Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 68

Chapter 68 (Giant)

“Can’t be… for sacred ruin monsters to attack their fellow sacred ruin monsters, I’ve never heard of such thing…” 

She cannot believe the scene that had happened in front of her. 
The one who said such voice is Rei-san. 
She is taking a step forward to fight against the small monsters. 
Then Cecil-san who become the vanguard cut through forward then fight against the small monsters. 
And the ones who is taking cooperation with Cecil-san and attacked the small monsters vital point are Zix and Hirgiz-san. 
The two of them are able to learn from Kyurie-san explanation I guess? 
Aira-san fought against several small monsters who has appeared from the corner of the passage. 

On the other hand, while brandishing my sword, I took a step closer to the small monster who hold a sacred sword in its hand. 
The small monster as well, brandished its sword in order to welcome me. 
Magic power is being poured to the sacred sword which being used to attack me. 
However, I can easily read its attack pattern. 
I dodge the incoming sword attack lightly. 
Then I rotate my body in order to get on the small monster side position, and in that position, I cut off the neck of the small monster with my sword. 
When the small monster who has collapsed on the ground after losing its neck, its body began to melt. 

The way its melts is the same as the usual sacred ruin monsters. 
However, since Rei-san who is in her second year had said 『I’ve never heard of such thing』, I should consider this sacred ruin to be quite irregular huh? 
No, other than that, there’s something that had been stuck in my mind. 
If by any chance that these monsters were aiming to go to the above ground thenー 

“Seems like you can kill them easily eh?” 

I turn around, and there’s Kyurie-san who have been looking at me with an admiring look. 
That seems to be her praise toward me. 

“If you said that… aren’t they more amazing?” 

The direction where my line of sight turns is toward Cecil-san figure which has been killing small monsters. 
Her movement seems to be more refined compared than the past. 
Or should I say, she looks like someone doing a dancing performance. 

『ーHowever, this is too beautiful.』 

That’s how Hibigami had evaluation on Cecil Arclight sword 
Will she change her sword style due to that criticism? That’s what I had thought previously.  
However, she didn’t change her sword style and seemed to have decided in polishing her 『way』 which she have been building all this time. 

『I myself am my own weapon; thus I will continue to polish it.』 

I think her sword style strong point is located in how she’s able to deliver attack precision flowing continuously. 
And since I’m not an expert, I cannot express it with other words. 

“Furthermore, if she can put more speed in her sword style, combining that precision and speed movement, it’s definitely will become quite a weapon. she will become a hard opponent if one’s can’t catch up with her movement after all.” 

It is because she deems to be unnecessary I bet?, Kyurie-san has relaxed her battle posture. 

“Even if I’ve seen her swordsmanship, if she were too fast then I won’t be able to defend myself is it?”
“Well yes. The problem is, whether or not she will be able to achieve that speed or not.” 
“I see.” 
“It’s just, the hesitation in her sword has gone. somehow it looks lively… did she make a breakthrough or what?” 

I guess it is good that she can express her true self huh? 
Indeed, the way she wields her sword has become more lively. 
Most of all, though I feel sorry to Zix and Hirgiz-san who have fought together with her, they fall short in comparison to her. 
It was quite an obvious thing event to me. 

Even if I’m being told to imitate Cecil-san movement, I don’t think that is possible. 
Such unwasted movement is impossible for me. 
It feels like I had a glimpse of as to why she had been called genius, 
How should I say this, she is really amazing. 
And she still intends to go more 『ahead』. 

Kyurie-san and I feel it unnecessary for us to step forward against the small monsters that have come flocking. 
Aira-san and Rei-san have crushed the small monsters that have come from the corner of passage. 
The small monsters that had come chasing after Maro were being swept away by Cecil-san. 

“Emm, Kyurie-san.” 

After making sure that the last small monsters have melted away, I called her. 

“This is just my guess, if by any chance if these small monsters were aiming to go above ground thenー.” 

At that moment, something come out from the corner of the passage. 
One person comes out from the corner of the passage, headed toward here. 

