Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 67

Chapter 67 (Difference)

“Are~? Are you really going to bring that?” 

Two swords hung on Kyurie-san waist. 
One of them is the one who she had used to fight against Hibigami. 
If I remember correctly, it’s called River Gate sword. 

“Yes… since we don’t know what is going to happen after all.” 

Sacred ruin first layer. 
While walking Kyurie-san put her hand on the sword handle. 

“I’ve been thinking about the time when you fell. In spite of the mystery of the sacred ruin, I should be prepared too.” 

I recalled the figure of a young war maiden with intimidating elegance. 

“Such tremendous strength eh?” 
“Even you also bring 『demon eater』 with you isn’t it?” 
“Though I’m not quite sure as to how I should use it.” 

I also bring two swords with me today. 
On my back is ShiAkira sword. 
And the other one on my waist is 『demon eater』. 
At the time when I receive ShiAkira sword from Aira-san, we have a discussion that if I want another sword, and I decide to hang it on my waist. 
However, this 『Demon sword』 will absorb magic power from the surrounding environment, which will then obstruct the other member in using magic art. 
Because of that, I might be going to fight only using ShiAkira sword. 
And I don’t know whether there would be a situation where I will use it. 
Nevertheless, since I also feel the same as Kyurie-san that there might be something in there, just in case, I brought it with me. 
Since if I were to put the sword inside the sheath, the absorption would only affect me, thus there’s no worry at bringing it with me. 

“Sacred cursed sword, and magic sword huh.” 

Aira-san who is walking on the front lines side by side with Rei-san shows a wry smile while touching her own sword. 

“Even though I’ve prepared a cursed sword, as expected, I still look inferior eh.” 
“A fight is not something that can be decided with only the quality of the sword. if so, then the other side who also have ‘collective strength,’ will be overwhelming.” 

Kyurie-san while emphasizing the part of 『collective strength』 sounds like sarcasm. 

Bashcarta who brags about that collective strength of his, I wonder, what layer are they already at? 
Their exploration group should have all its members already have experienced arriving at ninth layer I guess. 
Like that, it would be faster for them to reach the giant. 

“By the way, Kurohiko, about the new forbidden spell, you are able to use it normally right?” 

I’ve already told Kyurie-san and everyone in Aira-san group about the new forbidden spell. 
However, I can’t show it easily since there’s a slight burden to my body.<TLN: Mistake made by me, eight forbidden spell should be the one who drains his stamina, not ninth… I’m sorry for the inconvinence> 
Though I did tell them the description of the spell. 

“Yes, there’s no problem for that.” 

The problem is about that 『beast』 sense I guess. 
Though at the time when I do experiment with Makina-san I do not feel any difference, there’s the possibility of that sense to get stronger at taking my consciousness if I were to use forbidden spell continuously. 
Because of that, I should refrain from recklessly using the forbidden spell. 
For that reason, I should not depend on the forbidden spell, and only uses it whenever there’s no other way… though I said that, I want to try whether I can fight against that sense when I’m using two forbidden spells. 
To sum it up, I might be able to use forbidden spell more often if I can control it sufficientlyー 


Five goblins appeared in front of us. 
However, they got themselves instantly killed by Aira san and Rei-san who are on the front row. 
If it’s this exploration group members, then monsters from this layer are not much of an opponent. 
Just like Kyurie-san a while ago, she can instantly kill dtark tiger head who usually appeared in the twelfth layer. 
Her alone is already a very considerable force. 

Like that, we are arrived in the third layer easily. 
Since everyone already goes through this layer, it did not make us take too much time either, and since we did not compete for exploration speed, we do it with leisure manner. 

“What’s wrong, Kyurie-san?” 

When we arrived in third layer, Kyurie-san showed an expression mixed with stern. 
There in front of us is a straight passage. 
She stared at the front as if trying measuring the passage. 

“Something… is coming.” 

Here is the third layer. 
The one who appeared are a small cyclops and lizardman monster. 
By standard, they should be an opponent that will not make us have a hard fight. 
However, that Kyurie-san actually has a wary expression. 
So that means, they are an opponent which usually should not show up in this layer.  
I reach out my hand toward ShiAkira sword on my back, and called out toward the two in front of me. 

“Aira-san, Rei-san.” 

Being called, they turn their face. 

“What’s wrong, Kurohiko?” 
“Something seems unusual. just in case, it would be better if you both prepare for battle.” 
“… Understood.” 

