Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 66

TLN: We go back to Kyurie again.

Chapter 66 (Toward the subjugation operation)

Cecil-san is smiling while leisurely crossing her hands. 

“I’m sorry for suddenly interrupting. did we surprise you?” 

Rei-san who seems to want to ask something turned her line of sight toward us. 

“Emm, Just now, did she just said that if it’s permitted to join, by all means, she want to participate, am I wrong…?” 
“You’re not mishearing you know? I’ve heard about the subjugation operation from Kurohiko.  Including the matter about the confrontation against Viburk. Therefore, if your group can accept us then I want to participate, that was what I thought.” 

Cecil-san then looked toward Aira-san. 

“Of course, if you don’t mind…” 

Aira-san faltered. 

“Does the family matters bother you?” 

Cecil-san is asking her, but, Aira-san keeps her mouth shut. 
From the story of the instructors at the time we had battle practice lesson, and the statement of Bashcarta, the relationship between Arclight and Horn family appears to be not quite a good one. 

“What about your thoughts, Aira?” 

Cecil-san gives another question. 
After a while, Aira-san opened her mouth. 

“You see, personally, about you, I don’t hate you. Far from that, I feel admiration for you. I thought that, If the family matters did not exist then, I want to get along with you. That is what I had thought.” 
“I’m honored. neither do I; I also don’t hate you, you know?” 
“Thank you. even if it’s just a lie, that makes me happy.” 
“Fufufu, If it were to be a lie then, I won’t talk about the participation.” 
“Ahahaha, I see… I guess so huh…” 

Aira-san scratch her cheek while looking vexed. 

“With that, there’s no problem for me to participate in the plan, no?” 
“Uhuh… or rather, it’s more like, that helps me a lot, I guess?” 

Aira-san smiled in resignation. 

“And also, you don’t have to worry about the family matters. Though it’s not publicly, regarding your brother generation, the houses also have no intention to give it up. All in all, though Horn family is in this academy and at the chivalric order as well… by the end of it, you and I are different.” 

By that, is that mean, the brother of Cecil-san talent stick out, even among Arclight family history huh? 
At least with this, they can reconcile. 
However, Cecil-san who indirectly receive praise from her, she has the face of someone who intends to talk about something. 
From that expression, somehow, I can guess her personal thought. 
No matter what kind flowery words she enumerates, she who is told to be someone who has been surpassing the horn family siblings overwhelmingly, the other day, got herself beaten up by a demon-like man named Hibigami. 
Even if she have been able to regain her own footing, just right after she realize that above the sky, there’s another sky. She might not be able to receive compliment honestly. <TLN: Idiom, there will always be someone better than you.> 
Though individually she can be considered a winner even if it’s only about her appearance and character. 

“With that being the case, if they heard that you and I join hands in this operation, as expected for the horn family it wouldn’t look good, would it?” 
“Don’t worry about it? the house can do whatever they like.” 
“Sometimes ago you say that you’re going to give up, but, didn’t you get a lot of pressure from the horn family?” 

Aira-san who give an agreeing response shows a depressed looks. 
Then Cecil-san put her hands together and make a proposal. 

“About that, if by any chance the horn family says something against me joining the operation, please just say 『I just got the Arclight family daughter’s application for exploration group』.” 
“Eh, something like that is…” 
“I will also say something to confirm it. You don’t have to worry about it, alright? I will deal with the Arclight family. After all, I’m the favorite of my grandfather. No matter what the family says, if I ask my grandfather, I can shut them up as much as I want. My father and mother won’t go against my grandfather, and my brother is quite the sensible person after all.” 
“Cecil, why do you go that far…” 
“Though it’s not an admirable thing to mind about a family name too much, however, one should use the things that can be utilized. and from the story, I feel that Bashcarta use his family authority too much.” 

Toward Cecil-san consideration, Aira-san gives her gratitude. 

“… Cecil, thank you.” 

After the time pass by a little, Aira-san who finished contemplating asked Cecil-san. 

