Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 62

Chapter 62 (The two exploration party)

After I change my clothes, I returned to the living room, where Kyurie-san is waiting. 

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting.” 
“Nn, I’m sorry for what happen before.” 

I sit down on the chair as well. 

“Me too, emm, I’m sorry…” 

Rather I’m worried if Kyurie-san feels unpleasant due to what happen earlier. 
After all… well, she had 『seen it』… 

“Regarding my status at this academy, it has been decided, which I decided to come here to inform you. And there’s also things that I want to ask you. However, if you feel tired, shall we do it later?” 
“It’s alright. Kyurie-san should know that lately, my stamina has risen right?” 
“Well, that might be true, but…” 
“Do you want to drink something?” 

If I’m not wrong, I should have tea and cup which I got from Mia-san. 

“No, It’s fine.” 
“Is that so…” 

I who was about to stand up began to sit down again. 

“Now then… how does it go? the truth is the matter regarding Kyurie-san has been on my mind, you see…” 
“It seems that I will be able to stay in the academy for now.” 
“Is that so! Haa~, I’m glad~.” 

My heart feels relieved. 
If I were to partway with Kyurie-san, then I would definitely feel lonely. 

“Thanks to the headmistress. she seems to have negotiated with the sacred royal family to let someone who related to the sixth institution to stay.” 

According to the explanation, Kyurie Velstein is 『a former member of the sixth institution who bears hostility toward the sixth institution』, or so the setting has become. 
Though hostility sounds not gentle, conversely they won’t assent unless she makes her position clear huh. 
“Well it’s not like the people from the sixth institution are on good terms with each other after all,” is what Kyurie-san added. 

And then Kyurie-san is, 

『For the sake catching people from the sixth institution who is plotting something bad in the academy, Makina-san has invited her to the academy in secret.』 

That’s how it has been handled. 
That mean it’s not 『I sneak in without permission』 but 『Makina-san has invited me』, that part is the crucial lie I guess. 
Thanks to that lie, Kyurie-san social status has been secured. 
Many hold some question regarding the security such as 『can we control her while this person stays here』. 
Well, simply put, the headmistress can control Kyurie Velstein firmly thus there’s nothing to worry about, or so it went. 
By the way, the reason as to why she had been invited to this place secretly is so not to cause panic in the neighborhood due the news that she had decided to bring a person from the sixth institution to this place. 
And also, it’s obvious that she’s not a 『friend』 of the sixth institution anymore due to the fight against Hibigami. 

If one coat everything with a lie it will come out easily, is that how it is? 
The explanation given to the sacred royal family is a smart mix of truth and lie. 

And, as far as the story goes, it seems Kyurie-san had told Makina-san about her reason why she came to this academy. 
Thanks to that Makina-san appears to have searched for Nois Dies as well from behind the scene. 

“In the previous fight, Hibigami said that he was chasing after someone from the sixth institution, yet, it does not seem to be me right?” 
“Indeed so…” 
“That statement of his is the material that makes the excuse of someone from the sixth institution have been infiltrated the academy sounds credible. since there are people who have heard of that statement as well, we don’t have any problem about the witness too.” 
“Instead of hiding somewhere, due to end up being well-known, that person named Nois won’t be able to make a thoughtless action because of it… I guess there’s such aim as well?” 
“Assuming there’s some dangerous person who has infiltrated the academy, she wants the person to be caught by all means, that is what the headmistress add. Anyhow, even if this movement has been grasped by that person, it is the truth that with this I’ll be able to move more easily.” 

In addition to other detailed information to ensure that everything is good. 
In this connection when she’s parted way with Kyurie-san, Makina-san with exhausted expression, 

『Well, you can leave the rest to me. Even though I might look like this, I’m actually good at trickery stuff after all… fufufu… my work will get increased though… fufu, fufufu… It’s okay; I will do it earnestly.』 

That’s what she said. 
Not only giving present to Mia-san, but I also have to give a present to Makina-san to express my gratitude huh. 

Then after explaining everything in general, Kyurie-san took a breath… 

“Like that, I was able to stay in this place for a long while. She also adds the achievement of driving away Hibigami into account too. Though the truth is, it was you the one who did the outstanding job.” 
“About that, it’s not just me.” 
“That might be so but, if you were not close with the headmistress, then the conversation won’t advance like this. that’s why, being able to remain here, is something I’m grateful to you for.” 

There suddenly I have some thought. 
The reason why I was able to meet Kyurie-san is because that person named Nois is here in the academy. 
I have some mixed feeling. 
Even if I think the person is a seed of trouble, but, thanks to that person being in this academy, I was able to meet with Kyurie-san after all. 
At any rate… I wonder, what kind of person Nois Dies is? 
If I’m not wrong, at the sixth institution, they call that person as 『immaterial play』. 
A play without form huh? 

