Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 63

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Chapter 63 (Crest)

This academy strongest magic user. 

Rank first place in junior saint rank. 

No wonder many students change side to them. 
It’s different if it only has high reward, if there’s an incredibly powerful magic user in their group, then no wonder people feel attracted to them. 
Noticing Beoza standing here, many students looked toward this direction. 
Having them turned their line of sight indicate how much popular Beoza is. 

“The highest junior saint rank in our group is fourteen. Though it is mortifying compared to the first seat, the difference is huge. Not only Beoza elder brother is a sacred tree eight swords member… Bushcutter is the son of Duke Troia. In addition, there’s also their financial might, thus winning students to come to our side is close to impossible.” 

That was what Aria-san said while sounding vexed by it. 

“The strongest huh…” 

Beoza then turns toward Aira-san with an expression as if he disagrees with her. 

“I didn’t think that I’m stronger than the student council president, though.” 

After Beoza spoke those words, Bushcutter pushes him aside and stand before Aira-san. 

“Whatever you say. Whether you’re first rank or sixth, there’s not much different. After all, the result of liberal art lesson also included to decide your rank. However, the most important isー practical experience, which one is stronger.” 

Overlooking Aira-san, Bushcutter grinned toward her. 

“But well, I guess only competing to defeat this giant monster is not fun. how about this, the group who’s slower at the subjugation, should be given punishment?” 
“Your side is the one who selfishly makes a competition out of this, do you think you have the right to make such suggestion?” 

The one who denied Bushcutter suggestion is Aira-san. 

“Fuun, Is that so. well, I guess because of that Horn family is always being left in the dust by Arclight family.” 

Aira-san face turn red very quickly 

“This has nothing to do with family isn’t there!?” 
“Has nothing to do with the family? then why you claimed that against Troia family there’s no chance of winning?” 
“That isー.” 

An open provocation. 
If it’s Aira-san, she would say “don’t decide it easily”ー that’s what I thought but, 
Since they brought out family matters, the situation has turn ominous. 
I guess there’s no helping it. 
I thought of letting pass their reckless provocation, but, as expected, as a man, I can’t leave such a man to talk that way. 
After I had such thought, at the time I’m about to butt in, 

“What’s this, did you guys wants to compete?” 

Kyurie-san who watched the situation calmly since earlier opened her mouth. 

“If that the case, not that giant subjugation… how about we decide the victor with who’s the one who arrived at the deepest layer?” 

Bushcutter stands in front of Kyurie-san. 

“I guess, I will hear it.” 
“The time period, hmm let’s see, how about one month? in one month, Aira exploration group and Viburk exploration group will compete as to which one reach a deeper layer.” 
“You… do you think you can win against us?” 
“Who knows. you won’t know until you try after all.” 

Kyurie-san said that lightly. 
Bushcutter changed his expression completely. 
He shows a smile on his mouth. 

“Then if that is the case, I have one suggestion.” 
“Let’s hear it.” 
“How about, the loser have to listen to the winner unconditionally?” 
“I don’t mind, but, let’s decide who will become the target of that ahead of time. since I don’t want to push this kind of thing without the consent of the people who are related to it. of course, I’m an eligible subject.” 
“Ah? making the entire person who lost listen to those who won would be interesting, though?” 
“Well, that how it is…” 

Kyurie-san sharp eyes intersect Bushcutter line of sight. 
Kyurie-san line of sight then turned toward me as if asking my thought. 
I’m able to see the prospect of the success of this from her expression. 
Measuring the opponent ability, she stepped in because she judges that we can win I guess. 

“I don’t mind being included in that you know?” 

Thus I said such words. 

“If that’s the case… me as well.” 

The one who raises her hand is Aira-san. 

“I’m the perpetrator who involved you two to this subjugation operation. I can’t afford not to participate isn’t it?” 

Aira-san glared at Bushcutter. 

“The truth is I don’t like the way you guys do things. That’s why this is a good opportunity. With this, I can make it clear what’s wrong and what’s right.” 
“Hoo~, you’re also going to put yourself in this huh? Fine by me. Thanks to that, this will become worthwhile. Viburk, you’re also okay with this right?” 
“Yes, I don’t mind.” 

Viburk nodded consented. 
Looking at the scene, I now can understand the situation. 
Probably they were aiming for this composition from the start. 
Their target is either me, or Aira-san. 
However their miscalculation is, they don’t know that Kyurie-san would propose such suggestion. 