“Emm… Can I ask one thing?” 
“What is it, I wonder?” 
“Why did you want to participate?” 

*Nnn*, Cecil-san looked toward the ceiling while thinking. 

“Because, I don’t like how Viburk and the other do things I guess?” 
“Eh… just for that reason?” 

Rei-san looks dumbfounded. 
Cecil-san tilts her head. 

“Is it that strange? I do think that it was a good reason, though?” 

Then Aira-san turns her face toward me. 

“About the operation… you heard it from him?” 
“Yes, I heard it from Kurohiko.” 

While giving Aira-san an answer, Cecil-san sends her gaze toward me. 

“Though I think anyone would want to go to this side if they are being told like that.” 

I only conveyed to her all the fact though. 
No, Cecil-san might feel impressed because I told her straightly. 
It’s just that, because I know about the Horn family relation, I can’t urge her to participate in the operation. 

Aira-san combs her hair with her hand while contemplating. 
And then she smiled at me. 

“I see… even with me being like this; you will still help me eh.” 
“I didn’t do anything you know? it is something that Cecil-san decided by herself.” 

There, I noticed Cecil-san burning gaze filled with amazement directed toward me. 
I can understand even without her saying anything. 
That is a gaze saying 『again; you’re doing that so that people would like you…』. 
T-This is hard… 
It’s because Cecil-san is here, that my words sounds weird and feels like a hypocrite! 

“T-That is really what I think alright!?” 

Toward my frantic excuse, Aira-san responded with an awkward smile. 

“Eh? Y-Yes?… about what?” 

Ah, Damn it… 

“N-No, that is… no, it’s nothing.” 

I looked toward Cecil-san with reproachful eyes. 
However, she just brushes it off with her lovely smile like usual. 
Ugh… this is tough. 
Is this the negative effect for having us expressing our real thought with each other? 

“Are you guys going to participate as well?” 

Rei-san asked Zix and Hirgiz-san who’s standing behind Cecil-san. 

“If Cecil-sama is going to participate then, we will also participate.” 
“That is natural.” 

The two of them answered immediately. 

“So, it’s decided then.” 

Like that, the one who said that is someone who has been watching in silent, the person is Kyurie-san. 
Cecil-san then walked toward Kyurie-san. 
Then she put her hand on Kyurie-san shoulder. 

“It might be temporary but, unexpectedly we’re going to do a joint exploration sooner than we thought eh, Kyurie?” 
“Fuun, If Kurohiko is not here then something like this won’t happen isn’t it?” 
“Fufufu, I guess so~…” 

Kyurie-san then stands up from her chair. 

Kyurie Velstein. 
Cecil Arclight. 

I feel like wanting to take their picture when they are standing in line like this. 
Won’t you both just make an idol group unit already? 

“You… you just think of something stupid didn’t you?” 
“Fufufu, he might think of something which is inappropriate about us, you know? after all, even though Kurohiko is looking like that, he’s quite the precocious child ne~.” 
“… Is that really true?” 

Kyurie-san shot a stabbing glance toward me. 

Is it a crime just because I’m imagining the two of you forming an idol unit!? 

“T-That’s not it! That’s right… I was just thinking about the operation plan! Regarding today subjugation planー.” 

The two of them gaze at me with scornful eyes. 

“That’s a lie isn’t it?” 
“Indeed, that is definitely a lie.” 

T-They read through me… 


But still, their relationship turn really good which make me unable to believe it that their relationship is bad until the other day. 
Or rather, when I see that tacit understanding between them, when those two relationships develop rapidly, won’t I be the only one that will be left out, such slight uneasiness crossed my mind. 

But still, It feels like, whenever they work together, I won’t be able to refute them. 