I guess she had already encountered variant type previously; Aira-san put her hand on her sword hilt without asking an unnecessary question. 
Same as her, Rei-san also put her hand on her sword hilt. 
Behind me, Cecil-san and the other also on their battle stance. 
And then, we stop walking and pay attention to the front. 

“There are several of them.” 

Kyurie-san said those words. 
With this distance, even I could tell. 
Somethings are looking at this direction. 
Is it variant type? 

And then. 


The one who leaked a surprised voice is Aira-san. 

“Aira-san… is that.” 

From the corner of the passage, a monster with orange blood vessels ran toward this direction. 
Maybe that is the small sized magma monster? 
Toward my question Aira-san nodded. 

“T-That’s right, I’m sure of it… however.” 

With a voice full of doubt. 

“Why did it appeared in this layer…” 

That’s right. 
If we go with Aira-san story, the magma monster should have only appeared at the ninth layer. 
And yet, why are they appearing in the third layer huh? 

“I see, as expected, that this year sacred ruin is different compared to the previous year eh?” 

While saying that, Cecil-san looked toward the frontー where small sized magma monsters appeared one by one. 
I recalled the time when blue goblins swarmed attacking me. 
The small sized monster has an appearance with no eyes, ears, and  nose. 
I can barely see their sharp tooth line up in their mouth. 

“At any rate, there’s no other way than to defeat them.” 

Toward Kyurie-san words, everyone began to prepare for battle. 
*Oooooooo!* And then the small sized monsters also raised their ominous voice. 
How many of them I wonder? 
Around ten I guess? 

“First we will go see how things are! until then Kurohiko and Kyurie keep watch of our flank. Cecil, Zixbert, and Hirgiz be cautious of attack from the rear! I will ask for help if it’s become a hard fight!” 

While pulling her sword from its sheath, Aira-san gives us instruction. 
Which we immediately followed the order. 
Aira-san and Rei-sanー the small monsters began took an attack stance. <TLN: Damn it give a name already> 

The small monster comes approaching. 
The first one leaps toward Rei-san. 
Although Aira-san is currently standing in a passage with a width that would fit two people wielding swords, she evades the attack while considering Aira-san position skillfully. 
While avoiding the attack, she pierced the small monster with her sword. 
Rei-san then consecutively thrust her sword blade toward the small monster one after another. 
The small monster then falls forward. 
Aira-san as well, in accordance with Rei-san movement, she cut off a small monster head. 
The first two monsters who got fatal injury did not seem to melt like the other monsters. 

Their strength seems not to have much threat either. 
However, is it alright for me to think of such thing? 
As one would expect, the information regarding students who has a high rank in the academy unable to compete against them is on my mind.  
Or is it only the magma giant who have non-standard strength… 

Suddenly the small monster movement stopped. 
What happen I wonder? 
They don’t show any indication of being frightened, though. 

When I thought of such doubt, the small monsters opened their mouth. 
Their mouth began emitting bluish light. 
No, that’s not it. 
Are they trying to use magic power? 

“What are they doing!?” 

Aira-san took one step back. 
The line color that runs through their body began to change from orange to bluish color. 
What’s that? 
Their atmosphere… changed? 

“ーー, Aira, they come!” 

Rei-san raises her guard. 
*Pon*, Kyurie-san hit my back.
I can understand even without words. 
“We’re going,” or so she was implying. 
We should take action here, is what I feel. 

“We will do it. Since it seems like that phenomenon is happened for the first time. We cannot afford for the leader being put in danger here.” 
“First we will go to check the situation.” 

After saying that, Kyurie-san and I stepped up to the front of the two people on the front. 
The small monsters who are on the front row roared, and swung their arms horizontally. 
Kyurie-san then bends down her body avoiding the small monster attack. 
*Dogo*, such sound can be heard. 
The arm which lost it target sunk deeply into the sacred ruin wall. 

“… Eh?” 

The one who raises such voice is Rei-san. 
I can understand why she’s surprised. 
If one were to take such attack head on, one wouldn’t end up unharmed. 
And one internal organ might suffer damage. 
Furthermore, though Kyurie-san seems to avoid the attack easily, the movement of the small monster definitely increased. 
It might be because it is Kyurie-san, that’s why I feel like she has a lot of margin left. …… 

“Fuunn, after taking in magic power, their strength has increased huh? these guys are just like a sacred sword huh.” 

While saying that Kyurie-san slashed down toward the small monster. 
The small monster raises its hand up. However, Kyurie-san attack movement is only a feint. 
She pretends to aim the monster neck, but change her attack orbit midway. 

“Fumu… their vital point seems not have changed. We can kill them normally by cutting off their head or inflict them with a deep wound. However, just a little bit, they seem to be able to perform self-recovery.” 

