Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 65

TLN: I change some character name(to make it more English, and less ridiculously weird), I’ve put the explanation at the end of the chapter.

Chapter 65 (Return)

The next day after I went to the grand clock tower. 
Together with Curie-san. I’m attending the classroom like usual. 


The three people who were absent before have already sat down on their seat. 

“Good morning, Kurohiko.” 
“G-Good morning… Cecil-san.” 

Cecil tone of voice did not change from the usual one. 
Like this, it makes what had happened that night feels like a dream. 
She has returned to her previous avenue. <TLN: Something like, return to her previous spotlight/stage/etc.> 

“What happen with the dark circle under your eyes? or rather… is your condition already get better?” 
“Yes, just as you see.” 

Cecil-san flashes a sweet smiling face. 
They say that she have an absent yesterday because of dark circle under her eyes, but, it seems like the dark circle under her eyes already have gone completely. 

Then again, as expected, when Cecil-san is around, the classroom mood become cheerful. 
I feel like getting a great profit just by being in this classroom. 

“So, Zix and Hirgiz-san, what had actually happened?” 

In contrast to Cecil-san smiling face, the two people who sit on her side have a dull expression. 
They look exhausted. 
In exchange for Cecil-san who has returned to her usual self, this time, this two people lost their spirit. 
Zix looks better compared to Hirgiz-san who usually have a calm face as her default looks dead tired.
After I exchange greetings with the two of them, I asked what had happened. 

“I thought that you’re looking considerably tired… did something happen?” 

Zix sent his gaze to me. 

“Cecil-sama yesterday, she keeps practicing sword from morning till evening… furthermore, she was more considerably fired up than usual…” 
“That means, yesterday, you guys had to become her practice partner?” 

Though Zix didn’t answer, Hirgiz-san who put her chin on the desk affirmed my question with her eyes. 
There’s circle under their eyes as well; however, they seem to be able to hold it. 
What I’m surprised about is that Cecil-san whom was supposedly considerably fired up, did not show any shred of fatigue at all. 
Or perhaps, that is simply within her ladylike chart? 

“But still, I’m glad that she has gotten better.” 

Hirgiz-san said those words with a subdued voice. 
Cecil-san put her hands on their shoulder quietly. 

“I thank the two of you. for being my sword practice partner, and of course, for being worried about me as well.” 

Zix and Hirgiz-san then began opened their mouth. 

“It is for that reason we’re here. Please do rely on us more.” 
“Just like what Zix said. please depend on us more… just like to certain someones.” 

For some reason, Hirgiz-san looked at me with a belligerent gaze. 
By certain someone… is it about me? 

“About that, it’s impossible I guess?” 

Like that, Zix spoke in denial. 


Hirgiz-san dissatisfied gaze moved toward Zix. 
While those two has such exchange, Curie-san began to talk toward Cecil-san. 

“You look better than I thought, I’m relieved, Cecil.” 
“Yes, I’m sorry for causing you worry… Did I have caused you trouble?” 
“… Well, not really.” 
“Fufufu, Curie is really a kind person isn’t it?” 
“Fuun, depends on the person… it’s not like the core part changed or anything.” 

Curie-san eluding Cecil-san praise lightly. 
However… umm, I wonder why? 
I had thought about it since this morning but, is it my imagination, somehow Curie-san looked different today compared to her usual self. 
If I have to say it, Her softened attitude has returned to the stiff attitude she has when she just came here. 
The things after we parting ways after school yesterday come to my mind, I wonder if something happens after that? 


After the bell rings for a short while, Instructor Joseph enter the classroom to make an attendance report. 
Just like usual, Instructor Joseph gives us informative matters. 

Today Maro seems to be absent. 
The reason for his absent, is it related to the competition? 
On the other hand, Aira-san comes to the classroom late. 
According to my memory, this is the first time I saw her being late. 
What bugged me is her exhausted expression which a bit different than what Zix and Hirgiz-san have.
I wonder if her condition has anything to do with the giant subjugation plan? 

And then as soon as the liberal art lesson ended Aira-san said “Because there will be a meeting at the dining hall after today class, could you come after the class end?”, after leaving such words, she rushes out of the classroom. 