“That is… a student from Viburk group?” 

I remember, their members. 
The one who is rushing toward here is one female student. 
The female student took Cecil-san hand when she comes closer. 

“H-Help! Those blue golem… t-they areー…” 

The female student asked such while minding her back in tears. 
There is damage here and there on her armor. 

A light appeared deep inside of the passage. 
Is it light magic art? 
Next, Beoza and two students appeared. 
And they seem to have some to keep pursuer behind them. 


I then confirm the number of the students. 
Eight people. 
Looking at them, seven people including Beoza have injuries that can cause difficulties in battle. 
Or rather, I feel like only the female student who has run toward here that only sustain damage on the armor. 
Everyone looks very exhausted. 
Their wound seems to make them hard to even just for walking. 
They also seem not being able to afford using healing magic. 
Though at least they are still able to walk, somehow… 

An expression of despair is plastered on their face. 
What had happened I wonder? 
If it’s against small monsters then, Beoza-san alone should have been more than enough. 
Is it because of the giant? 

Blood comes out from the corner of his mouth, and his body drenched with sweat, Beoza-san walking toward here while borrowing a male student shoulder. 
His eyes have lost its luster. 
Blood vessel appeared on his hand and looked pitiful. 
I wonder, how much magic power does he had to use? 
It seems to be hard for him to move a finger now. 
He looks like he has reaches his limit. 

From the corner of the passage, small monsters appeared pursuing. 
I wonder if the small monster had taken it from Beoza-san and the others, in its hand the small monster holding a sword. 


I call out to Kyurie-san asking to charge in. 
She then takes a deep breath. 

“Well, I guess it cannot be helped.” 

First, we will interject between Beoza-san and the othersー. 


I heard a voice from the rear. 
This voice is… Maro? 
Before I realize it, Maro has already walked 10 meters away. 

“Come with me!” 

Aira-san shows an expression as if did not understand what he had said. 

“W-What are you talking about Viburk!? Or rather, don’t go off and separating yourself like that!” 
“Shut up! I’m going back to the above ground! However 『the current』 me cannot win if I were to encounter those monsters along the way! That’s why come with me! Leave the pursuer to them!” 
“Wait, what are you saying!? are you trying to escape by yourself!?” 
“I-I’m not escaping! I-It’s just a temporary withdrawal !” 
“Something like that is definitely not good you know!? Everyone have been fighting to save you, you see!? And yet, you want to escape by yourself!?” 
“S-Shut up! or what!? are you going to choose the foreigner man over there!?” 

Maro shows an angry expression and points his finger at me. 

“Haa!? I don’t understand what you’re talking about! Why are you saying something like that now!?” 
“…B-Because you areー!” 

Maro thrusts his finger toward Kyurie-san and I while looking full of contempt. 

“Since the moment you people arrived in the lion class, everything turn strange! If you guys had not come, I would have been able to enjoy things like usual! Because of you guys, everything has become dull! I hate it; I hate it… I HATE IT!” 
“Fuu, Viburk… you are…” 

Maroー… Viburk glared at me. 

“Especially… you bastard, Kurohiko! You’re the most annoying! You being in this academy in itself is already a mistake! I feel angry about everything regarding you! Die… Die! DIE!” 

The ground floor cracked. 
I looked toward the source of the sounds. 
A crack run under Kyurie-san foot. 


Chills ran through my back. 
In her expression. 
I feel an intense killing intent leaked. 

“Why don’t you help him, Aira?” 

Kyurie-san voice feels so chilling that it might actually freeze the air. 

“Leave him be. Don’t pay attention to him. This is the maximum tolerance I can give.” 
“To tell you the truth, I feel like I want to cut off his head here and now. I’ve seen a lot of garbage up until now, but this is the first time I saw a garbage such as him.” 

I try to pacify Kyurie-san who hold the hilt of her sword and was about to cut Viburk head. 

