neck quite deep, it makes the giant effort to fail. 

The right arm that I’d crushed previously has already being regenerated. 
I’m glad that the self-recovery ability it possesses is not instant. 
In that case, 

ーI just need attack the giant, faster than the regeneration speed. 

I rush toward the giant left foot, then attacked the giant foot with my left arm. 
*Guooon*, I feel such sensations. 
In the next moment, the giant left foot crumbles down. 

I did not stop my attack until there. 

I keep crushing the giant with my left arm while yelling loudly. 
I keep continuing crushing the giant foot thoroughly. 
The self-recovery ability the giant has begun took effect. However, the speed is unable to catch up with my attack. 
Unable to maintain itself, *Zuun*, The giant fall on it knees. 

But, this is not enough. 

I repeatedly keep attacking. 
I pull my arm, and then I strike again, I repeated such action, again, and again. 
Crush, break, crush, break, crushー! 

“U, OOoooooOOOOo!” 

I’ll end it here. 

I keep punching my fist without taking rest. 
Though it made me a bit hard to breathe, however, I’m sure that I can exceed the speed of the giant regeneration. 

And then, due I’m hammering my fist consecutively, the giant left lower body finally disappear. 
The giant who lost one of its legs, lost its balance, and the giant body leaned forward. 
The giant try to support its body with the giant left arm. 
Thanks to that, suddenly I noticed. 
The giant self-recovery ability is… falling? 
Somehow, the bluish line light that ran through its body also become thinー. 

The giant opened its mouth. 
And from the mouth come out light. 
However… this time it’s not that intense like before. 

I see… 
Probably the giant need magic power? 
However, because of the 『demon eater』 fault, the magic power that the giant body needed is not enough. 

I hit the giant left arm. 
Then the giant body who lost it support, collapsed forward. 

“ーThis is not enough.” 

I put more power on my left arm once again. 
And thenー. 

The fist that I launched sinks into the giant chest. 

The thick fog jet appeared behind my elbow. 
*Zudon*, my fist sinks into the giant chest more and more. 
My arm then went pierced the giant chest until it base. 
Then the giant responded, 

“O, OoooOOOOooOo…” 

The howling of the giant has become lower and lower. 
The giant body became fragile and returned to orange color. 
Like that, the giant body collapsed. 

By the end of it, what left is me with my rough breathing. 

“Somehow, I’m able to defeat it… oh right! Kyurie-san!” 

Since it is strangely very quiet, I consciously turn my head. 
After picked up my 『demon eater』, I jumped to the layer above me and landed on the ground that is still safe. 
And I also ended my eighth forbidden spell second stage. 
My left arm turns to normal once again. 

I stopped the operation of the eighth forbidden spell second stage because the fight has ended. 


Sounds of laughter come out from my mouth unintentionally. 
In front of me, the figure of Kyurie-san already sheathed her sword. 
*Fuu*, I wiped the sweat that falls on my chin with my sleeve. 
Then she notices me. 

“You… looking at you, I guess you did it eh? I also just finished defeating it a moment ago, see.” 
“Kyurie-san able to defeat it with your normal form?” 
“I know it was a weaker one after all. thus even I can somehow defeat it by myself.” 

Somehow she said. 
That words, I guess I expect her to say that eh… 
Even though the magic power in this area is being obstructed, I suppose it’s not a problem for her huh? 
I know it, she’s indeed a special existence, isn’t it? 
But still… how did she able to defeat it anyway? 
After wondering about it, I asked that to her. 

“Even if the magic power in this area is being restricted, it does not mean my body become weak. Of course, the burden has increased, but… It’s just, since I cannot gather a lot of magic power in my body, I only use magic art as help in battle… for that reason,  I just try my best to aim at the giant weak point.” 

That is what she said. 
Though she just said 『aimed at the weak point to defeat it』 easily like that… for me, aiming at that weak points are quite hard, see. 

“More importantly, are you alright? you sweated a lot you know?” 
“Ahahaha… well the truth is, my new eighth forbidden spell second stage, just like Kyurie-san magic power, cause quite a burden to the body sees…” 
“I see…” 

*Pon*, Kyurie-san patted my back. 
Her lips look smiling subtly. 
It is a gentle expression that she sometimes shows. 

“Good work…” 
“Eh… Ah, Yes, thank you… Emm, Kyurie-san too.” 
*Nods* “Nn…” 

I wonder why… 
Being praised like this, I feel really happy. 