I looked toward Aira-san who went out from the classroom. 
She has a gloomy look, which makes me worried… 
Just now, she also shows a smile that looks forced, and during the liberal art lesson, she looks absent-minded. 
After the lesson, with an unapproachable mood she left the classroom, I don’t get the time to talk with her. 
Likewise, she seems to have the same impression as I do, Curie-san who is looking at the door has an anxious expression on her face as well. 

“That Aira, is she alright?” 
“It’s a bit worrying isn’t it.” 

After all, I feel Aira-san is someone who always put an honest effort. 
It would be nice if there’s something that I can do but, 

“Well, For the time being after the class end, we will go to the dining hall to see the circumstance. That person also seems to have been working really hard after all. For us to butt in at this stage might be unnecessary.” 
“… I guess so…” 

Though I’m anxious looking at Aira-san who looks impatient, I began my preparation for my battle practice lesson. 


In the middle of exchanging blows, Instructor Isabella interjected by saying 『Are you guys lovers?』 , we finished the battle practice without any change except that our pace has been destroyed, then lunch time come but… 

“Emm, Cecil-san?” 
“Nn? What’s wrong?” 
“N-No, you see…” 

Today, together with Cecil-san, the two of us have lunch at the place with broken fountain. 
The lunch she gave me is her homemade Sandwich bread. 
Today bread is cheese, light spices, and meat; furthermore, there’s tomato paste included in it too. 
Well, Anyway, 

“Aren’t you being too close?” 

We were sitting down on the water fountain rim like the last time but, Cecil-san distance is strangely too close. 
Our shoulder touched all the time. 

“Huh? You don’t like it?” 
“I don’t mean it that way but…” 

As a man, there are a various thing to consider you see… 
Cecil-san picks up a sandwich from the basket then tilted her head. 

“Well then… do you want me to feed you?” 
“How come it turn that way!?” 

Fufufu, Cecil-san giggled. 
She has 『that look』 on her face. 

“Didn’t we already exposed our secret to each other? Isn’t that right?” 
“E-Even soー.” 
“Now then, go ahead and eat? I’ve made it with much trouble, after all, it will be a waste if you don’t eat it right? Come?” 

A sandwich being carried by thin fingers approaches my mouth. 

“Uu… I can do that myselfー.” 
“Nn? What?” 

She pulls her upper body backward. 
And while she put on an alluring smile, Cecil-san hand did not stop. 
Wait, your real character… your true character shows up! 

“Cecil-san! This is in the academy you know!?” 
“Haa, It is the academy, so ?” 

In the end, Cecil-san eats the sandwich which she held on her hand by herself and began chewing it. 


Did I just get teased? 

“Yes, I’m teasing you, so?” 

Cecil-san answered in affirmation, while licked the pasta which got left on her finger. 
Wait, I didn’t say anything didn’t I!? 
Did you read my mind!? 

“Fufufu, Kurohiko is easy to understand after all.” 
“I’m sorry, because of how Kurohiko’s response is lovely, it made me want to tease you… I bet, this is that night’s fault.” 

Cecil-san draws her body closer while smiling with “Fufufu.” 
Finally, the distance is close enough that our body touches. 


I wonder why. 
The image of Cecil Arclight inside of me began to rattles and crumbles away. 

“Something like this, you don’t like it?” 
“It’s not like that… something like this, is it alright?” 
“Isn’t it fine… when it’s just the two of us.” 

While looking up toward the leafs that shake by the wind over her head, Cecil-san continues licking the pasta on her finger. 
If someone were looking at this scene, they would definitely scream “How vulgar!”. 

“I don’t really like to lie toward myself, because I don’t want my emotion to explode like the last time. Though having said that, I also have no intention of giving up 『the girl that’s being loved by god』 which I have been building up until now. After all, such a thing will come in handy in the future.” 

I bet she has been having some thought about her future. 
From that, she decides to continue the image of 『the girl’s that being loved by god』. 
Cecil-san while her hands on the broken water fountain rim, she swings her legs to the air. 
Her movement is just like that of a child. 