“W-Wait wait, Kyurie-san… he’s just being agitated you see. Emm, I’m fine so…” 
“… Why ? Why are you looking so calm?” 
“No well, since I’m the cause… I’ve already got used at people scorning me.” 
“Getting used you say…” 

I smile wryly. 
After all, I’m not a saint. 
I might have said I’ve gotten used to it, but, I do feel unpleasant being told like that. 
However, right now, the main priority is the monsters who are aiming to go above ground right? 
Because that is the most important thing compared to my own self. 

“I’m sorry, but I entrust you with everything here.” 
“Entrust it to me you say?” 
“Though I feel bad, I don’t have the leeway to associate with Viburk currently. However, I won’t stop Aira-san if Aira-san wants to save him. And I won’t deny Aira-san decision either. Because, I know that you’re 『a good person』 after all.” 
“But, Iー…” 

I recalled Makina-san and Mia-san, and the people who have been kind toward this me. 
If monsters were to appear above ground, it might endanger them. 
I must act in order to prevent such a thing to happen. 

“W-What’s with that haughty face, are you trying to ignore me!? Oi Kurohiko! Since when have you began acting like a great person!? Ha!? in the first place, you are living a comfortable life only because of being able to learn forbidden spell, isn’t it!? I know about you… you bastard is not really a great person!” 
“Yes, that’s right.” 
“I’m not a great person. I understand that well. That’s why I desperately try to change myself; I try to do everything that I’m able to do. Though well, I won’t deny that because of the forbidden spell, I make some profit from it.” 

After saying that, I put my hand on my lips while thinking. 
What should I do? 
Beoza-san and the others are not in the situation where they can continue fighting. 
However, I cannot leave them be. 
The number of the small monsters are unknown. 
If I were to compare it to the time when I fight against blue goblins, the danger seems to be few, I guess. 
I guess… we should split our exploration group here huh? 

Well, at least someone needs to go back to inform Makina-san and the other. 
A group for informing the people who are guarding the entrance of the sacred ruin so that monsters won’t spill out. 
And a group to defend and bring Beoza-san and the other safely above ground.

Andー This is only something I had thought. 
If the main body is the giant. 
If by any chance the small monster will disappear if I were to defeat the giant… then a group to defeat the giant would be necessary. 

Like this, we need four group. 

We need to divide our exploration group into these four objectives. 
I guess that’s about it? 
Even with this memberー 

“Kurohiko, are you born from a noble family!? You are not, right? Hah! I bet even your blood running inside you is coming from doubtful origin isn’t it!?” 

Viburk shouted. 
However, I have no time to mind him. 
I confirm once again to the surrounding. 

Cecil-san who’s currently healing Beoza-san wounds using healing magic, looking at Viburk with a chilling glare.  
However, because I smiled at her as if saying ‘I’m fine,’ she turned around while pouting. 
By the way, Even Zix, Hirgiz-san, and Rei as well, their view toward Viburk seems to have been dampened. 
Even the students who are part of VIburk group have nothing to say regarding Viburk who try to escape by himself. 
On the contrary, being able to make a person hate me to that degree, somehow I feel like I have a great talent. 

Ha~, well forget it… 
I looked toward the depths of the passage once again. 
And I take a look at the other side of the passage as well. 
I did not see the figure of other small monsters, but… 
Or is there a route heading toward the above ground other than this? 
I guess, I can’t dismiss that possibility. 
 First I have to consult with Kyurie-san, I guess. 
It was at that moment when I was about to open my mouth. 

“Viburk! can’t you stop it!?” 

As if being unable to bear with it anymore, Aira-san raises her voice. 
And then she took one step forward toward Viburk. 
When I looked at her hands, she clenches her hands very tightly. 
Judging from her atmosphere…  did she intend to hit him? 


I catch her shoulder at once stopping her. 

“Don’t stop me, Kurohiko… as expected, I can’t let this slideー.” 
“No, that’s not it… somethingー.” 

At that next moment. 


The floor behind where VIburk stands currently, split open and the stone flew around. 


Wondering what had happened, VIburk turned his face around. 

An upper body of a giant appeared. 