“Well, so far my status won’t change. and besides, in the first place, I’m not someone whom one should have a deep relationship with.” 
“In other words, everything is in the same manner as before is it?” 
“Yes. from now on, I won’t need to explain about all from before to the students in the classroom. or rather, it will make them suspicious instead if we told them the information straight on.” 
“I agree…” 
“Most of all, according to the headmistress, in this country, guarantee from the sacred royal family seems to have quite a considerable effectiveness.” 

Kyurie-san talked with a little bit happy expression on her face. 

“But even if with all of that there’s someone who pursues with trouble, at that time, bring the person to the headmistress room. I will convince them, or so she said.” 
“Ahahaha… that’s just like her.” 
“But still seriously, just what is that Headmistress? she seems to be quite reasonable, of course, that was something to be grateful for but…” 
“Concerning her, I also don’t know much either.” 

Even her age is unknown. 

“I heard somewhere that she have a connection to the royalty but, on one part is a special existence to the sacred ruin chivalric order. I don’t know the details but, it seems to have something to do with her mother.” 

Yesterday the sacred tree eight swords as well, when Makina-san asks them, they easily withdraw by saying 『since it’s you』. 
And there are still a lot of mysteries regarding Makina-san. 
But then, being indebted to her is also the truth. 
It’s not like she’s a bad person either. 
Let’s not thoughtlessly pray on it. 

“Leaving that aside… how’s on your side?” 
“My side huh?” 
“You went right? to Cecil place…” 


“Did I say anything about going to Arclight family household?” 
“I can guess it from your behavior.” 

Ooh… to think she can read me until this point. 
Well anyway, 

“It seems like she will return and attend the academy soon. For the time being, she seems to have recovered from the shock.” 
“… I see.” 

There might not much change to her expression, however, from the voice, she sounds relieved. 

“She, she’s stronger than what I have thought. I might have underestimated her for a bit. With that state, I thought she would need more time, but, I guess I should apologize to her when I meet her.” 
“Nn… I wonder about that.” 

Then Kyurie-san seems to have noticed something. 

“Is that so? I see now; you help her to recover huh?” 
“Whether she recovered because of me or not, that’s something entirely difficult to say I guess.” 

It is the truth that it was something difficult. 
I have no intention to explain about what happen between Cecil-san and me this evening, however, even if I were to explain it, I’m hesitating as to how to do it. 
This might be a chance to do that but, as expected, it’s difficult. 

“Well anyway, I’m glad that she’s not falling into despair. which I think that would be dangerous… to tell you the truth, I was planning to go to Cecil residence tomorrow.” 
“Ah, I see…” 

Unexpectedly if it’s Kyurie-san, she might forcibly enter her room… in that case, what should I do? 
Though she might be able to make Cecil-san regain her footing better than I do… 

“Well, for her, she might feel glad that the one who comes visiting is you though.” 
“Is that so?” 
“I don’t know if I should say this behind the person back but, the person whom she wants to tell her feeling to the most would be you after all.” 

If it’s the case then, that would be good eh~… 

At any rate, Cecil-san getting better in itself is the thing that we should be gratefully accepted. 
But when I think back, I have the feeling that another different problem has arisen. 

“Ah, also this…” 

Kyurie-san put a short sword on top of the table. 


The disappointing sacred cursed sword. 

“I also thought that I will pass this now.” 

Ah right! 
I recalled something when I looked at the sword. 

I need to ask Kyurie-san about Akira sword- err, now it’s ShiAkira. 
As well about magma monster subjugation operation. 

When I’ve finished listening to Kyurie-san story, 

“I understand… I don’t have any particular objection. ShiAkira sword too is already being repaired. And if possible I would will participate as well. Though that’s if no student is objecting with my participationー nn? What’s wrong?” 
“Well, no… somehow you agree to it plainly, so….” 
“It’s an unknown demon, right?  There might be dangerous for you after all. That’s why I should’ve gone too right? If you were to fall and go into deep sleep for more than three years then, you and I would get killed by Hibigami you know?” 
“That doesn’t seem to be a joke is it…” 

Though that would be only if I were to fall into deep sleep normally. 
But let’s not tell Kyurie-san about that. 
It would just make an unnecessary worry. 

With this, 
I have succeeded in getting approval from my partner for participating in the operation, furthermore that partner also seems to be positive with the operation. 
Let’s talk about it with Aira-san tomorrow. 

Before Kyurie-san returned, I have a little chat with her for a little bit just the two of us. 
Among them she says, 

“But you know… it’s good to have a guarantee from the sacred royal family but, somehow I also have to make an appearance or something like that to the sacred royal family too. moreover, it seems like I have to wear a dress too you know? I don’t think I would look good… or rather, it’s scary.” 

that was what she complains about. 