“Having said that, there’s also no need for my original rough temperament to disappear. Therefore I decide to be myself when I’m in front of the person who knows the real 『Cecil Arclight』.” 
“Is there any other person other than me who know the real 『Cecil Arclight』?” 
“So far, only Kurohiko know about it. as in, limited to Kurohiko ne~.” 

Cecil-san then floats a lovely smile. 

“Emm, by that… is that mean you will only show your true self in front of me?” 
“Just as I said. You can think of it as a reward for me who have worked hard to be 『the girl that’s being loved by god』 by everyone.” 

I wonder if it’s similar to that of the listening role I have with Makina-san whenever she has some complaints. 

“It’s fine, since it’s only when there’s only just the two of us, ne?” 

Furthermore, she draws her face closers in a coy way. 
Whenever her slender hand or our shoulder touches each other, it makes me nervous. 

『Unexpectedly, her nature might be that of a devilish woman.』 

Incidentally, I remembered what Curie-san say about Cecil Arclight. 
Surprisingly those words might right on the mark. 
By the way, based on the agreement, today I should be having lunch with Curie-san but, it seems like it has been ceded to her(or rather, that agreement still in effect?). 

“Moreoverー I’m different compared to Curie, you see.” 

Cecil-san then crossed her leg, and peer toward me. 

“You see, I, not just toward you, I’ve been envious toward Curie too, you know?” 
“Curie-san is strong after all.” 
“W~R~O~N~G” <TLN: Chi~ga~i~ma~su… go ahead imagine anime girl said that, you guys should be able to right?> 

Her eyes turn into condemning eyes; furthermore, she pinches my side with her right hand. 

“Then what is it?” 
“Curie, different than me, since she has her own self. If I have to say something more… emm, like her honestly toward her own self.” 
“Ahー, indeed, there’s such thing.” 
“Right? I don’t have that part isn’t it?” 
“Don’t admit it so quickly.” 

*Zubu*, Another pinch sunk to my side. 
Occasionally her true character is scary. 
And the person herself is not timid too. 

I breathe a sigh. 
I understand. 
If that is her intention thenー 

“No no as expected, Cecil-san and Curie-san is definitely different. Cecil-san is, although beautiful, there is various regrettable part in you. You’re definitely a human of 『this side』.” 

Why did she look happy? 

“Therefore, it’s not about the part where I’m different from Kurohiko, the part that is similar to Kurohiko is a strong point. or so that’s what I had thought.” 
“Strong point is it?” 
“Yes. If I think of it like that… somehow I feel really at ease. Though Curie has the things that I don’t have, but then, even Curie also don’t have something that I have.” 
“I myself is my own weapon; thus I will continue to polish it.” 

I looked at Cecil-san who seems to have already make a breakthrough with a sidelong glance. 

“Including the other strength?” 
“Yes. including sword training.” 
“…While the inside still regrettable as it is?” 
“About that, I won’t say anything.” 

As if telling it was my fault, she sunk her elbow to my flank. 
I unconsciously show a smile. 

“Isn’t that fine? I, actually likes the current Cecil-san you know?” 
“It becomes easy to talk with you, or perhaps… this is because we have become a similar being?” 
“Ah, Emm, Unn… I guess so.” 

Cecil-san faces rapidly become red. 

“What’s wrong? Ah, did you fall in love with me all over again?” 

I’m bringing up the topic from that night in joking manner. 
Cecil-san shakes her head saying “Good grief.”. <TLN: Yareyare~.> 

“Didn’t I told you already, that I’m in love with you?” 
“Ahahaha, as usual, Cecil-san acting is good.” 

Suddenly Cecil-san shows a 『Huh?』face. 
I wonder what’s happen? 

“… Did you forget, about that night?” 
“That night? Ah, Did you mean by being your partner?” 
“… Wait.” 

Did you get a headache? 
Cecil-san frowned and put her finger on her forehead. 

“You said it didn’t you? That you will become a man that is suitable for me, that after you become the man that is suitable for me and my feeling didn’t change, at that time, you will give an answer.” 
“Yes, I did say that, and? Like I said, if I’ve already become the man that is suitable to be your partner… I’ll give you an answer, but?” 