“U, Uwaaaaaah!? W-Why is this guy here!?” 
“T-The giant!? Did this guy trying to climb toward above layer!?” 

Aira-san opened her eyes wide. 
Viburk who tried to escape at once stumbled up. 
And then after he falls, he raises his face and looked at us. 

“Oi, Do something!” 

After he had looked at Aira-san, he looked at Kyurie-san then me. 

“I-If it’s you guys, you should be able to do something right!? Right now it does not matter if we’re friend or foe! First, do something about this giant! Use your forbidden spell! To save! Save me! Help meー.” 

Viburk turned around fearfully. 
Behind him, the giant moves its arm. 


The hand of the giant, raised high, then smashed VIburk. 


Aira-san covered her eyes with her hands. 

“Viburk… why, are you going that far…” 

Aira-san bites her lips while looking at the place where Viburk was previously with a bitter expression. 
I don’t know… 
What kind of feeling I must have right now. 
With the characteristic of the sacred ruin that 『you will be revived even if you die』, I don’t know how to grasp the 『death』 of Viburk that took place in front of me. 


Right now is not the time to dwell about what kind of feeling I have. 
I fix my focus toward the giant once again. 

Looking at it, it’s not much different compared to the small monsters other than being big. 
Even the bluish line running through its black body is also the same. 
Its big hands are scratches the ceiling, *creak-creak* small stone fall to the giant body. 
The giant height, I guess it’s around 9 meters? 

The giant seems to start aiming at us. 


The giant approaching while howling. 
The giant is getting closer while destroying the floor. 

“I, The forbidden spell of departureー.” 

First I use the ninth forbidden spell. 
The chains that appeared from the dimensional hole restricted the giant movement. 
The giant tried to tear off the chains. 
Such considerable power. 
More than the cyclops I guess? 
Like this, that thing will unfasten the restrictionー. 
Guh, I put more power in my hand. 

“Damn it…” 

I feel like I won’t be able to hold it much longer… 

“A-Aira-san, I have one idea, but…” 

She seems to be understood that the current situation is quite dangerous. 
Aira-san expression stiffened when I directed my line of sight toward her. 
She looks like she had been pulling herself back.  

“What is it?” 
“I’ve thought about dividing our exploration group here, but…” 
“Divide it?” 

While keeping watch the giant who try to free itself, I explained the thing that I’ve been thinking to Aira-san immediately. 
Cecil-san and the other as well are listening. 

“… I see. Alright, I understand. I agree with it. I guess you’re right… if that thing has the intention to go above ground then, one have to deal with it huh… there’s no other way than doing it…” 

Aira-san decided it quite easily. 
Kyurie-san who listening since a while ago began giving her suggestion. 

“Leave this place to Kurohiko and I. the highest ability users should become the opponent of the giant I think. considering the damage it may cause if it’s arrived above ground, it is better for us to defeat it inside the sacred ruin.” 
“I guess so… I don’t have the time to argue here either. I also think that would work best. Cecil and the other, are you fine with this?” 
“I guess there’s no other way… since Kurohiko and Kyurie are the right opponents for the giant here, there’s no place to put any objection for me. how about the other personnel?” 
“Can I leave it to you, Cecil?” 

Kyurie-san unsheathes her sacred cursed sword while asking with a voice full of trust. 
*Fuun*, Cecil-san exhaled then smiled. 

“Well then… leave it to me.” 

Cecil-san began giving instruction quickly. 

“Aira and Rei should go to above ground immediately to inform the Headmistress, Student Council, and the morals committee about what happened here, please. the sacred tree chivalric order would then being informed by the Headmistress. After that, help to cover the group who will hold the small monsters from passing the sacred ruin entrance. Zix and Hirgiz will immediately head toward the entrance and keep the small monsters from passing with all your power. I will help Beoza and the others moving toward above ground while protecting them.” 
“Cecil-san alone?” 

Zix called out toward her while looking anxious. 
Indeed, other than the female students among former member of Viburk group, no one is able to continue fighting. 