“Beoza, you’re fine with this as well right?” 
“… The truth is, I’m not satisfied by it.” 
“Even if this is a request from a person of Duke Troia family?” 

Beoza turned down his gaze. 

“… I understand. I will also participate.” 
“Alright, it’s decided then. Besides the other group wants to see something extra. Like this, we can draw the line who’s the leader make distinction out of it. I’m thankful for this generosity of yours.” 

Bushcutter looked at the clock inside the dining room. 

“Oh, it seems like the lunch time is about to end! Then, let’s decide the detail next time! Let’s go, Viburk!” 

Maro who has completely degraded into become follower leave the place after Bushcutter. 
The two went toward the second floor, though on their way, they seem to have a dispute with someone but, in the end, they still able to go to the second floor. Probably it’s because Maro who’s not a person within 100 ranks is going to enter I guess. However, Bushcutter force his way through.” 
Then after making sure that those two has entered the second floor, Beoza turned toward here. 

“About just now, I ask for your forgiveness, Miss Aira.” 
“You seem to have troubles with your family relation, however, as you can see, I also have some trouble related to my family, you see. Marquis Maro family aside, when the other party is a person from Duke Troia family, to be honest, I can’t actually go against them. Well, though I also have no intention to make an excuse for making you feel displeased.” 
“It’s fine… since you’re not the person who is at fault.” 
“Fuu, how adult-like eh, Miss Aira. however, even with thatー” 

Suddenly he draws near toward Kyurie-san. 

“Kyurie Velstein right?” 
“… Yes.” 
“Aah, what a beautiful person.” 
“The truth is I’d saw your several times within the academy, however, due to how beautiful you are, It makes me hesitate to call out.” 
“W-What are you saying?” 
“Please pardon me. I’m really fond of beautiful things you see… but, this beauty… a beauty which even if we consider Cecil Arclight then it is equal…  Ah, it’s really saddening that I have to fight against such beauty! The God is really cruel!” 

For some reason, Beoza looks depressed. 
Kyurie-san looked at me as if asking for help, since she doesn’t know what to do with this situation. 

“Nn? You’re…” 

Beoza looked toward me this time. 

“A, hello… I’m a freshman from Lion classー.” 
“Sagara Kurohiko right?” 

It appears that he know my name. 

“The forbidden spell user who suddenly appear in this academy. of course, I know you, you see?” 

Beoza smiled while lifting his glasses frame with his finger. 

“My name is Beoza Fallontessa. please to make your acquaintance.” 

I returned his handshake. 

“… the pleasure is mine.” 

This person… 
There’s no hostility coming from him. 

“We’ve met in this kind of situation, but, I hold no animosity toward you. However, please understand. You know ties of obligation between family right. And Viburk is a really sad child you see.” 
“Maー Viburk is?” 
“In the past, he’s a decent person you see, however, since who-knows-when he has become like this. if I think about it, he has become someone like that after associating with Bushcutter.” 

Given the power relationship between Bushcutter and Beoza… I think Beoza is definitely strong. 
That being the case, he might have been near Maro while he’s being influenced by Bushcutter and become someone irritating. 
At least being close enough to help occasionally. 

“Also, about the matter with Bushcutter just now, for example, if we’re the one who won this, I won’t let them do anything excessive. No matter even if he’s the son of Duke Troia family, even I have lines where I won’t yield you know. Though, that is if we’re the one who won ne~…” 

Beoza-san is looking up toward the second floor after let go of the handshake. 

“That idiot.” 

His aura completely changed, emotion disappeared from his expression. 
And his voice sounds cold filled with contempt. 

“If only he understand just half of Kyurie Velstein and Sagara Kurohiko ability thenー enough that you will understand, and there won’t be this kind competition.” 

Beoza-san then turns around. 
His robe fluttered. 

“Well then, please excuse me.” 

Like that Beoza-san did not enter the second floor, but instead leaving the dining hall. 


“For now I should try to do my best a little bit more ne~.” 

Immediately after we left the dining hall, Aira-san shows a wry smile. 

“Also… I’m sorry that it has turn into something strange alright?” 
“That is my line. of course, I do that because the prospect of victory but, having done things on my own accord, I’m sorry.” 

Kyurie-san apologized. 

“T-That’s not true! There’s nothing that you should apologize for! even I also loose my cool, see…” 
“We’re the one who makes it all bad after all. there’s no need for Aira-san to apologize.” 
“Just like what Kurohiko said. Such a stupid person is usually only good with their mouth. Only good at making their opponent angry.” 