Though I did not wish that my prediction is right, the small monsters seem to actually really aimed at the above ground. 

Aira-san, Rei-san, Zix, and Hirgiz-san, seems to have defeated small monsters that they encounter on their way. 
Aira-san and Rei-san without change keep moving toward the surface. 
Meanwhile, Zix and Hirgiz-san attacked the small monsters who tried to go to the surface without fail. 
The reason why they did not use the transfer device is that it need 5 to 10 minutes to sets up, with the sacred ruin irregularity, they think it was unsafe if by any chance a variant type come flocking. 
And since the third layer is still not that deep, they think it was safer to go by using the stairs. 

Then, at the same time when Kyurie-san and I defeated the giants, the small monsters body also began disappearing. 
This time, I feel relieved that my expectation has actually come true. 
Had the Giants were not being defeated then, the small monsters will continue gushing forth, and I expect that would be quite bad. 

Next are Cecil-san and the others. 
They returned using the transfer device. 
First in their situation, as soon as they split up with Aira-san and the others, they found the transfer device immediately, and the room is quite huge. 
In addition, Beoza-san and the other ex-Viburk group member injury is obstructing them from walking at a fast pace; thus Cecil-san wants to avoid walking for three layers. 
And since they are not in a hurry like Aira-san and the others, Cecil-san seems to have performed emergency healing to those who have a grave injury in the transfer device room. 
After that, they began operating the transfer device. 
And it seems like Cecil-san defeated the monsters that had come marching by herself. 

Then this news began spreading. 

However, no one was expecting that a subjugation competition against Viburk will turn into something like that. 

With having small monsters not overflowing the surface. 
Viburk former member also returned safely. 
And of course, Aira-san group as well, all of us returned safely. 
Not only that, the giant is also being defeated. 

Looking at this result, I guess it was a great one isn’t it? 

After that, it’s about Bashcarta and Viburk death inside the sacred ruin; their body seems to have been transferred to the surface while in a deep sleep. 
The revival system of the sacred ruins appears to have been working properly. 
However, with Bashcarta and Viburk death, following the academy regulation they have to drop out from the academy. 
Besides, they said that those two wouldn’t wake up at least for two years, and even if they did wake up in the shortest time possible, that would be two years later that I will meet them. 

And, due to the chains incident involving the giants, some higher ranked students decided to drop out from the school too. 
Having several top ranking students to drop out in short time, seems to be the first time in the academy history. 
Among them seems to be noble kids with high status. 
And occasionally in case of their children 『died』 inside the sacred ruin, some parents come to the academy to yell unreasonably about how the academy management is inadequate. 
After dealing with the situation, Makina-san breathes out a heavy sigh as if saying ‘how bothersome.’ 
I guess even in this world a monster parent also exist huh? <TLN: Monster parent written in Katakana, it has a meaning of ‘Unreasonable parent/over-demanding parent/a selfish parent’> 

Now then. 
About after we defeated the giant, Kyurie-san and I dashed toward the surface. 
Then we joined with Zix and Hirgiz-san at the entrance and waited for the small monsters for a while. 
But, even after we waited, the small monsters did not show up. 
And in a few minutes, people from the moral committee and academy’s guards appeared. 
After we had explained that the small monsters seem not going to appear because we already defeated the Giants, we left it to them and gone back. 

A lot of instructors standing by in the open space in front of the sacred ruin. 
Although today is a holy day, many of them have a house near the academy; thus it was relatively easy to call them. 
Also, though many students evacuate from the open space, I was able to confirm the people from the student council as well. 
We then explained the circumstance to the instructors. 
While explaining them, Makina-san appeared from the assembly hall while being accompanied by Aira-san. 
In the meanwhile, Cecil-san and the other appeared in the transfer device spot. 
Beoza-san and the others then being taken care of by Liza-san inside the assembly hall. 

After Makina-san had finished listening to our explanation, Makina-san began having a deep talk with the instructors in the open space area. 
And from the discussion, they decide to see the situation until evening in the open space in front of the sacred ruin. 
They also want us to stay behind, thus we, the Aira-san group stayed behind. 
Only Rei-san joined the moral committee meeting. 
While on the other hand, Kyurie-san is, 

“Since you must be feeling tired, go and get some rest. I’ll be the one giving an explanation to the headmistress, so don’t worry.” 