“There’s the case that the report will be taken lightly if only one person go. With one person, it would be hard to convince them, and that would then become the end. Therefore, I judge that two people are needed to report this. In a sense, this is the most important duty. Andー Even if by any chance I, Beoza and the other were getting completely wiped out, then 『there won’t be any obstruction』. There’s no mistake right, Kyurie?” 

Toward Cecil-san who asked while smiling, Kyurie-san snorted. 

“Fuun… Perfect. However, I bet there’s no chance for you to get annihilated right? If it’s against the small monsters. Well, don’t worry about that giantー we will defeat it here.” 

With those words as the beginning, everyone starts to move accordingly. 
Matching that, I’ve finished casting the second stage incantation. 

“ーSecond stage, release!” 

Black spears pierced the giant body. 
However, it did not penetrate the giant deep enough. 
Furthermore… aren’t my spears getting pushed back instead? 
Maybe it is because of the self-recovery that Kyurie-san talked about previously huh? 

“Damn it… I cannot restrict the giant any further…!” 

And thenー The black chains snapped. 
When the giant finished shook off the broken chains, the giant opened its mouth. 
From inside the giant mouth, there’s light coming out. 
What is that? 
Is the giant… trying to gather magic power? 

The blue line light on the body of the giant shining brighter. 
And at the same time, I feel overpowering sense coming from the giant as well. 


A roar shakes the air. 

ーHere it comes. 

I trust my hand forward. 

“I, the forbidden spell of departureー, I the shield of the king, the prison of the furthest end, transformed into shield, under my command come forth and become my shieldー.” 

Finally, your turn has come. 
New forbidden spell. 

“ーEighth forbidden spell, Release!” 

In front of me, a red hole with elliptical shape appeared. 
Something similar to that of black slime appeared, and wrapped around my arm which I hold out toward the hole. 

“Is that the new forbidden spell?” 

Kyurie-san asked. 

“Yes… This is the new forbidden spell.” 

Then, on my arm, the slime began to form a diamond type shield. 
And it hardened quickly too. 

That’s right… 
The eighth forbidden spell is a 『shield』 forbidden spell. 
Although I don’t like it due this one being somewhat plain, but, right now, I say I’m thankful for it being like this. 
Truthfully I feel a bit worried about my defense side after all. 
Thinking about the time when I fought against blue goblins, I might lose if I were to have an opponent who have a quite high offensive ability. 
And, it’s different compared fighting one on one, when I have to face several opponents, I have no confidence that I would be able to avoid all of the attacks. 
That’s why getting a single blow from the blue goblins can cause me quite the severe wounds to leave a bitter memory. 
And there’s also the lesson from the battle against blue goblins about the power of the sword will decrease if I were to fight continuously. 
In that sense, having a shield specialized in defense make me feel relieved. And I would then be able to continue fighting longer. 

Best of allー. 

I grasped my ShiAkira sword on my right hand, and face the giant. 
Kyurie-san then followed after me. 
The giant tried to attack Kyurie-san with its fist. 

I then split one part of the shield on my left hand, and then sent the 『shield』 in front of Kyurie-san. 

The shield solidly prevents the giant attack firmly. 
After glancing at me for an instant, Kyurie-san then moved her body, she took high jump then cuts off the giant arm. 
However, that slash only cut off one-third of the giant’s arm. 
I also try to attack some part of the giant arm with ShiAkira sword; however, I did not see any wound being inflicted. 
Kyurie-san makes a landing. 

“A shield that can move freely huh?” 

I moved the part of the shield back to my left hand. 
The part that returned turned into black liquid again, and getting absorbed by the shield. 
But then, Kyurie-san looked toward the giant once again. 

“That thing is really hard.” 
“Emm, Kyurie-san.” 
“Your sacred cursed sword, the light seems to be considerably weaker than usual isn’t it?” 

The sacred cursed sword in Kyurie-san hand did not emit light as dazzling like the first time I saw it. 

“Ah… about this, it seems like the magic power in this area is very thin. Probably because of having that giant absorbing magic power in abnormal quantity the density in this area has become very thin. Well, if I were to change into that figure, I would feel an intense fatigue, thus it is better not to use it, but, in this situation, I really want to be able to use it instead.” 