I will put an effort to be a man suitable to be Makina-san partner, of course, I will also put a great effort to be a good partner for Cecil-san too.
What is wrong with that? 

“Ah, I see, so that’s how it is…” 

For some reason, Cecil-san who realize something dropped her shoulder. 

“You are a really, really detestable person isn’t it?” 
“Eh? Somehow the conversation is not getting connected?” 
“First, please let me confirm one thing. you, it could not possibly be that you don’t understand, do you?” 
“Ha? Don’t understand? About what?” 

Cecil-san for some reason hold my left shoulder with her hands and lean against me. 
And then, she breathes a sigh as if she has come up with revelation. 

“This guy, he is really, a detestable person.” 
“Eh!? Why!?” 
“… No, It’s fine already, I will do it slowly. Therefore, this time as well, please take care of me.” 
“H-Haa… Best regards.” 

Somehow Cecil-san has become completely exhausted, I who don’t know what to do I say in advance  “I-It’s alright for me to eat right? I will eat it okay?”, and decide to put my hand on the food. 

And then after Cecil-san have recovered a little(?), I began to tell her about the giant subjugation plan. 
After a while talking with Cecil-san, 

“I see… so this is the reason why Aira says that Kurohiko is a 『good person』.” 

She muttered some words to herself. 
Furthermore, I also told her about the new forbidden spell. 
Regarding forbidden spell, no one forbids me to talk about it. 
Though I don’t have any intention to spread it either. 

“Hee, a new forbidden spell is it?” 
“Yes. I have not yet learned it, though. Before I’m learning it, Claris-san is going to look into it first, so…” 

And then after I learn the forbidden spell, in the future, with Makina-san accompanying, we will test it at the sacred ruin. 
And the moment I want to learn it myself, it was decided that I will unveil it in front of Claris-san. 

“Ah, It’s about time.” 

Cecil-san confirm the time using her pocket watch. 

“Shall we go inside?” 

After saying that, Cecil-san began tidying up. 
I also immediately help her to tidy up. 
And then, we left the broken water fountain. 


Magic art lesson is over; it’s after school time. 
Curie-san and I decided to wait for Aira-san in the dining hall. 
However, Aira-san did not come, even after I waited for one hour. 

“Should we wait a bit more? She does not seem to be someone who broke her appointment.” 
“I guess so…” 

Thus we waited for another hourー then, Aira-san shows up in the dining room, with an expression that has already turn pale. 
Not only Aira-san the one who come, but there’s also another one. 
However, according to the plan, there should be more. 
Aira-san looking around the dining room restlessly. 


After she notice us, she walked toward us. 

“Aira-san… is everything okay?” 

Answering me, Aira-san laughed. 

“Y-Yap, It’s okay.” 

However, contrary to her words, her condition is of course weird. 

“Did something happen?” 

Curie-san asked. 
And then, the female student behind Aira-san began to open her mouth, and try to tell us something, 
However, Aira-san holds her up using her hand. 

“It’s alright; I will be the one who tells them. Thank you.” 

Although the female student looked at Aira-san anxiously, she held back. 

Then we sit down on our chair. 
The number of students who sat in the dining room is too little. 
Come to think of it; there will be many stalls are going to participate in the event in the city, I heard that by chance from a girl in class. 
I guess the student who usually has a chat in this place have gone there? 

“You see, regarding the plan… I-I’m sorry. Even my original member have disappeared.” 

Aira-san opens her mouth. 
Even though she’s smiling, it didn’t make the gloomy feeling disappear. 

“Ahahaha. I, It seems like, I’ve done it… everyone says 『why did the plan turn into competition against Beoza and the others!』and angrily left.” 

Though her expression is all smile, her voice sounds like condemning her own self. 

“In the end, the other students also did not want to participate. This might be because of my lack of ability… but as expected, no one wants to go against the first ranked person in this Academy and Duke Troia son. E-Even the exploration group that I belong to, they say that they can’t be with someone selfish. Well, I guess that is natural… hahaha, I’m ashamed.” 

While speaking in a dark tone, Aira-san looked down in shame. 