Kyurie-san had inflicted a small wound on the monsters arm before she killed them. 
While looking at the wound, she began talking, 

“Though it was small, the wound has become smaller. in other words, had I not give this one fatal injury, it will regenerate immediately.” 

Kyurie-san thrust her sword toward the other small monsters who has their color changed. 
The small monsters then opened their mouth and roared with “Ooooooo!” as if trying to threaten her. 
However, Kyurie-san took a step forward without minding the small monsters coercion. She copped the small monster body who’s on the front row several times. 
From the small monster, wounds come out a bluish light. 

“I cut them in a flash but, arms, legs, head and abdomen, their hardness is quite high. If I were to aim for one, I would aim for the neck and chest.” 

As if saying that her business is over, Kyurie-san chopped off the small monster head. 
Again, Kyurie-san took a step forward. 

“Wellー that is my analysis. this member should have not much trouble if we keep an eye toward their attack speed and the surrounding situation calmly.” 

A small monster tried to bite her on her chest. 
However, Kyurie-san sword pierced the central part of the small monster until its bottom. 
As if having its thread being cut, the small monster fell on the ground. 
After she cut down several small monsters and avoiding their attack, Kyurie-san began talking. 

“I will leave one for each person. go ahead try it, we will change place with the rearー, since Kurohiko already took one, there’s five of them left.” 

Aira-san looked at me dumbfounded. 
I had just cut off the neck of a small monster who had came straight at me. 
When I nodded toward her, Aira-san and Rei-san stepped forward replacing us. 
The two of them attacked the small monsters vital point skillfully and killed them. 
Next Cecil-san, Zix, and Hirgiz-san fight against one opponent each. 
Though Cecil-san can be expected, the others seem don’t have much trouble either. 

“Though fighting the small monster does not appear to possess any problem…  if their number were to increase, I guess it would be hard huh? just like Aira said, her decision to bring several people together is correct eh.” 

Kyurie-san looked toward the small monster who finally melt and disappears. 

“Next is how we should consider the power of the giant huh? The problem is, as to how much we should compare its ability with these guy ability. Fumu, next, should we try if magic art can work against them?” 

Aira-san is good, but, unexpectedly, Kyurie-san is amazing. 
It feels like receiving practice lecture. 
Not only she gives an analysis about the small monsters, but she also compares their strength with ours, while advancing her analysis. 
Although I thought finally it might be the time for me to use the new forbidden spell, but, I guess I won’t use forbidden spell if I were to go with this group eh. 
My new forbidden spell debut might have to be postponed until the final boss huh. 

“But still, why are they in the third layer…” 

Aira-san looked down at the place where small monsters who melted away and disappear while having an expression full of doubt. 
Aira-san put her finger on her lips while lost in thought. 

“It can’t be, butー…” 

Incidentally, when Aira-san said those words, something appeared from the front. 
Wait, that isー… 


Similarly, Aira-san who also noticed raises her voice. 
That’s right, the one there is. 
It was Maro who looked exhausted while holding sword appeared from the depths of the passage. 
When Maro notices us, he shows a complicated expression while looking here. 
Our distance is around 20 meters I guess? 
Maro walked toward here while dragging his foot. 

“W-What happened!?” 

Maro then answered Aira-san while keep looking toward the rear. 

“Those guys… those small monsters 『climbed』 the stairs toward the upper layer!” 

Rei-san then reacted with a surprised voice. 

“Eh? Just now, what did you say?” 

Furthermore, Aira-san also shows the same reaction. 

“『Climbed』… you say? Wait a minute… indeed I’ve confirmed that they seem to be the small monsters from lower layers, but that is just impossible. For the monsters in the sacred ruin to 『climb』 the stairs toward the upper layer…” 
“Is that so?” 

I who did not know about such thing asked Aira-san. 
Then Rei-san answered in place of her with a serious look. 

“Indeed. You see, the stairs heading toward the upper layer is some kind of 『evacuation stairs』 for the sacred ruin exploration group. Normally, monsters will give up chasing after you if you arrived on the stairs. It is sometimes more effective than using the transfer device where you might get swarmed by monsters. since no matter how many of them, at least the monsters in the higher layer are weaker after all.” 

I see. 
One will have to fight a lot of monster in that particular layer, if we were to use transfer device after all. 
However, because I often met with variant type who should not appear on one particular layer, I thought they can climb toward the upper layer using the stairs as well. 
Besides, if monsters from lower layer emerged in the upper layer, I believe that it’s not strange if they use the stairs… 
However, it seems like something like that is supposedly impossible. 