After saying that, she went to Makina-san. 
Cecil-san as well, since her healing magic art would be useful for Beoza-san and the others treatment, she went to the assembly hall. 
Zix and Hirgiz-san were also accompanying her. 

Like that, I who feels bored sit down on a nearby bench immediately. 
On the bench, feeling relaxed I heave a sigh of relief. then I saw Bashcarta who died inside the sacred ruin and the students who returned using the transfer device passed by. 
A little late later, I saw Viburk being transferred. 
Their body are being carried by the instructors and the assembly hall staff. 
Might be because I also feel exhausted, I looked at the scene with absent-mindedly. 

“Can I sit with you?” 

The one who called me out is Aira-san. 

“Oh, Yes..” 

She smiled wryly when she saw Kyurie-san who’s currently answering Makina-san and the instructor’s question. 

“Back then when we split out, I did not help much…” 

Aira-san is sitting down on my side. 
Since we don’t know if something is going to happen or not, we still have our swords with us. 

“This time, thank you very much ne, Kurohiko. You’re really helped me in various ways.” 
“It’s just Aira-san work hard which have bear fruit see. I only help a little bit.” 
“No, that’s not true. Had you did not join me, Kyurie, Cecil, and the other won’t be helping me wants if that happen, it would be just Rei and me moving around left and right.” 
“But the one who make me feel 『I want to help this person』 is Aira-san you know? if it were not Aira-san, then I might not end up helping see?” 
“Hahaha… what are you saying, you’re really such modest person…” 

I cleared my throat jokingly. 
“No, I just want to be friendly with everyone after all.” 

*Pfft*, Aira-san leaked a small laugh. 

“What is that?” 
“I don’t want to be someone which being hated by anyone. I did say it inside the sacred ruin, right? Fundamentally I’m not a great person you see. That’s why I just want people to think that I was a good person. see? I’m not really 『a good person』 isn’t it?” 

I’m conveying those words while trying not to make it sounds like a joke. 
Aira-san laughed lightly once again. 

“Fufufu, what a strange person. if you’re really a bad person, you won’t be saying something like that you know?” 

Did you hear that, Cecil-san!? 
*Fuu*, Aira-san expression returned like usual, and she threw her line of sight into the air. 

“Wanting to be viewed as a good person by others, huh…” 

She said those words, while having an expression of lost in thought. 

“You know, Kurohiko.” 
“Regarding what happen with Viburk, I’m sorry…” 
“Regarding what happen with VIburk?” 
“Back then, I feel like I’d forced an unpleasant role toward you and Kyurie, see,” 

Ah, about that huh? 

“Please don’t mind it. besides, I’m not someone who want to take the dirt, but it was Kyurie-san after all.” 
“Well, yes… but you see, I think I’m a person who also wants to be liked by the others too. that’s why at that time, I want to try become 『a good person』.” 

From her mouth, Aira-san spoke self-admonishing words while looking toward the sky. 

“After all, when I thought about it more reasonably, I also think that the things that Kyurie had said are correct. that’s why, Iー.” 
“Aira-san who 『wants to help』, I don’t hate that part of you, you know?” 

Aira-san looked at me. 
If by any chance, Aira-san said 『this kind of person, let’s abandon him』 at that place… I think, my view regarding her would be different then. 
How should I say this… instead, I feel relieved when she said that she want to help him. 

“I don’t hate such Aira-san….” 
“Of course, sometimes casting away kindness is necessary. However, regarding that, isn’t Aira-san changed herself immediately before? Just being not falling into stupor back then is already enough. You’re indeed finished your duty properly.” 

I said what I had thought. 
Aira-san then directed her line of sight down, and take a deep breath. 
D-Did I say something wrong, I wonder? 

“Ah, I’m sorry, for being conceited…” 

Aira-san then raises her face again. 
She has a smile on her face. 
However, on the corner of her eyes, some tears is being collected. 

“… really… you’re a really 『kind person』 isn’t it.” 

*Soo*, Aira-san then hold my hand. 
And then she draws her sitting place closer. 

“Thank you…” 
“No, there’s nothing for you to thank me.” 

Furthermore, I can feel her chest hitting my arm a bit… 

“Fufufu… also, you’re a cool person you know, Kurohiko.” 
“T-Thank you.” 

Aira-san turns her line of sight down looking hesitating over something while having her cheek dyed in pink. 