I while chanting the ninth forbidden spell, try to ask her. 

“I have something to ask since a while ago but…” 
“Something you want to ask?” 
“If I were to use 『demon eater』 here, what do you think?” 
“Nn… I see…” 

Though I don’t have any thought of using the 『demon eater』 as an obstruction to the performance of magic art and sacred cursed sword, but, if the magic power in this area has already become thin then. 
Is it fine for me to use it? Is what I want to ask. 

“I think it should be fine. It is something that is worth to try…” 

At the time when Kyurie-san gave permission. 

This time, the floor from our opposite side burst up and flew toward here. 

We turned around at the same time. 

At the place where Beoza and the other sat down a while agoー a giant has emerged from the ground. 
A bluish light shines on its body. 
Since there’s no one in this area other than Kyurie-san and me, somehow that’s relievingー. 

“How many of them, I wonder?” 
“I will fight that one. Since the body line of this one seems to be fragile. It will be easier for a sword blade to cut through I guess… how is it, is it fine for me to take this one?” 

I hold the 『demon eater』 hilt. 

“I entrust it to you.” 

We put our back against each other. 

“If the 『demon eater』 does not behave how it should be, please do say something.” 

And then we began facing against the Giants at the same time. 
The giant who is able to break free from the ninth forbidden spell chains began to shake off its body. 

The giant seems to be a source of a magic power. 
Previously, the forbidden spell had blocked Makina-san magic art and make her unable to use it. 
So I was expecting that it would weaken the giant power, but, I don’t see any effect on it. 
Though it seems the forbidden spell chains are able to obstruct the organ where it was being used to absorb magic power. 
Since the giant did not appear to be able to absorb magic power anymore. 
If that is the case then, just like I had thoughtー. 

While getting closer, I unsheathe my 『demon eater.』 sword. 
A sword with a black blade appeared. 
The blade began emitting light. 
When I stopped the giant attack that had come with the shield, I decide to jump and aimed at the giant head using 『demon eater』. 
*Zaku*,  the 『demon eater』 blade sank into the giant head. 
Then the blade suddenly began emitting intense light. 

“O, OooooOOOOOoooー!” 

I guess the giant feel that the magic power flowed out. 
The giant continues howled. 

ーIs this good enough? 

I pull out my sword. 
Then with a backhand grip, again, I stabbed at the giant neck. 


The giant howled once again. 
Did it work? 
This fellow, there’s more magic power! 
Its absorption ability has increased considerablyー. 


The giant wave its neck to shake me off. 
I don’t feel that the giant power has weakened. 
It seems that 『demon eater』 and the giant,  they competing for their magic power absorption ability. 

Damn it. 
I thought that I would be able to absorb the magic power the giant had absorbed with 『demon eater』 but… 
But to think that the magic power absorption ability is on par with 『demon eater』. 
As I thought, this giant, something is really abnormal. 
It did not feel like a cyclops who appeared in layer fifteen. 
This hardness is… 
To break this hardnessー. 
I then flew backward and landed on the ground and faced the giant. 


ーI guess, no other choice. 

“I, the body of the cursed one, the arm of greed, the eighth forbidden spell… second stage, release!” 

The shield on my left arm returned to liquid form. 
And thenー It wrapped my 『arm』. 


My left arm heats up. 
I feel something creep out from my arm. 
I feel like having several thin snakes creep out from inside my body. 

“Gu, guuh…” 

My left arm becomes a black arm. 
And the size also clearly much bigger than my right arm. 
An abominable left arm. 
Like this, it feels like I’m having a demon arm being transplanted on my body. 
There’s even slight black miasma drifting around it. 
Black blood vessels appeared around my shoulder. 

ーI feel power surging within my body. 

Then I lowered my posture and cautiously step on the ground. 
*Bikii*, the ground cracked. 
While feeling the sense spread deep within my left temple, I fixed my gaze at the giant. 

“Now then, Here I comeー.”