After Cecil-san and the others formally joining Aira-san group, we discuss various things regarding the operation plan in the dining hall. 
As a result of it, these seven people will carry out the operation plan. 
Furthermore, Aira-san has recovered completely, looking at that I also feel relieved. 
Rei-san who’s sitting down next to me breathes out a sigh of relief, feeling relieved as well. 
That remind me, 
Even though the other Aira-san associates leave her, only her staying with Aira-san. 
I’ve become a bit interested as to what kind of relationship they have. 
When the others except for Rei-san and I receive an explanation from Aira-san, I’ve decided to ask her nonchalantly about it. 
By the way, the things that Aira-san explained to them are something that I’d already know. 
Since Rei-san did not join the talk, she must already know about the content as well I guess? 

“Aria and I have one thing that different compared to the others; we’re the so called childhood friends. Compared to the other guys, I’ve been associated with her for a very long time; furthermore, I like Aira you see.” <TLN: She’s a bokukko… A Bokukko is a female character who uses male pronouns, in this case, she uses “Boku”….> 

Rei-san then looked toward Aira-san whom she claims to love. 
Furthermore, after we do self-introduction formally, I find her to be a second-grade student in this academy. 
In other words, she’s an upperclassman in Aira-san group. 
Wait a minute; she’s a senpai? 
I guess, I should call her Rei-senpai from now on. 

“S-Should I call you Rei-senpai?” 
“Ahahaha, Senpai eh~… somehow that makes me feel embarrassed.” 

Somehow this person has such boyish atmosphere, or so I thought. 
Well, it might be because of her way of talking, I would’ve thought that she’s a boy if not for the uniform she wears. 
Rather than boyish, I guess a pretty boy might have been more appropriate I guess? 
Wait, that’s rude of me to think that way toward a woman. 
However, thanks to that she looks attractive. 
I feel Rei-senpai have a gentleness that is entirely different compared to Cecil-san. 

“But still, you’re really a strange child eh? This is just occasionally, though? Your behavior looks like an older person you know?” 
“Ahahaha, it’s strange, isn’t it? though from the self-introduction just now, you’re definitely younger than I am.” 

That was the first time someone said that to me. 
Is she a person with sharp intuition? 
Or is she an observing type? 

“Well I guess, you can think of me as your onee-san alright? Though compared to a forbidden spell user, my battle potential might be regarded as subtle, although, as an upperclassman, I might be quite helpful. Ah, I forgot to tell you, even if I’m looking like this, I’m part of the moral committee, you see. That’s why, if something happens, don’t hesitate to rely on me alright?” 
“Yes, ーthank you.” 

I shake her hand which she presented to me. 
She has a slightly warm hand. 
Rei-senpai is quite the beautiful person too. 
And to think a bokukko actually exist. 

After we had finished our discussion regarding the general plans, we went out of the dining hall. 
By the way, in this academy, because afternoon class is over at half past 2, thus after school we still have some time before the sky went dark. <TLN: For reference, in Japan, school end mostly at half past 5, due to club activities, etc., standard lesson mostly ended at 3 a clock or half past 3.> 
Compared to the general school at my former world, the lesson ended pretty early, I say. 
I guess this might be due to the academy considering the time for sacred ruin exploration. 

Then, at the time when we walked out from the dining hall. 
I saw several students walked toward our direction from the front. 

Bashcarta leading them, and on his sides, there’s Maro and Beoza. 
And, it’s strange that around half of the people I saw in the dining room before are there. 
There are newly added students who have a high ranking; they change the lower ranked students I guess. 

“Ooh, well well! Isn’t this the person who has lost all of her friends, Aira Horn?!” 

Bashcarta stopped then he laughed while open his hands. 
*Guh*, Aira-san is at a loss for words. 

“Mu? The one over there, Cecil Arclight? Hohou? Aira yo, did you manage to invite her?” 
“… Yes.” 

Aira-san glared at Bashcarta. 

“Arclight huh… this is unexpected. to think that you will join forces with someone from Horn family.” 

Like that, Bashcarta looked at Viburk for once; then he turns toward Cecil-san. 

“So then, for participating… does that mean Cecil-dono will also be willing to be the 『target』?” <TLN: By target here, he talks about the competition.> 
“Sure, I don’t mind you know?” 