The morning of the next day. 
On the way to the Academy, I received ShiAkira sword from Kyurie-san. 

Today Mia-san was sending me off. 
Between eating breakfast, Mia-san was talking about the event that took place yesterday. 
The thing that I was able to grasp is that currently, Makina-san stress seems to be very high. 
Soon, there might be a surprise attack visit to my house from her. 

And today as well, Cecil-san is absent. 
When the attendance report took place, they seem to have informed the academy that they would take a class again starting tomorrow(well I guess everyone has already treated them as a set, which means, Zix and Hirgiz also going to attend tomorrow). 
And the reason why she took absent is that 『the dark circle under my eyes does not yet disappear.』 
At first, all of the classmates were dumbfounded. 
And then they began to whisper to each other that there must be some unusual circumstance happen. 
That Cecil Arclight were actually absent due to 『the dark circle under my eyes does not yet disappear』 you say? It’s probably hard for them to believe that so suddenly. 
Probably, that was actually the truth I guess? 
I don’t feel surprised by it anymore. 
For the current me, I can even think of that as something normal. 
I imagined the expression of Zix when Cecil-san told him 『the dark circle under my eyes does not yet disappear, so today I want to take absent』 which brought me to smile. 
Of course, I also imagined when Zix and Hirgiz-san exchanged glance dumbfounded. 


As usual, after we finished liberal art lesson and battle lesson, we took a lunch break. 
Kyurie-san and I were sitting on the same table that I use with Aira-san in the dining hall. 
By the way, when I was handed the ShiAkira sword to Aira-san when I come across her this morning. 

“Wah~, for you to participate in the operation, I’m really happy~. T-Thank you ne.” 

The slightly sweating while also smiling Aira-san. 
Somehow, she seems to be nervous around Kyurie-san. 
And the way she called her also not using 『You<TLN: Anta>』but 『You<TLN: Anata>』. <TLN: Anta is more crude/tomboyish/, Anata is more polite> 

“I don’t mind about this but, how about at your side? Even though things may appear this way, I’m also a former member of the sixth institution after all. You should know about yesterday incident, right? 
“I don’t mind about that. Or rather no student mind those things you know? Instead, many of them hold admiration toward you. Within my exploration group, there’s no one objecting your participation.” 

I heard that the snow-white figure of Kyurie-san which she shows when facing against Hibigami seems to be popular. 
And things about there’s someone who makes a picture out of it and sells it. 
Well… I cannot help but agree; I’ve already burned it in my mind that perfect beauty figure. 
From the start, Kyurie-san is a beauty after all. 
<TLN: In case you’re curious about Kyurie snow-white Valkyrie figure >Here< illu of it.>
There seems no such thing as portrait copyright in this country, won’t you give this partner of her just one piece of it… 
Is it going to be alright, this country? 

“That’s why I warmly welcome you. and based on the thirst for blood that you shows at the time of battle practice, I’m looking forward to your ability alright?” 

I would like to say that, for Aira-san being able to measure the degree of her ability just by sensing that thirst for blood, she’s amazing. 
Suddenly Aira-san turns her face down. 
Her expression seems to be depressed. 

“It’s just… today, the situation have turned a little bit bad.” 
“Did something happen? 

Aira-san sighed greatly. 

“The truth is today; many participants have decided to pull out from participating you see. several of them are also the students that we are going to call out.” 
“Pull out?” 
“Unn… Those who pulls out seems to have been persuaded with reward. Of course we immediately prepared reward as well; however, the other side financial power is more powerful…” 

Come to think of it, during the time we switch lesson and at the time when we do a battle lesson, on the corridor; there are a lot of students coming and going. 
In short, they move around for the sake inviting the other students huh? 

“What is that… it’s as if that we’re some kind of opposition.” 

At first, the purpose of magma giant monster subjugation operation is to defeat the demon together, since it’s everyone problem, which everyone only able to dive until ninth player because of it. 
Probably they are the valuable students which Aira-san and the other had called out. 
Then, a moderate amount of members has been gathered. 
However, today, a different subjugation party has emerged, and everyone decides to switch horses, or so that’s how I feel. 
I really don’t understand. 
Even though at first it was about fighting against the common enemy, why it become competition so suddenly? 

“The truth isー.” 
“Yo~, Airaa~!” 

The one who appeared there isー Maro. 
Some students stand behind him. 
Aira-san then glared at Maro. 

“Viburk… what are you getting at? you’ve been trying to pull out our member that we’ve gathered so far.” 
“Pulling out your member? This girl, really has a foul mouth huh. I’m not pulling them out, but, opened their eyes!” 

Maro Laugh happily while spreading her arms. 

“Oi oi this is St.Lunezret Academy you know!? It’s a place where everyone competes against each other for junior saint rank! And yet, why do we have to join hands and aim for the same goal!? Competition is encouraged in this academy! Am I wrong!?” 