Aira-san scratches her head looking shy. 

“Ahaha… I’m sorry for making you pay attention to my own needs.” 

Aira-san has her line of sight directed to the floor. 

“But you know, I decided to participate in the competition is because Kyurie and Kurohiko are participating, or so I thought. I wonder why? I feel like we can win if I were with you two. T-Though I have no basis for that, it’s weird isn’t it?” 
“No. You’re right, Aira.” 

Kyurie-san relaxed and smiled toward Aira-san. 

“Don’t worry. about this competition, you can leave it to me.” 

Aira-san looks surprised. 
And then her face turn redder. 

“S-Somehow, despite being the same gender, it makes my heart throb, Kyurie is a really cool person isn’t it?” 
“Funn, just for this time, I will let you depend on me without reserve. after all, I also hate what bushcutter says.” 
“U, un… Thank you… K-Kurohiko as well, thank you ne~.” 
“I don’t know if I can be as helpful like Kyurie-san; however, I will help with whatever I can do.” 

Afterward, we went toward the magic classroom. 

Then, after magic lesson ended, it’s after school time. 
Aira-san left the classroom to discuss things with her exploration group member. 

“Aira-san is really suitable to become leader, or rather, she really looks like a committee chairman eh.” 

I muttered alone while looking at the door. 
Kyurie-san looked at me wondering. 

“Iinchou ?” <TLN: Lit “Committee chairman.”> 
“Though she does not wear any glasses and has braid hair style ne~.” 

Ha, anyway… 

“Regarding the match in one month, to make such competition, it’s really wise of you.” 
“Nn? well… making who can defeat the giant faster as competition they say, to do that against giant whose power is unknown is dangerous after all.” 

To have a match where which group can defeat the giant faster, there’s the possibility that opponent can go there today and defeat it. 
Furthermore, I and Kyurie-san have not yet arrived at the ninth layer. 
If our opponent has all of their members entered in that layer already then, because of the nature of the sacred ruin, there will be no chance for us. 
Possibly, the reason Maro had gone inside the sacred ruin lately is because he had anticipated this match to occur. 

“Because somehow I can see that you will accept the condition of the competition, I would have intended to step in even without changing the competition if it’s not too unreasonable. It seems like they want to make us accept the competition no matter what after all.” 
“It’s a bit too open though.” 

That’s why Kyurie-san and I wondered whether we should intervene or not. 
Because we can see they have some kind of intention. 

“And also, that two upperclassmen compared to the current us, they have more reliability to dive deeper. When we considering the average sacred ruin exploration result from last year, it’s clearly more advantageous to the other side. Thus the other side won’t have a reason to refuse such competition.” 
“I see, certainly…” 
“However, that person named Beoza, it’s a bit bothering me.” 
“Me too. That person compared to Bushcutter nor Viburk, he gives off a different feeling.” 
“Well, even with that, as long there are me and you, we can win. Being a number one within junior saint rank means, that no one is greater than him. Rather, the most terrifying thing is whether the sacred ruin will make an unusual movement or not.” 
“Indeed so…” 

Kyurie-san then put her hand on her lips. 

“And about that man named Viburk, this might be a little bit unrelated but…” 
“Is there something wrong with him?” 

Kyurie-san, after hesitating for a bit, began to open her mouth. 

“I might be wrong but… He, about Aira, he likes her isn’t it?” 
“… As expected, you think so too?” 

I also somehow thought of such possibility. 
During the exchange at the classroom entrance previously as well, when Aira-san told Maro that he’s on the way, he unexpectedly withdrew immediately. 
And the words he said at the dining hall. 

ーAren’t you the one who is wrong! 

I feel like that means 『even though I love you, you’d gone and invited someone like Kurohiko instead!』 or something like that. 
In other words, he very likely wants to show off to make an appeal. 
Now, this time, he makes a competition out of students acquisition, does he has the mind of bullying the person he likes I wonder? 
Unexpectedly the 『will listen to the winner』 term might actually a success for him since if we include Aira-san in it. 
But still, I don’t understand. 
Though it’s only a hypothesis, there’s also the possibility that Maro didn’t even understand his own feeling. 

“Well, it’s a waste of time to think about another person love affairs I guess. we should think up a way to defeat the giant monster instead.” 

Now then, 

“For now I will go to the library to hear the matters regarding the sacred cursed sword, what is Kyurie-san going to do after this?” 

Kyurie-san is then looking toward the door. 