Aira-san has a serious look. 
Possibly it’s about the thing she was about to say when she said 『It couldn’t be, butー』huh? 


The one who called her out is Kyurie-san. 

“W-What is it?” 
“It means those guys have climbed to the upper layer is it?” 
“Normally something like that is impossible. However, the monsters who should have appeared in ninth layer appeared in the third layer… and furthermore, Viburk said that they had 『Climbed』 up here… That’ meanー.” 
“For them to appeared in the upper layer is not something impossible eh?” 

The one who said that is me. 
But probably, that doubt has crossed inside all of our minds. 

“I don’t know what had happened. But if that is true then this is bad. No, not only if that giant appeared in the upper layer… if they were to come to the above ground then, this is definitely badー.” 
“Oi, we can think up something like that for later!” 

The one who interrupted is Maro. 

“Quick help me!” 
“Vi, burk?” 

Aira-san said that while looking bewildered. 

“Transfer device or whatever is fine! S-Save me! I will give you money! or if you like we can decide the competition as a draw!” 

At that moment, from our opposite side, monsters with blue stripー that small monster had appeared. 
*Hii*, Maro screamed briefly. 

“T-They come! Oi! You guys, do something!” 

Maro’s face turns pale showing how much fear he got. 
The distance between Maro and us is still around 10 meters. 


Aira-san took one step forward while grasping her sword. 
However, Kyurie-san held Aira-san shoulder and stopped her. 

“What are you doing Kyurie!?” 
“You don’t tell me… are you going to help him?” 
“But, if we left it like this thenー.” 
“What is good for helping such a guy?” 
“Oi, Viburk.” 

Kyurie-san called out to Maro. 

“What about the other guys?” 
“A, Bashcarta is dead! Chi, for him being all domineering, yet in last moment he got himself all nervous!  He’s not useful at all!” 
“… How about the others?” 
“Ah? Like hell I know! I managed to leave the Guardian room somehow while Beoza with several students tried to protect the other! They might still fight at the transfer device location somewhere maybe!?” 
“In other words, you left Beoza and the others, and escape by yourself?” 
“I-I did not run away! I just put survival as my priority! 
“Funn… so that what he said see?” 

Kyurie-san turned toward Aira-san. 
Aira-san bites her lips. 

“But still… even though he’s like that, he is a student from the same lion class you know?” 
“Like what I said earlier, I’m someone who returns malice with malice completely after all. I also have no passion for mercy either. For me… if that guy falls into a deep sleep that would be good then… After all, dying in the sacred ruin does not mean you will die for real.” 
“Ah, for Aira and Kurohiko, and the other as well, you don’t have to worry about it you see? I’m fine by myself as the one who abandons Viburk.” 

Everyone is at a loss for an answer. 

“A-As expected, something like that is no good!” 

The one who said those words faster than me is Aira-san. 

“That fellow might be a terrible guy! Even I thought he’s an unpleasant person you know!? However, I can’t abandon a person who asks for 『help』 in front of my eyes!” 

Maro looked relieved. 
And then Aira-san began to fight against the small monsters alone. 
I scratched my head hard. 

“I’m sorry Kyurie-san.” 
“I completely agree with Kyurie-san. Though this is not the reason for not abandoning Maro. of course there’s the thing that Aira-san said. But as one would expect, it is because I can’t abandon Aira-san after all.” 

Saying that, I followed Aira-san. 
Cih, Kyurie-san clicked her tongue. 

“You soft people.” 
“Well, then I guess we should go to huh. to help 『Kurohiko』 and 『Aira』.” 

I heard the voice of Cecil-san from the rear. 
For me to exclude Maro entirely, as expected, it was a good decision of mine eh. 

Then at that moment. 
In front of me. 
From the depths of the passage three small cyclops appeared. 
However, their state looks strange. 
They seem to be scared of something… 
And then in that next momentー 

『Something』 jumps out from behind the small cyclops, with a sword in its hand. its head which has one eye had been skewered. 

Furthermore as for the other two, one of them had its neck being bitten by some tooth,  and another one had its body pierced by a sword. 
And the one who held the sword isー the small monster. 
Moreover, is that sacred sword? 
Also, the sacred sword is shining? 
In other words, the small monster can use the ability of sacred sword? 
Even if that is the case. 
What’s had transpired? 

Whyー the same sacred ruin monster attacked another monster? 

No no, wait a moment. 
In my head, a certain question appeared. 
In the first place, the giant monster and that small monster who appearedー. 

Are they really monsters from the sacred ruin? 

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