“That’s why, I’m sorry. the one who’s left is only me, and Rei.” 

Rei means the name of a female student beside her. 
She is a person with fluffy blond hair, and her wavy hair drops down on the side of her cheek. 
She’s quite a petite person I guess. 

“Emm, You see… I thought of stopping the subjugation plan competition.” 

On her side, Rei-san shows a surprised expression.
It seems like she has just heard about it for the first time too. 

“About Bashcarta and the others, I will try to ask them to forget about those things. too” 

Something glittering on her eyes. 
After she gulps her saliva once, she continues. 

“I wonder why… I’ve become such impulsive person… sometimes, I’m being consumed by the circumstance in front of me, or I should say, I’m really useless. Even if I did my best, I can’t reach the sky.” 

Although faint sobbing can be heard, Aira-san try to speak with bright tone. 

“Even though at first I’m the one who brings up the subjugation plan… I’ve made it complicated instead. Rei too, I’m sorry.” 
“If it’s about me, it’s fine. however, asking Bashcarta to stop the competition, I’m against it.” 
“I’m also opposed.” 
“I’m as well.” 

After Rei-san had said those words, Curie-san and I followed after her almost the same time. 

“B-But, they are Beoza and Bashcarta… furthermore the other side, they look like have already recruited high-rank exploration group, and formed the best exploration party. And the Troia family seems to have lent them sacred swords and cursed swords too; there’s no way we could win. Furthermore…” 

Her looks become more and more apologetic. 
In place of Aira-san, Rei-san is the one who opened her mouth. 

“I was in the corridor earlier. A large scale subjugation operation has been executed at the same time as us. Somehow our showdown is also have been spread to the other students greatly.” 

She raises her head slightly because she’s unable to hold her feeling anymore. 

“Somehow, I’m sorry… I’m really sorry, ne… for having it end up like this, I…” 

Aira-san being unable to suppress her feeling, she stopped talking. 

“Emm… about that, is there any problem with it?” 

Hearing what I said, Aira-san raised her head entirely. 
Tears stream down from her eyes. 
Rei-san also looked at me dumbfounded. 
Then I throw a question toward Curie-san. 

“Curie-san, do you think we can defeat those guys?” 
“If I can speak up my mind then, with a few members, the frequency that I have to protect someone would decrease, so I’m relieved.” 

Aira-san wiped tears from her eyes with her sleeve. 

“Y-You might not understand them, so you don’t know how dreadful it is, but, they are that Beoza Fallontessa you know? Furthermore, they receive support from Duke Troia family, and have several high ranking students with them… and above all, they are experienced with sacred ruin exploration. Even just by traveling through layers, it’s more advantageous for them…” 
“I don’t really care about such thing.” 

Curie-san said so casually. 
Aira-san grinding her teeth while looking sad. 

“I’m happy for your consideration. butー” 
“What’s on my mind is, if I have to say it then, it’s about the giant monster. Viburk group does not matter. I can kick them anytime I want. However, that giant is an unknown right?” 

Aira-san looks dumbfounded. 
The reason is that, from Curie-san words, even if it’s a bluff, she know that the person in front of her really have no concern. 

“Fumu, from what I heard, from the giant surrounding, several unknown numbers of monsters exist huh? if that is the case then, there is indeed the feeling that we need more members. anywayー what about you guys?” 
“Fufufu… please let us participated, by any means…” 

At the place where Curie-san line of sight is looking atー behind Aira-san and Rei-san stand three students. 
They’ve entered my view since a while ago. 

The two people sitting down in front of me turn around. 
The one who opened their mouth first is Rei-san. 

“C-Cecil… Arclight?” 

After I try finding the proper way to read it(officially), and found it.
Name revision:
=>Kyurie Velstein -> Culier Vernstein -> Curie Velstein (I decide to use Curie than Culier, for some personal reason).

=>Cecil Arclight -> Cecil Arkwright -> Stay as it is.

=>Bushcutter -> Bashcarta -> Decide to use Bashcarta by the suggestion of Krozam (reason because, everytime I type Bushcutter, I remember a tool to cut weed instead)