Aira-san raises a surprised cry when Cecil-san answers him immediately. 
Then I also saw Zix and Hirgiz-san bewildered expression. 
However, the person herself, Cecil-san only shows a smile full of composure, while gazing at Bashcarta with narrowed eyes. 

“Nevertheless, Bashcarta Troia… I heard that in here, there’s Vanshutosu of sacred tree eight swords little brother, I was wondering what kind of a man he is… fufufu, I see.” <TLN: ヴァンシュトス = Vanshutosu… don’t know how to call him in English… thus, please give me suggestion.>
“I wonder, what does that 『I see』 means, Cecil Arclight?” 
“You can say in the meaning of to what degree your manliness go?” 

However, Bashcarta only laughs away at Cecil-san provocative words. 

“Haa, well said! but you know, I know about it, you know? that the other day, after being humiliated and played around by the criminal of the murder case, you shut yourself and weep inside your own room! I wonder to whom do you cling to then!? is it to that grandpa of yours which is the favorite of the sacred tree king!?” 

After Bashcarta said that, his entourage continues their sneering. 
However, Cecil-san remained calm, and only sighed while shaking her head. 
As if saying, she doesn’t want to keep them company. 
Maybe because he’s pleased with that reaction, Bashcarta changed his aim of the attack. 

“But still, Aira Horn too, you’re really unsightly… after being left by your comrade, to cling to your long time rival the daughter of Arclight family in tears. Ah, you’re really miserable. You guys, you all also think the same right?” 

Toward Bashcarta words, his entourage voices their agreement in sequence. 

“In other words, she would do anything to win right? I guess, the Horn family daughter has fell huh.” 
“In addition to taking in that Arclight…” 
“Furthermore, that forbidden spell user… and look, that silver haired person, I heard from the rumor she’s from the sixth institution you know?” 
“Does she have no conviction… well I guess she wants to win no matter what, that Aira Horn.” 
“Indeed, so ugly.” 

You’re the one who should look in the mirror. 
I guess this is how birds of a feather flock together look like huh… 
Only Beoza and another two students who shows an uncomfortable face. 

“Or rather, you have only one man and the rest is women huh? a one man being surrounded by women eh? Aren’t you glad forbidden spell user! Even if it’s only for a moment, you can taste a good sight!” 

While smirking Maro finally taking part in the talk. 
To stir up things, he’s a really energetic guy, isn’t he. 
Well, I can understand Maro feeling. 
I understand him, but… 
Maro yo, you said only one? 
You… did you forger Zix existence? 
See, because of you Zix shows a complicated expression. 
If by saying that he’s trying to damage the mind then, it would be his most successful verbal attack up until now. 

“Fuhahaha, well, no matter how much you guys trying to win with dirty tricks, we will win the contest fair and square, so be relieved! I won’t be using loveliness and beg in tears like all of you, since I have my natural virtue…a collective strength!” 
“That’s right! The cowardice people will definitely lose!” 
“Let’s smash them with a frontal attack!” 
“In other words, this is a fight between good and evil huh! I should spread this matter around the academy!” 

Uwah, they began talking about their self-justification. 
What should I do? 
Since everyone seems to know the result, everyone tries to keep silent and let it pass by, butー 

At that moment, I heard a laughing voice. 

The owner of the voice is… Kyurie-san. 
She looked down and continued laughing. 
Everyone who noticed turn toward her full of caution. 

“To think that you’re an idiot to this degreeー rather, this feels refreshing.” 

Bashcarta frowned. 
Kyurie-san then raises her face slowly. 
With an expression as if lording over Bashcarta and the others. 

“I cannot help but wonder how can you misunderstand until that degree, you know?” 

From that stabbing voice, Bashcarta seems like he senses something. 
The sign of them trying to say something has gone. 

“Most recently I meet with my good old friend. I sat in silence when I meet those guys. I don’t feel anything; I don’t see anything… I don’t understand anything.” 