However, the person who Aira-san scowled at is a student standing behind Maro. 

“All of this, it’s your doing right… Beoza Fallontessa.” <TLN: His name ベオザ・ファロンテッサ… do tell me if you have better English version.> 
“As expected of miss Aira, you’re sharp.” 

The student called Beoza is wearing a black robe above his uniform. 
He has a slightly oval face, however, because of his firm feature, he gives off a masculine charm. 
He has dropping eyes,  but, that also give him more charm. 
A raven black hair down to his back. 
His glasses frame is on the small side. 
Indeed, this is the so-called lady-killer charm. 
His way of talking is kind of narcissistic. 

“But then, a man like me is necessary for a stupid man like Viburk you see… please do understand it! miss Aira!”  
“… There’s nothing that I have to understand.” 
“The part about Viburk being stupid?” 
“I agree about that completely! that’s not it, I mean, the way you guys doing things!” 

Beoza shows grief expression. 

“What! To think that I make miss Aira sad is… I’m sorry! But still, it can’t be helped! This is my destiny… ah, my fate!” 

Beoza spread his hands up toward the sky. 
Looking at this scene, Kyurie-san and me have a complicated look on our face. 
Probably she has the same thought as I do. 

ーWhat’s wrong with this person. 

“Khu, Viburk!” 

Feeling that she waste the time dealing with him, Aira-san changes her aim at Maro. 

“I’m not stupid!” 
“I don’t care about that! why are you doing this!” 

*Bang* Aira-san hit the table with her hand and stand up. 

“If you really want competition then do whatever you like! Though I think it would best for everyone to cooperate to take down that giant, I’m not going to stop you if you want to form another team! But, why are you trying to pull apart the team that we have gathered!?” 

After she said that, Maro also seems to have regained his calm. 
And began smirking again. 

“Ha~, didn’t I said it already! in this academy, we practice competition! if there’s no competition for acquisition, it would be strange no!?” 
“If that is the case, you don’t have to do it with such insinuation isn’t there!?” 
“Shut up! Aren’t you the one who’s wrong!” 
“What did I do!? I just try to gather the people who want to take down the giant at the ninth layer right!? Where is the wrong part in there!?” 
“… Khu, That isー.” 

Maro looked at me with a side glance. 
There Maro continued after stopped talking for a moment. 

“Anyway, the one who will bring down that giant is 『Viburk Party』… not you guys. we will let you know, the difference in our power compared than yours.” 

Come to think of it, why did I call Maro as Maro I wonder? When I was in deep thought, Maro smirked toward me. 
Ah, I remember now. 
Because it’s Viburk Maro so, it’s 『Maro』 if I’m not wrong. 

“If you want to say something say it!” 
“O, Oh… Umm, let’s all do our best.” 

Isn’t Maro looks a more smaller than before, or rather, he’s like a barking of little puppy? 
I wonder why… 
Is it because the fight against Hibigami which numb my crisis sense? 

“In short, it’s jealousy huh?” 

The one who opened their mouth is Kyurie-san. 


Maro glared at Kyurie-san. 

“Ah right, you’re here too… right now you’re drawing close the forbidden spell user with women weapon to form sacred ruin party right? Aren’t you glad? To have born with such fairly well face!” 

The one who speak with piercing voice isー Beoza. 

“W-What is it…” 
“You should be a little bit smarter.” 

*Kachi*, Beoza lifts his glasses frame with her finger. 

“I accept your invitation due to your earnest request whom I regard as a younger brother; however, you should learn how to increase your friends rather than making an enemy out of them. above allー I don’t admire your way of speaking toward women.” 
“S-Shut up!” 
“That’s right Beoza.” 

From the back, a sturdy man appeared. 

“Bushcutter! <TLN: ROFL… Bazooka!… Joke aside, his name is バシュカータ! I use the raw without any modification, if you know better English name for him using those words, then do tell me.> 

Maro who thinks that a helping hand has come smile joyfully.  
The one who comes is a student with a violent vibe in contrast compared to Beoza. 

“Somehow~ this guy is really irritating. furthermore, they seem to have no respect toward their upperclassman such as us.” 

The guy called Beshukata looked down toward Kyurie-san. 

“Now then, should you greet your upperclassman with respect. o good looking ojou-chan?” 

Once again blaming voice come from Beoza. 

“What’s wrong with you Beoza? No matter you’re rank one in junior saint ranking, even I’m a rank sixth you know? Though there won’t be much difference.” 

The first place? 

“From the looks of it, you don’t know it huh…” 

Maybe because of a change in my expression thus she noticed. 
Aira-san watching the scene, while reluctant, she began to open her mouth, 

“Beoza Farontessa. He’s the strongest magic user in the academy, rank 1 in the junior saint rank.”