“Well, I have something to do… I’m sorry but, today, we will end it here.” 
“I understand. see you tomorrow then.” 
“Yes, excuse me.” 

After I received the disappointing sacred cursed sword from Kyurie-san, I leave the classroom and head toward the library. 



*Brak*, the books on top of the table scattered on the floor due to the sudden shock because she rose from her seat suddenly. 

“S-Sacred cursed sword!? This is a sacred cursed sword right!? Did you stole it!?” 
“There’s no way that I would do such thing right! this is the sacred cursed sword that I’ve obtained!” 

After noticed that I’m bringing a sacred cursed sword with me Claris-san spring up astonishedー 
Claris-san gets on all four looking at the sacred cursed sword that I dropped on the floor. 

“Ho hou… there’s no precedent that a sacred cursed sword being found inside the sacred ruin but, fumufumu~, certainly, it has crystals embedded in it in addition to the magic art equation carved on it…” 

Claris-san then raises her face. 

“This definitely a great discovery you know, Kurohiko-san!” 
“Is that so?” 
“But you know, this is a sacred cursed sword you know!? Uooooooh I feel my energy being filled up!” 

Claris-san who began frolicking full of tension took the sacred cursed sword with her hand and began examining the sword with great care. 
Come to think of it, if I’m not wrong Zix said that there are only another three of them in this country. 
Though since all of them who had heard that back then are looks calm, I don’t feel it being that amazing, though. 

“Nn? Is this a crest I wonder? Huh? This shield-like crest, I feel like I’d seen it before… I wonder, where did I see it?” 

Claris-san groaned while having question mark floated above her head. 

“Umm, if possible I want to hear the things about the earth prison but…” 

Or rather, that is the main reason as to why I’ve come here. 

“Earth prison? That kind of thing does not exist in this world. Mumumu, this crest…” 
“Just before, you said that it might exist bellow the country of the end right!?” 
“Unn, I’ve seen this before but…?” 
“Emm… I don’t mind just to hear about the legend. At the very least, tell me about the book where such information exists.” 
“Even so, this is really beautiful huh… I wonder what kind of reaction if we pour magic power to it huh… fuefuefue~…” 

S-She didn’t listen to me. 
I guess there’s no helping it. 
Should I ask about the sacred cursed sword first? 

“The truth is about that sacred cursed sword; it seems like it does not have any special power about it you know?” 
“Hohou? That’s fascinating indeed. About that, what do you mean by it?” 

The reaction of the sacred cursed sword huh? 
I told the story which I heard from Kyurie-san to her. 

“Since it looks like a key, the truth is this might be not a weapon? that is what I’d thought, but I guess, that’s impossible right…” 
“Key? Key… key… AH!” 

Claris-san strikes the sword handle with her palm. 

“That’s it! I remember it now! in the clock tower, there’s an unopened room! If I’m not wrong, this crest also being drawn on the door desu!” 
“The clock tower?” 
“Indeed! There’s an altar inside the clock tower basement, and in that altar, there’s an unopened door you see! I was once trying to have a look at it after getting permission, but, I can’t find a way to open the door…” 
“This might be the key to that door?” 
“That’s right; that’s right! Now then, let’s head there!” 
“Head there, where are we going to go?” 
“The clock tower of course!” 


“Like that… you come to my place?” 
“After all Kurohiko and I can’t use any magic power you know? If that is the case then who else going to pour their magic power into it!? And who else going to have the permission to enter the altar in the clock tower basement!?” 

The one who is sitting on the headmistress chair, Makina-san hold her hand on her forehead and heave a sigh. 

“I’m busy, though?” 
“Don’t say that! Please! Please, please, please, please!” 

Claris-san bangs her forehead on the headmistress desk hard. 

“I-I understand, please stop it. this desk is hard after all… what would you do if your forehead gets hurt?” 
“Then, Headmistress!?” 

Claris-san raises her face immediately. 
While Makina-san breath out a second sigh. 

“Yes, I will go… you’re fine with this right?” 
“Ooh! Incidentally please also increase the library budgets!” 
“What do you mean by incidentally! that is a no!” 

Claris-san state is already on cloud nine. 
Can a person look that happy I wonder? 
Even so, I looked at Makina-san. 
Makina-san is really a caring person isn’t it. 
Then Makina-san while looking reluctant change her line of sight toward me. 

“… You’re also interested in this right?” 
“Well yes…” 

*Fuu*, Makina san breath a third sigh. 

“I understand. I will make preparations; please wait at the main gate.”