*Kukuku* Kyurie-san continue laughing. 

“You see I have the mind to return a good will with another good will butー I ultimately will return ill will with another ill will. that’s why, I don’t have any passion in the so-called mercy toward people bearing ill will.” 

Kyurie-san then took one step forward. 
While she engulfs herself with intimidation aura, she makes her way pass Bashcarta. 
When she barely passed him, Kyurie-san declared, 

“Wouldn’t it be better for you guys to think up a way to defeat the giant than making this kind of ruckus? such as why you can’t think up a way to beat the giant by yourself? why it’s not enough with just an upper ranked students? do you know why? why you can’t win by yourself? why did you think only your group operation that will go smoothly? the answer is simpleー that’s because you realize that you yourself don’t have any ability.” 

After she passes Bashcarta and his entourage, Kyurie-san called us. 

“Let’s go. It’s a waste of time to talk with this people. If we were to borrow their words then that would be, it’s like wasting time in a sweltering hell.” 

We go through pass Bashcarta. 
And when we about to leave the place. 

“W-Wait !.. you bitch, did you think you can win against us!?” 

Maro yelled at Kyurie-san. 

“In three days.” 

Kyurie-san said those words without turning herself. 

“The day when we will carry the operation plan. We decided that we’re going to the sacred ruin three days after the holy day. Won’t you match your operation day with us? That’s why I kindly inform you about it, you know.” 
“… Khu, F-Fine! I will make that face of yours filled with tears! I, Bashcarta the sixth place at the Academy rank, furthermore we also have the strongest person in the academy Beoza! I will make you understand what kind of power we have!” 

Bashcarta places his big hand on Viburk shoulder, while talking with a rough voice. 

“Well, you don’t have to mind them Viburk. after all they are not a soldier. they don’t understand that this is war. In a war, they cannot win with just one or two strong soldiers. that’s right, this is war Viburk. in other words… collective strength triumph everything.” 
“T-That’s right… I of all people losing my composure. Bashcarta is correct.” 

*Funn*, After snorting, Bashcarta speaks up loudly. 

“Don’t worry. I will ask my mother to prepare us a sacred sword and cursed sword. Furthermore, in addition to 『namochi』 series, according to Root they will send us with sacred cursed swords as well.” 
“Sacred cursed sword you say!? a-amazing!”  
“Moreover, I will arrange for magic tools as well.” 

Just right after they fell into silence, they have already regained their vigor. 

“As expected of Duke Troia house!” 
“This is a collective strength!” 
“As expected, it’s different compared to a group with only women that have no redeeming merits!” 
“That silver haired person, even though she’s beautiful, she’s scary~.” 

Bashcarta gazed at us with calm and composed looks. 

“This is, what we call collective strength. Fufufu, you guys, you should use the power of your family when you can. well, it is precisely because you guys can’t, that you guys invites things like forbidden spell user or a woman from the sixth institution. and a genius that lose unsightly to a murderer, what left of her is just a women with nothing but her beauty, and only move with her affection alone. gahahaha, should the Troia family makes a funny drama out of you guys as the leading actors? I bet everyone will have a great laugh you know!?” 

Aira-san with an angry face tried to go toward them; however, I stopped her. 
Looking at this, Maro smirked in delight. 

“Oh, what’s wrong with that face, Kurohiko? You seem to look dissatisfied? Since a while ago, you looks very calm; however, it seems like you finally show your self eh?!” 
“Indeed, I feel very dissatisfied. I don’t care if it’s about me, but to insult my comrade, that is unforgivable. Every single one of you has said too much.” 
“Oh~ Oh~, then what are you going to do? Want to have a go here? I’m fineー.” 

Maro is unable to finish speak out his words. 
The reason for that is because, in an instant, I moved right in front of Bashcartaー or so that is what it looks like to him I guess. 

“Whaー, You…” 

Bashcarta raises his eyebrows. 