“About the rumor between you and Cecil, is it true?” 
“Ha? Rumor between Cecil-san and I?” 
“Are? you don’t know about it?” 
“… Is there something?” 

Surely… this is not about our wicked mind being known within the academy ground, isn’t it? 

“You see… there’s a rumor about, how both of you involved in lover relationship.” 
“Guoh, *Cough*!” 

T-That’s totally surprised me! 

“There’s such rumor going around!?” 
“Y-Yes… but looking at your reaction… is it wrong?” 
“Though we’re not in a bad relationship, we definitely not in a love relationship either! or rather, please talk to me while looking at me!” 
“Emm, I don’t know what the last part is all about but, that’s mean you both is not in love relationship right?” 
“Well yes, that’s obvious…” 
“Fu, Fuun, I see… I see…” 

While having her cheek turn slightly red, Aira-san looks relieved about something. 
I wonder what? 
I stared at her, observing her… 
Then Aira-san shows a smile on her face as if trying to gloss thing over, and began talking while moving both her hands. 

“T-That’s it isn’t it!? You’re, very, easy to talk to! And reliable… that’s why… emm, I, F-From now on, please treat me well alright!?” 

Please treat me well? 
After saying that with flustered tone, Aira-san stood up. 
Then she claps my shoulder with an awkward smile on her face. 

“W-Well then, see you later!” 

Thus, she left… 
What’s happen just now? 
Somehow, Makina-san and Kyurie-san are looking at this direction!? 

“… Wait, huh?” 

I saw a figure who looks around timidly in front of the open space entrance. 
Animal ears with violet hair, wearing a maid uniform. 


I stand up from the bench and went to the open space entrance. 

“Ah, Kurohiko-sama…” 

When Mia-san sees me, her expression looks like as if telling me that she come to help. 

“By any chance, did you heard about the uproar?” 
“Y-Yes! since today, Kurohiko-sama said that Kurohiko-sama was going to enter the sacred ruin… emm, I feel worried.” 

*Gyuu*, Mia-san grasps her own hands and presses it on her chest. 

“Are you alright?” 
“Yes, as you can see.” 

I show her that my body is alright. 
*Haa~*,  Mia-san breathes out a sigh of relief. 

“I’m glad… if by any chance something were to happen to Kurohiko-sama, then, Mia won’t be able to contain herself.” 
“I’m sorry for causing you some worry…” 

I smile wryly, remembering, the reason why I have to return safely. 
Then I told her than I will have to stay here for a while, and don’t know when will I go back home today. 
Mia-san then nodded obeying respectfully. 

“Then, Mia will wait for Kurohiko-sama at home while preparing everything.” 
“Thank you very much.” 

Mia-san bowed her head politely. 

“For coming back safely… thank you very much.” 

While looking a slightly embarrassed, with a light step, Mia-san left the open space. 

Afterward, the sacred tree chivalric order arrived here around past noon. 
And then, evening time. 
The sacred ruins remained silent. 
There’s no sign that small monsters are going to appear. 
Since the sun has begun to set, Makina-san announced that everything is over for today. 

Except for Rei-san, the people from Aira-san group finally getting permitted to leave. 
While Rei-san still has duty with the moral committee. 
By the way, I feel like I’ve overheard that the academy decides to halt sacred ruin exploration for a while. 
Though there’s never a crisis happen due to the sacred ruin being unusual up until now, however, this time the Academy took this matter seriously, and let the sacred tree chivalric order to do the investigation first. 

Since today we’re all already tired, and tomorrow after school we also seem to go to perform victory celebration party at the dining hall, we decide to leave the open space just like that. 
The first ones who split up and go home are Cecil-san and co; then I split up with Kyurie-san and Aira-san in front of the girl’s dormitory. 

As expected, I feel exhausted too. 
I finally arrived at my home, and then I immediately open the door. 
At that time, the sky have already completely dark. 

“I’m back…” 
“Ahーー Welcome back, Kurohiko-sama.” 

Mia-san who sat down on the chair immediately stands up. 

“What are Kurohiko-sama going to do? shall we prepare the bath first?” 

Seeing Mia-san smile, energy comes surging within my body. 

“Yes, please…” 

When I said that, Mia-san nodded cheerfully, and immediately went to the bathroom to prepare the bath. 
I sit down on the chair. 
Anyway, I feel really tired. 

Let’s take some rest slowly this time.