“You, since a while ago, you seems to cherish that so-called collective power of yours? well, it’s not like I want to deny it. howeverー there are several people who have the battle potential enough to change the course of war. and for me, I at least know two of them.” 

Kyurie Velstein. 

I have the feeling that, the two of them can change the course of a war. 
It’s closer to a conviction. 

“And among those two, one of them is in Aira exploration group. that’s why, it would be good for you not to underestimate us too much.” 
“Y-You, just what are you? I thought that you are just a man whose merit is only his forbidden spell, but…” 
“That’s right. other than my forbidden spell, I’m just your ordinary person.” 
“If that’s the case then, the movement just now…” 
“The movement just now, compared to strong people, to them it’s no difference than just standing still. though this is something that I heard in the past, I will advice you about one thing. if you want to fight someone, you should measure your opponent ability, you know?” 
“… are you planning on winning against us?” 
“Indeed, I’m going to win.” 

After saying that, I return to everyone else. 
As expected, I’ll get mad at Bashcarta for going that far. 
There’s a limit even for stirring things up. 


But wait, does that means I have been incited by their words splendidly just now? 
T-This is, is this an introspection course? 
Somehow, everyone has an expression which is hard to describe… 

“I-I’m sorry, it seems like I’ve been going along with their ploy.” 

Kyurie-san is the one who has returned to her sense and responded first. 

“Nn… Probably everyone is surprised that you get angry you know? to tell you the truth, I also find it unexpected.” 
“Yes, I will be careful from now on…” 

I feel dejected. 
Even though everyone has been patient enough, I got myself eaten by their provocation. 

“No, did you misunderstand something from what I just said?” 
“As expected, I’m a misunderstood guy?” <TLN: The heck, what is kanchigai yarou? 勘違い野郎 <- this the raw… seriously I don’t know what kind of term is that.> 
“… Mou~, forget it. Let’s go.” 
“… Yes.” 

I dropped my shoulders, and then I walk following Kyurie-san. 
I guess it is because they try to console me, Cecil-san and Aira-san began speaking gently to me. 
I don’t know if the advice just before has worked, Bashcarta and the others, this time, stopped stirring things up. 
However, Maro yelled toward us when we’re about to leave the place. 

“This competition… I’m definitely going to win alright!? I will make you understand in the next three days! you might rely on cowardice power such as forbidden spell, but we will definitely surpass you with our collective strength fair and square You hear!? you better look forward to it!” 


The reason why we carry out our subjugation operation three days after the holy day is because, though my swords repair finished the other day, I have to think up a day to test my new forbidden spell. 

And it is important that Aira group policy not being influenced by Viburk group. 
The other side is awfully particular for wanting to defeat the giant sooner, but, Kyurie-san and Cecil-san shared the same opinion that it was probably Beoza Idea to do that. 
When I heard them saying that, I thought of “I see”. 
From the way he speaks back then, Beoza seems to think that, for them, being able to defeat us is a bit doubtful. 
However, he wants to make Bashcarta side at least to take some credit to some extend. 
Accordingly, he might think that defeating the giant that’s causing the students sacred ruin exploration into deadlock to be a profitー or so that was what they had thought. 
That is Kyurie-san’s and Cecil-san’s opinion. 
Well, though there’s no guarantee that the giant will appear again after that or not, if by any chance that the giant did not appear after that then, even if Bashcarta and the other were unable to win they can insist saying 『it’s thanks to us that the giant can be defeated』 I guess. 
Somehow that feel unfair but, for them, it might just work well. 
Beoza as well, despite looking like that, he might be dying with anxiety huh… 

On the other hand, Kyurie-san thinks that, if Bashcarta and the other can defeat the giant then that would be fine as well. 
Because since a while ago, it seems like she has been more concerned with the giant rather than the competition. 
When I heard the reason, she appears to be worried that I might fall to the lower layer because of the earthquake just like before. 
Rather than the giant, Kyurie-san seems to be more cautious toward the rumor that the sacred ruin has been strange lately. 

And now, that seed of that worry currently has turned up toward the sacred ruin together with Makina-san. 
Today is the day after Cecil-san, and the other joined Aira-san group, and the day after we had a quarrel with Bashcarta and the others. 
I, together with Makina-san and Claris-san, with 『Demon Eater』 and spell document in my hands, head toward the sacred ruin. 
I try to memorize the forbidden spell at the headmistress office. 
And I was able to learn the new forbidden spellー the eighth forbidden spell without trouble. 
And then as planned, after I’ve finished the procedure for 『non-exploration investigation』, immediately after that, we enter the sacred ruin, and I’m using the forbidden spell on the monster that appeared in the upper layer. 

“Ooh~, welcome back! what’s wrong?” 

Claris-san who waited in the open space in front of the sacred ruin waved her hands toward here. 

“A~, I was able to manage it, somehow…” 

I asked Makina-san who have her skirt covered in powder, and try to brush it off <TLN: The kanji here definitely use “Kona”(粉) means flour/powder, not “Suna” which is sand.> 

“I was able to acquire it right?” 
“I guess so… however, do you not feel any fatigue?” 
“Nn… well, I can have a go for a bit more…” 

Different compared to the ninth forbidden spell, I don’t feel any fatigue when using the eight forbidden spell. 

“More importantly, you seems to have some dispute with the Troia family son, am I right?” 

As expected of Makina-san. 
She have heard about it. 

“No no no, it’s just a healthy competition among students. we’re testing individual strength versus collective strength 『fairly』.” 
“… Hee.” 
“Ah, you don’t believe me do you?” 
“It’s not about whether I can believe your or not, but as a Headmistress, I can’t support either of you. As long as all of you don’t overdo it. It’s justー.” 

Then Makina-san places her hand on my back. 

“Don’t act rashly alright.” 
“Yes, I understand. I don’t want to make Mia-san sad after all.” 
“Ara~? you don’t think about me eh?” 
“Are~? You want me to eh?” 
“Don’t get carried away, you…” 
“Ow ow, that’s hurt.” 

*Fufufu*, Makina-san gives me a light pinch to my flank. 

“Well, I don’t feel worried. after all, you have been able to give me a sense of being a reliable person for a bit.” 
“Is that so?” 
“Hohou, does the Headmistress prefer a guy like Kurohiko?” 

Suddenly Claris-san cuts in our conversation. 

“Since I’ve never heard you talk about it, I thought that you have no interest in the opposite sex but, I see~, you have such personage preference eh~.” 
“Eh? Is that true?” 
“I-I don’t know!” 

“Puff*, Makina-san turned her face away with her cheek dyed in pink. 
Then, while crossed her hands, Makina-san looked at me with a sidelong glance. 

“At any rate, do your best. though as the Headmistress I can’t go and root for you, but, as Makina Lunusfia, in my mind, I will be rooting for you.” <TLN: OMG, This headmistress… best girl…> 
“Thank you very much.” 
“Now then Kurohiko-san! without delay, shall you tell me the story regarding the new forbidden spell?” 

I show an awkward smile toward Claris-san who swings her hands suspiciously. 


And the date change, after the holy day. 
Finally, the subjugation day has come. 

We gathered at the sacred ruin assembly hall, at 8:00 in the morning. 
All seven are present without no body missing. 
Due to the sacred ruin being unusual lately, and the rumor about the giant monster, the cuckoo in the assembly hall was unable to sing its song too much, however strangely today there are a lot of students gathered. 
I bet it is because of Bashcarta spread the story about our confrontation with the other students huh. 

And I heard that Bashcarta and the others have already entered the sacred ruin one hour earlier. 
They seem to have set the time matching with us properly. 
I guess they want to be able to boast when we arrived at the time after they subjugate the giant huh. 

We separated from each other for a moment in the assembly hall to prepare our self carefully. 
And thenー. 

After we finished our preparation, we, the Aira group entered the sacred ruin.